Take A Closer Look Inside the World of Knack with These Screenshots

In less than one month PS4 will finally be available and as the launch date grows near the fine folks at Sony have released new screenshots from Knack.

As pointed out in the PlayStation EU Blog post, the story is told through about 90 minutes of fully mo-capped cinematic cutscenes that will will expound upon the creations of ancient relics, featuring voice acting from Josh Keaton and JB Blanc.

The game’s director and PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny also described the game as  a “mash-up between a Pixar-style animated movie and a character action game with a touch of God of War.

Knack will be available November 15th for PS4.

Check out the screenshots below.

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  • ramz

    reminds me of cubix XD

    • Dana

      I agree

  • Krakn3dfx

    Game looks like a good platformer, would probably do better at 39.99 than $60 tho saleswise.

    • Dana

      Who knows it might be worth the $60

      • Krakn3dfx

        Yeah, except Cerny has come out and said it’s a game on the smaller side and it should be the 2nd game people buy at launch, not the first. Few games are worth $60, if the lead dev is even referring to it in such terms, I casn’t imagine this will be one of them.