FUD Video on PS4 and Xbox One by ReviewTechUSA is Complete Bogus; Here’s Some Damning Evidence (UPDATED)

UPDATE – October the 30th: Call of Duty: Ghosts Producer Mark Rubin just confirmed that the game will run at 1080p native resolution on PS4. Maybe it’s time for some to reconsider the alleged “credibility” of certain sources. 

Today the rather popular YouTuber ReviewTechUSA published a new video relaying all sorts of horror stories on the PS4 and Xbox One, citing “reliable sources”, that of course he didn’t name, in order to give credibility to some rather outlandish claims. If you really want to spend nine minutes of your time listening to completely unproven and FUD (Fear, Uncertainity, Doubt) and misinformation, you can find the video embedded at the bottom of this post for reference.

If the speaker’s overly dramatic tones aren’t enough to show what little credibility the whole video holds, there’s a part of it that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that ReviewTechUSA’s “reliable sources” not only aren’t that reliable, but they don’t even know the basics of game development and of how video game consoles work.

The video claims that both the PS4 and the Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts will run in 720p resolution on both PS4 and Xbox One because “their network infrastructure is totally screwed right now”. He goes on to explain that “to make the game somewhat playable online they had to cut the resolution down to 720p.”

Not only this claim conflicts with what Sony’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes publicly announced just a couple days ago (he confirmed that COD: Ghosts will run natively in 1080p on PS4), but it’s also complete bogus from a technical point of view.

Resolution, or any aspect of the visuals of a game, has absolutely nothing to do with network or online gameplay. Even if you’re playing online, the game’s assets aren’t streamed to your console via the network, but they all reside on your disk and/or hard disk. Absolutely no part of what contributes to generate a game’s resolution or graphics is handled by the network.

The only case in which such a claim could hold some truth is if the game was streamed via some service like Gaikai, but quite obviously this isn’t the case here.


No matter how good a game looks. No matter if it runs at 720p, 900p, 1080p or 4k. The amount of data handled by the network is exactly the same, because graphics simply aren’t run by the network. The only data that is handled by the network is strictly gameplay related, like the position of the players, where they shoot, their score and so forth. Nothing of this influences graphics, and nothing related to graphics and resolution influences the network. They’re simply two completely separate elements of a game’s inner workings.

If the network was “totally screwed”, like the video claims, the developers would not cut on resolution, but they’d be forced to cut on the number of players, in order to reduce the amount of data passing by the network itself. Yet Battlefield 4 runs with 64 players on both consoles, so it’s obvious that both platforms’ networks don’t suffer from the problems alleged here.

Of course this shows quite clearly that ReviewTechUSA’s “sources” hold no credibility whatsoever. This concept is such an elementary part of game development, that anyone even remotely associated with the industry would know about it, and would most definitely refrain from making such an outlandish claim (unless he was in a full fledged drunken stupor I guess).

It’s also rather interesting to see that someone calling himself “ReviewTechUSA” doesn’t know how this works. It’s interesting and very telling. One thing is for sure: it’s not so surprising that SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida just called this video “stupid” on Twitter, because it really is. Even more than stupid, it’s demonstrably inaccurate and a poor attempt to misinformation and FUD. Viewers beware.

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  • Sgt. Faggot


    • Seth

      and then there are the rest of us who don’t care about this “controversy du jour” and are just waiting for fools like you to go back to youtube. Shouldn’t take too long

      • Sgt. Faggot

        oh really now

  • Matt Richards

    You just posted an article about how a YOUTUBE CHANNEL posted a video in which he talks about rumors from sources HE TRUSTS.
    You attack the whole video, yet the only point you make is about the graphics.
    HOW HARD IS IT TO BELIEVE THAT SONY PLANNED TO HAVE DRM. Perhaps they changed their mind before that article. Is it so hard to wrap your mind around the concept of RUMOR DISCUSSION? He’s not a news network! He’s not a journalist! He makes videos!

  • Iamnotgivingacomputermyname

    Yeah, just go home Dualshockers, your drunk.

  • fatman111

    Why is everyone hating or rich when he has sources but when some journalist site has them we have to put 100% trust in them not saying that he is right or wrong just some people are incredibly ignorant.

  • GORV

    If negative rumors about the Xbox One were to surface, people would laugh and bash on the X1. But god forbid some bad news/rumors surface about the PS4, the beloved white knight console. As soon as Sony fanboys here something negative about their PS3.5, they go up in arms and act like 8 year old kids, which are worse than the 12 year old Xbox fans. Fuckin’, real talk.

    • DelsinRowe

      Where to begin? I guess the most obvious and depressing. You should learn the difference between “here” and “hear”. It’s not very hard. I think if you go back and check some of your first grade school work you’ll be able to find some very useful information to help you learn.

      Second, How are you going to go off on a butthurt tirade about PS3.5 and the great injustice that is the X1 and then in the same breath call others “8 year old kids”. If you’re going to try to insult other people’s intelligence, please do yourself a favor and attempt to do so without looking like an imbecile yourself. Real talk.

      And lastly, the reason people jump all over the Xbox is because bad press is just another day at the office for Microsoft. You hear something negative and that’s just the norm. It’s been one huge failure since the first day it was revealed. THAT’S why people are quick to judge. They brought that on themselves.

      • IDontCareEnoughToLie


    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      You do realize that the vid in question says bad things about the XB1 as well, right? Or does this seem like good news to you because it makes the consoles equal?

    • DelphisFinn

      Did you seriously just end an angry comment with “fuckin’ real talk”? Like, unironically? Oh dear, you are just too precious.

  • John Chorley

    He should have revealed his sources I’m not sure how his channel would get removed because of him citing sources, its not illegal and he’s not under an NDA.

  • John Chorley

    Resolution has nothing to do with the network. The ammount of players do. Does the PS4 day one patch remove DRM? A good possibility. But Rich should have cited his sources.

    He’s under no NDA, and Copyright law allows him to cite those sources.

    So I’d take the information Rich provides with a grain of salt as all we have to go on is his word only.

  • undeadbobop

    Thank you for exposing this guy, he has been spreading misinformation for years, and people consider him reliable when he makes up things and has no idea what he is talking about video after video. Especially when it comes to game development, he changes his information every day practically to try to stretch his views out more and more. Often lieing about what news sources claim to say and even reporting news sources that have no citation and spread misinformation as well. Such as his 900p vs 720p video, the images that news source used graphically manipulated the images they are really at 1080p with anti aliasing applied to the images so they do not give a good representation of the differences. Or his outlandish claims that you can’t tell the difference between 1080p & 720p on anything smaller than 50in resolution. Or his outlandish claim that PC’s are hard to develop games for because drivers, and that you have to update your drivers every 2 weeks and that you have to down grade drivers to play different games. He lies all of the time spreads misinformation just to get views.

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    So, COD: Ghosts confirmed 1080p on PS4 by Infinity ward: http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/10/30/infinity-ward-confirms-call-of-duty-ghosts-is-1080p-on-ps4-720p-on-xbox-one/

    Strike one. Don’t tell me I did not warn you.

  • Rich Hutnik

    Congrats for setting things up now so ReviewTechUSA will mention you each time you get something wrong. Was the goal here to get people to visit your website? I never even heard of you until you decided to call out RewiewTechUSA.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No. My goal here was to fight misinformation, as I always do, anywhere I see it.

      • Lar Le

        He did not state the rumors, as fact and even said that he hopes that the sources he was given is wrong. So why do gaming sites discuss rumors without providing credible sources without getting bashed? Sure the guy could have handled it better when it came to the rumors, but you are in the wrong here for calling him out.

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          If not him then who? Once things like this start to spread, they have a way of mutating into “forum facts” as I call them. I’m sure you’ve seen it for yourself, people quoting this crap as if it were already proven. It’s still going on and this has already been debunked

          If someone doesn’t counter the misinformation, then it will spread and everyone will start to believe it because they keep hearing it everywhere

      • Rich Hutnik

        Said videogame “journalist” sites live and die by hits. That is how things are done. Get people to view your site, and read content and get hit by ads, so you can pay to have things up. Why would you even bother with ReviewTechUSA, unless people are hounding you with “what about this?” and they show you the video? There is so much bull out there on the Internet, why just target them? Of course, to get hits is what primarily comes to mind.

  • DelphisFinn

    What a weird page this is.

    First, we’ve got this “ReviewTechUSA” fella being a blatant attention-whore for views with his incendiary headline and utter lack of factual information.

    Then we’ve got a distressing number of people in this comments section climbing all over each other to defend ReviewTechUSA against Giuseppe’s mean ol’ reality. Dear everyone having spasms over this article – freedom of speech doesn’t mean what you think it means, and defending someone who is doling out blatant misinformation by saying “well, it’s just their opinion” is brain-breakingly stupid. C’mon, be better than that.

    Holy hell, people get bent out of shape over new-gen releases.

    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      I agree to a point but I think that the “ReviewTech” guy has the right to say whatever he wants, true or not. It is on the viewer to seek out the facts and exercise common sense. You can usually tell when they start quoting anonymous sources. Just like a few months ago when we were hearing about how the PS4 was 50% more powerful than the XB1.

      Also when someone like this guy spreads baseless rumors or out-and-out lies, he should EXPECT to be called out on it, if not by his viewers then another site like Dualshockers

      • DelphisFinn

        Of course he has the right to say what he wants. Nobody has stopped him from doing just that.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        I don’t think he means that he doesn’t have the right to say whatever he wants, but that freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you can speak and expect no criticism and not to be called out on misinformation hiding behind the “opinion!” excuse.

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          I thought that was what I just said… Anyway, preaching to the choir here. I just think that it is the responsibility of the viewer to be informed and to know when someone is trying to blow smoke up your a**.
          I think that the only reason that his vid is getting any cred and why people are trying to defend him is because he is telling them what they want to hear

  • T.j. Masters

    The guy who wrote this article is a dumbass who wants to get people to click n his page. Also, it’s quite obvious this writer is a PS4 fanboy. Also, I already knew months ago that the ps4 had the same intentions as the xbox 1 on drm. Thier both coorpartations who both only want the $. Also, just watch the video for those who didn’t. Reviewtechusa is very unbiased and doesn’t fanboy for any of the consoles. He just gives the facts, and his opinion on them.

  • Jesse Krupnick

    LOL Battlefield 4 on 360 IS less players.

  • yourmom

    Dear dualshockers, you guys are idiots, learn to listen and comprehend before attacking someone.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Oh we listened and fully understood. That’s exactly because we listened that we noticed that he was spreading blatant misinformation, and we called him on it. Which was quite evidently the right thing to do.

  • T.j. Masters

    :40 HERP DERP

  • mariopaint

    I’m a moron when it comes to technology, but wouldn’t a higher resolution mean more data being sent to the network and back, meaning lowering the resolution would increase the frame rate? (Please help me out, ‘cuz like I said, I’m a moron.)

    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      That’s not how it works. The graphical data is on your local system, either on the harddrive or the disc. Only thing that gets exchanged over the network is the logistical data, meaning the player positions and what they are doing, etc.

      And don’t call yourself a moron just because you don’t know….

  • handsome


  • namesdon’tmatter

    I like how Giuseppe only brings up the resolution of games as the main problem, them proceeds to bring up nothing else and call rich’s entire video being bogus without addressing other info in the vid. Giuseppe, if something as rather insignificant as resolutions is a problem to you then you really need to re-examine yourself as a gamer.

  • Chris Ware

    Get blown up on your own review! Stay salty!

  • Merrfn

    Bite me.

  • IDontWanna

    Given Nelva’s gift for convincing prose without actually saying anything (read: who rates battlefield 3 lower than warhammer: space marine… seriously? Did you even play the two games?), I trust ReviewTechUSA waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Nelva’s articles are vacuous and untrustworthy. He is the sole reason I stopped reading dualshockers: Between he and his apologist Chad, they are no better than the other review sites that dont give below an 8.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Of course mate, of course.

      Only, I never reviewed Battlefield 3 😀

      Your facts aren’t so straight, and this video has already be proven wrong, while this article has been proven right by facts. I’m sure that makes you mad, but if you want to go the way of the personal attack, at least put some more effort into it 😀

      Better luck next time.

      • Bipod_Hero

        I cant believe the writer is going so “WARGLB!” about people who call him out for being an obvious troll. Bravo on your ability to build off an adversary for clicks… a la Jon Stewart and Bill OReilly.

        Doing a quick search, you did put WH:SM at a 9.5 while this site rated BF3 as a 9.0. Really? Did you play the same games we did?

        I guess if you claim something not to be true, it isnt, right?

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          You do know that this has already been debunked, right? How long do you plan to beat this dead horse?

          • Bipod_Hero

            Hopefully long enough to prevent GN from writing any more rants that some website runs.

          • DualSWonk

            (1) GN is responsible for 90% of the traffic for the site
            (2) The DS founders have given up on their original intent to put out quality material in exchange for eyeballs.

            Good luck in your quest.

      • Bibbity

        Haha, guy who posts a trollish comment under the guise of an ‘article’ is unhappy with people who disagree with him.

        Is your ego that fragile? Judging by the number and type of responses to criticism on this ‘article’ alone… yes.

      • SpeakingWithoutSaying

        Do you spend more time writing ‘articles’ or responding to valid criticism of your yellowish journalism?

  • Hannibal Lector

    All the fanboys of ReviewRechUSA are pathetic going out and abusing people who called his falseness out. They are akin to Beliebers or Twilight fans.

  • tom

      Indeed, this site is a freaking JOKE! PAUPERSTATION supporters need to die!

  • Percy

    http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-ones-cloud-computing-ensures-better-graphics-better-lighting-better-physics Game Set Match! Your article is terrible and lacks research. I remember a Microsoft employee saying this publicly to defend their lower specs.

  • DualShockersarelaughable

    The tremendous butt pain of Mr. Nelva is extremely obvious.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m not the one that has been proven wrong 😀

      • Woohoo!!

        That’s how these guys are, they never acknowledge when something has been debunked. You watch, a month from now, when all the dust settles, there will still be a few fools quoting this crap.

  • SaintBalor

    Whether or not the video he posted had true information, he made a judgement call to trust a new source. It may have bit him in the butt, but what he did was not wrong. He had his reasons and they were his. ReviewTechUSA is one of the (if not the) most rational and credible game commentators out there. If the sources seem credible enough, ANYONE (including you), working in video game press would take the chance to be the first to mention it, even if they had to be very vague on the source of the information. So… you created drama where none needed to be. Congrats! You appear to be whoring for views just as much as you accused him to be.

  • Ford Fiesta XR4

    Funny how when someone said that the Xbox One would play Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p native, no Microsoft fan-boys bitched about it, they simply moved on. But when someone mistakenly says that the PS4 will also play Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p native, all Sony fan-boys start bitching and whining and retaliate with hate videos. That’s pathetic, get over yourselves.


    PC Gamer

  • The Lich King

    Well, I’m glad this section of comments isn’t full of biased faggots. (ReviewTechUSA) (DualShockers)

  • Lawren Downing

    Arguing over which plastic box is better. That’s awesome

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  • Kreator


  • Kreator