Xbox One Exclusive Crimson Dragon Gets New 1080p Screenshots; Looks Lovely

Microsoft Game Studios just released a triplet of new screenshots of Yukio Futatsugi’s Xbox One exclusive Crimson Dragon, that will be released at the same time as the console on November the 22nd.

The three pictures, that look definitely lovely, showcase the Bloodskin dragons, that not only are the most widespread dragon race on the planet, but also serve as the “basic” ride at the beginning of the game.

You can check them out above and below and see if they give you those lovely Panzer Dragoon vibes…

CrimsonDragon (2)

CrimsonDragon (1)

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  • Sheldon Prescott

    I’m still deciding on whether or not I’ll buy this. I definitely wanna support them.

  • megadrivesonic

    this is very low poly, why is this impressive again?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Effects, artwork, textures. Polygons aren’t exactly the only relevant thing to make a game look good.

      • megadrivesonic

        Im aware of that since im an artist and the texures and art themselves fall short aswell.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Which is your opinion, with which I quite obviously disagree.

          • megadrivesonic

            Really then why does a last gen game like Skyrim or Brutal Legend looks infinitely better than Crimson Dragon currently.

          • Daniel Lawson

            that’s among the most ignorant things ever typed…

          • megadrivesonic

            can you elaborate on that?

          • kreator

            Becuase you are a real dummy!

          • megadrivesonic

            or its just that xbox one always didn’t look impressive due to me being a pc gamer.

          • nicanor76

            blah blah blah, PC fanboy, I hate everything that’s not on PC, I’ll voice it to everyone so everyone knows I exist.

          • megadrivesonic

            Really, Because last time I checked I also like Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft has nothing thats relevant anymore, Lets not forget that they’re the ones who ran Rare into the ground.

      • Losyak

        With all due respect, this DOES look like something I would buy for Vita. Not that that’s a bad thing…

        • Maurice Wilburn

          No offense but I don’t know of any Vita game that touches this graphically.

          • Losyak

            Obviously, because on Xbone it’s 1080p. Scale it down to Vita’s screen and you’ve got yourself a terrific game

          • The Wolf 47

            Actually, this game could very much be on the Vita.
            This game was originally planned for the Xbox 360 and the Vita is somewhat stronger than the 360.
            They’ve made a great Killzone Mercenary game with very much current gen graphics.
            Now, the Vita doesn’t have as much Memory Space on their cards like a Blu-Ray would have, but it can deliver a great overall experience.

    • Guest

      I agree. Looks like current gen graphics. And what is with the art direction? Why did they ruin the superior Panzer Dragoon art style? Who let 7 year olds design a dragon for this game?

    • ShowanW

      CG was originally a 360 game that was transplanted to the One… so its gonna show a tad bit…

      • megadrivesonic

        Wait a second so all their doing is porting the original xbox game to xbox one rather then a next gen remake? Oh yeah I forgot its microsoft.

        • Maurice Wilburn

          It’s a 20$ arcade game(that looks great might I add) made by a small development studio, what more do you want?

          • megadrivesonic

            What small studio is this? All i see is microsoft studios.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Grounding, Inc. Land Ho! Co. Ltd.

          • megadrivesonic

            Ah a newcomer studio, I hope they’ll be allowed to make games they want to make rather than what MS wants otherwise they will get squandered like Rare was.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            They’re not owned by MS as far as I know. Based on what I’ve read Rare’s issues were internal and had more to do with a lack of direction than MS, I look forward to whatever they plan to work on after KS:Rivals, which looks to be turning out well.

          • megadrivesonic

            I’ve looked and It turns out microsoft is mostly to blame for rares demise, They actually wanted to make Killer Instinct 3 bu MS wouldn’t let them since they didn’t want them to make fighters or platformers because MS thought they were not “original enough”. Then because Nuts and Bolts failed they’ve been reduced to making nothing but kinect games.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Chris Seavor(former Rare employee) confirmed in an interview that was a rumor and he doesn’t seem to have much love for MS. It’s easy to blame the big guy, MS gave Rare some direction, which is to be expected from a big company, but Rare’s failure to pitch and deliver on certain ideas is what resulted in them being reduced to Kinect games. Rare is now looking to revisit some old IPs according to their creative director.

        • ShowanW

          That’s a retarded statement to make.. look at the God of War remakes from PS2 & PSP to the PS3. DC Ultimate is being ported to the PS4. I can say “Oh yeah I forgot its Sony”… but unlike you, I love games and will have a Shiny new PS4, and then a week later it will be joined by a One… you should choose your words more wisely before stating rubbish…

          • megadrivesonic

            So me wanting more effort to be put into a launch title is bad for a gamer to want? I’ll be getting a PS4 eventually but i really don’t need to since im already on PC and that the exclusives im looking forward to arent coming right away. I’ll eventually own the PS4, WiiU but I for one won’t give Microsoft my hard earned money to the Xbox Done.

          • ShowanW

            U dog Microsoft like they are the only ones that do it. you single them out when crappy ports are done from everyone. and Microsoft didn’t even make the game. they made the console.
            Did anyone ever blame Sony for the crappy games?… nope, they blamed the developer…
            But I guess you have a different set of rules for Microsoft…

          • megadrivesonic

            No Im not afraid to call out developers and publishers of any company If what they’re doing is wrong, like sony making you download a day one patch just so you can watch blu-ray movies, Or nintendo’s stupidity on digital games being tied to the console instead of an account. I don’t limit myself to one platform of gaming.

  • LiquidSword

    Is this what M$ calls next gen?

    • Edonus

      The fact that you can play the game using motion controls makes it more next gen than any Ps4 game wich is pretty much the same games we played last gen just with a face lift.

      • Spontaneous_Me

        So according to your logic a game that uses motion controls is next gen? Motion control was there since the PlayStation 2.

        • benbenkr

          Motion control was there since the power glove….

      • LiquidSword

        You have just gotten OWNED!!!

      • mathMaticks

        edonus, the only commenter that has a personal interest, invested in kinect.

    • RAGE91

      And Knack is?

      • Tiago Fernandes

        awesome quote

    • daniel

      this is arcade game(xbla)
      like a indie games
      contrast its next gen game on ps4 ?? lol
      o wait its indie games(arcade games right )

  • Slay

    Xbox one is coming to slay all of your favorites. The little arcade game already is leaps and bounds above all ps4 graphics.

  • Jason Mounce

    1080p screenshots?…..So what you’re trying to say is….it’s 720p upscaled to 1080p?…

    • Maurice Wilburn

      Weird how people continue to make jokes about the Xbox One’s resolution despite PS4 only having one exclusive confirmed at 1080p at launch.

      • Jason Mounce

        Knack, Killzone Shadowfall MP, Driveclub, Deep Down, Resogun….. are all Confirmed 1080p

        Infamous Second Son videos are all shown in 1080p videos, so I’d be hard pressed to believe it isn’t 1080p.

        Now, these are just Exclusives ‘and’ the ones that are confirmed, with majority of Sony-1st party studios who have yet to show what they’re working on for the PS4…..and this isn’t even bringing up how many 3rd Party games are confirmed 1080p whilst X1 being unconfirmed, suspiciously hidden, or confirmed 720p or 900p like Ryse. Unlike where X1 only has Forza going on at 1080p.

        Shall I go on? Or will you slur some form of ignorant response to counter these facts and logic that I bring you?

        • Michael Clanton

          sounds ignorant… 1080P does not mean the game will be good, sell well, or even look great overall…since there are sacrifices the higher the resolution.
          Second you sound stupid because you make assumptions and you guess….If you were smart enough to just comment on games to confirm certain resolutions then fine, but you make assumptions.
          Third, its not up to MS to disclose resolutions, features, or release dates for 3rd party games, so the fact that you even mention that is stupid. Lets just assume one system is coming out sooner then the other, and lets assume MS has there own marketing plan that they have communicated with 3rd parties, then lets assume they are just cranking up awareness and marketing for the launch… oh yeah, those are facts, and how any company that sells tangible things does.
          Lastly, it maybe upscaled… but do you know for sure? or are you just showing how stupid you sound, and want to be negative for no reason?
          Ill give you a hint fanboy… Sony nor the PS4 is your relative, or a person! No need to make other things look bad, because by the end of November we will all have played both! To end this, if it was all about graphics then Killzone would of sold the numbers halo did…which it was not even close…since HALO is the only console game thats exclusive that breaks records…obviously it does not stand up to multiplatform games…. But how could that be..could it be that gameplay isnt relative to the screen resolution? There is another article on this site you should read, to expand your little brain.

          • Jason Mounce

            I’m sorry if you’re struggling with such intense difficulty in comprehending the logic that I had spoon-fed the other user.

            Nice novel by the way. I’m not going to read it because I can already briefly see that it’s riddled with hilarious amounts of temper tantrums and unnecessary amounts of childish insults from a person who’s likely a prejudgmental twit 😮 This is the internet, try not to get so easily butthurt.

            Yours truly,

        • Maurice Wilburn

          Infamous: Second Son videos being in 1080p doesn’t confirm 1080p native resolution, there is a thing called upscaling after all as you already mentioned.

          I can’t find anything on Knack’s native resolution and even if I did it doesn’t hold a candle to a game like Ryse. Deep Down and Driveclub aren’t launch titles and last I checked they were having trouble hitting 60fps on Driveclub. Resogun is an arcade game much like Crimson Dragon. Killzone: Shadowfall is the only exclusive CONFIRMED at 1080p at launch.

          Your rebuttal?

          • Jason Mounce

            That you’re changing topics and are bad at doing research.

            Since when were we exclusively talking about ‘Launch Titles’? Oh wait, we never did. You just brought it up in an attempt to limit the range of which I could mention all the 1080p games. It has no relevance to the conversation of ‘1080p or not’. Since we have your sad and desperate attempt thwarted to deviate the Topic, I shall repeat myself. Those of which that are 1080p involve

            Deep Down,
            Drive Club,
            Knack –
            Infamous: Second Son I said is Likely 1080p, never said its confirmed, no need to get your panties twisted.

            And yes, lets compare Ryse and Knack. The genres are and content are Totally the same. I’ll compare Halo Wars with God of War 3 next time for you.

            So, yes. If you’re going to be insecure and try to deviate the topic with irrelevant comebacks like:

            “This game is 1080p”


            Notice why I think you’re an idiot?

          • Maurice Wilburn

            SMH. I specifically said “at launch” in my first response if you can’t read. There isn’t a lot of information on the non-launch games and things can quickly change throughout development, which is why I singled out launch titles. Obviously the more time a developer has to work on a game and more experienced they become with the console’s hardware they’ll get more out of the system.

            Unless you know the resolution of Infamous, you’d do best not to present that hunch as evidence.

            Genre is irrelevant when talking about graphics, God of War 3 obviously looks better than Halo Wars. Despite Ryse being in 900p I’m sure many would agree it looks better than Knack.

            Anything else genius?

  • mathMaticks


    • Maurice Wilburn


  • PrinceHeir

    want this 🙁

    shame it’s only on Xbox One.

  • SonyEntertament

    BF4 is running at 720p on ps4 and 1080p on xbox one native.