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Killzone: Mercenary’s Developer Diary Video Gives a Behind the Scenes Look at the Story

by on October 23, 2013 4:29 PM 8

The developers from Guerrilla Cambridge discuss the story of Killzone: Mercenary, their recently released PS Vita outing, in a new developer diary video.

An interesting point they make in the video is that Mercenary is a new entry into the series, not a port of previous games, so it took a considerable effort to develop. We also learn about the third independent faction that the protagonist is a part of as a gun-for-hire. The entire video has been posted below, so check it out.

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  • TheExile285 ♜

    The game is fun. I just wish they’d add sometype of Horde mode or offline MP with bots. Multiplayer is tons of fun, but I’m not home often much anymore and I’ve noticed I can’t get MP to work with most public Wi-Fi connections.

    Also, apparently EU got some type of digital artbook on their PSN. I hope NA gets it soon.

  • Slay

    Dear Diary… this game sucks!

    Xbox one coming to slay all of your favorites this holiday.
    Nov 22nd, you will remember that day.

    • Joel Taveras

      What’s wrong with this guy? lol

    • Joel Taveras

      What’s wrong with this guy?

      He’s like:

      • Slay

        You should stick to things more age appropriate. Things like chess and bingo, old man.

        • Slay’sCommentHistory

          that doesn’t have any relevance to this discussion, hunty.

    • Slay’sCommentHistory

      Don’t you think it is time to get a real job? One that involves being beneficial to society. Doctors, lawyers, and vets do that. Sitting on your voluminous ass all day while only moving your fat greasy fingers isn’t much of a career goal at all… or beneficial in any form. Cause of death… clogged arteries. I just read you hunty!

  • tubers

    Pretty bummed out that the game kinda bombed in NA. 41K only?

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