Character Search Reveals Scope of Gold Selling RMT Problem on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (UPDATE)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is definitely a solid game, but it does have a big problem: gold (or gil, as the local currency is named) selling and spamming Real Money Trade workers trying their hardest to control the economy and make as much profit as possible at the expense of legit players.

But what is the scope of the problem? A simple character search can help us catch a glimpse on it. One of the most common names used by gil sellers is “Goldceo” followed by a random last name. That’s something every player notices every day, and it’s very doubtful that any legit player would ever use such a silly name.

Final Fantasy XIV has a handy web based character search feature that allows us to know just how many “Goldceo” are crowding the game’s servers. You can find the result here.

The list is truncated at last names beginning with a “S”, because it can display only 1,000 results at the same time. This means that there are over 1,000 “Goldceo” characters in the game, and all of them or nearly all are dedicated RMT tools. If we consider that “Goldceo” isn’t even the only name used for the purpose, it’s easy to see that the problem has spread to an extreme level.

Square Enix has been making considerable efforts to fight the issue since the times of Final Fantasy XI,  even getting to the point of creating a “special task force” of GMs dedicated exclusively to root the problem out of the company’s MMORPGs, but it’s like playing whack-a-mole, and the manpower of the RMT industry as a whole seems to surpass what the Japanese publisher can put on the field.

Of course such a rampant RMT problem also indicates that the game is quite healthy, as RMT firms would not waste that kind of resources of a game that doesn’t guarantee them a hefty profit, but this isn’t exactly the first thought occurring to most players when they’re getting spammed by a gil seller peddling his wares. Hopefully, at the very least, Square Enix will implement easier ways to blacklist and report offenders, because that’s starting to be direly needed.

Update – October the 29th: apparently now the search for the “Goldceo” name only yields 40 results, hinting to the strong possibility that Square Enix’s Special Task Force pulled out the big guns and removed most of the offenders. We’re waiting for further information from Square Enix.

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  • Allisa James

    Gold spamming is a really bad problem in FFXIV. I love the game but seeing the chat log buried in that nonsense is annoying.

    • JoeDaniel

      yeah it really is… I have to create separate chat logs when I go into the main towns like Uldah just so I don’t have to see shouts. I wish they would make it so they could right click and hit Report right on their name from the chat log.

      • Allisa James

        Yeah I completely agree. With this kind of problem, the community should be allowed to help because it’s too much for the developers to handle alone.

    • Seth H.

      I’m on Ridill, which is one of the Japanese servers, there is occasionally some gold spam, I see it maybe once or twice a month. Nothing that I can’t handle with the blacklist

      • Allisa James

        Oh wow that’s lucky! I’m on Mateus myself and I see gold spam like every second (not even exaggerating).

        • Carlo

          Uldah is bad @ Behemoth but for the other cities I can sometimes go around even in normal say chat. What I dont like are the whispers that suddenly pop non stop and ruins my /tell reply history. I’m pretty sure the right click blist will come Square will be an idiot not to implement it.

          • Allisa James

            Ah that Whisper thing is really annoying too. And I really hope Square does implement a right-click report button soon.

  • Soshi

    I’ve been playing on Tonberry (JP server) and RMT is almost never a problem.

    • Nia

      thats because tonbery is near empty. it’s about 1/25 population of odin or gilgamesh or even masamune. i even think its less than that.

      i went there from gilgamesh (the in hope of playing with my locals but quickly transferred again because it was empty at royal camber of uldah.

      • Muhd Affandy

        nah near empty? are you kidding me? everyday when i want to login i need to que. is that what we call ’empty’?

        • Nia

          server capacity is other story. laggy gilgamesh have far more players than tonbery “full” state.