Fantastic Star Citizen High Resolution Concept Art Shows Retailator and Gladiator Space Bombers

on October 12, 2013 8:33 AM

Star Citizen is only $160,000 away from the mind boggling goal  of 22 million dollars in crowd funding pledges, and Cloud Imperium Games shared a large batch of new concept art in super high resolution for us to enjoy.

The artwork showcases two different ships, the Retaliator heavy bomber and the Gladiator torpedo bomber, and boy, they look incredible.

From the schematics we can notice that the Retaliator is designed to be manned by multiple crewmen, while the Gladiator will seat a pilot and a gunner.

I doubt anyone will dare disagreeing if I say that Star Citizen definitely has the best looking spaceships ever featured in a video game. Personally, I think I found my new Windows wallpaper. Actually…several new wallpapers.

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