First Pictures of Actual Boxed DualShock 4 PS4 Controllers Show that they’re Out in the Wild (UPDATE)

Looks like PS4 accessories are starting to be delivered (or at least shipped). Before today all we saw of the new DualShock 4 controllers in their packaging were officia mock up pictures designed by Sony, but at last we get to see the real deal.

The two photos that you can see below, courtesy of Twitter users Sargon AodishoJakob Dahlgren,  TheRugbyGodGamerWahab, DavidAndrew and Marko Rabasovic show a batch of black PS4 controllers in all their packaged glory.

The French/English wording identifies them as hailing from cold Canada, so if you live in the country and want to check out some PS4 goodness, you may want to drop by your local store and beg the clerk to let you take a peek in the storage area.

You never know, he might even say yes, if you ask nicely.

UPDATE: Twitter user TheRugbyGodGamer (who tweeted the third picture below) mentioned that those that preordered PS4 accessories at GameStop Canada are permitted to pick them up if there’s inventory available. So if you are holding on one of said preorders and you want to actually hug your DualShock 4, you may want to give your local GameStop a call. Of course the report is unconfirmed, so do check before jumping in your car. If you manage to get yours, let us know in the comments.

UPDATE 2: further reports are surfacing that at last some GameStop/EB Games stores  in Canada is indeed letting people bring their preordered DualShock 4 home.

UPDATE 3: according to Twitter user David, his local EB Games store sold him the controller without even the requiring a preorder. 

UPDATE 4: added an unboxing video, courtesy of YouTube user 2pixelwide.

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  • My body… it’s like totally ready.

    • miyamotomusashi94

      you look familiar…

    • Jason Mounce

      I’d only want to know if they’re selling more than just BLACK! I want a Red one! D:

      The colored Dualshock 4 controllers look GOD DAMN SEXY.

  • NinoBr0wn

    She’s so purdy..

    • Giuseppe Nelva


      • NinoBr0wn

        Yes, she.

        • Langkasuka

          It runs in her family 🙂

          • Slay

            The flopping runs in the family too.

    • Slay

      You must like the unassuming.

  • ex-xboner


  • FlameWater

    LOL only thing I’ll be using this for is steam

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      from what I can see, that’s a completely separate product to skin a black controller in blue. The Sony-made blue and red controllers are actually red and blue.

    • Ed

      the skin isn’t the colored controllers they have been showing… it’s a seperate product, altogether.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        and a quite lame one, I’d add.

    • Russell Gorall

      That is a different product.

  • Jewy McJew

    Long live Canada / Vive le Canada

    • Slay

      Do you want some maple syrup with that?

      • Jewy McJew

        I’m Canadian, I want syrup with everything. And who the gush-darn-heck would down-vote ‘Long live Canada’?!

        • nunley33

          i guess you’ve never seen the south park movie

  • PatcherStation

    Like all PS controllers, they won’t last long when playing fighters and shooters. The main buttons including the shoulder buttons get hammered. Microsoft makes much better controllers and they’re cheaper in price. £46 tops for a PS3 controller and £55 tops for a PS3 controller, Sony and retailers are having a laugh. Controllers should be knocked out at £20 each, more so PS controllers what with them not lasting long. But Sony lost that lawsuit over the motors inside of the controllers. From PS2 controllers to PS3 controllers, they more than doubled in price. Best controller out there will be the Xbox One controller. Hands down.

    • miyamotomusashi94

      How can anyone support such an evil company that is slowly killing millions of people under their noses?

      We will not contribute a single cent to Bill Gates’ and Microsoft’s Depopulation Agenda.

      We will not be responsible accomplices for the deaths of millions of people that gets killed slowly by Gate’s Geoengineering Chemtrails and GMO Genetically Modified Organisms like corn and mosquitoes.

      M$ is your killing joke.

      Its not even about games anymore its about the life or death of millions of souls around the world.

      We will do whatever is necessary to bring the Microsoft brand down and dead starting with the Xbox.

      I hope you open your eyes to reality and not be stuck on Microsoft’s Matrix.

      • Guest

        Ever PAUPER like you needs to be wiped off of the face of the earth with an incendiary device. I’ll personally burn your mongrel hide.

      • nunley33

        i also needed to add commen core to the evil list of very bad things gate’s and ms are behind, i beg everyone to look it up and decide for yourself

    • dk

      I don’t know what you are talking about, as I still have my two original PS3 Sixaxis controllers from launch after playing through every Resistance game, 4 CoDs, Battlefield and Crysis.

      Also, I don’t know where you shop at, but Game has Dualshock 3’s for £40.

      Lastly, how can the XBOne controller be the best when it will not work with my PS4? 🙂

    • Ed

      i have been using the same 2 ds3s since 2007 and 2009, and have been playing COD a few hundred hours every year plus bf3 and bfbc2 for a few hundred hours… they hold up just fine, from my experience.

      i don’t favor xbox controllers because i hold my controllers with my figertips, and not nestled down in my palms, which makes the xbox controllers extremely uncomfortable for my grip.

    • EvaProject

      wtf are you saying? my roommate just got he one he preordered and just by handling it you know it’s not gonna break easily. There’s absolutely no squeaky sound when u grab it firmly and it looks and feels really well made. also the shoulder are excellent on this one, a complete different feeling than the ds3. But sure you tried both controller and your words are almighty sir….not. And FFS , it has a clickable touchpad and cost the same as a ds3…. how can you complain about the price is beyond me.

    • Drenchk101

      Other way around buddy….Xbox controllers are absolutely garbage when it comes to lasting long or even being considered “low quality” is too good for those controllers. I’ve had my PS3 controller that came with my PS3 slim that I had gotten back in ’09, and it’s lasted me since, I still use it. I had my Xbox since ’08 and 2 years ago the analog sticks got all screwed up and it was so goddamn hard to play any FPS, not to mention that the bumpers were getting stuck and so were the face buttons. And in terms of pricing, in Canada it costs $55 for a Dualshock 3, whereas a WIRELESS Xbox controller costs $60-$70 depending on which “edition” you get.

    • Guest

      Requiring AA batteries does not make a good controller. And discarded batteries pollute the world we live in with dangerous stuff.

    • Ry

      I don’t know where you’re getting the idea that the dualshock doesn’t last long when playing fighting games or shooters, because my dualshock 2 still works perfectly fine when I play CvS2, my Dualshock 3 is perfectly fine.

      The 360 is a good controller, I like that its heavier than the DS3. its good for shooters, its a horrible controller for fighting games. The D-pad is terrible and its in located in a terrible place. Anyone who grew up playing fighting games in the 90s used either the D-Pad or played in the arcades.

  • Synthetic Construct

    What’s the point of having the controller without the console only for the sake of having it (and posting pics all over the internetz)?

    • GuestWho

      Word is that the DS4 can be used the PC directly and the PS3 with some limitations.

      • Giuseppe Nelva


    • Langkasuka

      Nothing to do with your comment or the article, but is your username an alternative to being termed as a SpamBot? No offense intended, really. I was thinking too much into it and it made me smile.

  • Slay

    Looks garbage. Xbox one is gonna slay this holiday. Get slayed Sony.

    • IveBeenSlayed

      … because the Xbox one controller can’t be used with the 360 and support for the PC is coming later in 2014

      • Slay

        that doesn’t have any relevance to this discussion, hunty.

        • So Slayed…

          Because Xbox One’s controller limitations is written in stone.

    • xboner

      keep telling yourself that BS buddy

      • Slay

        I don’t need to tell myself the facts. It’s written in stone hunny.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone has no games, no pixels, no chance.

    • IJustSlayedTheSlay

      Please “hunny”, you’re Xboner has lost before it even started.

  • Guest

    It’s still a piss poor PoS controller.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Better than the Xbone and its miniscule thumbsticks and AA batteries.

  • DirtyS4

    Dat touchpad. Gonna work it my thumbs. Oh yeah…