New Info and 66 Pictures of the PS Vita TV Surface: UI, Remote Play, Looks on 4K TV, Power Brick And More

On October the 23rd Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia held a press event in Tokyo to formally introduce the PS Vita TV to several Japanese media outlets. The result is that today the Japanese internet lit up with tons of detailed pictures and information about the upcoming TV-based variant of the PS Vita, that will hit the shelves of the archipelago of the raising sun on November the 14th.

First of all, below you can see a large batch of pictures of the console, its power brick,  its controller, its user interface and settings, and how it looks playing Knack in remote play with a PS4, playing  God Eater 2 on a normal TV and on a fantastic 64 inches BRAVIA X9200A 4K TV (you can distinguish it from the rest of the screenshots because it’s enormous, especially compared to the diminutive size of the Vita TV, and the sky in level showcased on the screen has a reddish/orange hue) and even on the new HMZ-T3 head mounted display by Sony. You can even see how PS1 classics look and a size comparison with an iPhone and a journalist’s breast pocket.

PSVitaTV (35)

All the pictures showcased, like the information included in this article, are courtesy of 4Gamer, Game Watch, AV Watch and Dengeki Online.

First of all, we learn a few interesting pieces of info from the settings menu. The console can support up to two DualShock 3 controllers simultaneously and there’s even a setting for plugging in an external keyboard. We can also see the setting for the screen resolution(atomatic, 480p, 720p and 1080i) and the display area setup. What’s most interesting is that there is a setting to use the L3 and R3 inputs on the controller as a “virtual touch”, corresponding to the back touch panel and the front touch screens of the portable PS Vita.

PSVitaTV (62)

The reports of the journalists involved in the press events are quite glowing: the picture on the screen is defined nice and crisp, and even in remote play with the PS4 it’s hard to notice the difference with the original console despite the lower resolution (720p). There’s also no noticeable latency.

You’d imagine that, when played on a 4K TV, the quality of the picture would be quite poor, with pixels as big as your thumb, but according to the reports this is not the case. Of course the Vita TV is not nearly able to output the picture in 4K resolution, but the upscaler built into the TV  managed to display a crisp and clean picture.

From all the sources I could find, looks like the Japanese press is definitely impressed with the PS Vita TV. Now all we need is Sony to announce a western release, because I really, really want this little gem. What about you?

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  • Sanquine90

    Vita TV looks superb! I want this. 100 Dollar is nothing:D I can play my vita games on the big screen and ps4 remote play! That means i can play my Ps4 in bed and in the living room.

    • jujubee88

      Or, if you live in an apartment or townhouse, you can bring around a VITA TV to a neighbors and “remote-play” the PS4 from your own access point. As long as your neighbors live within the range of your wireless router, this should work out perfect.

      ..This is just a bit more of a logistical scenario in which you wont need to punch in the wep keys of a new router (which is always awkward), no added latency, etc.

      Aside from that optimal environment you can also (obviously) connect VITA TV to PS4 via internet too.

  • Langkasuka

    Here in SEAsia, we’re having the PS4 release in December, We’re also pining hopes on PS Vita TV release at the same time as in Japan gets it, so we’ll definitely try to see how the living room/bedroom remote play works. Like what happens when your mom turns off the PS4 downstairs… 😀

  • PrinceHeir

    lol so basically i’ll have a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita and now PS Vita TV.

    for PS1, just download games at the PSN Classics Store 😛

    lots of PS consoles!

  • Guest

    Looks fantastic! The Bravia TV is just gorgeous too! $500 dollars for Xbone or PS4+VitaTV? The choice is obvious! PS4+VitaTV!!!

  • ruefrak

    I believe the phrase is “TAKE MY MONEY NOW!” I want this thing so bad that I’m getting the shakes.

  • TheExile285 ♜

    Tempted to import one of these for God Eater 2

    • jujubee88

      It looks really good on those 4K TV’s. Which is.. weird.

      The processing power is (marginally) better than a Dreamcast or Gamecube yet it puts out way more quality looking games in a thing you can put in your pocket.

      It’s amazing!

  • Bankai

    At first I just wanted 2, but now I want 3. I don’t know what I’ll do with 3 of them, but I’ll figure it out!

    • Langkasuka

      Download the PS4 firmware patch. Get 3 TVs and 3 fellas for co-op. Then start a live-streaming PS4-PSVitaTV party. And I’ll get the PS App on my Android and watch you guys play, plz? 😀

      • Bankai

        I can do everything but get 3 TV’S, good ones anyway.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Only 66 Pictures??? Come on i want MORE!!! LoL:D

  • miyamotomusashi94

    Does this mean that the code the PS Vita games are running on are really HD resolution instead of qHD?

    Better start my PS Vita bargain bin collection. As I am gonna import this baby from Japan.
    No region lock is absolutely phenomenal!
    PS Vita, PSOne, PSP, and PS2PS3PS4 games via Gaikai in 2014.

    The PS Vita TV is one little jam packed portable gaming brick of pure awesome gaming power!!!!!

    From now on I will buy all PS Vita versions of cross platform and cross buy PS3/PS Vita games so I can play them at home and on the freakin’ GO!

    My gaming life will be focused on the PS Vita from now on.

    Imagine Dragon’s Crown, Killzone Mercenary, Minecraft, Tearaway, Batman Blackgate, Toukiden, God Eater 2, on the go and 1080i on my 46″ HD TV???????


    If Vita games look crisp and clear on 4K TV how much sharper will they look at my 1080p TV?

    That is mind blowing phenomenal never been done in gaming history!

    I am going to get the PS Vita version of Ragnarok Odyssey Ace instead of the PS3.

    • Slay








      • You

        You’re suppose to say something bad PS Vita TV here.

    • NeoTechni

      “Does this mean that the code the PS Vita games are running on are really HD resolution instead of qHD?”

      No, it’s being upscaled.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Lol. OK.

    960×544(many games not even that), Upscaled to 1280×720(2x as much resolution) and then to 4k resolution?(9x as much resolution as 720p). Yeah there’s no way it looks good on a 4k TV.

    And it’s not even like PS1 compatbility is anywhere near decent in the US all the while other regions have fantastic compatibility and basically the entire library at their disposal.

    • Slay

      It’s always the stupid people that try act the most knowledgeable…

      • TooBad

        “Doncha wish your Smart Glass was hot like thiissss…”

  • ISISSecretAgent

    same here, cant wait to get one of this. i have a bunch of PSV titles out there because of PSN+

  • Aristides

    I have a feeling I’m gonna import this XP

    • Everyone has been sold out since announcement

      • jujubee88

        I’ve read about that (I think this place ran that piece about it selling out and the restock selling out on Amazon).

        But I’m sure there is bound to be shops in Japan that will have a stock of them. You just need to have friends in Japan that will buy it and that wont hike up the price for exporting to you. 😉

  • JiveAfroZombie

    Where can I buy this and when can I buy this!!!???

  • albedo

    seems awesome