Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Gets 25 New and Shiny Screenshots

Square Enix just released 25 new and shiny screenshots of the upcoming Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, that will hit the Japanese shelves on the day after Christmas, December the 26th.

You can see them all in the gallery below, showing the remastered versions of both X and X-2. They bring back some lovely memories, don’t they?

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  • Chris Nunez

    FFX is my favorite game of all time, Which makes me sad to say that this HD remake looks worse than the original…. go to 1:18 seconds and see what i mean. Compare it to the luca pic above.

    • occelinho

      He is clearly using an emulator, I mean look at the cursor in the beginning.

      This is the original:
      Do you still think the HD Remake looks worse than this?

      • Chris Nunez

        Definitely, it does not matter to me if it looks sharper, look at the detail in Tidus’s face, it looks stoic and bland in the remaster. Here is another example. Yunas face in the remaster looks dead, whereas the original has so much detail

  • Jessenia Lopez

    My favorite ff and battle combat

    • notcarolkaye

      Yeah, I love how the battle system makes it feel like all 7 characters are there in every fight. I’ve never played another RPG that pulled that off. It’s a really subtle, but meaningful virtue.

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely my favorite FF game of all time along with FF8 🙂

    i love drama games!!!