Dragon’s Dogma Director Wants to Make a Sequel on PS4, Also Rival Schools 3 and Devil May Cry 5

Dragon’s Dogma Game Director Hideaki Itsuno has quite a few ideas for the future, not only for the Dragon’s Dogma franchise but also for a few other beloved Capcom IPs, as he mentioned in a recent interview on the Japanese Play Community website when asked about the possibility of a direct sequel to his latest game

In my head, I have a story and setting for the next one, but it’s not one that can be easily done… (laughs). For example, voices say “coming for PS4!” and it seems to happen quite a whole lot. The possibility to be able to make it might to be growing (laughs).

In addition to that, I want to also make a miniature garden simulation, as well as make more games for (established) series such as “Rival Schools 3” and “Devil May Cry 5.” Later on, I would even like to make a game that captures authentic fighting and, such as Street Fighter II did, to develop a new genre of fighting games.

Inside of me there are a lot of things I want to make, and because there are already concepts, there might be a chance! I have this feeling (laughs).

A sequel of Dragon’s Dogma on next generation consoles would be definitely interesting. Many identified Deep Down as a spiritual successor, but since the upcoming PS4 exclusive is a free to play online RPG, the nature of the two games is very different.

What piques my curiosity even more is that Itsuno-san isn’t the first prominent developer at Capcom to name drop a possible sequel for the classic PlayStation/Dreamcast Rival Schools (Justice Gakuen in Japan) fighting series lately. Producer Yoshinori Ono did as well just a month ago.

At that time I thought Ono-san was joking, but now I wonder…

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  • anfos121

    Please Itsuno.. please.

  • Budgiecat

    Not happening. Capcom is in a financial mess and is run by morons…

    • theodor70941

      yea money grabbing morons, they’ll make it happen but they won’t make it into a master piece that all fans ware waiting for!

    • Aiddon

      uh, if you’re going by that “$152 mill in the bank” then you’re overstepping yourself a bit; you’d actually be shocked at how little physical money most companies have. If CAPCOM is a mess then companies like Square Enix, Take 2, EA, and Sony should be dead.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Do it. Bring it all.
    Also Dino Crisis, Onimusha etc.
    We will consume them. We missed such games this generation.

    The key will be the PS4 replicating the PS2 and allowing gamers to be less shooter-oriented than they currently are.

    • foureyes oni

      yes, please to the Onimusha.

  • Deiser

    A… miniature garden simulation?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’d sell boatloads in Japan. Guaranteed, especially on the 3DS.

    • Guest

      Hm, what about Itsuno-san integrate miniature gardening INTO Dragon’s Dogma 2!!!!!

  • the creep

    I will take one of each and would buy all three If they had collectors editions also!!! For my nice new PS4 !!! HELL YES!!!

  • the creep

    PLEASE ANOTHER ONIMUSHA!!! Sad part theres really nothing but fps flooding
    the new systems we need this badly!!

  • Shinobi

    I want to play Dragons Dogma 2 as Samanosuke. Thats good enough for me.

  • roockie112

    This just got me excited to look forward to the future

  • FeaturePreacher

    I would love a true successor to DMC4 to get the bad taste that the western euro trash game left behind.

    • Bladimir Cortez

      But the series has some western influences, though not as huge as DmC.

      I think it’s more on how the westernization in DmC was handled. They tried too hard to give a social commentary, deep, and edgy story. I’m sure westernizations could work if done right. But in DmC, the interpretation of “cool” makes westerners look bad. There were a few cool stuff in DmC, but most of it was a bunch of ass.

  • Michael

    Oh my god I want Dragon’s Dogma 2 so bad

  • tilt


    • VanFanel1980mx

      Is modern capcom, it would be full of on-disc DLC and microtransactions.

  • kaimo

    The fact that he specifically says “Devil May Cry 5” and not just “sequel” is very reassuring.

    • Aiddon

      no kidding, it’s almost like he’s intentionally distancing himself from Ninja Theory’s crappy entry. Then again, anyone with a BRAIN would logically do that. Just give me back Dante and Nero and we can go from there.

      • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

        that should ve been since the beginning no one asked for a reboot! and even so look at RE Zero and RE 5 and 6 still they did RE remake and still they didnt alienate any original characters though they added a lot more like Lisa and Crimson heads as well as door opening zombies!! they should ve done that with devil may cry dont reduce add!! anyway lets hope they do it fast!! and yeah anyone with a Non casual mind automatically distance urself from a person that says this is cool and no other ¬¬ such NT

      • Guest

        I think Ninja theory did the best they could with what they got. Capcom was the ones that wanted a reboot, and orginally wanted them to get as far from the original dmc as they could. When they got too different they had to reel it back in to a similar, albeit douchey, new dante. I think the core mechanics of the game were alright, but the rating system was weird with combos. I think that the story was decent even with mostly unlikeable characters.

        • Kevin Llanaj

          Yeah but tameem had to be a bitch and insult fans.

  • PrinceHeir

    please Dragon’s Dogma 2, Devil May Cry 5, Rival Schools 3!

    add in Dino Crisis 3(after 2 games didn’t happened), God Hand 2, Okami 2, Chaos Legion 2, Onimusha 5.

    you should have used the budget of games like DmC, Operation Raccoon City, Remember Me, Bionic Commando, Lost Planet 3 instead of wasting your money on this shitty games.

    heck i just got the Capcom 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia just now and there are tons more franchises that haven’t seen the light of day since the PS1 era!!

    do it Capcom!!!!

    • SamuraiRedux

      I’d kill for a new Breath of Fire RPG too. Capcom deserves some kind of award for having the best neglected franchises in the industry.

      Also love the avatar image Jolyne ;-).

  • VW

    DevilMayCry5 !!!!!!
    OMG YES!
    If it’s true then Capcom has learned from the mistake that was that Reboot.
    Bring back the original anime style action hero Dante.

  • Nicholas Perry

    DMC5, Rival Schools 3?

    Yes please.

  • lulz

    DmC: Devil May Cry was awesome, haters gonna hate. 🙂

    • Donte

      When I read “haters gonna hate” in a phrase, I just know nothing intelligent will be on it.

      Yeah, right, DmC was awesome, whatever you say, kid.

    • VW

      Well actually there’s no reason to hate on EmC-EmoMayCry because the sells numbers speak for themselves.
      Even Capcom saw that the reboot was a bad idea & tried salvaging it by saying it’s an alternate universe.
      (I’ll never forget sessler calling him Emo lol)

      I mean The Devil may cry reboot could’ve been great if it wasn’t a Devil may cry reboot. If Capcom & Ninja Theory developed a title that wasn’t rebooting the original series but instead it’s own original story with original characters it could’ve been something interesting.
      It could’ve been called DevilHunter with it’s own original characters.

      • Christopher Bridson

        I completely agree. I have played DmC (I got it free on PS Plus) and while it is not bad, it is not good. If it was a brand new IP then it could have worked.

        Plus the only other reason I am still playing it is because for some reason I have the DLC for free. So I am playing as DMC 3 Dante, which makes the game more bearable.

  • Bladimir Cortez

    Itsuno better make a future DMC5 great. It should have better gameplay than that of DMC4 and DMC3 (Or at least at the level of gameplay).

    If they actually respect their fans and stop taunting them, they’d probably get more sales than that of DMC4 -coughcough- DmC -coughcough-

  • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

    FINAAAAAAALLY!!! damn it ¬¬ no damn west outsourcing its bad enoough for the personal even worst for games!! specially japanese styled or better yet japanese Origined!! series!! never do that please is the worst u could ve done hope u learnt from that!! on sales at least XD anyway bring it Itsuno san!! we are awaiting the proper DMC 5 Capcom japan only produced and developed!! screw others!! and if u consider others to help lok to ur own people as PLatinum or at the very least Cyberconnect 2 anyway u got lots to take notes from MGR seriously!!

    • DanteMasamune

      Eww….Cyberconnect 2. Last thing I want for DMC5 is QTEs for blinking and boss fights or a combat system that degrades to smash buttons and Press X to proceed or press again if fail.
      No I love CC2 and their games but their style isn’t good for a DMC game….PG and MGR than yes.

      • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

        wel MGR has QTE`s in the first battle with Metal gear where u cut it from tip to tail it says press X “blinking” btw smash button actually!!!
        or when you do a parry u have to press again buttons mm really have u played MGR??? if u think u wanted to say u want Less qte`s i get it but again say it that way cause mgr do have qte`s one of the best actually.

        CC2 and PG do have qte`s yeah one is less funny and less dependent than the other but qte`s are fun just not that much for that matter.

        • DanteMasamune

          MGR has QTEs in all its boss fights (even if minor). I played MGR and I know what you mean. I was mainly just talking about CC2 but I forgot about PG and MGR’s tendency to throw QTEs at the player. I guess your right “less qte for DMC”.
          QTEs can be fun but they’re not for DMC. DMC was a game heavily influenced by the player’s impact and choice in combat and the boss fights felt like fighting a really powerful enemy and not a scripted fight of hit health bar and press X to end/win which is why you can finish a boss however you want. If you look at the gameplay vids or combo mads of DMC games (mainly DMC3 & DMC4) you can see players end a boss or defeat a boss using a variety of tactics and moves making each boss fight a fresh and different experience for how you choose to tackle them. Why is it that you rarely ever or never see a combo vids using bosses in DmC because the boss fights are so scripted and sectioned to the point the variety of how the boss can be defeated is rather limited due to abundance of cutscenes or scripted cinematic requirements.

          I can see them using Nero’s Buster move to add a stronger sense of cinematic flare to boss fights.

          • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

            yeah yeah i get it!!! and yeah hope they dont over do it!! though i quite loved MGR qte`s style for parrying and less scripted except in boss battles yeah u are right!! i loved asura as well but thats the concept of the game but yeah true DMC`s nature is more player controlled less cinematic/qte`s scripted though i think is time for tru DMC to come again!!

  • Rebel Dynasty

    Oh god, please make Devil May Cry 5….help wipe away the memory of that epic fail of a reboot…Please, Itsuno!

  • Tony Johnson

    Yes please Capcom, do Rival Schools 3 and Devil May Cry 5! This will be the ultimate start at gaining back the public’s faith!

  • Jonathan Chevez

    Dragon’s Dogma 2!? Holy shit, please, yes!