Check Out Knack Played on PS4 and PS Vita at the Same Time via Remote Play: “Couch Co-op Redefined”

During the Sony Computer Entertainment conference at the Brazil Game Show we got a nice little demonstration of the power of remote play between PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

The presentation, that you can check in the video below recorded by the good folks at GameHQMedia, show Knack played on the two consoles at the same time by two different players. The catchphrase used was “couch co-op redefined,” and it seems definitely fitting, don’t you think?

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  • Langkasuka

    I hope the 3rd party can apply to this tech as well, like Destiny and Assassin’s Creed, but I much rather see co-op tech between multiple PS Vita TVs and a PS4 under 1 game.

    • jujubee88

      I’d imagine a cross-buy and cross-play game would allow for multiple players.

      For instance, if PS4 get’s a fighting game who’s engine is the same on both VITA and PS4 (like PS All-Stars played the same on PS3 and VITA) you just buy the game once and you have it on multiple devices (2 for console, 2 for VITA/TV). From there on you just connect via lan/ad-hoc and get matches going.


      1 VITA TV
      2 VITA handhelds
      1 PS4

      +Hook VITA TV up to access point
      +Connect 2 VITA’s to the similar access point to VITA TV.
      +Than, VITA TV connects to PS4 over a similar access point (as 2 VITA’s)

      This way everything is hooked up and you still can do the full functionality of all the machines. For instance, PS4 normally can’t livestream while in remote-play mode, but this doesn’t take up any extra processing power (so now you can livestream a small tournament played across all these PS devices!). Keep in mind, your just using a small power reserve from an I/O port like ethernet or wifi in this case.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Yeah, totally redefined…by Nintendo…with Wii U…out of the box.

    • Tim89

      6 years after Sony came up with it

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        How and when? Cross-play didn’t come out that long ago. Co-op between a handheld device and a console happened with Nintendo first…with Gamecube actually.

        • Bankai

          What Nintendo did isn’t even passable as “couch co-op redefined.” Remote Play is the definition of the term, so it doesn’t matter that Nintendo did something similar first.

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            Remote play and couch co-op are two different things. One mirrors what’s on the screen, the other lets two players interact within the same game environment at the same time in the same room on two separate screens. Nintendo did the latter first, no contest.
            Is Sony doing it differently or better? Possibly. Bt they still didn’t come up with this concept.

    • HalfwhiteSouthAfricsn

      So true mate! It really grinds my gears (insert pic) that when Nintendo does it they’re ridiculed and when PS copies them they’re “redefining couch co-op”. No they ain’t, they’re copying ideas but know how to sell it.

      • Bankai

        Sounds similar to how people ridiculed Sony for the EyeToy(2001), then praised Nintendo for the Wii(2006). Not to mention how people are praising the Wii U for something the Dreamcast did years ago – that grinds my gears, sir.

        • HalfBlackCanadian

          How are the Wii and Eyetoy the same?

          What is Wii U doing that Dreamcast did first? Controller with a screen? Sure, in a basic sense yes.

        • HalfWhiteSouthAfrican

          The eye toy was actually a rip off from the GameBoy camera and you can’t honestly be serious about the DC controller being anything like what Nintendo’s doing now??

    • JordanSlo

      Its one thing for nintendo to redefine couch co-op its quite another to see them put is into practice. considering the current Wii U Sales they have not done it enough for the consumer to take notice. PS4 is now taking their chance at doing something nintendo couldn’t do good enough themselves. I was really excited by the Wii U when it was announced, but nintendo’s lack of appreciation for the core gamer and their lack of games, not to mention their misdirected marketing have been nothing but disappointing and flat out insulting to gamers around the world.

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Not my argument. This is still not an “OMG Sony are geniuses and the just redefined gaming single-handedly”
        Nintendo is doing stuff with it. Sorry that they insulted you and gamers everywhere by not working hard enough on this for you.

        • Harerazer

          Yeah, I love how people say “They didn’t make the games I want so they suck. I don’t care about the other millions of customers they have, they should only cater to me.” LOL

        • JordanSlo

          I will be the first to admit that sony is not an innovative company, there is a reason their stock dove as much as it has over the past many years. Im just stating that between innovation and business practice that the more important thing is the ladder.

          I am not insulted by anything and am not taking nor trying to take offense just simply creating a conversation, don’t mean to appear defensive.

          @ Harerazer
          Its not about nintendo making games I want its about nintendo making games that are good and not just another mario/zelda title.

          As far as software me and many other gamers would appriciate a new IP here or there and maybe some more first party studios. I know quality is more important than quantity but the mario/zelda things is getting old and the Wii U sales reflect this.

          Nintendo DS on the other hand is much more successful with a larger library of exclusive games hat arent just Mario/Zelda games (not that those arent there as well)

          Smartest thing I’ve seen out of nintendo as of lately is the 2DS.

  • RealityCheck2013

    I wish Knack was Crash Bandicoot tho 🙁