Crytek’s CEO Explains Why Ryse Runs at 30 FPS, Details Usage of Xbox One’s ESRAM for “Considerable Speed-up”

Many wondered why Ryse: Son of Rome is locked at a frame rate of 30 frames per second and not 60, like some seem to always expect from next generation games, and Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has no qualms on explaining the reason, as he did in an extensive interview on Eurogamer.

Developers always have to choose whether they go for 60 or 30fps, depending on the type of game and complexity of the project. With Ryse, we wanted to go for a very emotional experience with complex and dramatic lighting, high fidelity environments, and rich characters and character animations. So 30fps was our choice, and we believe that most developers will go for richer worlds at 30 frames per second rather than 60fps – which would call for compromises, as 60fps demands twice the amount of compute rendering speed. 30fps is a standard that is above, for example, what most cinemas use for showing films. Early demos with higher frame-rate experiences have shown that gamers and viewers have a mixed opinion about its perceived quality – for example, how 48fps cinema experiences were received. So it’s both a production design choice as well as user research.

He also detailed how Crytek used the Xbox One’s ESRAM to gain a “considerable speed-up.”

We put our most accessed render targets like the G-Buffer targets into ESRAM. Writing to ESRAM yields a considerable speed-up. While 32MB may not be enough to use something like MSAA to the fullest, with a smart memory management strategy it is possible to deal with that.

How do you feel about it? Is 30 FPS good enough for you? Personally, I can definitely said it is, as Ryse: Son of Rome isn’t a twitchy game that requires lightning fast reactions. After all, as I stated in a previous article, numbers don’t always tell the whole story.

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  • Darqing

    that dev is a moron comparing games to movies!!!! He has NO IDEA what he’s talking about!

    • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

      so you’re telling me you think is stupid for saying the movies have a specific feel to them because of the frame rate at which their shot and they are trying to reproduce that with their game?I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you are most likely the stupid one.

      • Darqing

        are you comparing a movie theater screen to a TV or monitor? Computer screens work at 60 or even 120 Hz, not to mention a totally different light source! Anything below that is detramental to the viewer experience! Time to stop drinking the 30 fps coolaid!

        • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

          wow the fact that you have 3 like just shows how moronic you guys aremovies are shot at 24 frames per second so if you watch it on a 60-hertz TV you are so watching it at 24 frames per second.unless your TV uses a frame prediction algorithm at which point that same thing would apply to a game as well.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            PS the reason at 24 frames per second is okay for a movie is because there’s no screen tearing because all frames are equivalent to a static picture and require no processing to be done after production. so any 30 frames per second game that has no screen tearing no lod deteriorateion and real-time motion capture is a winner in my book. the only concern I see if that is a 900 P which may be fine if the scalar can properly assume proper pixel color. But still a little strange.

      • Kamille

        yes it’s stupid. The 24 frames on films is very limited but they overcome many of its issues with good editing and camera angles, something you can’t do on a video game. But Peter Jackson didn’t want to be limited by it and that’s why he filmed The Hobbit at 48 frames, to be able to record scenes that wouldn’t be possible at 24 frames. But people are so used to seeing blur and judder (almost 100 years of this) that many complained the movie looked weird.

        the only reason Crytek are coming up with these spins now is because there are many gullible people like you that don’t know much. But what is happening here is that the XB1 is weak and is forcing them to scale down the game. At least until they learn better ways to utilize the hardware.

        • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

          What can camera techniques can you do in a movie but not in a game … feel free to take your time….. again I prefer any day of the week 30fps w/o screen tearing and lod (ryse) to 60fps with screen tearing and lod (killzone) … what I find strange is the 900p not the 60fps choice.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Not really, he just didn’t think of it correctly.
      48 fps in movies is jarring in live action because we are use to the stutter, the depth of field acts differently, and lighting works differently. The benefits are 3D and CGI as the movements can be more fluid with double the frames (specifically 3D can look more dense). That said, a full CG movie would never do native 48 fps because that’s twice the work for no perceived difference. This is what he means (I think) in that there is no difference to the game play to this genre/particular game to justify 60 fps and lose out on other things they can add. Racing, fighting, SHMUPS, and some sports games all benefit from 60 but beyond those genres I agree that
      I don’t think its necessary.

  • MaskMan

    None expected this crap talk from Crytek. This is shocking and embarrassing for the industry.

  • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

    Ryse loosk beautiful but their gameplay looks like crap….NEXT!

    • Spontaneous_Me

      Crytek always seems to make games that show off their tech and usually isn’t even taken that seriously by gamers if you look at all their games.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    IS 48fps in cinema THAT BAD compared to the standard 24 fps?

  • neko working

    the only fact: Xbox1 is a FAILURE.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Can’t believe I’m the first to reply to you but I was wondering, what’s it like from the distant future from which you traveled back from?

      • Darth Amiedo

        215 agrees tells you something?

        • HalfBlackCanadian

          Yeah, 223 morons who think that Microsoft is doomed for having better preorder numbers than PS3 did pre-launch.

          • ex-XBOXer to PSer

            and here we got one moron who try to compare xboxone preorder with ps3 preorder … seriously ? the situation is not even the same

            ps3 $599* vs xbox360 $399

            *ps3 come out one year after xbox360

            ps4 $399 vs xbox360 $499

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            Yeah, your right. Totally different. People can choose either one this time instead of only having one console launching in the same year.
            Point still stands anyway. PS3 a year late, expensive for first few years, still managed a comeback.
            but whatever, I’ll leave fantasy market economics to the couch insider traders. Apparently you all know exactly how this will play out…

          • Ian wakefield

            well it doesn’t help that PS4 is released in more countries of course they have more pre-orders lol

          • Kelvin Roy Leek

            as the ps4 is launching in more territories you would have expected them to have loads more pre orders …… but they dont

        • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

          Yea clearly a glitch just look at # of comments then how many votes this has, then th random dispersion of other votes.

      • kreator


      • BrianC6234

        You don’t need to be from the future to see what a mess the Xbox 180 will be.

    • Sheldon Prescott

      Do we finally have flying cars in the future, like the movies would make you think? How do you slow down?

    • Megaman

      the only face: neko working is a FAILURE for even writing that and not knowing how these things work

  • raiden

    visual is good but gameplay is kind of crap
    long live god of war

  • PsylusVII

    Go Home Playstation fanboys, this article is not for you.

  • RandomUser2yr29387

    30FPS is just fine for single player campaigns.
    900p is just not acceptable.

    What will the resolution of demanding Xbox One games be in 2016? 540p?

  • Tony McQueen

    And yet Ryse is the best looking game at launch on all consoles. As for game play, there have been analysts that went in thinking the game play would suck and ended up admitting the game is actually pretty good. The reason I KNOW ITS GOOD is because any news concerning Ryse brings out the Sony fanboys in droves. That’s how much this game irks the hell out of y’all. If your not buying the system why even read the articles concerning it?!? If the game sucks, you should be happy that your not having to subject yourself to it. But noooooo. One mention of Ryse and y’all get a rise in blood pressure cause deep down you wished that it was a ps4 exclusive. Don’t worry, I think there will be another God Of War coming out for the ps4. It will be 60 FPS and run at 1080p. But right now, it’s Ryse’s turn to shine and shine it does. Deal with it….

    • Bankai

      Ryse doesn’t look better than Shadow Fall, so you’re wrong there. And most PlayStation fans hate it because it looks like a poor man’s God of War, which is pretty true.

      • Tony McQueen

        You must have missed the article where they compared the looks of Ryse, Killzone SF, and Crysis 3. Ryse won hands down. Didn’t even take long to notice how much better it looked compared to the others. It’s just a beautiful game dude. Face it and move on.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          you mean that article with just 6 pictures or so showing only the faces of some characters?

          I’ve seen it around and it made me giggle. Don’t get me wrong. Ryse looks fantastic, but that article hardly makes a “comparison” worth calling home about.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            Yes, comparing in game footage is definately untelling….

      • OMGitsSexyChase

        Ryse looks nothing like God of War….to complete different genres…..also Don’t even try to count forza 5 as the best looking game…No racing games count for best visuals they all look good, they arn’t graphically challenging….games like ryse and shadow fall are the only true graphics kings for launch, haven’t really seen to much from shadow fall but ryse looks gorgeous

    • forfrosne

      Personally I think Killzone looks nicer but Ryse looks incredible too. I think inFamous and The Order will blow them both away though, though of course those are both further down the line. Time will tell with what this new Halo will deliver though.

  • Slay

    This game is the best looking game in existence. It’s coming to slay this holiday on Nov 22nd.

  • SirDjss

    And this is news lol. It takes way more powerful consoles to handle 60 fps when having the grafics as ryse have.

  • Microoft sux

    Its not 1080p, its not 60fps, its not god of war. Hell even Call of Duty Ghosts is 720p on XBox One and 1080p on the more powerful console PS4. Enjoy your paid QTE ridden exclusive XBones… You earned it since you are paying $100 more for your console and its better with Kinect right?!!

    • BillyHoWCR

      Which rumors are you listening to? Obviously not the latest that state PS4 is 900P for Ghosts? Why don’t you wait until you see both games and their resolutions before you start blowing those horns of yours?

  • Kyoto Region

    We’re talking about the people who made 1-2 of the most graphically demanding games in history (Crysis 1 & Crysis 2) in 1080P, and you’re telling me 900P looks better?
    You guys are joking right? Don’t get me wrong, I like Ryse because it reminds me of cinematic games like HR and B2S, but if 900P looks good to a Dev like Crytek, something is amiss.

    • Maurice Wilburn

      It’s not all about resolution,it’s also about textures, lighting, polygon count, etc. If we only went by resolution then that puts every Wii U title on par with or better than most next-gen titles.

      • Kyoto Region

        Even so, the fact that they claim 900P is better from a graphical perspective is ridiculous. Textures come in resolutions as well you know.

        • Maurice Wilburn

          That depends on your perspective. Going 900p, allows them to utilize that power in other ways such as better facial animations, more particle effects, higher polygon count, or getting better frames.

          • Kyoto Region

            Then it’s all up to how the developer utilizes them. We will see when the games actually come out.

  • BrianC6234

    Sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me. And what’s so great about this game anyway? It seems boring.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Always important to remember Crytek’s previous tech demos before believing Cevat Yerli’s lies.

  • forfrosne

    30FPS is fine if it’s *locked* at 30FPS. If under no circumstances will it ever drop below 30, then I’m completely okay with that.

  • totheoldschool

    Get that cinema garbage out of my face you damage controlling liars

    Crytek, you will be alone in life if you continue this, your game isnt even the best looking launch game. Just shut up you casuals XD

  • Nokturrduk84

    30 is horrible in any game. It just hurts your eyes & hands. Also comparing fps of movies & games are 2 different things. Sorry to be rude dear CEO, but you have no idea what are you talking about. Everyone who says 30fps is okay for games should be fired from game companies.