Here’s How the Xbox One Looks When it Fails to Launch a Game

Demo consoles are subject to a lot of stress and wear and tear, and they normally run unfinished and unpolished code, so it’s definitely normal for them to fail to operate correctly, once in a while.

Today twitter userΒ F. Van Derken DerrenΒ tweeted a picture showing exactly that: the display on an Xbox One demo console after failing to launch Forza Motorsport 5. From the look of the demo station it seems to be one of the units available at Best Buy in Canada.

You can find it below for the posterity, as there’s little doubt (or at least we hope) that not many will get to see this kind of screen when the console will be in our living rooms.


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  • Stranger On The Road

    Wait…. Activation?

    • jdp12


      • Josiah Grey

        Yup :T May God have mercy on anyone buying an XO this holiday season lol

  • ex-XBOXer to PSer

    oh my, with news coming up saying xboxone support to launch at 2014 but microsoft decide to make it 2013, i smell RROD 2.0 in the making.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      The only fail will be when it lauches sheep is your crappystation4 I smell disaster oh but wait enjoy your 3 exclusives you idiot

      • tracyllrkn

        Yeah, because the PS4 will only have 3 exclusives over the next 10 years.

      • ex-XBOXer to PSer

        the butthurt is strong with this one …

        • Trim Dose

          I will insert you a pole.

        • Tiago Fernandes

          FANBOY ALERT

      • theodor70941

        Day one PS exclusive titles for PS4;

        ResoGun, Killzone Shadow Fall, contrast, Blacklight Retribution, DiveKick, Escape plan (Cross-buy whit PSvita), Flow (Cross-Buy whit vita), Flower (Cross-buy whit vita), knack, Playroom, Warframe, Tiny Brains, War Thunder, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Super Motherload, Pinball Arcade, Injustace Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (also on PS Vita and PC), Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Putty Squad.

        2013-2014 exclusive titles for PS4;

        1001 Spikes, Basement Crawl, Counter Spy, Daylight, Deep Down, Doki-Doki Universe, DriveClub, Hohokum, InFamous Second Son, Mercenary Kings, N++, Octodad Dedliest Catch, Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty, PlanetSide 2 (also on PC), Pool Nation Extreme, Primal Carnage Genesis, Ray’s The Dead, The Witness, Transistor, Rime, Shadow Of the Beast and The Order 1886.

        Yea right there’s only 3 exclusive PS4 titles! Remember we still don’t know what Sony’s bigger studios are working on such as Sony Bend, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, Sony Santa Monica Studios, Sony Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe London, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream!

        • Robert Stephen-Patrick Morse I

          santa monica is working on the order 1886

          • theodor70941

            In fact you’re both right and wrong, The Order 1886 is being developed by Ready At Dawn whit help from Sony Santa Monica… But what I meant whit that we don’t know what Sony Santa Monica is working on is because we don’t know what they’re working on whitout any out source development. You can see Sony Santa Monica as a publisher of The Order 1886 and Ready At Dawn as the developer!

          • jazz

            All I see from sony is two aaa launch games at launch if you count knack and that is pethatic.

          • theodor70941

            Seems like you didn’t read my prevous comment

            Day one PS exclusive titles for PS4;

            ResoGun, Killzone Shadow Fall, contrast, Blacklight Retribution, DiveKick, Escape plan (Cross-buy whit PSvita), Flow (Cross-Buy whit vita), Flower (Cross-buy whit vita), knack, Playroom, Warframe, Tiny Brains, War Thunder, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Super Motherload, Pinball Arcade, Injustace Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (also on PS Vita and PC), Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Putty Squad.

          • Forbidden Skillz

            lego mravel and injustice are not exclusive. they are coming out for xb1 and 360

          • theodor70941

            Let me correct you Injustice is already on PS3 and 360, There’s no info on a xbone launch… But the Ultimate Edition is exclusive to PC, PS Vita and PS4

          • leejohnson222

            i recently played ryse and dead rising 3 and to be fair both were pretty boring games, no real step up from 360, think ill pass on xb1

          • What’s the other AAA title besides Knack? When Driveclub got delayed, I couldn’t find any other AAA on the at-launch games list.

          • Kevin

            Without and with.* If you’re trying to make a smart reply, just do it good. :>

          • theodor70941

            I wasn’t trying to be smart, just saying… And btw GTFO grammar nazi!

          • Interesting.. that’s the guys who made the God of War games. Very interesting.

          • guest

            nope, they are helping ready at dawn with the development of the order 1886 but not working on it directly, they could be doing a different game altogether

          • Josiah Grey

            That’s actually just Ready at Dawn which is just a branch off Santa Monica

          • Slay

            And absolutely irrelevant to this topic…

          • Josiah Grey

            How is it irrelevant?

          • Slay

            Ok, lets go over this, dumbass. The topic is about what the xbox one looks like when it fails to launch games. Not about some useless studio that is working on a flop.

          • Josiah Grey

            You think I care what your opinion is on a studio? I replied Robert correcting him about who was working on The Order: 1886. I couldn’t give a damn about the Xbox One. This thread entirely was talking about launch titles and games coming out for PS4/XO. So last time I checked I was very relevant.

          • Slay

            Once again… you have nothing productive to say. Are you done whining? Kids these days…

          • Josiah Grey

            I had nothing productive to say? Where exactly were you even trying to contribute to the conversation? Oh right you weren’t. You’re just wasting my time. You try to talk down to me about talking about something productive? Down this comment section you clearly think replying “lol you’re black” is something relevant to a conversation. You’re trying to say I wasn’t relevant nor had anything productive to say? I think you need to reevaluate your life and figure out what the words relevant and productive means, because you’re neither of those.

          • theodor70941

            Why did you even bother to reply to a troll (xbot slave) when he was clearly just trying to damage control the comment section when people started talking about Sony and Santa Monica…

          • Josiah Grey

            Because Xbox fanboys need to learn their place. Especially xbox fanboys.

          • Guest

            Interesting.. that’s the guys who made the God of War games.

        • Forbidden Skillz

          hmm indie, AAA, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, AAA, app move required, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, multi, multi and indie

          indie, indie, indie, multi, f2p, indie, AAA, indie, AAA, indie, indie, indie, indie, f2p, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, indie, AAA

          now i have nothing against indie games, but come on bro. thats nothing to brag about, and guess what? i bet any money all most all the indie exclusives will come to xb1.

      • Diago

        Crapstation? . . did you even try or is your IQ around your age, thirteen…

      • Edd Welch

        Butthurt much that M$ sucks and you got suckered into there mess. I think so

      • tarbis

        Right! I’m so envious of Xbots on the ton of exclusives that are coming out this year and the next on their X360 like…….. like……. they’re so many that I can’t even name them all.

      • Ryudo9

        Dreamcast still wins

      • You are flat out wrong

        *25 exclusives

        It’s gonna be great, Demetre. Enjoy your multiplats!

      • leejohnson222

        yeah 3 exclusives thats all sony will have, you enjoy gears, halo and forza dude, no need to worry about the fools enjoying games from naughty dog, sucker punch, guerilla, media molecule, santa monica, oh im bored of typing out all the sony 1st party studios now

    • Megaman

      At least it didn’t over heat like the PS4 hahahahahah I think your smelling the RLOD πŸ™‚

      • PS4MADAFAK

        You dont deserve the “Megaman” name you stupid xbot sonofabitch

        • Megaman

          Hahahahahaa that was a good one…..I’m buying a ps4 don’t cry….I can afford it since lil Wayne name his song after me….Megaman carter 4 πŸ™‚ don’t hate me because I made a joke about the comment …..I’m buying X1 and ps4 but since drive club isn’t coming until next year I’m won’t get my ps4 until then πŸ™‚ don’t be made

          • theodor70941

            Based on your grammar I’m gonna asume that you’ll get both consoles from your mother…

          • Your mother

            what? from me?? i’m not going to buy him any console πŸ™‚ such a hopeless kid with no future… pathetic

      • sugar andcoffee

        it didnt overheat the game bugged which was knack and the ps4 didnt overheat you are just a butt hurt xbox fanboy

      • Eric Louvros

        jesus…to make this clear to you xbox fanboys, a red light on a playstation does not mean death, I mean of course it does to you because you dealt with RROD forever, but for us with the PS3 it means you shut your system off, when the system is on a green and blue light is on, when you shut it off the red light comes on above the power button, what happened with the PS4 is this you idiots, it was put in a small glass box without proper ventilation, the air around it got to hot, the system shut itself of to protect the hardware, thus the reason for the red light coming on, they took the PS4 out of the glass box and turned it back on the PS4 was fine…it was not dead….idiots.

        • Megaman

          Your 90% write… was a joke my friend….calm down ….don’t gotta get red in the face….take a deep breath ….I would of respect your commemt if you didn’t call me an idiot….the Xbox is the same way it shuts itself off if it ever gets over heat …clap clap clap

          • Eric Louvros

            I was saying “Idiots” as in anyone who thinks the red light is a bad thing and I’m pretty sure I’m 100% *RIGHT* also, every console does shut off when over heating to protect itself, it’s a design choice, I know that, also, I wrote that comment quite calmly, as I did this one, you’re not a very perceptive person, huh?

          • Megaman

            Your not 100% right because both systems are having issues right now….I think you should read over what you wrote lol….you sound angry….you sound like my dad or mom when I get in trouble lol….ok anyways I’m not bashing you…I no your passionate about your PlayStation so I’m gonna leave you alone and let you count the days down in peace πŸ™‚

          • Eric Louvros

            I never said anything about any other console’s, I’m 100% correct about what I had initially said, about the PS4 and PS3….maybe you should re-read what I had initially wrote..? but whatever, thank you sir.

      • Diago

        Atleast you’re a MORON and and happy you idiots are on the dumb side of the scene.

        • Megaman

          Hahahahaah I’m not even gonna say anymore hahaha

      • tarbis

        Enjoy your Xbone RROD ver. 2 right out of the box on Nov. 22.

        • Megaman

          Thanks I will….and if it happens again I no Microsoft will replace it for free unlike Sony did my ps3….enjoy knack πŸ™‚

    • Elkethus Degrace Lauzon

      ps4 overheating πŸ˜›

      • Eric Louvros

        just gonna re-post this here so you can see it.

        “jesus…to make this clear to you xbox fanboys, a red light on a playstation does not mean death, I mean of course it does to you because you dealt with RROD forever, but for us with the PS3 it means you shut your system off, when the system is on a green and blue light is on, when you shut it off the red light comes on above the power button, what happened with the PS4 is this you idiots, it was put in a small glass box without proper ventilation, the air around it got to hot, the system shut itself of to protect the hardware, thus the reason for the red light coming on, they took the PS4 out of the glass box and turned it back on the PS4 was fine…it was not dead….idiots.”

      • tarbis

        It overheated because they put it in a case with no ventilation but it returned to normal after they opened the case. Don’t worry, your Xbone will do will far better. RROD 2 feature will definitely be enjoyed soon.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Fuckin retard and you make a story on you Sony sheep should I bring up all Sony latest news on how you fools need a patch for your features or to play blue ray you fails , oh but wait there is more your suspend/resume feature wont be available at launch so suck on that I am so laughing my ass off bahahaha

    • X1ultimateGamer 2

      You mad brah?

    • Josiah Grey

      I may not be a therapist but you seem mad lmao Calm down though lol this was only showing what happens to the XO if you don’t update it day one

    • Utedude

      Yikes, calm down…

    • Andre Dobson

      Clearly, your hate runs strong, you want to drink some water?

    • Christopher Thrash

      lol fanboys….smh

      • Slay

        lol you’re black.

        • Keep it on topic, Slay.

          • Slay

            He’s black… so I’m on topic. Quit stalking me.

          • Topic is Xbox One.

          • Slay

            Xbox one is flawless and Christopher is black.

            There we go…

    • Eric Louvros

      you don’t need to download the patch to play blu-rays or video games, the patch is for other things, Sony announced that you will be able to play your games and watch movies right from the get go without getting the patch, twat.

    • You are flat out wrong

      PS4 has no suspend/resume, Xbone has no games. Which do I go for?

  • I can smell the fanboys in the comments section.

    • Diago

      Everybody is a fanboy,,, dummy.

      • I’m not

        • Fanboy of Humor

          HAHAHA, yuuuu so fani!

          • Steve

            Haha. Your username was perfectly fitting for the situation. Well done.

    • steve30x

      When did they invent Smellovision over the internet?

    • Bozo

      i can smell the dirt in your crack

  • SHEEKEN6969

    No day one patch no game time. This does not mean that the system broke down. Now the PS4’s red line of death NOW that is a different story.

    • Anthony Sanwo

      It’s a red line of warning….. The console started working 2 seconds after it was removed from the case how does that equal to it dying when the console is still working?

    • ex-XBOXer to PSer

      LOL …sony want gamer to know that their console is overheating, so gamer can stop playing and CONTINUE playing after maybe 2 or 4 hour .. totally different with xbox, xbox360 get RROD and just die ..

      oh and i suppose xboxone dont have any indicator saying its overheating ? …. good luck then

    • Krink212

      Debunked rumor, fathomed by xbot fanboys.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Ummmm it’s a 300mb update that initializes the system features genius, and the system actually functions without it…..Unlike the One80 which does not function without its day 1 OS update………Or should we even mention that Forza does not function if you don’t go home and download the other half of your game first

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    I rather let it fail than make it freeze and glitch like the ….(wink wink)

    • Xboner4U

      It glitched it didn’t freeze. They were able to go back to the UI dipshit. Also that’s what happens when have electronics locked up in plastic box without ventilation, user error. Like the morons that set there consoles on the carpet then wonder why they over heat.

    • Slay

      Ps4 feezes so much that they decided to add it as a feature.

    • By the way, I have a “Disqus” “discussion board”.

      Could you visit it and post a comment?

  • avi

    i’m pretty sure it’s because the store doesn’t have the patch download yet. you know the day 1 patch that will kill the drm issue?
    honestly, how did nobody here think of that??

    • You are flat out wrong

      Day -27 patch?

  • bazoka
  • Jessenia Lopez

    pre-order cancelled

    • Slay

      You should by a easy bake oven with that.

      • Losyak

        I’d take a vacation with that $500

    • Tiago Fernandes

      LOL LIE

  • LiquidSword

    I have a feeling this is going to be happening a lot among other failures on the Xbone. M$ needs to be forced to issue another 3 year warranty out of the gate with the Xbone.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Nobody seems to be mentioning this but if this is from a Best Buy kiosk then the units are NOT final builds. Spoke extensively with reps when it was at Wilson and Dufferin Best Buy. The UI isn’t final, nor are the games (KI didn’t even have Sadira in the build I’ve played). Unit had to be reset to change games. In the end, this means nothing and has no bearing on final retail units at all. Clearly issues CAN arise, but don’t read into this too much.

  • Brian Herrera

    ok this is ridiculous -.- why is it that all xbox fanboys bring up the “red line of death” because it overheated. you guys know it was debunked right? seconds after opening the case the ps4 returned to normal operation. Shows how much you fanboys know -.- im glad you like microsoft ripping you off at every corner making you pay for services that should be free. My computer, phone, 3ds, WiiU, psvita, and ps3 dont need a monthly fee to use simple applications like hulu, netflix, or the internet…. just saying….

    • Slay

      Nobody takes a illegal immigrants opinion as important.

      • Black comment up top and this comment here, keep it on topic Slay.

        • Slay

          Actually black comment is below. This article is about the xbox one… not about me. Keep it on topic Joel.

          • Next personal attack on a reader and you’re out of here.

          • Slay

            Finally. Took you long enough.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Because it’s all they have……They also ignore the part where it was just the game and that the console still functioned as they quit the game and still navigated around the XMB.. They are secretly praying that they don’t have another stunningly embarrassing 55% failure rate for 4 years like the 360 had

      • Maurice Wilburn

        I read no where in the article that the Xbox no longer functioned properly, so don’t know why you’re bringing that up.

    • Maurice Wilburn

      Obviously because of the rabid number of Sony fanboys using this as fuel to trash the Xbox One despite it being a demo and having no word as to whether or not it later functioned properly. Most people pay gold anyway to game online so the whole “you’re being ripped off for things like Netflix,” is pretty dumb.

  • Sebi

    I remember that livestream where the game just crashed during the playing on PS4. Anyone?

    • Part of the xbox damage control committee?

      • Sebi

        Not really… Just for people that just go “wow it can’t even run games” well the PS4 can’t either. Just adding it.

        • Jin

          it was the game code the crashed not the OS. derp

  • dreamer3kx

    MS failing again, blue screen, red rings now black screen of deaths.

  • Slay

    The hate campaign won’t work. Xbox one is coming to slay all of your favorites!

  • neomahi-217

    Alright, Xworl. We’re humor you just because you said that.

    Microsoft….. HA HA! You just can’t seem to catch a break can you?

  • Tiago Fernandes

    how much SONY pay for that kind of bullshit?

  • Maurice Wilburn

    1) It’s a demo console. 2) They didn’t say anything about the console not starting back up 3) You fanboys sound like major retards.

    • Tiger Woods

      Xbox fanboys sound a lot different now, but when its a ps4 ofcourse it will be overheating issues like rrod

      • Maurice Wilburn

        Of course they will, and I can’t blame when PS4 fanboys continue to shovel crap their way especially for idiotic reasons such as this article. It’s a constant cycle and both sides should in all honesty shut up and let people buy what they want in peace.

        • Seth H.

          Okay, so it only has meaning when it happens to Sony? When it happens on the Xbox, you guys have lots of excuses, but when it happens on the PS4, it is conclusive proof of inferiority?

          You guys need to work on your objectivity. Both consoles will be great, with minor issues here and there as is always the case with new hardware.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Like i said both Xbox fanboys and Sony fanboys are at fault, but I’m noticing a biased amount of scrutiny toward the Xbox One. I never said the PS4 was inferior, I just don’t think the hardware difference matters as much as others believe.

  • wibble


  • Tiger Woods

    Why do you care, these are in demo boxes without ventilation, at least the good thing is when Xbox one and PS4 overheat they cool down instead of breaking.


    Is it just me or does the OS for both consoles look a little bland?

    • todd Wright

      its just you

      • JS1HUNDRED

        haha thanks πŸ˜› Cant wait to see them for real

  • Anonrickroll4Ever

    LMFAO The 720pBox One crashed trying to run Flopza AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Pantha

    This is just a demo version of the console, the Ps4 has had more shutdowns so far. The only reason ps4 is getting so much publicity is because their fan base is a bunch of pre pubescent 12 year olds. It is not just the hardware that defines what a console is, the essence of a great console is defined by the experience. Even miniscule things such as the layout of the console’s dashboard or the feel of the controller can make the experience that much better. In my opinion Microsoft have been investing their time in the things that really matter, making the Xbox One and overall outstanding console. I think people are really missing the point to be honest. These are next-gen consoles yet the ps4 seems to be on the exact same path as the ps3, it is basically just a ps3 with better hardware. Where on the other hand Microsoft is being innovative, they are changing the gaming experience completely. What defines next-gen is an adaption of generation, a change in something. Microsoft is moving on from the gaming we have today and are adapting a new gaming experience. That is what the next-gen is about, it’s about having something we haven’t had before. I love the fact that the Xbox One is now basically an all in one entertainment system. Gone are the days where I have to switch channels or cables to watch tv, go to the computer or exit from my game to browse the web, travel to another platform or quit what I am doing to Skype a friend, exit my game to browse the dashboard, use a remote to change channel or load an app or game. This is what the next-gen is about, people may think this approach is anti gaming but in fact it is the very essence of gaming. For example, if I were to be playing a game and needed some information on the game from the internet, I would minimise the game and search the web, maybe with a controller or maybe with my voice. If I wanted to chat to a friend playing the same game I can now do that, on one platform. Microsoft has made the next gen of gaming effortless. Ps4 on the other hand is the same old console we have today. Is a touchpad or speakers or even a light necessary on a controller? No. All of these items crowd space and use bandwidth. Good luck changing channels to watch tv. Or exiting your game to browse the web. Ultimately The hardware gain that the ps4 has over the Xbox One is not going to matter. The difference in graphics will be so unnoticeable that what will make a game better will be up to the developers. Ultimately in the end Microsoft is the bigger company with more money to spend and therefore will be able to adapt their system much better then Sony. Microsoft has the lead in my opinion, not yet in sales but in their system. They have a better online service, Better exclusive games, Kinect 2 is much better then ps eye, Better controller design, Better dashboard. So when The Xbox One and Ps4 release and their graphics have no obvious difference, then what will the ps4 have to lead over the Xbox One? Price? I’d just like to leave you with this quote. “During an interview with Business Spectator (via Engadget), Sony confirmed the company tried to include the camera in the $400 bundle, but ultimately couldn’t afford more loss.”

    • Ritsujun


    • Guest

      Good lord, use paragraphs man.

    • BloodSyphon

      Ok so an old build of Knack caused the PS4 to shutdown and now that they are showing a pic of a xbox demo shutting down you all of the sudden want to start a fanboy war? The only pre-pubescent i see in here is you. Crying like a baby because your console of choice is getting made fun of for shutting down. Grow up already. Your as bad as fanboys get. Also a ps4 is a ps3 but with better hardware? despite the fact that it uses voice commands and a game dvr and also has a camera (which isnt required btw to use voice commands), it does everything your xbox can do except for snap mode which imo is just dumb. Why would you stop in the middle of a game to browse the web? The xbox is a strong competitor im not denying that but dont belittle a console that is more powerful, cost less, does 90% of the crap your xbox does, Runs more games natively in 1080p while your going to be stuck in 720 most of the time, has an online service that gives way more value than live….Just STFU already and get your head out of MS’s hole. The whole room can smell you.

    • Seth H.

      ZZZ…zzzz…ZZZ…zzz…ZZZ…paragraphs are your friend…ZZZ…zzzz…ZZZ…zzz…ZZZ

  • You are flat out wrong

    “The app didn’t start in the required time”

    Xbone has no games, only apps confirmed.

    • megadrivesonic

      Coming In 2016 The Surface Mini

      • You are flat out wrong

        Surface/Xbone connectivity confirmed

        It would be the only way MS could clear the warehouses of those things.

        • Seth H.

          I doubt that will even work, should have bundled it like the Kinect

  • Angry Joe

    XBOX ONE SUCK PS4 SUCKS… I dont understand… WHY… why would you buy and xbox/ps when you can get a better pc (if u buy parts not a made one)… its so FUPPING STUPID

    • Angrier Joe

      I totally agree with you people these days are right retarded

    • Seth H.

      If you had my PC, you would throw yours away, but I’m still a fan of console gaming too. There is room for both.

  • Glorious PC gaming…

  • Plextor31

    I will never understand these console wars: On one side, you have people talking ill about a system when it does the same thing as the other (overheating issues, or whatever). If a game system is in cased inside something then it is bound to fail. Why is this so hard for people to understand on both sides? As for everyone saying RROD 2 which is pretty dumb since The Xbox One is taking a lot of things the original Xbox was about; huge shell for better cooling and quiet ventilation meaning less problems with RROD. Also, RROD was fixed with the Xbox S model, but I recall the PS3 still goes through system breaking updates and YLOD issues as well as disc drive errors and they made three types of PS3 systems and they still haven’t gotten it completely fixed. Xbox One is going to be amazing and PS4 is going to be amazing, so just deal with it.

    I’m going to leave on yet another thing. PS3 is more powerful than the 360 correct? The 360 had a fail rate up to 50%, less exclusives, paid services (Netflix…etc), but still was the best selling console for 32 months which finally was out sold by PS3 recently. Now people are back at the PS4 is more powerful which means nothing today unless they do something with it. I’m excited about the launch of the new consoles, but I’m very unhappy about how certain people take it too far with their threats, murders and rude languages towards others just for liking another console. Every company has lied or deceived us trying to get over the competitors – Remember one E3 when Sony tried to change the controller and when everyone complained they came out with duelshock 3? Or when that Killzone CGI demo was said to be actual game footage, but later we all found out they lied? Sony had pulled some 180s as well. Also, they wasn’t giving out free games until after the hack as much as they are now, then ps+ was born, and now Microsoft is doing the same thing.

    I don’t owe any of these companies a damn thing because I go out and buy these consoles myself, so why do I need to place them on some godly mantle? Calling someone names for liking the opposite is childish and people complain about young kids on COD or PGR2 back in the day. Grow up, go buy the system YOU want and forget what other people say.

    I love my 360, but then at times I stop playing it and play my ps3 for months; it just depends on what new game comes out. I’m finally deciding on buying a Wii U as well.

    • Seth H.

      You should leave the out lies and half-truths if you want to sound credibly non-biased

  • dsgdgsgs

    ud have to be really poor or asian to want a PSpoor

    • Seth H.

      Do you work as sounding stupid or does it just come naturally?

      • dsgdgsgs

        u mad ?

        • Seth H.

          Okay, guess that answers my question

          • dsgdgsgs

            yep, definitely mad.. πŸ™

  • Renato Nismo

    I am not american, english is my 2nd language and I understood what the error means, I can understand english more than lots of dumbs here saying it’s black screen of dead or something πŸ˜‰

    One is connected to the internet, so the console is sintonized to actual time, for launching a game I can bet for you all to disconnect internet and setting up Time & Date to 22 of November so it could run Forza. other thing, the game they are trying to launch may be a final version of forza running on Demo One.

  • DOOM

    Its just a time out error. A disk was put in before the initial update!

  • Steven Solidarios


  • Fweds

    A picture so what?.

  • Matthews John
  • Matthews John