Battlefield 5 Will Have “More features. More extras. More destruction;” No Military Advisers for Battlefield 4

The massively anticipated and hyped Battlefield 4 is just around the corner, but what does the future hold for the series? Will there be a Battlefield 5? And how will it be? EA DICE Producer Patrick Bach dropped some hints as part of a very long and interesting interview on the New York Times‘ website.

The question was “What could possibly make Battlefield 5 — due in just a few years — an even bigger deal than Battlefield 4?” Bach Responded:

More features. More extras. More destruction. Every new game needs to be the next big thing.

According to the interviewer, Bach’s response came with “a touch of frustration.”

On the other hand, we also learn an interesting element about the development Battlefield 4: The experience with Medal of Honor taught Electronic Arts that authenticity alone doesn’t make a good game. Medal of Honor had several high-profile military advisers (some of which didn’t even have permission to be there), and it still failed. That’s why Battlefield 4 has no military advisers at all. The only help EA DICE has in making its game more realistic is an uniform collector:

He comes in, we play dress-up, and if it looks cool it goes into the game.

According to the interview, the rest of the research is done via YouTube, while “a bigger priority is making the game more vivid. Video games aspire to the level of virtual reality, where the players are in so deep that they forget they are in a game. There is nothing that shooter players hate more than a lack of cause and effect. It breaks the dream.”

While some may clamor for authenticity, it’s difficult not to understand DICE’s standpoint: they’re working on a shooter, not on a simulator, and all the authenticity of the world will not make the game more fun. As a matter of fact, it could make it less spectacular, and most probably many more games want a spectacular game than an authentic and realistic one.



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  • Saul Martinez

    “More destruction” = less destruction

    • Stanislav Birykov

      As they’ve done. 😀

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    touch of frustration probably refers to Bach not wanting to be concerned with the specs and little details of the game because all he’s focused on is making each game the best possible so that we only care about the games, having fun, and nothing else. what I am looking forward to also besides Battlefield 4 is Mirror’s Edge reboot and Star Wars: Battlefront. Anybody with me?

    • Axe99

      Absolutely – they haven’t even launched BF4 and he’s getting hassled about BF5, he’s probably thinking “I’ve just spend the last two years of my life making BF4, how about you enjoy that for a little while before asking about BF5?”! That kind of question belies an attitude of looking so much for what’s coming up we’ll never enjoy what we actually have now, which would be a sad way to live.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Precisely. With that mentality, people begin to forget about the games that are available now and then either grow to hate them because they never made the time or just regret it altogether and end up hatting themselves for it instead of ever going back to it. A Renaissance for gaming is coming though, and with it gaming will return to its former glory;”when we have no past, no future-we live in the moment.”

  • Sai

    Such a logical fallacy to blame MoH’s failure on the use of military advisors. It’s like they just want to turn this into CoD.

    • David Rodriguez

      I played Warfighter. I encountered numerous game-breaking bugs within the first 20 minutes, so yeah, I don’t think military advisers had anything to do with its shortcomings.

      • Kirk

        LOL how the hell did you manage that? I can’t even fathom how you ran into “numerous” game-breaking bugs within the first 20 minutes.

        • David Rodriguez

          Took a wrong turn and managed to run off the linear path and ended up on some barren part of the map where I got stuck. Fell through the floor, twice.

          Finally, I gave up during the first sniping set-piece when none of my shots connected, even though I had the enemies dead to rights. Thus, the mission would continuously fail since it wasn’t registering my shots and the enemies destroyed the helicopter or whatever it was I was protecting.

  • quinten488

    The next Battlefield BETTER be Bad Company 3 or I will not be buying BF games anymore.

    • David Rodriguez

      Remember, EA has a new rotation: Battlefield, Titanfall, Battlefront. If we see another Bad Company game, I have a feeling it won’t be until 2016 at the earliest. DICE is pretty busy with Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and Battlefront.

  • jax

    breaking news! BF5 will be released next October. EA and DICE slaves are just copying CoD. What a bunch of faggots!

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    bfbc3 or nothing

  • dranzer1

    Bf4 hasn’t launched yet… Now Bf5 talks.

  • Stanislav Birykov

    Bla bla bla. I’ve been waited for BF4 since heared about it. And I don’t want to buy it now, as I have BF3. The cause – don’t see much difference. Why I’d like to play in BF ? Extended, massive, impressive, destructable action on the battle field. Seems more realistic from the game to game. Will wait BF5. Maybe in the next time they would offer something new, much more valueable than this time.