Resogun’s De Benetti: Games Aren’t Xbox One’s Priority, PS4 More Attractive for True Gamers

Housemarque’s Community Manager Tommaso De Benetti, currently working on PS4 exclusive Resogun, has a quite clear idea on the comparison between the upcoming next generation titans Xbox One and PS4, as he explained in an interview to Kotaku Japan.

It’s not the official position of the company but just a personal opinion: if you look at it as a gamer, Xbox One is focused on America’s vision of the entertainment center with the TV and the like. It gives the impression is that gmes aren’t its highest priority.

On the other hand for the PS4 games come first, then Β there are other forms of entertainment. Because of how they’re promoting it, I think the PS4 looks more attractive when viewed by true core gamers, isn’t it?

Of course De Benetti states quite clearly that he’s talking only for himself, but I can’t say he’s the first one I hear saying that. What do you think? Is the difference in focus between the two consoles really that big?

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  • Steve Denninger

    maybe if he was working on both systems I’d give him some credibility. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • cell989

      just try using some logic for once, it free

    • raiden

      everyone we know and they are developer talks about how good ps4 is.but i wasnt hear this word of any mouth of this developers.oh wait.phil spencer,major nelson,phil harrison they are talks abouy how good they game ryse.(we will see metatric when this game released)

      you should look out for pre-order of next generation exclusive arent have good day on pre order

  • oGMo

    Just looking at the vast list of games Sony went through at E3 etc, vs Microsoft’s focus on TV and NFL … well, duh.

    PS4 may have had a couple launch titles pushed back, but so what? This is about a vast array of games over the lifetime of the console, not launch. Think PS2 launch vs PS2 library.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Both companies focused on games at E3. Fact PS4 reveal and E3 were essentially the same (they added price, and introduced indie push). They didn’t show much new content, really, outside of Indies. MS pre E3 was totally focused on other entertainment functions. E3 was all about games. The DRM and Kinect stuff dropped them in a six foot hole and Sony’s price difference and openness threw dirt on it. If you watched live with a site tracking interest, MS took a dive after the always on stuff and Sony was at a rather low interest level until price and game sharing. The final 10min of their presser is what ‘won’ E3 and provided the leverage they are riding to this day.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Also important to remember that Sony announced about 20 games after E3 at Gamescom and TGS compared to Microsoft’s 2.

      • oGMo

        Yeah I was actually referring to the whole year but I guess the “etc” bit doesn’t stand out too well. πŸ™‚

    • Jack Slater

      Yeah, and people are convinced suddenly microsoft will turn the xbox one into a full dev kit, simply by ticking ‘turn the kit on’, on the dashboard.of course, totally free, and even a 12 yo boy can do it, and will receive the SDK documentation + 100 hour support, for free.

      Microsoft ismall about cash, they would sell a pair of glasses to a blind person, if they could.

      Only God knows all the restrictions to use the xbox one as a dev kit.
      -can’t do this
      – can’t do that
      – if you make a game here, it’s forbidden to port it on other consoles
      – can only use a few megas of the cloud, maximum 2 minutes per day
      – must have a Windows computer running a special app, of course, the app will cost 799$
      – must have worked as a developer during 5 years
      – must have a degree on X
      – must be mcse
      – must pay x for accessing the controller
      – must pay x for accessing kinekt
      – must buy a 3y sky drive pro access
      – must buy full version of visual studio
      – must be 21
      – must be white
      – must speak English fluently
      – and thousands of other clauses
      -80% of sales will go to microsoft
      – for appearing on the top 100 games, dev must pay, the more he pays, the more he will be ‘visible’
      – must be into.. like killer instinct presentation…’OK here we go, just let it happen, it will be over soon…’

      Fortunately, all the lies and PR bs from microsoft, after launch, they can’t lie anymore. Well then see how much bs they were able to spit, to please to xbox fans, and to never look inferior.November.. move on… faster…

      • oGMo

        It’s interesting to note that a number of things like this MS has “announced” they actually haven’t announced: they’ve just said “well, we’d kinda like to”. Not even that they’re going to. Totally noncommittal BS.

        • Jack Slater

          It’s frustrating, even when we’re not going to buy the system at launch, maybe Christmas 2014, when everything is stabilized, drivers, games, all policies are in place, we know what kinekt really does,etc. A nice price cut and launch titles at half the price, maybe, but a ‘maybe’ with a lot of questions.

          It’s frustrating, since mai 21, all they have be end doing is full damage control. Whenever there’s something that may oppress fans, next day, a little tweet announces a wonderful feature, or says the opposite of what has been said and everybody knows, just to calm fans down, so fans go back to forums and defend the system with their life. Anytime Sony announces something, next day, they come and announce something 0.0001% better. If Sony says the dualshock4 in blue is amazing, next day, penello will tweet and say microsoft blue is prettier than Sony blue. And so on and so on.

          But the worst thing, is the fact they say things that everybody, including fans, know it’s not true, but they still come and invent other BS. Always for damage control, always for making everything look wonderful on xbox side.

          Now AAA devs won’t talk about resolutions, they don’t want to miss millions of sales because Z console has a better resolution than Y.
          But they won’t be able to hide it until 2020. In 4 weeks, the ps4 is out.
          If cod ghosts is 1080p on ps4, xbox fans will scream until Activision tells what resolution xbox one cod ghosts run at.

          Finally, no more lies, stunts, damage control.if something goes wrong, it won’t be like 2006, with major websites not even talking about the rrod. If there is a problem day one or two, forums will be flooded, and the truth will be known really fast.

          If all the BS is really BS,about power, cloud, policies changes, dev kits, resolutions, etc etc, people will be really MAD.

          Right now, all ,microsoft wants is seeing people go home with an xbox one. Even if they need to tell bs every single day and damage Activision’s saying ‘cod ghosts on xbox one looks amazing’
          Damn, tell us the fking resolution on both systems!

  • KuchikiSentou

    True words never spoken about this..

  • TheExile285 β™œ
  • raiden

    thats just official.i think teenagers love xbox one
    im 22 and im think im pass with this crap tha microsoft made

    • da Boss

      Not really, me and my friends hate it. (almost) Everybody at my school is getting one. Some might also get the X1, but most are sticking with PS4.

  • quinten488

    I agree, PS4 will dominate.

  • vonhelzing

    Here is my problem with that opinion…xbox one has 5 exclusives day one and Ps4 has really only 2..but whatever!!

    • Duke117

      PS4: Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack & Injustice Ultimate Edition
      XB1: RYSE, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Zoo Tycoon, Fighter Within (kinect), Zumba (kinect)

      it’s pretty much 3 to 3

      • jdp12

        PS4’s launch window is more promising, games like DriveClub, inFAMOUS, and the order 1886 (likely holiday 2014 though)

      • Axe99

        What about War Thunder, Warframe, DCUO and the slew of indies? All up, the PS4 is launching with around 30 games to the XB1’s 20-odd, if you’re looking at the number of games you get at launch, there’s no contest. Of course, there are key differences in the style of games – with XB1 you get more mass-market, blockbuster and casual stuff, whereas with PS4 you got more experimental or complex gameplay experiences. Either way, pick which type of gamer you are and pick the console that’s appropriate :).

        • Duke117

          retail exclusives was his point thats why i only mentioned those

          • Axe99

            All good, but basing what counts as a full “game” on where its sold isn’t necessarily the best indicator – I like to focus on gameplay and game world and the like myself ;). More an issue for the person making the point originally of course.

    • arleo09

      Yeah. Remember that X360 launch and PS3 launch. Guess who had more games ? The X360. Now, look which has more games, the PS3. MS with its bait and switch policy, but whatever…

      • Maurice Wilburn

        Say what you want about the 360, but it was huge leap forward from the original Xbox. I don’t know why people are predicting the Xbox One exclusives to die out early on when they are clearly in much better place financially than Sony and have already invested into 5 new studios.

        • jdp12

          of course Xbox > Xbox 360, just like PS3 > Xbox 360.

        • arleo09

          Yeah. MS has been financially ahead of Sony this gen, what do you get from that ? Nothing, neither their money nor the games. They’ve been saving up money to buy DR3, Titanfall, SunsetOverdrive exclusivity, and Crytek to make Ryse. They’re starting this gen just like they started the previous, and that’s worrying.
          Nextgen games cost 4x more than current. Do you think they’ll continue to buy AAA 3rd party exclusive like that ? There’s only 2 games from intern MS studios at X1 launch : KI and Forza. Yeah, it’s worrying.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            I don’t know how you can turn having a lot of exclusives at launch into a bad thing. Anyway MS has been investing for the long term so far acquiring 2 new studios(Team Dakota and Press Play), starting up a new studio(Black Tusks) with 4 more studios to be announced. If you ask me it seems like I’m getting the games. If MS can’t keep up financially how do you expect Sony to keep up, by leaning on Naughty Dog and whatever their next game is? How many games are coming from Sony at launch? 2. I’m not saying Sony won’t come out with some heavy hitters in the next few years, but you are making these predictions based on bias assumption.

          • arleo09

            I never said it’s bad. I am saying even if MS has more exclusives than PS4 at launch I’d rather go with Sony, knowin the bait and switch MS policy. What you dont seem to understand is console arent about launch game only.

            This year on X1 : (at launch) DR3, Ryse, Forza, KI, (then) Titanfall, QuantumBreak, Sunset.

            On PS4 : (at laucnh) KZ, Knack, (then) inFamous, DC,TheOrder, Rime, ShadowoftheBeast.

            Pretty even.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      -Killzone: Shadow Fall
      -DC Universe
      …some other indies I can’t remember right now.

      • Maurice Wilburn

        Contrast is also coming to XBLA

        • jdp12

          not on X1

          • Maurice Wilburn

            If it could make it to XBLA despite the 360’s policies. It can surely make its way to Xbox One.

          • jdp12

            not announced for X1, likely have deal with Sony

    • TristanPR77

      PS4 have more day one exclusive, your problem is that you are not well informed.
      – warframe
      – warthunder
      – resogun
      – daylight
      – injustice
      – knack
      – killzone
      – dc universe
      There are 2 more that I dont remember the name

  • Robert Jones

    Yeah, I guess if I was excited about a bunch of indie games, PS4 is my system.

    Can someone list the 24 ANNOUNCED exclusives for the PS4? I know:
    guess resogun

    cant think of any others unless they are talking about all those indies they announced at gamescom that are also coming out on the vita.

    • oGMo

      Yet I can’t name a single exclusive XBone game I care about.

    • Bankai

      Switch Galaxy Ultra, Planetside 2, Deep Down, Yakuza Ishin, Santa Monica project, Media Molecule project, Naughty Dog project, etc.

      Also, you’re judging things based on quantity rather than quality. This year alone has shown that Sony has far more high quality games than Microsoft, so it doesn’t matter that Sony has a lot of indie titles because they’re all of extremely high quality.

      • Maurice Wilburn

        An assumption you are making based upon…

        • Axe99

          Of course we will, but we don’t know how many and we don’t know when, whereas these games (and a bunch more – Galak-Z is one I’m looking forward to) are already in development for PS4. There’s also games like War Thunder which can’t run on XB1 because MS won’t let Gaijin Entertainment use servers that allow for PC players and console gamers to play together.

          Of course, the only reason MS is courting indies now is because Sony came out swinging. If ID@Xbox had been in the works for longer, they’d have a similar swag of indie titles for launch, not “later”.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Sony approached indies first so they get exclusivity(likely timed), so kudos to them. With what MS is doing with ID@Xbox(such as the ability to turn an Xbox One into a dev kit) I think we’re going to see a lot of indies on Xbox One. I’ll wait to see War Thunder plays out as I think controller input vs keyboard and mouse input is an obvious obstacle.

          • Axe99

            Controller only lags mouse input for “point and click” games – War Thunder is about vehicular combat, so unless you’re playing on arcade mode, then the sticks will have a distinct advantage over a mouse/kb setup – no-one in their right mind plays a flight sim on PC with a mouse/kb.

            Agree about the indy thing – but the fact that Sony approached indies first highlights their game-first approach, which is the whole point De Benetti is making ;).

          • Maurice Wilburn

            I think the fact MS constructed the Xbox One in a way that allows it to be turned into a dev kit counters that point. PS4 may have approached first, but MS seems to have planned out for the future.

          • Axe99

            I suspect those changes are OS level changes though – something that can be patched in after manufacturing. If, indeed, they planned it from the beginning, it’s _very_ odd it wasn’t possible before launch, so that they couldn’t get launch and pre-launch XB1’s to devs to get as many games as possible for the system. It’s also _incredibly_ odd that they didn’t mention it with the launch of the XB1, given all the indie focus, or at least in the couple of weeks of scattered communications that followed. It is a great innovation, but it still feels very much like its in response to competitive pressure, rather than because they personally believe in it. I don’t think for a second it was in their roadmap prior to them sticking their foot in their mouth, but I do think it will produce some good things for XB1 going forward :).

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Valid point, but as for Benetti’s point I think it would be more accurate to say indies weren’t MS’s top priority not games.

          • Axe99

            Aye, definitely – MS deffo had games on its agenda, just not necessarily as broad a range of games as its priority. That said, it is clear, particularly at launch and in terms of the underlying strategy, that games aren’t as relatively important as they are to Sony or Nintendo, but that’s hardly surprising – they always went into games consoles as a trojan horse to get Windows into the living room (in which they’ll succeed, pretty much, with XB1, which is likely why the got excited and forgot about to do up their trojan horse as well as they usually do ;)), while Sony and Ninty went into games consoles for games. As long as Xbox fans demand games, though, MS will keep providing :).

          • Maurice Wilburn

            The problem with that theory is the original Xbox was a pure game console. It wasn’t until the Xbox 360 when they started pushing it as a media center, something Sony also attempted with the PS3. Marketing campaigns aside I think it’s clear they both have the same end game.

          • Axe99

            The original pitch for the Xbox that got it greenlighted was as a Windows box for the living room – MS are on record as saying this. However, they had a couple of teams prototyping and at the time they got their best results from a custom OS, so that’s what they went with ;). Of course, it was all about games, but the games were a means to an end. MS aren’t the only peeps that have done this – Sony used the PS2 (DVD) and PS3 (Blu-ray) as trojan horses as well, although were always a bit more game-focussed. MS were very good, game-focus wise, with the launch of the 360, and lead the way with indies at one stage as well. Just looks like the suits got the better of the game guys over there early on with the XB1, but that after the public backlash, they gave the leash back to the game guys ;).

        • john

          and microsoft nxt year could close those policies….

    • arleo09

      Rime, Shadow of the Beast also

      • raiden

        indie game? friend you and i both know when it comes to the naughty dog,santa monica,quantic dream,media molecule,guerilla everyone has a x360 or x1 jealous of what this developer computer has 14 first-party studio.some of them like naughty dog and santa monica split into two different team and make their own games.maybe microsoft is better than lunch which if you see pre-order list you know where they stand on the list but sony and ps4 after one year win the battle of the games at least
        maybe you should have logic for once and think before you talk

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yes it is and the sales in US and everywhere else will prove his point.

  • TDK

    For the PS4 games comes first…
    Knack and KSF VS Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising, KI

    but In numbers of exclusives in comes second.

  • ShowanW

    Indies need to shut up.., I don’t hear EA, Activision, Epic, Capcom, 2K complaining about the X1 isn’t for gamers

    • TristanPR77

      Indies doesn’t fear Microsoft, that’s why.

      • ShowanW

        You think its a matter of fear??… I love Indie developers, but the ones who are beating their chest need to shut up and have a seat… nobody spends $400-$500 for your game… and that’s a true fact… their game is picked up along the way, not the reason the console is purchased.
        They got their 15minutes of fame…i dont see Behemoth or the Minecraft team ranting and raving… they keep it pro and go about their work…

      • Guest

        Indies are cocky little motherfuckers, that’s why. But we the consumer will remember and THEY WILL FAIL!

  • Maurice Wilburn

    If a console plays games it’s for gamers, why does it have to be any more complicated. I hate seeing developers playing into this rampant elitism.

  • MrZweistein

    We will see when both consoles are out. It will interesting to see which console manufacturer will delivering on the promises were made. We will also see when the first results of the ID@XBox program will be playable. Right now the PS4 has a lead regarding Indies, but don’t underestimate the efforts MS is undertaking to reach parity at least on that subject.

  • da Boss

    Yes, it is.

  • Axe99

    I take issue with defining a “True gamer”. Sure, XB1 has more casual, mainstream blockbuster fare, but this doesn’t make fans of arcade action less gamers than someone who wants to fly around in War Thunder with all the sim options enabled. I think what we are seeing, though, is a clear differentiation in audience. What De Benetti calls “True Gamers” are gamers who value a range of experiences and like some depth to them, and for gamers like that, going for the PS4 is a no-brainer. There’s just nothing like Planetside 2, War Thunder or even The Order: 1886 announced for XB1 just yet, let alone the slew of indie titles. However, if you prefer a bit of beer and button mashing, then the likes of Ryse and Dead Rising 3 are very, very promising, and far more accessible than the likes of Killzone: Shadowfall, so the XB1 is a better choice. Just work out what type of gamer you are and roll with it, and all of us can have fun :).

    • Maurice Wilburn

      I agree with you for the most parts, but Killzone seems the most casual game you pointed on that list. I don’t know anything about the Order, but I haven’t seen enough to separate it from your standard sci-fi fps. There is also a lot of range of experiences on the Xbox One not on PS4.

      • Axe99

        Aye, totally – for me, Crimson Dragon and Zoo Tycoon are the two standouts in the XB1 line-up, and there’s nothing like them on PS4 (or Ryse, Forza or DR3 at launch for that matter, although those games aren’t my cup of tea). I also agree KZ:SF is the most casual (and also the most mainstream), but KZ was also the least accessible/casual mainstream shooter franchise this gen (again, I’m not saying this is good or bad, because it isn’t – I love EU4, a hardcore strategy game, but that doesn’t make something like Risk bad, just different :)).

        The main point I wanted to make was that despite all the bluster and apparent similarity on the surface, there are fundamental differences in the game libraries, reflecting to some degree the types of gamers they’re pitching for in the first instance. This is also a good thing, as gamers can choose which suits them best and get into it. I don’t like how De Benetti has decided a certain type of gamer is a “True Gamer”, though – there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the more casual/mainstream stuff. Just like how someone preferring something like “The Avengers” to “We Were Soldiers” doesn’t make them any less of a fan of movies :).

  • Bozo Sapien

    I enjoyed Resogun back in 1982 when it was called Zaxxon.

  • Crapgamer

    This doesn’t make sense to me because he says Sony cares more about gamer’s, and is obviously getting paid by Sony to make an exclusive game. The part that makes the least sense is that he’s saying this, and when you look at the exclusive lineups the Xbox One has the clear edge.

    I don’t understand why people think Microsoft and the Xbox One aren’t focused on games when they have all these awesome looking games announced and lined up. Their launch is so much more impressive in my opinion.

    • You are flat out wrong

      What a shame that the launch window is drier than a nun’s vaj.

      In b4 “bu bu but indies!” Better than flat-out nothing.

      • Maurice Wilburn

        Few games missing from Xbox One: Max and The Curse of Brotherhood, D4, Below. I think also worth mentioning most of the indie games aren’t tied to Sony and could be made available for X1.

        • anzil

          true but your kidding yourself if you believe xbox is gonna deliver better and more exclusives than sony hahahaha hide behind your doenvotes hahahaha

          • Crapgamer

            “Better” is strictly opinion. I like Halo better than Killzone, I like Forza better than Gran Turismo. So I think it’s just preference. I’ll eventually get a PS4 when they decide to put something worthy out.

        • anzil

          and no of those game have Q1 realease dates yet there just coming 2014 and remember sony has media molecule, naugty dog, sony santa monica, guerilla games where microsoft has black tusk……

          • Crapgamer

            343 Industries – Halo series

            Connected Experiences – Responsible for cloud service on Xbox, servers and online features

            Good Science Studio – Kinect Adventures, Kinect Fun Labs

            Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Next generation fitness project – Original IP

            Microsoft Studios – Los Angeles –Responsible for creating exclusive TV series on Xbox Live – Quantum Break TV series, Halo TV series

            Microsoft Studios – Mobile Gaming – ilomilo

            Microsoft Studios – Redmond Publishing – Overseeing and co-developing multiple projects in conjunction with third party development studios based in the Americas and Canada

            Playful Learning – Next generation family project

            Team Dakota – Project Spark

            Turn 10 Studios – Forza Motorsport series

            Twisted Pixel Games – The Gunstringer, LocoCycle, ‘Splosion Man series

            Xbox Live Productions – South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge, Avatar Kinect


            Lionhead Studios – Fable series, Black & White series, Unannounced MMO-like New IP – (2 team studio – unannounced next generation title)

            Lift London – Multiple AAA Cloud Based gaming projects (4+)

            Microsoft Studios – EMEA Publishing – Overseeing and co-developing multiple projects in conjunction with third party development studios based in Europe, Middle East and Asia regions

            Press Play – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood[27]

            Rare Ltd. – Banjo-Kazooie series, Viva PiΓ±ata series, Perfect Dark series, Conker series,Killer Instinct series, Kameo: Elements of Power, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Jetpac series,Kinect Sports series- (3 team studio – Concurrent development of various titles)

            Soho Productions – Kinect Sesame Street TV


            BigPark – Joy Ride series, Kinect Sports: Season Two

            Black Tusk Studios – Untitled Stealth Game – (an unannounced next generation title)

            Microsoft Studios Victoria – Untitled Core Project


            Microsoft Studios Osaka – Unannounced Projects

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Max is confirmed early 2014, the rest are expected early 2014.

      • Crapgamer

        I don’t buy new hardware for indie titles or ported free-2-play PC games. I’m just being honest with you. The Xbox One launch has the better exclusives and they have a better announced 2014 with Project Spark, TitanFall, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, Kinect Sports Rivals, Quantum Break, D4 and Halo 5. That’s just announced.

        Sony hasn’t done a very good job of getting people excited for their flagship franchises on the system. Why not tease a Uncharted trailer like Microsoft did with Halo at E3? They wouldn’t even need much to tease it, let people know something.

        The same games they are releasing are the ones they talked about way back in Feb. Nothing new, nothing really exciting in my opinion. I have a feeling the indie games will be on the XB1 as well. I’m not hating on indie games, but I definitely want to play some AAA titles and exclusives on my new hardware, and it looks like Sony fans will have a pretty dry start to the generation, but yall should be used to that.

        • You are flat out wrong

          “Muh launch games!!!!!”

          Who the hell buys a console for launch games no one will remember in six months.

          Xbox, Gamecube, Wii U and Vita all had fantastic launch lineups. It’s time to learn from history, CrapLamer.

          (And for the last frigging time, Spark and Titanfall are not exclusives and most of the rest of that list will be late 2014 or 2015.)

    • Jack Slater

      All your games on the left aren’t even worth a fart from my neighbor’s Chihuahua.

      Just watch this, and imagine it running in less than 4 weeks, at a glorious 1080p60fps, on millions of ps4.

      Enjoy your 720p games on your xbox720, enjoy your free2pay killer instinct xbox360 port with a single playable fighter, enjoy your forza5 without day-night cycles and weather, with no real-time lighting, that even gran turismo 5 has, enjoy ryse and Marius the Gaylarious at 150k polygons when he is being f*cked in the S, and 85k during cutscenes, and 10-20k during gameplay, ‘press x to kill him, press y to suck his finger, press A to call his mom, press B kill his dog.
      Enjoy cod ghosts at 720p, which looks 10% better than on x360. They had no choice:going with a dwarf Chihuahua at 1080p, or a German shephard at 720p.

      Enjoy titanfall At 900p now, before they announce it running at 720p, 1 week before release, so all the smart guys like you preorder it.

      Enjoy bf4 at 720p, special version on amazonia: they found a tribe of pygmies 4 feet tall, which require half the polygons of a 6 feet European or american.

      Your list is so sad, really. I feel ashamed and bad for the kids that will get an xbox one for Christmas, and will want to call their little cousins via Skype, and even that f*cking app, free everywhere, is behind the microsoft paywall, and the kid will have to buy a gold subscription for using Skype. What a shame, really.Skype… needs live gold, on xbox one.

      Oh yeah, about xbox one, enjoy your VCR system without VCR options. It would have been obvious to be able to record whatever TV show we want, since the console has all the tivitivitivi features. But it cant record a single nanosecond. A big Lol, once again.

      Where are you going to hide the huge power brick? And you know kinekt has a fan behind the box, and will make more and more noise?

      Actually, nothing will happen, because the console won’t be ready for launch, games won’t be ready, drivers aren’t ready, the only thing ready is the rrod v2.
      Microsoft, desperately, will delay the xbox one launch , until 20-28 February.
      Launching the console as it is now, with devs not having time to finish games and being forced to lower the resolutions, instead of spending 2-3extra months optimizing them, with unfinished drivers, yielding problems, problems everywhere, microsoft is going to commit suicide, if they launch it now. It isn’t ready. They will beat their own Guinness record, 55% failure rate, due to the rrod on x360.
      People were fooled once, but not twice.

      The only thing that could save the xbox one from a disaster is all the +10 million x360 cod fans, that will certainly buy the xbox one, to play ghosts on it, with their friends list from the x360.

      BUT, if the ps4 version of cod is 1080p, and xbox one, 720p, that will be lethal. The fans will definitely abandon microsoft,with shame, and will never tell people once, they had an xbox360.

      Understood, kid? I spent 15 minutes writing this for you, so you try to understand how you look stupid, and your list couldn’t even wipe my ass.
      Now, go watch that ign killzone video, released today, and start dreaming that game can be yours, only if you’re not blind, stupid and indoctrinated by a company that grabbed 7×60 bucks from 15-25 million cod-halo gamers, only so they can play online, + another 20+ bucks for a play@charge kit.7 years of live gold, without even offering a 10cts game to their fans. Be smart, and grab a ps4+ killzone, and in 10 years, you will still be playing on the same rock-solid console, games 5-10 times better than killzone, once amd drivers are finished and dev know how to use the 18 rop and the 8×8 command paths, where even PCs, today, only have 2. And in 10 years, you will say ‘damn, that guy was right’

      Come on, kid, cancel your xbotox one preorders, and join the PlayStation community, we are OK to give you a chance and accept you.

  • PrinceHeir

    wtf there’s Kotaku Japan O___O

  • BillyHoWCR

    PS4 pushing Indie titles? Core?

  • Guest

    That’s Housemarque’s loss for sure. After having played on both at events, me and my friends are NOT buying a PS4. We’re all going Xbox One now.
    And to Tommaso de Benetti: don’t even bother porting when you poor game doesn’t sell well as we’ll remember your lies.

    • anzil


    • The Truth

      Found the MS employee!

  • kreator

    What was his last AAA title?

  • TruthAboutGaming

    Wow a Sony employee prefers a Sony product! Totally worth an article!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You do understand that he’s not employed in any way by Sony, and Housearque is an indie studio that made games for a ton of different platforms, including xbox 360 right?

      Actually, apparently you don’t.

      • TruthAboutGaming

        You do realize that’s in the past and his biggest project is a SONY EXCLUSIVE don’t you? Apparently you don’t. (like what I did there? IKR!) Hmm Let’s see which console Respawn entertainment thinks is best, lol GTFOH.

  • Guest

    Xbone has no games……because its not about games

    • Guest

      $0NΒ₯ PauperStation Foul is for poor people that need freebies like a crack addict.

      • Guest

        PauperStation? Lol thats actually more amusing than insulting, if that was your intent. I’d rather have a PauperStation than a PervBox buddy.

        Also enjoy your KillerInstinct in 720p. Man, they can’t even make a mediocre looking fighting game run at 1080p.

  • TimothyStone

    Microsoft not only has a superior AAA game launch lineup with no filler that blows Sony away, but also offers the better exclusive game AAA choices for the first year (with the ONLY exception being “Second Son”) and yet European morons like him think the Xbox isn’t about the games. SMH

  • ragnathebloodedge

    In time i’ll be adding my Game to the Indie’s list for PS4 Exclusive.

  • spid3r6

    I dont understand Sony fanboys logic…..They are willing to pre order a PS4 for the long hual?? Not sure if you guys know most of the game developers that Sony has just made AAA games for the PS3 very late in the console cycle…They are only going to start their cycle right now for the next gen…Meaning you will have to wait 3 to 4 years. Which is the reason why you only are getting Killzone and Knack at launch….MIcrosoft has the better launch titles because they have been busy building up the system. Look at all the launch titles..Forza5, Deadrising 3,Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, Ryse Son of Rome, hell I will even throw Zoo Tycoon because I am a fan of that series. What do you guys have to look forward too?? Infamous Second Son and the Order 1866?? While the Xbox One owners can look forward to Fable, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Halo 5 and the all mighty Titanfall!! Not to mention reall dedicated servers and not no Hybrid P2P.v2 PR stunt they are trying to sell to you. For right now Sony is all Smoke and Mirrors they have nothing on the Xbox One Launch lineup….And please dont come to me talking about F2p games…Has anybody seen Planetside 2 actuall live gameplay footage??

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