Media Create Charts Show Pokémon Triumph, Great Grand Theft Auto V and PS Vita 2000 Performance

Like every Wednesday Media Create published the latest software and hardware sales charts for Japan, and this week they’re quite interesting in many ways.

First of all, let’s take a look at the software chart for the week between October the 7th and October the 13th (new titles are bolded, while lifetime sales are in parenthesis):

  1. Pokémon X and Y – 3DS – 1,866,570 (1,866,570)
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – PS3 – 360,115 (360,115)
  3. Monster Hunter 4 – 3DS – 110,208 (2,652,824)
  4. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles – PS3 – 77,228 (77,228)
  5. Danganronpa 1-2 Reload – PS Vita – 76,172 (76,172)
  6. Sakatsuku: Let’s make a Pro Soccer Club! – PS3 – 73,696 (73,696)
  7. Fairy Fencer F – PS3 – 40,666 (40,666)
  8. Sakatsuku: Let’s make a Pro Soccer Club! – PS Vita – 33,898 (33,898)
  9. Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox 360 – 26,612 (26,612)
  10. Musou Orichi 2 Ultimate – PS3 – 11,044 (116,054)

And here are the hardware charts:

  1. 3DS LL – 141,245
  2. 3DS – 72,325
  3. Vita -60,166
  4. PS3 – 12,395
  5. PSP – 3,467
  6. Wii U – 3,276
  7. Wii – 703
  8. Xbox 360 – 575

Of course Pokemon X and Y dominated the charts like no tomorrow, showing incredibly high debut sales, beating the first week of Monster Hunter 4 by about 150,000 copies. Of course the influence of the two twin games drove sales of the 3DS as well, much to Nintendo’s delight (while unfortunately the Wii U keeps dropping, with no games left on the top 20). Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

More interesting is the exceptional performance of Grand Theft Auto V, that once more breaks the “Japanse don’t like western games” stereotype with fantastic first week sales. Even the Xbox 360 version of the game managed to move a sizable amount of units, which demonstrates the local momentum of the franchise. Just south of 387,000 copies sold in a week would be definitely impressive even for a Japanese game, and if it wasn’t for the launch on the same week as Pokémon, GTA5 would have surely topped the charts on its debut.

We also get to see the initial performance of the new PCH-2000 PS Vita, that has been made lighter and slimmer to better match the taste of Japanese gamers. From what we can see the tactic definitely worked, as the console sold a very flattering 60,000 units in its debut week. We’ll have to see how that boost will hold to the test of the next few weeks, but the start is very promising.


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  • bigshynepo

    The 2 pokemon games should’ve been charted individually just for comparison sake. Sales for the dual release games has always been lopsided and I heard more people are buying pokemon X.

  • PixelEdged

    Yay Vita!

  • ben carter

    whoa – VITA relaunch sold more in this week than in 3 months previous… nice going SONY

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Wow, good on Sony to sell that many PSVs during Pokedomination. Can’t wait to see what sells are like when God Eater 2 rolls around.

  • RealityCheck2013

    60K PSVita??? COOL:P Hopefully they can keep the numbers high & its a shame the PS4 isn’t coming out in Japan next month to because that might keep the PSVita sales high because of Remote Play(Maybe?), oh well.

  • smashbrolink

    Whoa whoa, wait a second.
    Not two days ago, i was seeing people bashing the Wii U for not hitting100k often. During its launch, i saw many bashing it for not hitting over 2m.
    Now when the new vita sells only 60k, suddenly that’s a fantastic number?
    Am i the only one seeing the bias or hypocrisy here?
    60k is not a good start. Better than recent wii u sales in some areas, but not a reason to say it was a good sales week.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      60k in Japan is a big number. You sound a bit hurt, you know?

      • smashbrolink

        According to who? Because i can guarantee you that if it were talking about a nintendo system, this article would be flooded with people saying the numbers suck.
        I’m not hurt, I’m just sick of seeing everyone but nintendo get a free pass for poor sales lately.
        Biased Hypocrisy is my pet peeve, as a multiplatform gamer.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Yeah, you’re hurt.

          60,000 units in Japan is objectively a big number for a console that just got a new model, while it isn’t new itself, and that is going to get a *further* new model next month.

          There’s no poor sales involved here. Nintendo doesn’t get a pass for poor sales, because the sales of the Wii U *are* poor, and they have only themselves to blame for that.

          • smashbrolink

            I’m not hurt, I’m realistic. Japan or not, new model or not,60k is a low number for a system. Drop the bias.

          • Guest

            The only one being biased is you and its laughable how far you are going to whine about this. Pre-MH4, 3DS was selling around 60k.

          • smashbrolink

            And i said the same thing about 3DS, as well, so there goes your theory about me being biased.

            Again, 60k is a low number for a system with a market presence as old as the vita’s is. If it starts showing a consistent increase from here on, THEN, you can cheer about better sales.

          • Bankai

            Regardless of age, 60k is a large number in Japan, especially with Pokémon coming out around the same time. As such, people will cheer because not only did the Vita see a large jump in sales but it did it during the aforementioned Pokéweek.

          • smashbrolink

            That’s not a large number, though.
            100K is decent sales.
            300K and above is incredible.
            But 60K isn’t a very big blip on the radar, especially if it’s a tiny one that doesn’t sustain itself, from a system with a market presence so that no one has the excuse of not knowing about it to avoid purchasing it.
            I’m not saying the Vita can’t get better sales, all I’m saying is that this is not that large of an increase.
            Nothing feels worse than having ones expectations raised then crushed mercilessly.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I’m sorry, but saying that 60,000 units for a console in a week in japan is not a large number simply means knowing nothing of the Japanese market, it’s scope and its usual sales.

            And indeed, that’s exactly what looks like reading your post. You may not be biased (of course not lol). You’re just, with all due respect, very much ignorant on the matter 😀

          • smashbrolink

            I know enough about the size of Japan’s population to know that the system should have gotten more than 60k if it were actually doing well over there.
            They’ve had their birth rate declines in the past, but that’s by the by; there are definitely way more than a mere 60k Playstation-loving gamers down there.
            Again, this isn’t a reason to say it’s doing well.

  • Erwin MadJelly

    new VITA seems to start off well with 60k, but can they retain this amount of sales with Pokemon helping Nintendo 3DS dominate the race?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Considering that the Vita has God Eater 2 incoming and the PS Vita TV, it’ll probably keep a good momentum at least for a while.

      • Erwin MadJelly

        speaking of that.. I’m starting to get worried for the handheld, will VITA TV destroy the handheld and make people buy the TV instead?

        • TheExile285 ♜

          even if it did, that would mean more actual Vita games being sold so it wouldn’t actually hurt Vita gamers since devs would probably be more willing to make games for the bigger install base.

          that is how i view it at least

          • Erwin MadJelly

            Well all i hope is that they don’t abandon the wonderful Handheld just for the TV. Again IMO the rear touchpad was an extra thing that shouldnt have been done. With that removed I’m sure the views will br more positive without it, but hey I’m just sayin’ 🙂

        • Bankai

          The Vita will be pretty much unaffected due to the fact that it offers you the convenience of portability, while the Vita TV is stationary.

          Plus with every Vita TV sale counting towards actual Vita sales, we’ll be seeing a massive uptake in Vita sales next month.

          • TheExile285 ♜

            I would think the sales would be separated like 3DS and 3DS XL :V

  • PrinceHeir

    tbh the whole “Japanse don’t like western games stereotype” has disappeared a long time ago.

    i mean Uncharted 3 made top 1 on Japanese charts(maybe top 3, i don’t remember, but it did became one of top 10 for sure) even Golden Abyss Vita was first released in Japan than the rest of the world then it became top 1 on Vita charts as well.

    The Last of Us also became top 1(again i’m not sure, but i know it became one of top 10) well it seems Naughty Dog games tend to do well in JPN. they are even dub in Japanese and have an option on English voices as well.

    Call of Duty is getting bigger and bigger there. Bioshock Infinite as well. Splinter Cell Blacklist has a excellent score there(38/40)

    i saw a lot of Japanese youtube gamers who are still uploading games like Minecraft, Terraria,

    even JPN developers know what Skyrim is and trying to mimic which is not a good idea.

    so i don’t this is true at all, in fact we are seeing more and more western games getting on top charts in Japan as well as getting some more high reviews.

  • Stealth

    Wii u will bounce back. Not that sales effect me so much but I am having fun.

  • Young_Fratz

    The only reason the Vita sold 60k is because of the new model, next week it’ll dip back down, since the Japanese love grabbing remodels day one.