New Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Screenshots and Art Reveal Divine Armor, New Enemies, First DLC

Namco Bandai released a new batch of artwork and screenshots of Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers, that will be released in North America this November.

We get a glimpse on Seiya’s divine cloth, reborn thanks to Athena’s blood, and on the two gods that preside over Elysium, Thanatos and Hypnos. The scren also focus on a DLC package that will be released on October the 24th in Japan for 500 yen. I’m sure no one really expected this, isn’t it?

The DLC package is called “Greek Costume Set” and will include the following elements, mostly related with the very beginning of the Saint Seiya saga:

  • Pegasus Seiya training clothes
  • Aquila Marin training clothes
  • Aquila Marin training clothes without mask
  • Aquila Marin with armor without mask
  • Ophiuchus Shaina training clothes
  • Ophiuchus Shaina training clothes without mask
  • Ophiuchus Shaina with armor without mask
  • Leo Aioria training clothes
  • Sagittarius Aiolos training clothes

Looks like Namco Bandai is pushing that fanservice button really hard with the version of the ladies without the masks, for which, of course, you have to pay.

You can check out all the screenies below and see if they entice you to drop a few more bucks on the game once the DLC will be inevitably announced for the west as well.

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  • ISISSecretAgent

    this is one of the reasons why I’ll keep my PS3 hooked to my TV at least for another year even when i get my PS4 on november

  • N4GCrossingEden

    Superior Xbox One version confirmed!
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  • PrinceHeir

    man DLC already Namco ‘-___-

  • Crunk

    good project but i fell they should have had the Asgard knights