Not All Xbox One Demo Stations Are Green

on October 23, 2013 7:39 PM

Pretty much all the Xbox One demo stations we’ve seen so far have one element in common: they’re very, very green.

Turns out, though, that not all Xbox One demo stations are born green. At the Apps World trade show currently going on in London Microsoft has some very sleek black demo stations at its booth, echoing the rather classy Day One edition boxes. They also include a very scenic lighted panel under the console, creating a really pleasant overall effect.

You can check out a few pictures below, demonstrating that Microsoft can create some lovely things without resorting to a single drop of green paint. They look nice, don’t they?

separatorThe pictures in the gallery above are courtesy of Twitter users ACBLouise Corriganlotus28comannacroninElsa GrillePainSophie Williamson-SMatt SutherlandMicrosoft UbellyIain Reidkevinproctoronline and Paul Boocock.


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