With Pressure to Deliver on PS4, the Xbox One May Surprise Many

Back at the beginning of the year, I knew that fresh hardware from both Microsoft and Sony was just on the horizon. What I didn’t know was that this Fall I’d be writing about a bullish Sony leading the charge into next gen. Riding a hype train so glorious that it shows few signs of slowing down. I’m talking about the kind of hype that public relations folks and corporate execs live for. Yet here we are, less than a month away from the next generation of consoles kicking off and Sony’s PlayStation 4 is seemingly in the driver’s seat.

The public relations gods haven’t been as kind to Microsoft’s Xbox One as the console has been experiencing well… somewhat of  the complete opposite, and it’s been that way mostly since it’s unveiling back in May. And just now, as the console enters the home stretch, and following a handful of policy reversals, the Xbox One is just starting to “get the facts” straight for would be buyers.

While some may argue that the Xbox One is full of hot air, even I was thrown off by its initial approach, when you really think about it, Microsoft is arguably in the perfect position to enter this new age of consoles. And there’s a couple of reasons as to why.


No Failure to Launch

For starters, they have a very strong launch window, entering the next generation of consoles with Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza 5, and Dead Rising 3 as their marquee titles. Xbox One will feature all of the same multi-platform titles found on Sony’s PS4 as well as a couple of exclusives — yet arguably just as important, especially during the holidays — family friendly titles.

If that wasn’t enough, they also have the 500lb gorilla in the room known as Titanfall which, timed exclusive or not, will only be on the Xbox One as it releases within 5 months of the console’s launch. If you’ve seen and read stories about the game, you already know that it’s a big deal. Also, their timed exclusive deal for DLC within the Call of Duty franchise has yet to expire, so there’s always that as well. I’m not a fan of timed exclusivity, but Microsoft has a knack when it comes to throwing money at the right ones.


Anything Better than Bad is Good, Right?

Now here’s the thing. When all we saw were “draconian” policies back during the Xbox One unveiling in May, the reality was that some of the features and value that such connectivity (always online) would provide was thrown by the way side. Then Sony’s infamous E3 speech happened, and the rest was history. Microsoft could have given away puppies at their press conference and no one would have cared. Gamers simply love to dwell on the negative. 720p anyone?

We don’t get over things. It’s simple as that. So now you have this legion of “defecting” Xbox gamers who are expecting the worst from the Xbox One at this point. But if Microsoft continues to regain its focus on gaming that won’t necessarily harm them any further, and when you think about it that way anything better than bad… is good, right?

When gamers outside of the Xbox faithful are predicting the doom and gloom of the upcoming console, it’s hard to not get caught up in it. It’s much easier to kick something while it’s down than to recognize the positives that it brings to the table. Just ask any those PS3 early adopters, which due to its $600 price at launch didn’t exactly fly off the shelves as many had hoped that it would, but faithful PlayStation fans were enough to keep the console on its course and in the game.

The same that way it worked for those first  (arguably rough) couple of years of the PS3, fans of the Xbox brand can keep the Xbox One platform sailing smoothly for the time being. At this point, Microsoft can do what they’ve always done: throw tons of money at marketing and ride the initial wave until their big first party franchises, like the Halo series, make their next appearance on the Xbox One.

On the other hand, now that Sony and company are the newly minted “saviors of gaming” — my words, not theirs — everyone is going to dissect their every single move. If the PS4 is in fact the dominant console this holiday and sells like gangbusters (as expected) Sony needs to make sure they deliver on all of their promises. And do so, on time. If not, all this positive PR and good vibes would be for nothing.


We All Win Either Way

The point that I’m trying to make is that I think there’s going to be a lot more pressure on Sony and the PS4 to kill it, than there is going to be on Microsoft and the Xbox One to make things right.  With many gamer eyeballs glued to Sony’s every move, the PS4 has to deliver on the incredible package that it’s being made out to be. On the other hand, the Xbox One with its launch lineup, Titanfall, and its role as the PR comeback kid, is arguably positioned to make an even bigger splash as it catches gamers everywhere off-guard. And with both of these companies fighting for our gaming dollars, we all win either way.

Everyone loves a good comeback story and the Xbox One might surprise many.

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  • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

    Another title based towards X1 inability to keep their gamers. No tbh there won’t be a come back. after a damaging PR and a small boost, I firmly believe that X1 will be good at launch but the decision was made since E3. I would be very surprise if COD and BF4 pulls something outstanding for X1 launch but the chances are small.

    • Get ready to be “very surprise” then because Xbox One has timed exclusive DLC for both Call of Duty and Battlefield 4.

      • Bennie_Hair

        Ohhh, they’ve had COD Dlc early forever….That’s not enough for me,

      • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

        AC4 and WD has exclusive gameplay for PS4. I’m not impatient to play the latest maps, I have more than enough to keep me for months. Also the opinions are different, you could have the average gamer who doesn’t care about extra maps but MP content or someone who is hardcore and only plays online. There are 2 sides on that statement.

        • I was just going on the games that you mentioned and based my reply on the mode that’s played the most on both of those titles.

          Neither one of those games are played for their gripping story-lines. So in the case of those two titles specifically, timed exclusive online content can be a big deal for many.

          • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

            You are right about the last. But then you have the loyal customers like myself who had a PS since PS1 launch and could sacrifice extra online content for other reasons (probably friends, trophies). I’m getting a X1 on launch for DR3 and Forza but Titanfall looks very promising and could be next gen fav shooter.

        • shizzit

          Yeah but he was talking about your statement on CoD and BF4, then you come back at him with AC4 and WDs?? Who said anything about those 2 gamses???? Typical fanboy thinking. You sound like a bickering little girl…

          • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

            Sorry I can’t hear you since this Xbone 720p

      • JerkDaNERD7

        As fast as the hype shot to the moon it’ll come right down by mid next year.

      • Gamerrr

        With Battlefield 4 it’s only the Second Assault dlc.

        • It’s still something exclusive. Timed or not. And maybe enough to sway serious Battlefield (console) players.

    • eric snow

      So, you are looking way back at E3 and fail to see what’s happening now. Sony has a garbage line up of launch titles yet Microsoft is delivering some amazing titles with the launch of the Xbox One. If it wasn’t for third party games the PS4 would only have KillZone Shadowfall. LOL!
      Sony is pimping you like a prostitute, all talk but no substance.
      Oh yeah, now Sony is now telling all of their fanboys they will need to download a 300mb patch to have the features they’ve been promising since E3, so I guess you guys need to have an internet connection before you even thing of buying a PS4. Again, you guys are being pimped and are a bunch of hypocrites.

      • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

        yeah….remind me again X1 needs an update on launch as well IOT take off all that horrible PR since news. Launch?? are you just putting one title only, you should make more research and look at all the exclusive and indies the PS4 has. I don’t see why you have to insult people online to make your point. Come back when your have mature a bit and enjoy your X1 because I will enjoy 2 consoles in 17 days apart.

      • fairus sulaiman

        you really like the word ‘garbage’ .. maybe becoz you work as a garbage man ?

      • oldSchool 5.25

        Sorry Mr. Snow user of the Xbox one will need to download a day one patch as well. This has been stated by MS themselves. As far as your comment about launch day games both systems are OK. Both companies are recycling old titles for their launch and yet you rant and rave about what MS is bringing to the table. Let me guess your answer would be “what about Titan Fall” what about it. Its not an exclusive its coming to the PC. Which I feel the experience will be by far much better. Also Respawn is a new start up company they need all the money they can get and support.
        Neither system will touch or meet their potential with launch games. That will be determined throughout the life cycle. The bottom line is this consumers will spend their money on one system at launch and then over time some will buy the other just for the exclusives.

        • shizzit

          Im getting both and I know a lot of other doing the same so your logic isnt entirely correct. Also as a neutral gamer, I too believe MS has the game edge right now. Sure sony has their usuals that have yet to be announced but they have yet to be announced… Im getting a PS4 because I know great titles will be there and Im a killzone fan. If you look at X1’s year one, there really isnt any downtime from new games. They are giving us a great launch lineup and in a few months Titanfall. Enough said… Theres nothing to argue. Most of my friends are getting X1 but there are some that are getting both. Either way I dont see why everyone fights over these 2 new consoles when everyone likes what they like. Are fanboys getting paid to tout their console of choice?? NO!! So WTF are they doing it for??

          • The fanboy thing is funny, and it happens in anything. Ever see an iPhone fanboy vs. Android? Those get brutal. The thing is, I think that people like to feel as though they’ve spent their money on the right thing. Legitimize their purchase, or in the case of the hardcore, their years of purchases.

        • eric snow

          Ryse is NOT recycling and Killer Instinct is not recycling. Sony is giving you recycled PC games via free to play. Time will show you, just like history already has, Sony loves to blow smoke up peoples asses- emotion chip, cell technology, 1080p games on the PS3, all lies. You can deny it all you want. The PS4 is making a lot of ‘promises’ and time will tell if those ‘promises’ are realized or was true to begin with.
          If you are a true gamer you play the best games available, you don’t ‘trust in a company’ and wait months down the road for great games. Titan Fall is a system seller that many people are dying to play. So as it stands, Xbox One is giving me Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Killer Extinct along with Forza at launch which is a beautiful way to game until March when Titan Fall drops along with Destiny. That many games sale systems. You don’t sale systems on promises or wait and see loyalty, that’s what fanboys do.

      • quinten488

        And yet all all those X1 exclusives have less than 90k preorders while Killzone has 250k. Every game has more preorders on PS4 excect for CoD.

        Both consoles have day one patches so what you point?

        “Sony is pimping you like a prostitute, all talk but no substance.”

        LOL look at all the games that came out this year for PS3 vs 360 that only had Gears Judgement, it will be the same next gen too, Sony has more studios so PS4 will have way more games.

      • BoredAsFuq

        “If it wasn’t for third party games the PS4 would only have KillZone Shadowfall. LOL! ”

        And those multiplats especially COD and BF4 seem to be better on PS4 as more gameplay and even better res is on them then Xbone even with all that exclusive timed DLC. lol 😛

  • Stranger On The Road

    A well balanced and unbiased fanta… errr.. article.

    • Hey now, It was just an opinion. Something I was thinking about for some time. I’m still getting my launch day PS4. Just don’t count out the Xbox One is all I’m saying.

      • Stranger On The Road

        Only those who forgot that they are paying customers that deserve to receive quality service from the supplier would write the XB1 off, I am glad to tell you that I am not one of those.

        But in your article you have painted Sony as some sort of an bad company that have been pulling dirty punches; that is very different from saying: don’t write the XB1 out yet.

        If any thing, Sony have helped Microsoft by showing them what gamers wanted, many of the changes MS did to its XB1 policies were in trying to get the XB1 more gamer friendly. Something they might not have done if Sony hadn’t paved the way first.

        Regarding games, I would actual say that Sony (as a company) is doing more than Microsoft (as a company). They are some nice exclusives on the XB1, I won’t argue against that. But where are the XBox 360 games? The XB1 isn’t out yet and this year had been dry for the XBox360, and unless I missed some news then next year will be even drier. Microsoft have improved support for the XB1 by writing off the XBox360; as a solo gamer I can’t just write this attitude off. Sony on the other hand is supporting 3 platforms (PS3, PS4, PSV), they didn’t just release nice games this year, but they already have nice game planned for 2014 for both the PS3 and PSV.

        I do intend to get the Halo edition of the XB1 (if they don’t release one then I’d get a normal XB1), so I am not writing off the XB1 (hack, I have the Wii U, and I just bought my first game for it, DEUX EX). But your attack on Sony and the way you painted it is undeserved. If anything, the way Microsoft have written off the XBox360 what deserve to be highlighted.

        P.S. in case it is not clear, I am not a fanboy, I am a paying customer.

        • NeedMoreGames

          I think we need to remember that the 360 is a full year older than the PS3. MS have been supporting it longer. It we look at life cycles then at the same time in the 360’s seventh year MS launched Halo 4, Gears Of War Judgement, Forza Horizon, State of Decay etc. Compare that to the PS3’s seventh year releases GoW Ascension, Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and GT6 you see a similarity. Lets see what Sony does for the PS3 in it’s eight year before we accuse MS of abandoning the 360.

  • eric snow

    Microsoft has nothing to worry about with Sony. Sony played the PR game to perfection but now the dust is settling and we are starting to see the truth. Sony’s launch line up is pure garbage. The only true triple ‘A’ title is KillZone, after that you have a bunch of ‘free to play’ games. Who want’s to stand in line and spend $400 on a bunch of free to play games??!!! At least on Xbox One you have some serious REAL games- Ryse (brand new game, not a part 2 or part 3) Forza 5 built for next gen specs, Dead Rising 3, another triple ‘A’ title, and then Killer Instinct, a game that gamers from the 90’s will appreciate. The Xbox One clearly had games on their mind, can’t say that about Sony.

    At the end of the day Sony used PR to sale the PS4 not games. They are promising a lot of stuff like streaming games onto the Vita but has anyone even tested that yet and what about that Gaiki (forgive my spelling) service??? is it actually going to work???

    Sony is not the powerhouse they once were with the PS1 and PS2, sorry fanboys, I know you wish for those days (why, i really don’t know) Sony really needs to try and be innovative instead of retaliatory. Everything they do are in a responsive nature instead of a leadership position. Don’t believe me, here’s a list:

    Analog Sticks- Their response to Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 controller
    Rumble- Their response to Nintendo’s rumble pack
    KillZone- Their response to Microsoft’s Halo
    Resistance- Their response to Gears of War
    Trophies- Their response to Xbox Achievements
    Play Station Plus- Their response to Xbox Live
    Cross Party Chat- Their response to Xbox Live

    This is the problem with Sony, they don’t innovate or create something that changes the industry. The Playstation Eye was a failure and did not sale as well as Microsoft’s Kinect and it appears the Playstation Eye is no longer a priority, at least Microsoft is serious about advancing the power of the Kinect and implementing it into gameplay.

    Sony really needs to create content that has the buzz of a Halo of Call of Duty and they need to introduce a whole new way of gaming, until then, they are going to have a hard time beating Microsoft.

    • ragingmerifes

      Analog sticks kind of existed in the Atari joystick; Rumble was a common thing on arcades; Killzone is more close to an arena FPS than to Halo; Resistance has nothing like GoW; Achievements system didn’t start with Xbox — many games had individual achievement systems for them; PS+ is much like Xbox Live as Xbox Live is like any subscription-based online system; party chats are not patented.
      Seriously, it’s not like everyone aside from Sony is completely original and doesn’t recycle ideas, and Sony themselves made good original stuff, and they do have some buzz with series like Uncharted and the usual platformers; it’s just that the casual audience will never let go of CoD.

      • eric snow

        Let’s see- Joysticks existed on Atari- true but that was long forgotten until Nintendo REINTRODUCED it on the Nintendo 64 and it was amazing. Why didn’t Sony think of doing that???

        Rumble was a common thing in the arcade but we are not in the arcade when we play our systems AT HOME! Nintendo, again, innovated and created rumble for their controllers. Again, why didn’t Sony think of that???

        Killzone was labeled the ‘Halo Killer’ when it launched on the PS2 but I guess you are too young to remember that.

        Resistance was a game that featured and alien invasion on planet earth that featured an assortment of creatures. This game released shortly after the first Gears of War which, coincidently, had the same story line. By the way, Resistance was garbage and became a forgotten game with Sony.

        Achievments did not start with Xbox… really? LOL. Okay, i won’t even respond to that statement, clearly you are in denial. Again, Why didn’t Sony think of this first???

        Xbox Live was introduced by Microsoft with the original Xbox while the PS2 responded with their garbage internet which forced you to purchase and adapter and a multiplayer adapter. Pure junk. Again, Sony did not create online play for consoles, my question is why??? Why does a new company jump and beat them to the punch???

        I’ll answer the question for you about Sony’s lack of innovation:

        When the PS1 and the PS2 dropped Sony was so good they did not have to do anything because the whole 3rd party industry made games for their system! Sony did not have to do a damn thing, that’s how good they were. And with that, they did not have to innovate. They just sat back and collected royalties on all the games made for their system.

        When Microsoft jumped in the game it was Sony’s first time dealing with a juggernaut of a company. Microsoft impressed and surprised EVERYBODY including Sony with the Xbox and Xbox Live. Since then, Sony has been having a hard time ‘leading the way’ because they never had any competition like a Microsoft. Sony was never known for innovation, hell the PS1 only was made because Nintendo told Sony they no longer needed the CD Prototype Nintendo was interested it. So you see, Sony was never intending to be a video game company on purpose, it happened by accident.

        I could go on but my hopes for Sony is they stop using marketing and price cuts to wow gamers and really try to innovate and take gaming to a new level of experience, something Microsoft is willing to do and has a chance to do whether you thinks so or not.

        We will see….

        • stanley

          dude seriously half of what you are saying doesn’t even make sense calm down please if you want xbox go buy an xbox just don’t blame us(most internet community) for buying what we think makes sense

        • The Wolf 47

          You are full of sh*t.
          Resistance- Their response to Gears of War
          Release date of both:
          Gears of War: Nov 7
          Resistance: Nov 11

          You want me to believe that Sony was capable of seeing the competition’s game then make a game to compete in 4 days?!?

          LMFAO! If it were true, then that would mean Sony is capable of dishing out Gears of War quality games in under 4 days. That’s basically what you are saying.

          Play Station Plus- Their response to Xbox Live

          When was the last time you got something free from Microsoft with Gold? Name one. It did not exist. PSN got most of all Xbox Gold Live features and apps had and it was free.

          If anything, Xbox replied to PS+ with Fable 3 and Halo 3 free games that are older than half a decade compared to the less than 2 years old max free games PS+ approach.

          How’s this:

          Xbox Kinect- Their response to PS Eyetoy


          2005 release

          How about the Xbox using DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs that Sony created?

          Everyone seem to say PS Move is a response to the Wiimote, yet has everyone forgot that the DS3 has Motion Sensors in it since launched? Does the Wiimote require an AR camera to track the 3D movement of the player? No.

          It’s different tech.

          Simply put: If PS Move is a response to the Wiimote, then Kinect is a response to the Eyetoy. But we all know damn well that they don’t use the same technologies at all.

          Rumble- Their response to Nintendo’s rumble pack
          Dualshock had 2 built-in rumbles included, again, making it much better.
          and if you get to say that it’s their response to the N64 RP.

          Then the Xbox One Impulse triggers are a response to the DualShock built-in rumbles “Which Microsoft copied directly from Sony for many generations”.

          Cross-Party chat existed way before Xbox Live did, that wasn’t a Microsoft innovation by any means.

          • The Wolf 47

            And how many “responses” Microsoft made towards Sony with just the Xbox One? Or I should say 180s.

            Sony: “No DRMs!” Xbox 180

            Sony: “No 24h online check-ins” Xbox 180

            Sony: “No fees on used games” Xbox 180
            Sony: “We aren’t going to charge abominable fees to indies” Xbox 180.

            Sony: “Share button and live streaming with UStream.” Xbox went with Twitch, than Sony added Twitch too.

            Sony: “Remote Play with PSP, iPhones and PCs for the PS3.” Nintendo went with the touchscreen controller. Then Microsoft went with SmartGlass.

            And this generation hasn’t even begun yet for both those consoles.

    • Gamerrr

      Xbox – Their response to Playstation :p

    • shizzit

      Great comment. You are absolutely right. Where I do love my sony consoles, Sony has always followed the leader. PSN is a huge bite off xbox live. I look at so many people trashing MS but if you didnt have MS you wouldnt have online services and HD’s in consoles. I just dont see why anyone needs to hate the competitor. Im getting both consoles and no Im not rich, actually I just lost my job last week but I put money away and sole an old tv to get them. I will enjoy both consoles. Where one console lacks, the other will make it up whether it be power, graphics or online. Its a great time to be a gamer!

      • skf4

        Idiot, the PSN was around before Xbox live. People like you make me embarrassed to say, I own a 360. Get your facts right idiot!

    • Guest

      Well alright then.

    • quinten488

      OH NOOOO Microsoft put out more exclusives at launch than PS4…. that means the PS4 is DOOMED!!! PS4 preorder cancelled

      ^Dumb Xbot logic

      “They are going to have a hard time beating Microsoft.”

      They already beat Microsoft worldwide because PlayStation is more popular everywhere but the US and thats only because 360 launched a year before PS3. No head start this year, it gonna be a close call for the US but not anywhere else in the world. It will be even more popular outside the US especially since it comes in at a lower price point where PlayStation is already more popular.

      “KillZone- Their response to Microsoft’s Halo”

      So Sony having their own exclusives shooter is in response to Halo??? Where is your logic, these games are not even comparable, Killzone dosen’t have people in suits jumping around, it a weighed futuristic shooter.

      “Resistance- Their response to Gears of War”

      How can you even compare a 1st person shooter to a 3rd??? lmao no logic there

      Open World Exclusive- InFAMOUS – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE
      Adventure Exclusive – Uncharted – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE
      Creation Puzzle Platform – LittleBigPlanet – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE
      All the Best RPGs – ToX,Ni No Kuni – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE
      Action/Adventure Exclusive – God Of War – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE
      Interactive Action/Adventure – Heavy Rain – Microsoft’s Response….. NONE

      • todd Wright

        WTH is ToX,Ni No Kuni

        • quinten488

          Tales of Xillia are Ni No Kuni are high rated PS3 exclusives RPGs

          • todd Wright


      • eric snow

        Are you serious??? Are you 11 years old??? When Halo dropped on the original Xbox Sony in turn responded with KillZone. As a matter of fact you drone, Killzone was labeled the ‘Halo Killer’ Again, you Sony fanboys are idiots.

        Then Xbox dropped Gears of War and the industry went crazy with it’s amazing sets and creature design. To no surprise Sony drops Resistance- a game that pits you against an alien invasion. Smh. Just stop being in denial.

        All of the games you mentioned as far as Microsoft not responding are Sony fanboy games that only people who like Sony buy. Those games don’t make gamers who like Xbox or Nintendo buy a PS4. And most of those games are single player games as well.

        Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, are the games that lead the way this past generation and of course Grand Theft Auto recently.

        Sony games are not terrible, they just don’t shake the industry. The last game that did so was God of War, another single player game that started on the PS2.

        None of Sony games rocked or created the same amount of buzz as Halo or Gear of War and that’s reflected in sales as well.

        P.S. Enjoy Destiny when it comes out on the PS4 and thank Microsoft for making that happen with Halo.

        • PhantomVash808

          I love how you say Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo(Started last gen), Gears, and COD(Started Last gen) lead the way this past generation but leave out Sony games like LBP, Uncharted, Last of Us, and Journey all new IP games that had a impact this gen too.

          You do know how long it takes to develop a proper game right so there is no way Resistance is a blatant copy of Gears when they both were being developed at the same time and released within a month from each other Besides so many games before these two had a similar alien invasion storyline already.

          As for the Killzone statement Sony never hyped it to be the Halo killer it was hyped by dumb Sony Fanboys.

          PS Destiny is not the first Bungie game on a Sony platform and its not like Xbox fans won’t be able to enjoy Destiny too because the game is still coming to 360 and XB1.

          • afgs

            ok if you want to buy a xbox go for it just don’t blame other people for doing the opposite and buying a more powerfull system for less( we can live with the disadvantages of having a ps4 you don’t need to reminde us of them we accept them and think the trade offs are better)

          • PhantomVash808

            What are you talking about I wasn’t even bashing the PS4 I was defending the fact that PS3 had several impactful games this gen more so than Microsoft. I’m getting a PS4 day 1 BTW.

          • afgs

            and i was refering to eric snow not you

          • quinten488

            All my points exactly, Sony never hyped KIllzone as a Halo Killer, have no idea why people keep saying that lol.

        • quinten488

          The PS2 has lots of exclusive shooters besides Killzone, were they all also a response to Halo?

          “Killzone was labeled the ‘Halo Killer'”

          Did Guerrilla Games label Killzone as a “Halo Killer”? NO, fans anticipating the game may have said that?

          Gears vs Resistance lmao, 3rd person vs 1st person shooter. no logic there but you keep pushing that argument.

          “All of the games you mentioned as far as Microsoft not responding are Sony fanboy games that only people who like Sony buy.”

          Those games will be the reason why PS4 will sell more than Xbox One, more diverse library of games that you will get on PS4 in addition to FPSs unlike the X1.

          “None of Sony games rocked or created the same amount of buzz as Halo or Gear of War and that’s reflected in sales as well.”

          True, and that because M$ has started to put out less and less ex games each year for the 360. Last year was Halo 4 this year was Gears. when there are no other exclusives releasing everyone just focuses on the one that is.

    • Marquiz

      Enjoy Your Xbox One games while they last and forever be irrelevant don’t worry
      kiddo you will spend the rest of your gaming tenure drooling at PlayStation games while waiting for 1 exclusive every two years.

      • todd Wright

        enjoy knack…

        • nathanL0

          Mark Cerney is a genius. Besides designing the PS4, he has experience working on Spyro, Crash, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter etc. Trust me, Knack might not sell well, but it will be one of the highest rated games this fall.

          • todd Wright

            well Ratchet & Clank is freaking awesome maybe it might be ood after all

        • Seth H.

          Plan on it. And you enjoy Just Dance 2014

          • todd Wright

            not going to lie those dance games are dumb and kinda gay but they are really fun to play when you’re Drunk

          • Seth H.

            that’s kind of my point, to the people who games like JD2014 and Knack appeal to, they are great games. I love action platformers so Knack is a day one purchase for me (already pre-ordered and paid for, in fact). Knack on the other hand does not require the added expense of alcoholic beverages 😉

      • eric snow

        If and when that happens I will happily purchase a PS4 until then I’ll let drones like you spend money on ‘promises’ rather then real games that you can play day one. Oh, and have a good time with your sorry ‘free to play’ PC ports. Embarrassing what fanboys do with their parents money.

    • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

      Xbox 720p

      • Seth H.

        OMFG!!! That’s it! That is why they didn’t call it the 720 because people would have made that connection. LMAO

    • You are flat out wrong

      “muh innovashun”

      Is that your argument? Really? No one wants your Wagglecam. All of the Xbone’s launch games are 360 ports (Forza, Dead Rising) or flat out garbage (lol Ryse and Filler Instinct). Meanwhile, Sony’s confirmed 2014 exclusives kick the toss out of Microsoft’s (both of which are multiplat). What a joke of a console.

    • Spontaneous_Me

      I’m sorry but your comment has no logic towards it. You have a ridiculously biased view. It’s no wonder people say Xbox fanboys always have the dumbest arguments when defending their console and people like yourself are examples of why that view has gone across.

      I also had to lol so hard when you say the launch line up is garbage. Since when does any launch lineup become anyone’s favourite game? Wow I don’t like 4 games from PS4. That must mean the console sucks.
      And honestly, I think the Xbox One lineup sucks. But I don’t judge the whole system on some measly day one exclusives. (Or maybe because I’m not a brain-dead fanboy like yourself)

      The 2 consoles have about a decade lifespan and you’re using that as an excuse to attack the other fanbase?

      -Wow Killzone and Resistance, two games out of the hundreds of PlayStation exclusives, resemble Xbox exclusives. Yep that means they copied. (Sarcasm).

      Uncharted, The Last of Us, Journey, Little Big Planet, God of War, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain. Games have have received critical acclaim. I don’t hear you crying about any of these games being copied. Because the Xbox has no other decent exclusives.

      -Trophies: Achievements have been in games way before the Xbox did. So you’re telling me Xbox did that first?

      -The whole controller in general: Firstly, the original Xbox used designs from the Dualshock 1. Also, you can apply your argument to almost every single analogue stick controller in existence.

      PS Plus: How can you say one company starting a paid service means they’re copying? That’s just plain moronic. And if anything, Xbox Live copied PS Plus. PS Plus gave out several free games every month ever since its introduction. And what does Microsoft announce at their press conference this year? Xbox Live will now give out 2 free games. Not to mention old games you can pick up at the store for about $10 total.

      Party Chat: Yeah you’re right about that. But party chat itself is not a strong point.

      It honestly feels as if your argument was written out of spite. Saying a company is “not innovative” and saying they will fail, with absolutely no evidence backing it up, only shows your pathetic Xbox fanboy insecurity.

    • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

      U know i agree with u on what u just said all of what u said is so true.And i would say the same thing too.I feel that even if sony got the game titanfall.It’s not something sony invented it was a ms exclusive so there for ms invented the game.Another game that sony did not make again if this happen’s.U are right on how sony has a PR down pat.Sony always try’s to com out with the better word’s.Then what that time come’s sony take’s for ever for a good game.That being said i feel sony too need’s to prove to the world that they can invent ssomething different not ms like or nintendo like.Bluray is not even sony’s it’s was invented by a bunch of money company’s.and company’s like sony and panasonic and jvc.and many other tec company’s that deal with bluray all pay right’s to bluray.And peopel think sony is the iinventor.When all sony did was SELL the first bluray player to market.Does not mean sony invented it there is a big big difference.I know u did not talk about bluray i just wanted to tell u soemthing many did not know.Bluray was invented for every tec company who wanted to make a buck and the way company’s have to buy into the right of bluray disc it’s like a whole stock market it’s nut’s.here is a link to bluray and all of it invention. The company who invented the disc was BDA bluray dic association it’s like a brother hood.were it is made up of 3 groups’s ,the member’s,the boad of director’s and the contributor’s.This i found to me some unreal stuff to read and how cool it was because it remind’s me of the stock market lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc_Association

    • Sebastian Garcia

      Dead rising 3 is not AAA just cuz they say it is doesnt make it dead rising 2 was average .
      Sony has always stayed true to its core fanbase and also a little for the casuals vs MS who havent released anything worthwhile since the 2010 E3 kinect presentation.
      Ms will just come out with tons of game at first and then fall back like it did in 2010 yes PS4 might have a weak lineup of exclusive games at first but they have the better studios and will have better games in the long run also better looking too just like Ps3 did .
      Xbox 360 had better online and now that advantage is over

      • jazz

        Little kids arguing over your toys. It sounds to me like coal would be more befitting to most of you

  • megadrivesonic

    Titanfall Is timed exclusive still. How is saying you have timed
    exclusive content a selling point, any way you look at it a ripoff. I’d rather have an
    open world game like X on the WiiU that looks infinitely better than a multiplayer
    only game like Titanfall. Sony and Nintendo clearly have the upper hand here.
    No one wants a drm ridden piece of hardware like the Xbone. You seem to be out of touch of what gamers want

    • todd Wright

      yeah it is timed titanfall and half life3 are coming out the same day on ps4 SARCASM

      • megadrivesonic

        Actually Titanfall will be coming out on the Xbox one, Xbox 360 and “PC” on march 11 of next year. This isnt a rumor, heres your proof, Exposed http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/22/titanfall-release-date-collectors-edition-announced

        • todd Wright

          i was saying that its not coming to ps4 dude

          • megadrivesonic

            the PC is not owned by MS dude. How can you still say Im wrong when ive shown you proof right in front of you?

          • nathanL0

            EA wouldn’t put so much money into a game that would be tied to one console. Titanfall WILL come to PS3/PS4 in 2014/2015, but at that point the excitement for it will have well worn off, and the name will be associated with Xbox One, due to all the marketing it has already gotten, and will only ramp up before it’s launch.

    • Did you really just say Nintendo?

      • megadrivesonic

        Yes, problem?

        • But having the upper hand? Really? We’re talking about 2013, right?

          • megadrivesonic

            Lets see they have not imposed any kind of drm forcing you to go online in their games. They’ve actually been going out of their way to legitimately fix the issues with the Wii U like the games being tied to the console and not the account, And they actually have exclusives that aren’t having trouble running in native 1080, X is an example of an open world game that isn’t having these issues compared to something like Killer Instinct which has no excuse to be running at 720p 30fps( fighters aren’t nearly as demanding as an action game or open world type game). Thats what I meant by the upper hand. Need i mention that the consoles install base is increasing day by day despite how poorly its been doing.

    • todd Wright

      i dont think you’re a gamer so dont speak on our behalf

      • megadrivesonic

        Why am I not a gamer?

        • You are flat out wrong

          You’re not a “troo gamar” because you think it’s not worth it to buy crap consoles.

          Guess I’m not a “troo gamar” either cos I don’t have an Ouya.

          • megadrivesonic

            Wait a second I haven’t said anything about being a true gamer or not. Why is the Ouya even being brought up? Every real gamer know’s when they’re being cheated and you have to be a fool to not see theirs still tons of issues with the xbox one.

          • You are flat out wrong

            I was referring to todd being an idiot, not you. Don’t worry. 🙂

        • Rebel Razer

          Why not buy both PS4 and XBONE?

          • megadrivesonic

            because id like to use that $500 for something more useful.

    • nathanL0

      Microsoft knows the power timed exclusives can have. Just look at Mass Effect, a franchise that, even when it DID eventually come to PS3, still sold a lot better on Xbox. Same with Bioshock.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Sony had a better 1st party lineup with the PS2 and PS3 than MS, that’s not going to change this time around. MS is coming out the gate somewhat (questionable) strong to rally up their loyal fanbase, but what 1st party support has come out of them in in 2013 worth talking about? Meanwhile, Sony have Dragon’s Crown, Puppeteer, Ascension, Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper, The Last Of Us, Beyond, and has GT6 and a new Rachet and Clank coming to the PS3. If both consoles were only going to be used for a month, launch exclusives might matter, but we’ll be using these consoles for 5+ years. Good luck with MS having any sort of 1st or 2nd party support outside of Halo and Forza beyond 2016.

    Not to mention that the system is coming out of the gate with games like Ghosts and BF4 running at 720p while the PS4 is running them at 1080p. I’ll stick with the console that’s going to have regularly, long lasting 1st and 2nd party support, not the one that is going to rely mostly on the ability to watch TV through it and check your fantasy football stats.

    • quinten488

      Exactly, dumb Xbots think just because M$ put out more X1 exclusives at launch than the PS4 is doomed or something, their idiots.

  • Pantha

    The only reason ps4 is getting so much publicity is because their fan base is a bunch of pre pubescent 12 year olds. It is not just the hardware that defines what a console is, the essence of a great console is defined by the experience. Even miniscule things such as the layout of the console’s dashboard or the feel of the controller can make the experience that much better. In my opinion Microsoft have been investing their time in the things that really matter, making the Xbox One and overall outstanding console. I think people are really missing the point to be honest. These are next-gen consoles yet the ps4 seems to be on the exact same path as the ps3, it is basically just a ps3 with better hardware. Where on the other hand Microsoft is being innovative, they are changing the gaming experience completely. What defines next-gen is an adaption of generation, a change in something. Microsoft is moving on from the gaming we have today and are adapting a new gaming experience. That is what the next-gen is about, it’s about having something we haven’t had before. I love the fact that the Xbox One is now basically an all in one entertainment system. Gone are the days where I have to switch channels or cables to watch tv, go to the computer or exit from my game to browse the web, travel to another platform or quit what I am doing to Skype a friend, exit my game to browse the dashboard, use a remote to change channel or load an app or game. This is what the next-gen is about, people may think this approach is anti gaming but in fact it is the very essence of gaming. For example, if I were to be playing a game and needed some information on the game from the internet, I would minimise the game and search the web, maybe with a controller or maybe with my voice. If I wanted to chat to a friend playing the same game I can now do that, on one platform. Microsoft has made the next gen of gaming effortless. Ps4 on the other hand is the same old console we have today. Is a touchpad or speakers or even a light necessary on a controller? No. All of these items crowd space and use bandwidth. Good luck changing channels to watch tv. Or exiting your game to browse the web. Ultimately The hardware gain that the ps4 has over the Xbox One is not going to matter. The difference in graphics will be so unnoticeable that what will make a game better will be up to the developers. Ultimately in the end Microsoft is the bigger company with more money to spend and therefore will be able to adapt their system much better then Sony. Microsoft has the lead in my opinion, not yet in sales but in their system. They have a better online service, Better exclusive games, Kinect 2 is much better then ps eye, Better controller design, Better dashboard. So when The Xbox One and Ps4 release and their graphics have no obvious difference, then what will the ps4 have to lead over the Xbox One? Price? I’d just like to leave you with this quote. “During an interview with Business Spectator (via Engadget), Sony confirmed the company tried to include the camera in the $400 bundle, but ultimately couldn’t afford more loss.”

    • @c8c9f7c3daced2d60e4073979d5b1055:disqus this is one long comment, but I love it. You bring up a lot of points, really good ones. I have to say though, some may be a bit of a reach.

      TV intergration being the biggest standout. Now I don’t know about you or your family’s TV watching habits, but I can tell you about my home. My wife and I are 30 and pushing 30. We’re very busy people. And our (live) TV watching habits reflect that. Outside of sports and the occasional award show, we seldom rely on live TV as a source of entertainment. And I think our situation resonates closely to the status quo of people in our age group (which also happens to be the target demographic of gaming). Is the integration cool and convenient? Absolutely. At the same time I can’t help but think that it’s about 4 years too late since no one watches live TV to really be a standout feature.

      Video calls and the like work pretty much on anything with a screen these days, so that too is an excellent perk and benefit, but in my opinion not THE killer app. The same goes with the ability to look something up (I can currently talk to my phone without waking it up manually and have it give me answers). The same goes for a lot of these tacked on extras.

      Now, where I think you veered into the right direction is in regards to innovation. If the cool stuff that Microsoft mentioned with the cloud is legit, then Xbox One will evolve into something amazing. But if you notice, the end product to benefit from such innovation is: games.

      A video game platform can only be as successful as the experiences that it offers. And again, I think Kinect 2 is full of potential, but what will Microsoft show me to get me to say “you know what, it’s going to cost me $100 more but I need that experience because it’s just too cool to pass up”? At the end of the day, the real innovation comes from what developers can do with that combination of Xbox One and Kinect 2. But now that Kinect is part of the package for all Xbox One buyers, developers have no reason NOT to create more immersive experiences.

      Now it’s time to wait and see how this all pans out.

    • You are flat out wrong

      I’m not reading all this marketing.

    • DNA

      Damn, you’re right. I remember how difficult it was to change a tv channel before the xbox one came around. Thank you microsoft for making our lives so much easier.

  • skf4

    Does this author even know about Console gaming? Sony has 28 games coming onto the PS4 as well as Sony PlayStation exclusive not to be released on the Xbone. ‘Knack and KILLZONE SF’ Sony has already got the architecture in place, slightly above par than on the Xbone. World wide Sony PlayStation is far more popular than Xbone. Granted Xbone is more popular in the USA. Finally considering Xbone will not be running Ghosts @1080 but rather 720 and Sony have confirmed Ghosts will be running @1080 on the PS4. There is a lot left to be desired?
    I own an Xbox, but I am looking at facts. Not speculation, ugh!

  • DNA

    I’m seriously starting to suspect all these XBOX fanboy comments are actually made by Sony fanboys just to make them sound like idiots. However if the comments here are made by actual xbox fanboys then oh boy I feel sorry for you… Jesus Christ, lay off the retard pills. You’ve had your fair share.

  • Plextor31

    All of the companies seem to copy off of each other in some way, but make a few changes. Console wise Xbox had their achievement system first then PS3 added there version later.


    We have no idea if Sony would have given free games if it wasn’t for that huge hack they went through which gave birth to them giving out free games:


    Sony has stated that they were testing out an Xbox-like Playstation controller at the beginning, but canned the idea because it just isn’t the normal controller people loved which was a good idea given how people acted towards the boomerang pad they tried their luck with at a past E3.


    People need to realize that the Xbox One in general isn’t the problem, but how Microsoft market it. I’ve been seeing a lot of good feedback from people who played it on tour or in stores. Yes, it has its flaws, but every launch system does. To say that a console sucks because of what another says or something you read, but never have played it is stupid. I see more followers in gamers than leaders.

    As for the Halo killers… there is none on Playstation, but who cares because they have there own FPS for their platform.

    Next Gen is almost here, and I’m excited to be apart of a new console launch once again: There just isn’t a better time in gaming than this. Remember when SNES launched? Epic!

  • Games will and always does do the talking…Sony’s first party lineup looks quite impressive, and everyone thinking either of these launches isn’t amazing should humble themselves. Hint–third party titles will sell more than anything from Sony or MS at launch. So for all of you people talking about X1 is better, or PS4 is better at launch, that’s just your personal opinion as COD/BF4/AC4 will sell the highest most likely, KZ pre-orders were also pretty high. I’d be pretty surprised if Sony fumbles to be honest. Expecting them on top this gen while MS tries to finally build a decent World Wide Studios outside of Halo/Forza. I don’t think people will be scrutinizing PS4 at all. X360 had crazy system failures (RROD) and people just bought more of them. Once gamers choose a platform they usually stick with it.

  • Oscar Martinez
  • DelphisFinn

    I hope the XBone surprises the hell out of all of us. Based on what I’ve seen thus far it isn’t my first choice of the next-gen systems, but if It delivers in a big way then I’m sure I’ll find a spot under my TV for it.

  • Rebel Razer

    Hey why all the fighting? Why not buy both consoles? PS4 and XBOX ONE? and sacrifice all the requests from our delinquent kids. Make them go without new shoes or stuff for an extra month or two? They won’t care having both consoles anyways. 🙂 I did it with 360 and PS3
    And get the best of both worlds. BTW I am not a PS fanboy but I did I love MGS Snake or Dark Souls but fact is the XBOX 360 dominated my online time. I want to play Killzone it looks amazing. And RYSE. So I guess I have to settle for both. Tell the EX money is really tight. Lol