Packaging of Xbox One’s Controller, Headset And Play and Charge Kit Revealed, it’s Very Green

on October 12, 2013 12:50 PM

Today GAME Employees from all over the UK scrambled to tweet pictures of the new dummy PS4 units they received for display purposes, but the picture tweeted by an employee of the Basildon store is quite different.

It still shows the dummy PS4, but what is surrounding it is even more interesting (at least considering that we saw plenty dummy PS4s for today). Not only we see a pile of Xbox One boxes, but also the packaging for the Xbox One controller, the chat headset, the play and charge kit and the bundle with the controller and the play and charge kit in the same box.

As you probably imagined, there’s a whole lot of green involved. You can check out the full picture below.

GameXboxPackaging (2)

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