Rumor: Target Cancelling Pre-orders for Driveclub and Watch_Dogs PS4 Bundles

Retailer Target is reportedly cancelling pre-orders for PlayStation 4 bundles including Driveclub and Watch_Dogs. The report comes via Reddit, where a user has uploaded a screencap of the confirmation of his order for a Driveclub bundle being cancelled.

The message indicates delays of “upcoming games” as the cause of the cancellation.

The picture can be viewed below, but do take this with a pinch of salt, as Target didn’t release an official statement on the issue yet, so it has to be considered a rumor.


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  • Krakn3dfx

    That’s shitty if true. They should be stripping the copy of DC from the order and just selling them the PS4. Hopefully they get this mess straightened out for people who pre-ordered in good faith.

  • Bankai

    I’m assuming that this means they’ll simply shift the current DriveClub bundle to the basic sku, rather than dropping the pre-orders because if they just cancel all the pre-orders, they’ll have a lot of unhappy customers.

  • derp

    they are cancelling orders outright. the same thing is happening to people who ordered the xbox one/watchdogs bundles. no help from customer service either “nothing we can do sorry”.

  • Krakn3dfx

    People should tweet @target and @asktarget on Twitter and complain, even if this didn’t affect you, support the people it did affect.

    I pre-ordered from Amazon, but I still hit Target up on Twitter complaining and got a response.