Battlefield 4: DICE Tried Adding Animations to Get In and Out of Vehicles, Then Scrapped the Idea

In Battlefield 4, and in pretty much every Battlefield game, you just walk up to a vehicle, press a button and you’re inside it, without any kind of animation or transition. Turns out that it could have been different. DICE actually tried to implement animations, but it just didn’t work out, as Multiplayer Producer Aleksander Grøndal told DualShockers in an interview that you’ll be able to fully enjoy soon.

We decided to go against it. We tried it a few times, but every time we do that we feel like it’s taking too much time.

We want people to get into the game and not to spend time in being in a sort of canned animation, because some times that’s cool, some times that’s just annoying. You just want to get out there and do it.

It might be something we’ll take a look at again for the future, but definitely not for Battlefield 4.

What camp are you in? Do you prefer to actually see some sort of transition as your character enters a tank, or maybe you just prefer to start shooting people as soon as possible?

Let us know in the comments, while you wait for the full interview that will be published on Thursday.

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  • I really do enjoy “jihad jeep” mechanics, so if they ever do this, I hope it’s still viable.

    • Mike Jones

      maybe bail out and take like 50% damage? seems viable

  • Oh, and also, I do think animations for vehicles could be great. For example, the animation of hurdling over obstacles is pretty great and adds to the game.

  • Bipod_Hero

    Eh… the ability to jump out of an armored vehicle that was on fire and have immediate situational awareness is kinda silly. Maybe some sort of suppression?

  • Axe99

    It’s a sensible decision in the context of the franchise, which continues to trend towards the Hollywood/arcade approach. If they were trying to push it back towards something a bit more realistic then the animations would make sense, but in the context of today’s Battlefield it’s moving away from the “must have control at all times” imperative. I’m not saying I agree (or disagree) with this, but its consistent with their broader overall vision for BF4, from what we’ve seen.

  • joe

    “we feel like it’s taking too much time.” then speed up the animation? and make them simple, open door get in. no closing door behind u or turning a key and putting it in gear.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I like seeing the transition-it’s cool watching it unfold from a third person perspective and then heading back to first person after it’s over. especially watching cutscenes from third person-unless the cutscenes are cinematic enough in first person for me to enjoy.

  • XJ220

    Than at least patch getting out of fast going vehicles. I love kids who jump out of vehicles without any damage, then start shooting at me before I have a chance to notice. Seat switching in open vehicles like boats and jeeps looks ridicolous too.