These Xbox One Demo Stations are Quite Simple, Still Very Green

on October 20, 2013 2:50 PM

Microsoft normally loves to create big and flashy promotional material, and Xbox One demo units have been distributed to several Best Buy stores across Canada to let gamers get their hands on the new console. For once the demo stations are actually quite simple and functional, especially compared to the PS4 ones we’ve seen recently.

The pictures that you can see below come from several stores in Canada, where the demo Units have been delivered yesterday. While they’re indeed very simple, they’re not surprisingly painted in the usual full bright green color scheme.

Interestingly enough the kiosks don’t go down the route of having a dummy consoles inside a plastic shell, tethered to a real console hidden inside the demo station. The Xbox One units are almost fully exposed, separated from the user (and from theft) only by a front barrier. At least they’re well ventilated, and I guess they’re bulky enough to make the occasional shoplifting attempt rather awkward. On the other hand Kinect seems to be completely free of any constraint.

That said, if you’re Canadian and want to try the upcoming console, you may want to check your favorite Best Buy store, as there may be an Xbox demo station waiting for you there, in its green simplicity.


The pictures in the gallery above are courtesy of Twitter users Clover From Time GLevi FlamanNavid RashidCheesecakeGawdIncredibleEwokHELP MEAdrian CharlieRaymonZahid TillyBilal Vakani.

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