We Played Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for an Hour, These Are Our Impressions

That’s right. A whole uninterrupted hour with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the conclusion to the trilogy that started back in 2009. At a Square Enix demo event last week, our Senior Editor Al Zamora got his hands on the TGS build of the title — a first for members of the media — and put the game through it’s paces in the Wildlands, the same area that Game Design Director Yuji Abe gave us the rundown for last week.¬†Al was pleasantly surprised with his findings in the upcoming title, as it seems the series will close out with a bang.

Make sure you check out the full clip below as well as the interview with both Yuji Abe and that game’s producer Yoshinori Kitase that followed. Enjoy!

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  • J.R

    One of my greatest concerns which doesn’t seem to have been addressed was the variety type of enemies. They seem to have followed the same as XIII-2 which is disappointing.

    • ShadowVisa

      They’ve showed plenty of new ones, we’re probably revisiting places from previous entries so no surprise if it’s the same type of monsters.

      • Al_Zamora

        This is true they haven’t showed all the areas yet or even bosses. So there still are quite a few enemy types to see. Not to mention fighting them will be different based on your schemata as well.