Shuhei Yoshida Confirms that You Can Charge the New PS Vita 2000 With Any Smartphone Micro USB Charger

The new PCH-2000 replaced the old proprietary port with a proper Micro USB port, but does that mean that you can just leave its own charger home and use the standard Micro USB charger from your smartphone instead?

It’s not even mentioned in the manual, but according to SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida you can, as he clarified today on Twitter.

Basically it says “You’ll be happy you’re using a PS Vita 2000, because it can be charged with any Micro USB smartphone battery charger.”

As a note of color, the hashtag he uses is pretty funny, as it translates with #Chargeismylife. I can definitely agree with that. When I went to Gamescom in August I forgot the energy plug adapter for German outlets (like a complete newbie), and the first day before I could grab one at a local store was absolute hell.

Anyway, it may be a small thing, but details like this definitely improve the quality of a product.

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  • VW

    Why are the game manufacturers designing gaming consoles & portable gaming systems for freaking phones. That’s why the console market is lacking, developers & manufacturers are trying to build on the strengths of a different market (mobile phones) & in the process neglecting the console gaming market they’re already in.
    There’s people that don’t use micro USB or 3.0 USB because they don’t deal with the mobile phone market. So why not add both USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports making it more convenient for everyone that’s a console & portable gaming system gamer.

    Moving forward into the future isn’t trading one market for another, it’s just replacing it while one is neglected.

    • VW

      What’s even more sad is that the PS4, PSVita, X1 are built to be more compatible with tablets & smartphones but not with their previous consoles. No PS3, PSP, 360 compatibility, i’m not talking backwards gaming compatibility but no data transfer compatibility.

      Not even a wireless connection feature to transfer data like photos or music, game saves.

    • BlackCountryBob

      What are you on about?

      This is a good thing, they replaced the weird proprietary port on the original vita with a standard usb micro port meaning the console can be charged with any number of devices most people already have including phone chargers or any number of usb2 or 3 to micro cables you will already have lying about.

      It’s a perverse leap to suggest console gamers are being neglected because Sony have rectified a poor design choice in their device because it mentions phones, I hate angry birds as much as the next person but maybe read and understand before getting on your soapbox

      • VW

        I’m not talking about just the PSVita, i’m saying compatibility with the previous consoles & handheld systems wouldn’t hurt.

        • BlackCountryBob

          But that’s the whole point, by using a standard like usb micro, it will always be compatible in the future, and the other end will be a standard usb plug which you can plug into all your consoles or plugs as you do now.

          • VW

            lol No i know that, i like the standard USB miro port & i think you’re getting me wrong.
            I agree the miro port is a great thing. It’s awesome.
            2. I was told the PSVita & PS4 have 3.0 USB ports & the PSP wouldn’t be compatible with either.
            If true then I don’t think it’s a great thing having the miro port USB 3.0 that favors smartphone compatibility over compatibility with Sony’s own previous consoles.

          • BlackCountryBob

            Usb3 is fully backwards compatible with usb2 at the slower speed.

            Ps4 has usb 3 sockets but should still charge a psp through the usb socket that same as a usb2 ps3 does to both psp and vita, the only difference would be that if connecting usb3 devices together, they will shift data faster. Usb micro is just a miniaturised usb2 port so is fully compatible with both

            The vita has never been compatible with the Psp and not sure what function that would serve.

            It’s not something done to favour smartphone connectivity over older consoles, it’s deciding against using proprietary implementations of the usb standard on the hardware of this device.

            It’s not like you are now going to be able to connect a vita and phone together, just able to travel with both devices and only the one cable should a battery die.

          • VW

            Cool thanks for clearing that up cause as i said i was told slightly different.

    • Abort Mission

      Lol are you stupid? What does replacing a proprietary port for a standard port have ANYTHING to do with making gaming systems for phones?

      “There’s people that don’t use micro USB or 3.0 USB because they don’t deal with the mobile phone market.”

      Lol you really are stupid. Do you even know how big the smartphone market is at this point? You’re talking about a small SMALL minority here

      • VW

        Were you born an ass or did it take yrs of practice to be an ass because either way Abort Mission you’re pretty good at it.
        In other words there’s no need to insult the intelligence of someone you don’t to make a point.

        • Abort Mission

          Lol, now that you got called out for your inane comments, you’re claiming to being victimized WOW. Grow a pair dude. Maybe if you would spend less time saying things without any thought or research put into, you would spend less time whining about being insulted.

          Adieu with you.

    • Mstrbrown

      You were barely there but you focused too much on what presumably is your ideal way to connect the Vita slim (pch 2000).
      The same claim can be made about usb 2.0 3.0 ports hech there are peoplenwho still mainly play from floppy disks. Now you must agree that theblast thing that any Vita needs is a Floppy Disk drive

    • tubers

      Hell yeah. I want USB 3.0 on my VITA and future 3DS.

      It’ll also probably charge faster that way (I read USB 3.0 has more “power”).