FUD Video on PS4 and Xbox One by ReviewTechUSA is Complete Bogus; Here’s Some Damning Evidence (UPDATED)

UPDATE – October the 30th: Call of Duty: Ghosts Producer Mark Rubin just confirmed that the game will run at 1080p native resolution on PS4. Maybe it’s time for some to reconsider the alleged “credibility” of certain sources. 

Today the rather popular YouTuber ReviewTechUSA published a new video relaying all sorts of horror stories on the PS4 and Xbox One, citing “reliable sources”, that of course he didn’t name, in order to give credibility to some rather outlandish claims. If you really want to spend nine minutes of your time listening to completely unproven and FUD (Fear, Uncertainity, Doubt) and misinformation, you can find the video embedded at the bottom of this post for reference.

If the speaker’s overly dramatic tones aren’t enough to show what little credibility the whole video holds, there’s a part of it that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that ReviewTechUSA’s “reliable sources” not only aren’t that reliable, but they don’t even know the basics of game development and of how video game consoles work.

The video claims that both the PS4 and the Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts will run in 720p resolution on both PS4 and Xbox One because “their network infrastructure is totally screwed right now”. He goes on to explain that “to make the game somewhat playable online they had to cut the resolution down to 720p.”

Not only this claim conflicts with what Sony’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes publicly announced just a couple days ago (he confirmed that COD: Ghosts will run natively in 1080p on PS4), but it’s also complete bogus from a technical point of view.

Resolution, or any aspect of the visuals of a game, has absolutely nothing to do with network or online gameplay. Even if you’re playing online, the game’s assets aren’t streamed to your console via the network, but they all reside on your disk and/or hard disk. Absolutely no part of what contributes to generate a game’s resolution or graphics is handled by the network.

The only case in which such a claim could hold some truth is if the game was streamed via some service like Gaikai, but quite obviously this isn’t the case here.


No matter how good a game looks. No matter if it runs at 720p, 900p, 1080p or 4k. The amount of data handled by the network is exactly the same, because graphics simply aren’t run by the network. The only data that is handled by the network is strictly gameplay related, like the position of the players, where they shoot, their score and so forth. Nothing of this influences graphics, and nothing related to graphics and resolution influences the network. They’re simply two completely separate elements of a game’s inner workings.

If the network was “totally screwed”, like the video claims, the developers would not cut on resolution, but they’d be forced to cut on the number of players, in order to reduce the amount of data passing by the network itself. Yet Battlefield 4 runs with 64 players on both consoles, so it’s obvious that both platforms’ networks don’t suffer from the problems alleged here.

Of course this shows quite clearly that ReviewTechUSA’s “sources” hold no credibility whatsoever. This concept is such an elementary part of game development, that anyone even remotely associated with the industry would know about it, and would most definitely refrain from making such an outlandish claim (unless he was in a full fledged drunken stupor I guess).

It’s also rather interesting to see that someone calling himself “ReviewTechUSA” doesn’t know how this works. It’s interesting and very telling. One thing is for sure: it’s not so surprising that SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida just called this video “stupid” on Twitter, because it really is. Even more than stupid, it’s demonstrably inaccurate and a poor attempt to misinformation and FUD. Viewers beware.

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  • ragingmerifes

    ReviewTechUSA should never be taken seriously. It’s just a rage channel.
    Even Francis is more serious.

    • irufus

      …. I don’t know how to respond to that. You can’t take Francis seriously either.

      • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

        Francis get’s payed for youtube.ReviewtecUSA does not get payed and will never get paid for the rumor’s that rich spead’s and read’s to the world.There is a big big big big difference fransic love’s his fan’s.And make’s video’s because of how his life was back in the day.If u cant handley the truth then dont talk at all because this is the truth.

        • Fabian Choinski

          Yes he does get payed.

          • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

            Who reviewtecUSA.if so then youtube is paying a man who is nut’s .And it’s sad because idk how do u know he get’s payed for this stuff u got a link.

          • Gamerrr
          • ReviewtechUSA got youtube partnership years ago, you can check what channels has partnership by checking Social Blade…

          • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

            Ok thank u for the info.

          • Advanced Gaming™

            You are one illiterate bastard. You watched one of his videos and you are making pathetic assumptions. True fans of his channel know that he is very intelligent and has his reasons for doing the things he does. He is not a view whore, or in it for the money for that matter. So please don’t comment on a topic you have no true say in.

          • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

            U are a asshole

        • cell989

          he gets sponsored by a game download service, yes he gets paid

        • Clint Parker

          Hate to break it to you, but Rich has been living off youtube since June of this year.

        • Al Briggs

          You use weird apostrophes.

        • lolo

          wrong rich actually does get paid

        • Andreas Sunde

          Francis doesn’t get paid. Francis is a carachter. Boogie gets paid.

      • ragingmerifes

        That Candy Crush Saga thing could happen to anyone.

    • EX+

      Rich’s source is terribly misinformed. It has to be MisterXmedia.

      The core of the video is brining down Sony. MisterXmedia’s whole blog revolves around that.
      Fair enough he spreads BS about MS, but like I said, the negativity was mainly aimed at Sony.
      There are so many clues as to why this ‘source’ is MisterXmedia. He’s the only person that could come up with this network BS.

      • Loghorn

        I agree. This news has to be bullshit, because Sony wouldn’t risk putting the PS brand six feet under even further after what happened to them with the $600 price tag & the PS hacking scandals with PS3.

        It’s all bullshit. Why? After the press conference in February. Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony) said Sony will SUPPORT used games.

        Just look at this video UPLOADED 8 MONTHS AGO which proves it:


        • EX+

          I know. I can give you multiple articles 3 whole months before the XBO reveal from Sony, stating that they would have Zero DRM in the PS4.

          • Loghorn

            Yes, please do share those articles with me, because I want to be able to provide proof just to keep everyone that I know from flipping out about it.

            Thanks! 🙂

          • EX+



            There, even one in April and one in May.
            Also, this doesn’t add up. If we’re getting networking issues to the point that a last gen game (COD Ghosts) is running at 720p, then why are we getting KZSF and Forza 5(I’m not even getting and XBO BTW), both 1080p native games? It just make any sense. If you’ve seen a single post of MisterXmedia’s blog, you’d know why I think this is BS.

          • Loghorn

            Thank you. Rich is just trying to get more hits & views off of people. He didn’t even provide any proof, & has all these gullible people believe of what he said, & getting Xbox fanboys all excited over false info.

            I’ll be unsubscribing from his channel just for that.

          • EX+

            It’s not even Xbox fanboys, it’s PC and Nintendo fanboys.
            You got the Nintendo Fanboys saying that Nintendo is the only company for the gamer. Well if Nintendo is ‘for the gamer’, where are the games? Coming from a Nintendo fan mind you.
            Then you’ve got the PC fanboys saying ‘Lol consoles are dead’ when the PC has been doing this DRM BS ever since Steam popped up.

          • Steve

            Really. 1) IT WAS rumoured both consoles would have DRM. 2) SONY FANBOYS NEED TO STOP BELIEVEING “Sony is for the gamer”

          • jake

            Well said.

          • SmoshBitch

            There are a ton of games on 3DS and Wii U. That argument is seriously getting ridiculous.

          • guardianangel42

            Steam is value-added DRM. Gamers don’t give a crap about DRM, they care about BAD DRM.

            Xbox One initially had Always Online DRM. Any PC gamer can tell you in no uncertain terms that NO GAME with Always On DRM has worked properly at launch, and many NEVER worked properly.

            Blocking used game sales is, in and of itself, not a bad thing. The problem is that on consoles there’s no alternative if you want to save some money. Very few brick and mortar stores put games on sale, and most of them don’t do it very far.

            By comparison, Steam gives you great deals on games. I just bought Metro 2033 for $3.75. A 15 hour, amazingly detailed, AAA game for less than the price of a Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr.

            I have never seen a console game go that low. That’s why Steam is tolerated, even beloved. Because in trade for your lack of freedom you receive great deals on games you want.

          • EX+

            You’ve got a very valid point there. But you have to remember that Steam requires an internet connection to access. While it’s no where near as draconian as the orginal XBO policies, DRM is still DRM. What about the gamers that don’t have an internet connection?

          • John Daniel

            My internet browser doesn’t seem to let me open some of those links. So please pardon me if I say something covered in one of those links. According to theory, Sony’s DRM was on-disk DRM. It didn’t need to be “always on DRM” like Microsoft or Steam. People believed this because Sony actually had a patent granted (or filed, I forget which) for on-disk DRM.

          • EX+

            You mean used games? Yeah, that’s covered in the second Eurogamer link.

          • John Daniel

            Thanks. The link-clicking is now working. Chrome was acting up but has now behaved itself I guess. I could be cynical and criticize the vagueness of Yoshida’s statement (Microsoft made a similarly vague statement about their DRM), but that would be grasping at straws.Thanks again.

          • Cuylar

            Zero is wrong. If i were truly Zero I could install a PSN game on 100,000 consoles from just 1 account.

          • EX+

            Well, you know what I mean.

        • Ricky

          BUt at the time Microsoft had the same plan and when sony saw the backlash MS they decided that changing the DRM features would get them more money it just all adds up people stop defending Playstation

          • Loghorn

            I hope you don’t seriously believe that. Sony never intended to have DRM in the first place.

          • jake

            ofcourse they did, why you think they kept silent about it for so long?

          • Loghorn

            No, they did not. You’re being delusional.

          • Steven Chapman

            You’re an idiot fanboy sony said in February they wouldn’t support drm on the ps4

          • John Daniel


        • Shadow

          They wouldn’t, your right. They wouldn’t risk it but if Sonny was doing the Drm thing to, That put both of them in a hole fixing the system. because we made Microsoft they’d both have to fix it.
          No im not a fanboy of his channel but you should know that He does not even know if this is going to happen, he doesn’t want it to.
          At least its better news than a real company posting news articles from forums and YouTube videos.
          This just in User “XXProclialXX” just said that the ps4 would come with free candy.

      • MrPrimwhoozle

        And yet Microsoft changed their mind in a couple of days. We live in the internet-age people and everything that could potentially hurt sales gets killed instantly by the corporations. We don’t know what really happened and we don’t know how good the new systems will really be. Just wait, don’t preorder anything and decide when the consoles actually exist. This has always been the best solution.

        • EX+

          I haven’t pre-ordered a PS4. I’m just saying what Rich said was BS and he’s gonna have to do some major backtracking when the PS4 launches.
          And yes, MS days, but not hours.

          • Karlo

            He even stated that he hoped his sources were wrong, multiple times. I dont think he needs to backtrack anything at all.

          • EX+

            You’re being played Karlo.
            It doesn’t matter how many times he says that, people are still gonna get pissed at him.

          • Karlo

            Yeah, that is the easy answer isnt it? “You’re being played”.

      • jake

        yeah its not like he bashed xbox too, but apparently you heard too many xbox fails and not enough ps4 fails to think otherwise.

        Too bad he has stopped using xbox because 4 of them died on him and he even joked about it “i dont know whats the problem, i didnt spoon it while i sleepi, they keep dying on me”

        That being said sony was being major jerks with ps3, so now they just take it easy to get you a view of consumer friendly while in reallity, they dont care about the gamer.

    • anurag prasad

      so the person who just speak out the truth is rage? people like you ruin the truth

      • ragingmerifes

        What truth?

    • Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjw

      I’ve been watching Reviewtechusa in the past 7 months, and I can say I’ve never learned so much from the industry than I have with the channel.

    • Jamie

      TTUSA Is not a rage channel more of a reviews, news and facts just because he jokes around some times does not mean hes a rage channel.

    • JuicieJ

      You’ve clearly never watched any of Rich’s videos.

    • EX+

      His source is MisterXmedia. I’m not the only one who’d picked up on this.
      MisterXmedia.’s blog is FULL of melodramatic FUD.

    • jake

      Its far better than the sony sucking lies Guissepe posts int this trash site and argued with the comments all thetime

      • ragingmerifes

        Lies endorsed by official announcements and reliable sources, indeed.

  • EX+

    Great article Abriael.
    The amount of FUD in this video is hilarious.
    On top of the network BS he spouted, he doesn’t seem to know that Yoshida already said you can play PS4 games without connecting to the internet and without the Day 1 patch.
    I really have no idea how he became so popular. Unfortunately, anonymous sources are the new hype and the amount of opinionated gaming ‘news’ channels is rising dramatically.

    • Anonymous….

      You do know the patch is on the disc so you’ll get it anyway.

      • Cuylar

        no it’s not….

        • Stryker_X20

          Who even follows this person anyways?

          • Cuylar

            I don’t know…. people who focus on negativity and want to see the problems that don’t exist.

      • EX+

        No it’s not… are you Rich of RTU?

        • Al. Lopez

          But he’s kinda right. patches can always happends when downloading a patch for a Game (just to add Future DLC content, Improve, adding Free Features, etc)

          • cell989

            you still dont get it….. YOU CAN PLAY THE PS4 WITHOUT EVER CONNECTING IT TO THE INTERNET lol c’mon guys use a little common sense

          • Al. Lopez

            I already know that. but im talking about Patches.

      • cell989

        seriously, you come up with that assumption? how lame do you have to be, better yet how butthurt you have to be

        • robert syarbaini

          His channel and videos were good a year ago.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    i should make a tech review channel, seems fun

    • Total Wafflez

      But you gotta buy all those gadgets which are expensive and do reviews.. Because I would do the same thing.

      • Cuylar

        Most of those review sites either get a sample product or buy and return.

        • Total Wafflez

          How do you get into that business? I’ve been wanting to do that for quite awhile actually..

          • Cuylar

            You need a good 1080p camera, video editing software, money or credit to buy gadgets and then return them….. but most of all you need a personality that people want to listen to.

          • Total Wafflez

            Lol well I guess the personality and money might be an issue LOL

          • No-one Interesting

            Especially if all you do is chat total waffle 🙂

          • Total Wafflez

            I do like to chat a lot =)

          • Jed ‘Papa Doc’ Arain

            You also have to have a voice that is “bearable.” Not to sound “too weird,” but Rich has AN EXCELLENT voice… it’s a voice for radio and a voice that I’m sure, radio stations would LOVE to have instead of their current disc jockey’s voice. I’ve ALWAYS thought Rich has the BEST voice for a reviewer on YouTube. He actually makes A LOT of sense and is an overall GREAT ‘video reviewer” or w/e ya wanna call him. Still, this video about the “launch disasters of both systems” has me second guessing his credibility as well.

  • Lamaking

    Damage control already?

    • EX+

      What damage control?

      • Lamaking

        Ah, don’t worry about it.

    • XBOXer to PSer

      you late to the party son .. Microsoft doing damge control since their May 21 xbox reveal

  • Balalaika

    I used to listen to this guy before I realized Francis was more serious.

  • Aiddon

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are inevitable issues with the PS4 and XB1 launches. It’s just typical of any console launch that’s happened for the past 15+ years. Nothing ever goes as smoothly as promised

    • Necro

      But the issues he stated MAKE ZERO SENSE. Thats the issue. The game having to drop resolution because of network problems. Those things have NOTHING to do with one another. They just dont. Any moron knows this. That right there destroys his sources.

      • Aiddon

        the resolution issue is the only one that’s iffy (however, hearing studios going for lower resolution to preserve framerates or graphical quality isn’t uncommon. Don’t know how a network could influence that though). However, networks being messy in the initial weeks of launch and a DRM-deletion patch in the Day One update are completely plausible. The former is just common sense and it happens CONSTANTLY whenever networks go online. Why? Simple: because millions of people playing at once in a chaotic environment is FAR different than a few hundred at best playing in a controlled environment.
        The latter is also plausible just because, like MS, Sony tries to do everything it can to cater to 3rd parties. And one of the BIGGEST ways MS tried to pander to them was through their DRM. It’s not out of question that Sony tried to do the same but backpedaled when MS was practically crucified by consumers.
        The trade-up program sounds silly, but Sony HAS done stupider in the past (like with the PSPGo).
        All in all, I REALLY don’t get why people are getting in their briefs in a bunch over this. RTUSA is just a channel on Youtube, it’s not like he’s a huge media outlet like Gametrailers or Gameinformer. If he’s really full of crap then why does this video bother people so much? It looks more like a lot of people are just insecure about the upcoming launches and hearing any criticism launched at them makes them nervous.

  • Bankai

    I used to watch ReviewTechUSA, but then I realized he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Seth H.

      some of this rants are more credible than others. He must have upped his dose before making this one

  • T0asty!

    I found this “FUD” to be rather funny.
    And the reason that he says the consoles will have launch disasters, is because of their “Cloud services” people, come on.
    Cloud stuff on the scale of the consoles is very brand new, and will probably take some time to master.

    We shall see soon enough if Rich is right, or wrong.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The problem is that the cloud services are very limited at launch on the Xbox One (COD just gets dedicated servers, no more, no less), and they’re not there at all on the PS4. So they simply don’t apply to graphics.

      Cloud rendering, if it’ll ever happen, it’s very far down the line, and both Microsoft and Sony have been very open about it.

    • Necro

      The PS4 doesnt even have the cloud. LOL. And the games resolution wouldnt be in the cloud in the first place. My god people, research. Its not hard. Dont be stupid.

  • You are flat out wrong

    More evidence: if the reason for the day one patch was to kill the DRM, why is it you can play games on your PS4 without the patch?

    • Anonymous….

      All the games iclude the patch on the disc….

      • Seth H.

        um, then you would see it install and there would be no need for the lengthy download. No offense but you aren’t making any sense here

        • otetas

          the patch is only for that game only

          • Seth H.

            oh, so including a temporary patch on every game disk is somehow easier than pre-patching the machines themselves? Wow! You guys are really reaching here. It’s sad they lengths you will go to justify this nonsense.

  • Elitepwnsface

    I wouldn’t be surprised if everything he said is true. Especially the drm thing. I believe it was both sides.

    • Kamille

      difference is that the XB1’s DRM announcement came to us through a leak. During their reveal they didn’t even mention it. Meanwhile because the PS4 had nothing then there was nothing to be leaked.

      And at the end of the day. MS fought and they fought to keep it. Nelson even said that at this point the policies couldn’t be changed… Then with the low pre-orders charts and Jimmy Fallon’s bad press on national TV by the next day MS changed everything.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Wow, I like Rich, but man, wtf. Maybe he had a rough night or something

  • Kamille

    this just shows how desperate and butthurt the Sony fanboys are and how clueless dualshockers is. Reducing graphics does indeed help latency in online games. Why do you think that Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us have worse in-game models and environmental textures on their online multiplayer compared to the single player? Why do you think that Marvel vs Capcom 2 has much faster online play than Marvel vs Capcom 3 even though they both basically share the same online infrastructure?

    • truthtellerdealwithit

      Lol shut up you complete moron

      • Lamaking

        “ad hominem.”

      • Orlɛanž


    • GoodOldJacob

      I agree with this comment. Since the network infrastructure is incomplete because of the whole DRM issue, there are loose ends that need to be tied. As Rich said, both Sony and Microsoft built the network around DRM, and since they have now removed DRM, they will need to rebuild the network. We don’t know what Sony or Microsoft intended to use in their network code, but at this point in time, we can only wait and see. Now, about the whole 720p issue. I can understand where many people are getting confused, including dualshockers. Since the network infrastructure is incomplete, the network code being used could possibly be very CPU intensive, meaning, if companies make their games 720p, the network code will be able to run at a faster speed, basically meaning that you won’t get as much lag. This hopefully won’t become an issue during the course of 2014, because by then, Sony and Microsoft *SHOULD* have completed their network infrastructure.

      • Bankai

        Sony didn’t build anything around DRM, so they had nothing to remove.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Sorry, but this absolutely laughable, and a big excuse to defend a ludicrous claim. Netcode is one of the least CPU intensive elements of gameplay. All it has to do is to pass around very small packets of data and elaborate them.

        Besides, resolution is dependent on GPU, not on CPU, so sorry but no. Not in this world, and anyone with any technical knowledge will confirm it.

      • Necro

        Everything you said is complete facepalm. And the people who liked your comment are even worse. Resolution is on the GPU you moron.

        • GoodOldJacob

          In that case, I would love to see a console pumping out 1080p on a 30Hz CPU.

    • XBOXer to PSer

      so you doing research about uncharted 3 and the the last of us ?

      this just shows how desperate and butthurt the xbot fanboys …

    • Bankai

      So you ignore the fact that this article is also about the Xbone and decide to attack PlayStation fans? Typical fanboy response.

    • Shiruka

      SO u got 720p COD on xbone and u also want PS4 to get 720p COD………..control ur jealousy. 1080p in xbone is never possible unless devs did some sacrifice on graphics contents…….CEO of crytek already explained that.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m afraid the only clueless thing here is your comment. Reducing graphics has absolutely nothing to do with network latency.

      It has to do with the simple fact that multiplayer normally displays more models than single player, and in a less predictable environment (as the developer literally can’t predict how many characters will be visible on screen at the same time, since they aren’t controlled by an AI). Less detailed models and textures in multiplayer simply ensure that, despite the higher unpredictability of the scene that has to be rendered, framerate will be protected.

      It has to do with not applying excessive stress on the GPU, and absolutely nothing to do with network latency.

      Might want to get your facts straight before supporting misinformation and calling others “clueless”.

    • Bob Page

      That’s funny, you seem…


  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    I am a sub to ReviewtecUSA .And i watch the video and when he said cod was downgraded both ps4 and xb1 to 720p because of online problem’s.I was like this man is on drug’s and he whole channal is to crap after this video.IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE REVIEWTECUSA IS GONE FROM YOUTUBE NOW.Rich if u are reading this man.grow up and stop speadeing rumor’s.I mean u got sony talking to u now about how bad your video’s are lol THAT’S BAD!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seth H.

      Yeah, I sub to him too. He is usually pretty coherent, even if not completely objective.

      • Stick it to the man!

        Me too. However this video just left me gobsmacked lol!

    • Marcus Roue

      Best way to teach him a lesson is to UNsubscribe to his channel. That should quiet him down quickly.

      Subscribe to Angry Joe or Jack Turtleshell.

      • cell989

        Angry Joe keeps it real, even Francis lol

        • TheUnBiasedGamer

          Please don’t furious fanboy in the same sentence as rich or joe…

      • fuck-dualshockers

        teach him a lesson because he made a video that you didn’t agree with? i don’t think he would risk his channel by making the video without having a good source. now watch as i get downvotes because sony fanboys is sony fanboys. – someone who bought a pc because consoles will die soon

        • jake

          well said

        • Marcus Roue

          If you don’t teach him a lesson, how else are you going to stop the thousands of idiots with Youtube channels out there making reporting on ridiculous rumors just to view whore?

          In fact why don’t I post horse sh!t about XBone rumors and let the money come in?

    • Spontaneous_Me

      Am I the only one that hates this ReviewTechUSA guy? He seems incredibly dramatic in all his videos and at many times spreads false information.I honestly can’t stand the dude. And the majority of his subscribers turn out to be PC die-hard fanboys so its no surprise he’s trying to appeal to them.

      • Thegamerguy

        He has actually been pretty accurate in past videos and if he hasn’t been then he will admit it, I can actually believe what was said on the video too, you shouldn’t need a day one patch unless you planned to get rid of something, we’ll all have to wait until the release to see who is right

        • Spontaneous_Me

          I mean I’m not saying he’s completely unreliable but he sometimes says things, not specifically talking about unreliability, that makes no sense whatsoever. And he’s known for taking his information from unreliable sources anyway. For example this one where it’s believed that he took that information from an incredibly biased source that is known for hating on Sony, which only further loses his credibility.

          And I honestly don’t see why so many people make a massive deal about whether Sony was going to implement DRM. They didn’t in the end, Microsoft reversed it, so people should drop it. I mean, does anyone really care anymore? The whole video felt more like a rant.

        • Spontaneous_Me

          I still highly doubt what he says is true about the day-one patch. For one thing, it’s not even mandatory. The X1 has a mandatory day one patch to remove the DRM, but the PS4 does not.

          And even after the February reveal Sony said themselves when questioned about DRM that it will work the same as it did this gen.

          And don’t get me started on his online bullsh*t. There are just so many things wrong with what he said that’s he’s just losing credibility. And what’s sad is that many people are taking it in like plain fact.

      • cyt

        Are you kidding me dude…I’m a sony fanboy ok,but i recognise that they might have done that coz they ARE JUST A COMPANY,their objective,their whole point of existing is to get money away from you..Face it people & stop defending them..If you really want the console tho be like you want it you gotta speak up!!WAKE UP >< You have a sony's picture as a profile pic..How is anyone gonna take this seriously? :O

  • OldSkoolGamer

    Only Sony will know the truth to this, but if true what is said well Sony probably will deny it cause of sales and etc. But who knows ? One thing is a fact is that Sony is a Corporation and they will give you the sales pitch and tell you what you want to hear so you can by whatever they are selling and that’s that and all Corporations in sales do it and they make money cause it’s a business in making money. Don’t hate the player but hate the game. I still will get my PS4 and the camera .

  • OldSkoolGamer

    Review Tech USA does have interesting topics and reviews and i do find it as a straight forward no BS channel but i do not know him personally but i do know he is a gamer and i do enjoy his channel cause yo will never know what he will say lol We all have opinions and the freedom of speech,so why not take that to an advantage.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because freedom of speech should not coincide with freedom to misinform your viewers.

      This is no matter of opinion.

      • Seth H.

        Tell that to Fox News

        • EX+


      • daka45

        hahahahah and that coems from you and your site that posts trash all the time and you being a gigantic fucktard arguing on the comments.

        Listen dipshit, you have to do something better than trolling on your very own site and arguing all the fuckign time, so much for your potential journalism, well richie is one to you, when you post something wrong, he is gonna trash you bad and thousands will see it and do the same damage you did to him. This will be marked as a shitty shite which IT IS

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You look a tad mad mate.

          I’m afraid coming here and throwing insults doesn’t really do any good to your “cause”.

          I didn’t do any “damage” to him. He did it to himself. I sure didn’t push him to believe something that’s technically ludicrous..

          And by the way, we believe in discussion, so yes, I will discuss with our commenters. We encourage our writers to.

          If you like to go to sites and spew crap without being called on it, obviously this site isn’t for you.

          • Pick a Name

            Someone has issues with Mr. Review Tech USA

          • Stiggers

            You know how you can tell you are gay? Your name is Giuseppe.

          • VIPLightning

            Says the who obviously can’t deal with what Review Tech said on his video. If anything, why does it matter to you if he made such mistake? Everybody does but you don’t see me making such article like this. Criticising on one individual by making such article like this, even more, telling viewers that his video is very stupid and “beware of it” is complete immature and ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            As a matter of fact no, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in fighting against misinformation.

            On the other hand, there’s a lot to be ashamed of in defending it like you’re doing 😀

      • Junoh315

        So you’re willing to remove someone’s freedom of speech if what they’re saying may not be truthful? Wow.

      • James C.

        Very contradicting statement. Everyone has a different opinion therefore people have different wrongs, rights and morals. Let me interpret what you’re really saying, “I don’t agree with this information, therefore it is misinformed and this person shouldn’t have a say”. Freedom of speech had its flaws to misinform, but also gives us a say as a community to what we believe is right and to make decisions whether something is right or wrong.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Information and Opinion are two very different things. We’re not talking about opinion here. Resolution is not an opinion.

          • hippo11

            Information and opinions are different? Opinions are created from information… You’re not very well educated, especially when you’re talking about how misinformed information shouldn’t be allowed, being your opinion. You’re a journalist, and journalists share information, which sometimes can be misinforming to others.

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            wow…..I’m sure that makes perfect sense….to you. Opinions do not always need information. Take yours for example, your logic is very circular. In fact, if you think about it, your statement invalidates itself

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You’re not making much sense. Allowed? There’s no law against it,

            It doesn’t mean it’s not contemptible and shouldn’t be fought.

            Again, resolution is not an opinion. Claiming that a game is 720p is not an opinion. It’s information, and when that is false, like in this case, it’s misinformation.

      • T.j. Masters

        DUDE, HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF HIS OTHER VIDEOS? He gives the sources in every one of his other videos. Also he even says not to take his statements as fact, and admits that it’s only theory at this point, unlike you. Also, he gives good reasons to support his arguments . Also, I doubt you know any more than him. Your just a Sony fanboy who gets butthurt when Sony takes any form criticism, even when Microsoft is being criticized just as much. Also, the conformation of Ghosts running on 1080 p is just as valid as IGN’s conformation of Half Life 3 and isn’t proven until the game comes out. Then again, you could be right. The point is just because you do articles on a website doesn’t make your opinion/information any more valid than ReviewtechUSA’s.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          LOL. The confiemation of COD running at 1080p on PS4 comes directly from the game’s producer, not from IGN.

          It’s as much evidence as you’re gonna get, and proves beyond any reasonable doubt that this article was spot on, and that the mysterious “source” was indeed not credible.

          I’ve seen his other videos. Almost all of them actually. They don’t make him any less wrong on this one.

          • T.j. Masters

            Sony had the same drm, you know that right?
            here’s an old article. This likely isnt the one he used though


          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Looks like you’re trying very hard to change subject, like those that are proven wrong do.

          • Bankai

            This was actually just speculation and in no way correct. People had exactly 3 months to poke and prod Sony’s reveal, yet none of this DRM talk started up until Microsoft came along.

      • Who_Names_Anyone_Giuseppe

        He isn’t IGN, Gamespot, etc. He is not a journalist. He’s a youtuber and nothing more. Quit being such a prick and get on with writing your shitty articles.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Oh really? Here’s the description directly from his Facebook “ReviewTechUSA is a premier technology journalism channel that covers all aspects of the gaming, computer and tech world. We are not sponsored by any company or corporation so our reviews are not biased”

          “Premier technology journalism channel”.

          He sure deems himself a journalist when it suits him.

    • Necro

      Yeah but he said is wrong. You noticed how no one is arguing how hes right? Just that he has a different “opinion”. Rich is smarter then that. He knows network problems or network in general has nothng to do with resolution. Also, resolutions have been confirmed. He creating clear cut click bait. I would love to know his sources.

      • snake

        His sources are his ass, nothing more.

  • Total Wafflez

    While I do enjoy ReviewTechUSA’s videos I don’t take him seriously.. I think he’s an xbox fanboy and a PC fanboy. That being said don’t take him seriously just enjoy his videos if you want

    • Um, an Xbox fanboy who regularly criticizes Microsoft, and who regularly criticizes and praises all platforms, and buys all their products? As for PC, it’s his favorite gaming platform. Not sure why that’s such an issue.

  • Richard Pitt
    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      this tweet alone debunks his PS4 ‘DRM rumors’

      • Luis Hernández

        Dude, of course hes not going to say that it had DRM…

        • SwappingFrom360toPS4

          think about it… if it were DRM, the aim would be to stop used game trading… you can still play games on the PS4 when offline without never ever connecting, so there is no DRM. end of story.

          • #RealTalk2013

            lol dat denial.

          • Zak

            denail? When Yoshida’s just stated you can play games without the day one update?

          • SwappingFrom360toPS4

            how is it denial?

            no mandatory update means you can play used games, which means no pre-installed DRM.

            read the tweet again

          • Luis Hernández

            Hey, maybe they put the update into game discs. When you turn it on, it secretly installs the ”Disable DRM”.
            I remember a game I played did that, it installed a required update…

          • SwappingFrom360toPS4

            nice theory… too bad it is already confirmed that there is no updates on the game discs at launch=P

          • EX+
          • Luis Hernández

            That is why I said ”Secretly”. Of course they would say that. They would not want you to know about the DRM update (if it is true) because they would get a bit of hate.

            …and may I please see the [source] tweet where he said that?

          • EX+

            Nope, you’ve got it wrong.

            Here’s a link to Shuhei Yoshida confirming that the Day One update isn’t included on games :


          • Luis Hernández

            Ahh… Yes. Yoshida. With a Simple ”No” or ”Yes” he answers everything. /sarcasm
            Please dude. If they had the idea of putting DRM, then they have to remove it. They are probably hiding it in the disc to disable it (hence the ”Secretly” part) because they don’t want to let you know about it. It would ruin his/ their reputation.

            IDK, That is just what I think.

          • figgycal

            He’s actually right. Yoshida also confirmed you can play games as the patch is downloading/installing. It’s not drm.

          • Ruby Doobie

            DRM wouldn’t stop you from playing a new game you muppet…

          • figgycal

            While I do appreciate the Jim Henson’s work. How would it not? You can keep playing games on PS4 without downloading the supposed drm removing patch. If you don’t have to be online to download the patch then there’s nothing stopping you from playing used games. Ergo there’s no drm on the system.

            Try not downloading the Xbox One’s drm-removing patch and see how long you can play it offline.

          • Adderell

            You’re missing the point. You’re far too willing to trust a couple of corporations that clearly think you’re stupid enough to buy their technology that restricts both your usage and ownership of content. Both Sony and Microsoft (moreso for the former) have been in relative revenue hell, it makes sense that both companies would aim to stop revenue leaks by employing DRM to bring all of that money to them.

            I would not put it past Sony to follow or partner with Microsoft as they do work together to design PC tech. It was far too convenient for Sony to capitalize on Microsoft’s debacle. If it’s easy for Rich to post a video about these “rumors”, it’d be easier for Sony to know if Microsoft to use DRM and change direction if the reception was bad. Their intentions were ill-placed according to this rumor that was questioned months ago by people just like Rich. All that said, we as gamers shouldn’t trust them.

          • EX+

            Please change your comments from best to new and look at my post about that fool.

          • Sorahearts

            So how does Rich even know about this? It must be BS

          • EX+

            MisterXmedia, the definition of BS. Look at his blog. I bet you, you’ll have an aneurism.

          • Sorahearts

            I think I already did. I think when both of these consoles come next month, I might look at his comments cause I think what he said is false or debunked

          • dave

            Dear Dualshockers, please remove the link to the video, it is total bullsh*t.

          • Luis Hernández

            Could be ”Secretly” installed in disc.
            You insert disc, it secretly installs the DRM, and you play. You do not notice.

          • Seth H.

            riiight…so you think that nobody would notice a 300mb install or that they wouldn’t notice that the machine would no longer prompt them for the patch?

          • Luis Hernández

            Well I dont know, that is just what I think…
            Its my theory.
            You disagree? Ok, does not affect me 😉

          • Seth H.

            It’s not a theory, it is the same justification that I’ve seen every time someone can’t prove the DRM/day 1 patch theory. I kid you not, you go into any forum that is where this is being “discussed”, this exact same conversation plays itself out. Almost to the word.

            anyway, carry on. Doesn’t effect me either and the final proof is only 16 days, 3 hrs & 40 minutes away

          • Luis Hernández

            This has happened before? Lol, I did not even know… I just thought of it when I read the comments…

          • guardianangel42

            Tons of things can get installed secretly. All a software developer has to do is flag the files as hidden, and BAM, now you can’t see it, even if you looked for it.

            Whether or not it will be the case with a DRM patch, I don’t know. Seems far too risky to me; the customer would find out about it the moment it stopped them from playing a used game, so hiding the files would ultimately serve no purpose other than to make you look super shady.

          • Seth

            That’s true but they aren’t trying to say that DRM is being installed, but that DRM is being removed.

            But that is neither here nor there. If they were to hide a patch on a disc then potentially every disk in existence would be evidence to someone who knows how analyse a disk. It would be found out.
            Also, if they were going to do that, what would be the point of telling us about day one patch in the first place, they could just quietly install from the disk

            It seems to me that if they really had something to hide, it would be easier, cheaper, and safer to just patch the machines they have in stock.

            anyway there are just too many unlikely things about the whole scenario

          • Ruby Doobie

            I doubt they would need 300mb to remove something….

          • Seth

            yeah, whatever.

          • Ruby Doobie

            Ok then show me evidence that it takes 300mb to remove data…

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            I don’t think that it does, I think the patch is exactly what Sony says it is. Updates and feature activation. I may have misunderstood you though. People have been trying to justify the DRM/Day 1 Patch theory in all kinds of crazy ways, one of them being that each game disk temporarily disables the the DRM so that the game could be played. Thought that you were one of those. Srry

          • robert syarbaini
          • Ruby Doobie

            Firstly I never said it did, secondly corporations lie all the time, thirdly it wouldn’t need to be the whole system update just a bit of code that deletes the drm. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case but it’s easily possible and it’s in Sony’s best interest that consumers continue to think that they never considered drm.

          • robert syarbaini

            3 is speculation. I only go by what is confirmed. You can speculate but you can’t use it as a fact or a debate

          • Boobnoob

            Perhaps sony made the DRM ready but never actually installed it, they could have waited to see the reaction to microsofts DRM policy.

          • Seth

            don’t care. not going to indulge this idle speculation

      • Sturm Davenport

        no it doesnt moron. he doesnt refute anything. if ps4 had drm, he obviously wouldnt say it does.

  • Boohoo

    LMAO In the video he claims that the details were coming from a reliable source *facepalm*

    This is what people do now to gain credibility.

  • dipstick

    im a reviewtechusa fan, but i do believe that everything he mentioned in this video is complete bullshit

  • RealityCheck2013

    I just ignore all this SH*T LoL:D + I bet it was worse on the internet when the PS3 came out :-/

  • Some Dude

    Why do you guys even care? Stop raging over things if they do not concern you. Just learn to live.

    • Some Dude

      Reading your response to ReviewTechUSA’s video just makes me think that you are using his controversial video just to give you guys leadway to make a big article.

      I am not against you or ReviewTechUSA. I find you both to be credible. However, this just seems childish.

      Normal people would just say, “Well, I think he is wrong, I will just go on with my life”. Instead of slandering the dude.

      • I agree with this. Even if RTU’s sources are completely wrong (he said multiple times it’s possible, but he doesn’t think so), that doesn’t mean he’s purposely spouting bullshit. He’s speaking of rumors that come from who he believes to be credible sources, but can’t name for obvious reasons. Funny how this article purposely forgets that detail, making it sound like false credibility is the only reason he would cite anonymous sources. Anyone who follows him regularly knows that’s not his style, like him or not.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          When you’re told a rumor, it’s your duty to at least verify its credibility against common technical knowledge before spreading it.

          If you don’t, then you’re willingly misinforming your readers/viewers, and your should expect your credibility to be questioned.

          Spreading this rumor out simply means he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and the same applies to his sources, if he really has sources and he simply isn’t making it up.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        “Slander” implies saying something false. In this case there’s nothing false written here. Spreading a rumor like this means a very flawed knowledge of the most basic elements of game development and and of how games work. It also means that if a source really exists, then said source is affected by the same flaw, and anyone wanting to hold any credibility on this kind of issues should have checked and detected it before spreading this kind of misinformation.

        Our duty is to inform, and to inform, we also have to fight misinformation. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

        • EX+

          There’s only one person who could be behind all this. Guess.

          • Seth H.


          • EX+


    • Seth H.

      because launch is still 17 days away and we’re bored..why do you care?

  • caBooOm



  • RandomUser2yr29387

    Xbox fanboys so mad right now they’ve resorted to flat-out lying.

    • Acesonnall

      Meanwhile, Rich has went through 4 PS3s and recently bought and received the PS Vita positively…

      • RandomUser2yr29387

        That person is just flat-out unlucky.

        How many 360s did he go through?

        • Acesonnall

          Missed the point which was that he’s not a fanboy.

  • Maurice Wilburn

    I’ve been subsrcribed to Rich for a while, I would not expect him to say such outlandish things without reasonable evidence. I doubt any of it is true except Sony intending on having drm, but the consoles will soon launch and we will see and I may have to unsubscribe to ReviewTechUSA.

  • PSquishyP

    Has anyone actually watched the video fully? He states MANY MANY times that he hopes that his sources are wrong.

    • Acesonnall

      Yeah, nvm this guy actually has good intentions, he’s spreading potentially accurate negative information about our favorite consoles. Let’s get him!

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        There’s no potential accuracy, as it conflicts with the basic workings of games.

        • dave

          Dear Dualshockers, please remove the link to the video, it is total utter bullsh*t.

        • Ruby Doobie

          Why because resolution isn’t affected by the network? I almost had to stop reading after that retarded statement, yes it’s true but the console has to work with both resolution and the network, believe it or not a bad network means the console has to work harder to maintain a solid performance online hence why some games only run at 30fps online despite being 60fps offline, these next gen consoles are by no means “powerhouses” so a shitty network could have a significant effect.

          • guardianangel42

            Exactly. I stopped reading there too. Nelva obviously doesn’t have a clue how video games work. Bet he can’t even tell us what purpose the CPU serves in a game.

            *hint* It does more than you think.

          • Andrew

            Dude I was just about to type this, thanks for that. I saw this and was like, WTF is this guy talking about. I think Rich just pissed him off and he needed something to vent his anger out on. These guys aren’t the smartest. 😀

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Lol.You have it the other way around. Games with variable frame rate between online and offline normally work at higher framerate online than offline. IE: Killzone: Shadow Fall, and quite a few others.

            Online framerate has absolutely nothing to do with the network. Rendering is separate from network communication. You can unplug your router, and everyone will stop on the screen, and the console/PC will still render at the same framerate unperturbed until you lose connection.

            It’s hilarious to see the amount of false information some would spew to defend misinformation coming from a source they’re fans of. Do go on with the excuses 😀

          • Andrew

            You are absolutely right to a degree. The simple fact of the matter is this, you have processing !!Regardless!! in which it takes place. ya the rendering does take place, even after the net drop, but its not so much of the rendering, but the resources themselves and how much “said network” can have running at a “Stable” fps. How much information is actually taking place? How many items on screen are actually moving? Explosions, gun fire, sound effects, all of these are important to consider because guess what, its processes on the hardware. Less the processes, better the connection because less the rendering. Your hardware and connection can believe it or not tamper your software IE “game”. To say that your connection has nothing to do with frame rate and resolution is not all wrong, but its not all right either.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            All those explosions, gun fire and so forth, are extremely small packages of dat, because all they need to pass aret small packed including things like identifier and position. Everything else is done locally, not passed via the network. Some MMORPGs (like Final Fantasy XIV) let you check the actual size of the data transmitted, and it’s a good example on just how small it is.

            Even if the network was terrible, it wouldn’t mean that the amount of data passed (and as such the amount of data to be elaborated) would become bigger. It’d remain exactly the same, and lowering resolution would help none, as a bad network would just mean that the data would come in slower (or partial if there’s packet loss), causing network lag, but not causing a loss of framerate.

            Lowering resolution wouldn’t make it come any faster, or less partial.

            What could help with a bad network would be lowering the amount of players, as it would decrease the amount of data to be passed by the network. People wouldn’t even notice, as the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of COD have 12 players online, and IW could have simply done the same on PS4/XboxOne instead of raising it to 16. The maps are very small anyway.

            Lowering resolution simply wouldn’t help with that kind of problem.

          • Andrew

            So by your logic, software should have no limits for a cpu and should connect online with no issues ?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Not sure I understand your question, as it’s too generic, but simply enough, netcode isn’t nearly heavy enough to bog down the CPU. We’re talking about extremely small data here. On top of that the CPU’s influence on resolution is small.

            So lowering resolution would not help a problematic network in any relevant way. The data coming too slowly/partial from the network would still be coming too slowly/partial even if the game was rendered in 800×600 with pixels as big as your thumb.

            You, like the video in question, are simply mixing two entirely different issues that don’t mix.

          • lololol

            Oh yeah? The cpu isn’t bogged down by the network? I would REALLY love to see game servers run on a dual core decently… But yeah all these people investing in eight-core servers are just idiots of course -.-

          • Alexander the great

            Read this whole article and explain


            it is on many gaming websites also. so if what you are saying is true, then why the hell doesn’t the developer have the game running at the same graphical intensity and detail in the online multiplayer version and still has it lock at 60 fps? the developer says that the campaign side of the game is more graphically intense than the online and has to remain at 30 fps. From your ‘logical’ debate with andrew about how the ‘network’ doesn’t inlfuence graphics, then the online multiplayer should have the same graphic fidelity and still be able to run at 60 fps right????

            But the developer himself says it is not possible! hmmmmm!?!?!?

            please explain mighty dual shocker.

          • Guest

            Read this.


            Nevla the great console tech guy should explain it soon.

          • Alexander the great

            Read this one andrew


            Nevla the great console tech guy should explain it soon.

          • Andrew

            Thanks Alex, sorry I am 2 months late on getting to this, but hell it was a good read and it only proves our point that much more. 😀

          • FFXIV fan

            Actually your wrong games like ffxiv running the game on high specs with a crap g card and/or cpu will make the game slow down and lag like a bitch on sunday regardless of how good your network is as the more information it has to work with the more laggy it becomes.

          • Seth

            I know, every time they get cornered by the facts, they add a new variable.

            “But…but..What if it’s the work of Space Aliens? It could happen then, huh? Huh???”

    • nymadwe

      The problem is what the article is about: it should be clear to anybody who understands basic gameing designs that resolution has nothing to do with bandwith and online multiplayer…

      • guardianangel42

        You’re right; it doesn’t. But Rich never said it does.

        What does matter is the code being run on the local system. The exact code that Rich referenced multiple times in his video. The exact code that he described as being patched on Day One. The exact code that manages local network connections as well as connections to the external servers.

        Get a clue you guys. If you had watched his video, he didn’t even mention bandwidth. He mentioned network code. His argument has absolutely nothing to do with bandwidth.

        • snake

          I did watch the video. Rich says that Call of Duty Ghosts is being reduced to 720p because of the network can’t handle 1080p 60 FPS. So he is blaming it on the network which has NOTHING TO DO WITH RESOLUTION. Resolution is stored on the disc/hard drive not the network.
          You need to get a clue or get better hearing.

          • Adderell

            Smooth frame rate when playing online has much to do with both server bandwith (the network) and resolution output (on your screen). If the servers can’t take how many people their anticipating will play this game (at 900 or 1080p) then they drop the resolution to keep everything as smooth as possible. Also, maybe they ran out of time to optimize the coding for the game to run at 1080p 60fps. One last thing… I don’t believe that any system supposedly running 3 OSs at once will honestly be able to run a multiplayer experience at that resolution yet (The keyword here being yet.)

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Absolutely false. Smooth framerate online has absolutely nothing to do with the network. If you have a PC you can try and play an online game with a framerate counter, then just unplug your router. The game will still be rendered at the same framerate until connection drops, even if no one will be moving. They’re entirely separate issues.

            And he isn’t talking just about the Xbox One (that runs 3 OSs at the same time, well, two and a half to be precise) but also about the PS4.

          • Raven The Great

            Just to satiate my curiousity, I’d like to ask a question. If what you say is true, why did most multiplayer based articles I’ve read up for the 3DS usually involved the disappearance of the 3D effect (which is pretty much downsizing of the resolution) in order to achieve the same amount of framerate as its single player?

          • lololol

            “Resolution is stored on the disc/hard drive not the network.” The amount of bs on this is a lot…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If he hopes so much that his sources are wrong, why didn’t he check what they said (assuming that said sources do exist) against common game design knowledge?

      • guardianangel42

        What common game design knowledge? Like the fact that CPUs need to run Network code in order to interact with a remote server or, god forbid, host a local one? Like the fact that poor or buggy network code can dramatically affect a CPU’s ability to pump frames to the GPU? Like that fact CPUs have to keep track of every player in the game, regardless of where the game is being hosted?

        Like the slew of facts that you are obviously unaware of that render your entire argument null and void?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Or the fact that resolution depends almost exclusively from the GPU and not from the CPU?

          The fact that netcode is one of the lightest elements on the CPU because it has to elaborate very small packages?

          I’m afraid you’re the one that’s unaware of a slew of facts here. But considering that you’re defending obvious misinformation, that’s not surprising at all.

          In the meanwhile other games (BF4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall) are confirmed to run on PS4 with many more players, bigger maps, and better graphics than COD: Ghosts, and they have higher native resolutions than 720p.

          I’d love to see you explain that, sir 😀

    • Guest

      I guess if I repeadetly punch someone in the face while saying that I am sorry, it’s okay.

    • Rich Hutnik

      I did and I saw a number of his videos on there. He is interesting, but he does have his own biases, which filter things certain way. He has been seeing, and expecting the next gen consoles to not hit 1080P and came out earlier and expressed the WiiU would be able to hold its own. One thing he would need to do is come out later and show where he is wrong. But the Internet is one of Bubbles and biases. No one is every wrong on the Internet, as their own filters will make them right.

  • Marcus Roue

    Wow I’m surprised this is being debated.

    ReviewTechUSA is biased jackass who’s only goal is to get more views for his videos. The more ridiculous the claims, the more people will view his videos. The more views he gets the money goes into his pocket. Stop watching his turd videos.

    For unbiased Youtube video game news and reviews go see Angry Joe or Jack Turtleshell.

    • Kyle Lyons

      RTUSA is probably one of the lest Biased Youtubers i have seen.

      • Marcus Roue

        Sure for fans of Micro$oft.

        Ask anyone important and they’ll you otherwise. Everyone is calling Reviewtechusa out for this stupid video. Emphasis on the word ‘stupid’.

        • Maurice Wilburn

          He’s taken some pretty strong jabs at MS much more so than Sony(I don’t even think he owns a 360), as far as I can tell he doesn’t seem to have any bias towards one company and if he did I would guess it would be toward Sony, but yeah this news sounds pretty ridiculous.

        • #RealTalk2013

          “Everyone is calling Reviewtechusa out for this stupid video.”

          replace ‘everyone’ with ‘Sony Fanboys’, and you’re right.

        • Kyle Lyons

          Ironically i Swing much more towards Sony. Let me guess you watched 30 seconds of a video?

    • robert syarbaini

      Jack Turtleshell is completely bias.

      • Marcus Roue

        and you’re an idiot who can’t see the truth.

        Jack Turtleshell is the truth.

        • robert syarbaini

          Do you know the definition of the word bias? All Jack Turtleshell does is hate on xbox one. I hate the xbox one but Jack Turtleshell is a complete Sony Drone.

          • Marcus Roue

            Do you actually watch his video? Hate is such a strong emotion. He displays no emotion when talking about the XBone.
            He just reports on the news.
            Is most of the bad news about the XBone? Of course because there’s ONLY bad news on the XBone. When has there been any good news on it???

            Be real.

          • robert syarbaini

            only bad news. yeah you clearly don’t look for articles. I hope I never bump into you in psn.

          • Marcus Roue

            You’re blind if you don’t see it.

  • shadus

    I seem to be missing the point of your article. Is it that a youtube commentator who posts a video that clearly looks like click bait might actually click bait? Hardly seems worth the effort of writing an entire article. Come on lets be honest we all know the PS4 and Xbox 1 launches wont go well because launches in general don’t go well. Have we forgotten about the red ring of death, ps3 who couldn’t be played longer then 4 hours, Nintendo 3ds that didn’t have a web browser till 4 months after launch, the wii u which didn’t launch with tvii. I mean doesn’t worry anyone that the neither sony or xbox has shown their user interface except in promotional videos? You should be informing you readers that there will be problems but they will be ironed out eventually not going off at some random youtube guy because he has a source that one of the problem areas might be the network connection

  • Acesonnall

    Lmao. The way you guys are framing Rich just really goes to show the type of agenda you seem to be pushing (which is sad, because that’s usually not the conduct around here from what I’ve seen).

    We’re talking about a guy who has went through about 4 PS3’s and just recently bought a Vita, yet his goal is to spread misinformation? Even have the audacity to talk about being a subscriber here in the comments yet you speak of him in the exact opposite way of what you should have noticed he is really like?

    You guys didn’t even provide some transparency and mention the how Rich said he wish none of this came to fruition or how he thought the part about Wii U having a higher resolution than the PS4 and Xbox One version of COD:G to be a little shoddy.

    At the end of the day, you claiming his video is BS is making just as much of an assumption as the people taking this rumor as fact. We all (except for the corporate slaves) hope none of this actually happens. At most, hopefully the stuff mentioned in this video is old news that just recently got leaked as current news.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” as this information very well has a chance of being true. Rich hasn’t been the only one complaining.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually no. This “Information” has no chance to be true, because games simply don’t work like that. There’s no “assumption” here.

      Resolution rendering and network don’t have anything to do with each other. It doesn’t matter what his “goal” is, the fact that he’s spreading incorrect claims is a fact, just as the fact that he should have verified his “sources” against common technical knowledge before spreading misinformation.

      He can say that he wishes he’s wrong as much as he want. It doesn’t matter when he’s making this kind of outlandish claims that go against some of the simplest concepts of game development. When you receive a rumor, you verify it for credibility, even more so if you hope it’s false.

      • Acesonnall

        I get that. I too know quite a bit about tech (not so much of the network side though) so I don’t disagree that this could very well be misinformation. If it definitely is, fine just explain your point, but there is no need for all this libeling. I mean am I right?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          I’m not sure where you see the “libel”. The article states that the video is spreading misinformation, and explains why in detail.

          As gaming writers, our duty is to inform, which also includes fighting against misinformation.

          People like ReviewTechUSA should start learning that they’re given a degree of power with their ability to spread information and misinformation, and that power should be used responsibly, as it has a serious chance to cause damage.

          Many think “it’s just corporations! Who cares!”But corporations are also made by thousands of people that work for them to bring a product to the market.

          When you use the power of misinformation to damage those people, and you do so without even verifying the simplest of facts, it’s very contemptible. Simple as that.

          Compared to the video’s overly dramatic tones and overacting, this article is quite mild.

          • Acesonnall

            I completely agree. It looks like we see eye to eye on the subject and it is fantastic to see that you’re in the business of reporting information as accurately as you can.

            About the libeling part, I’m not asking you to go in and change the content, I wouldn’t, but these are the type of phrases that seem to have been unnecessary”

            “If the speaker’s overly dramatic tones aren’t enough to show what little credibility the whole video holds”
            I mean fine, while that’s just his persona and he didn’t have to sound that way, over dramaticism shouldn’t really discredit someone’s information.

            “This concept is such an elementary part of game development, that anyone even remotely associated with the industry would know about it, and would most definitely refrain from making such an outlandish claim (unless he was in a full fledged drunken stupor I guess).

            It’s also rather interesting to see that someone calling himself “ReviewTechUSA” doesn’t know how this works. It’s interesting and very telling.”

            Ever heard of finding peace in knowing? Did you have to paint Rich as a guy who ‘actually’ has no idea what he’s talking about when that really isn’t the case. Yes, maybe he should have scanned the information from his sources to see if there is anything that sounds fishy, but even still, if you’re just trying to correct misinformation, why go the extra mile to try and discredit anything this guy says? I can respect the choice though.

            “Even more than stupid, it’s demonstrably inaccurate and a poor attempt to misinformation and FUD”

            Come on, now. An “attempt”? Wrong or not, he’s clearly just passing on information from his sources that he found necessary to tell. Its not like he dedicates his entire channel to trying to slander MS and Sony (I mean seriously, if you watch any of his videos, why would he ever find enjoyment in doing this?)


            That’s pretty much it (and btw, if you see a dislikes on your comments, that’s not from me heh).

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Eh, that’s my opinion. I found the whole thing contemptible (as I find most of the rumors floating around nowadays, like someone actually is having a lot of fun spreading them, often at the readers/viewers’ expense), and I expressed it.

            I think it’s important that those that have this kind of power learn the lesson that it should be used responsibly, and that’s why I described the issue that way.

            Unfortunately, I don’t hold much faith in the fact that the lesson will ever be learned (and not only by the person in question), but still.

            I actually hold myself back quite a bit, because honestly the whole thing was beyond sad.

          • Acesonnall

            I can respect that.

  • Bozo Sapien

    The internet is going to be terribly disappointed when the truth comes out that both versions are the same resolution.

  • justme

    Iam not a technical genius but you arent either, I checked you´re profile in the web and there it says something with “studied at fashion academy in italy”. I take what you say with a grain of salt, because you arent a professionell in journalism nor in computer science either.

    If iam wrong, then I apologize…

    • Necro

      Any idiot knows resolution has nothing to do with network. I mean literally nothing to do with one another. Unless its a streaming service. But its not.

  • darkdomino

    All ReviewTech does is push rumors as “news” and spread misinformation. He’s an idiot, and needs to be ignored by the industry.

  • cell989

    one thing is for sure, his channel will get a lot of hits from all this exposure, in exchange of loosing his credibility, fair trade I guess

    • EX+

      Well when this BS turns out to be false, he’ll get so much backlash that he’ll probably have to take down his YT channel.
      The amount of Nintendo and PC fagboys on the video is astonishing. If the Wii U is for the gamers, where are the games? And the PC’s mainly an indie platform.

      • #RealTalk2013

        lol Yoshida has 2 Wii U’s. stfu.

      • Why the hate on “Nintendo”?

        • EX+

          I love Nintendo.
          It’s the Nintendo fanboys jumping on this BS that I’m aiming that comment at. Not Nintendo itself.

  • Tomo

    I can’t believe that CoD Ghosts could be worse resolution on Xbox One than PS4. It just doesn’t make sense to me. With the CoD/Microsoft relationship, it’s hard to believe Microsoft would allow this. Xbox is like thee “call of duty console”, for one. And second of all, it would offend a lot of people who have Xbox, and deter people from purchasing the game who have an Xbox One. I could be wrong but… It’s just hard for me to imagine.

  • Guest

    Seriously, lets all just unsubscribe the idiot. Its obvious now that he is just money hungry.

    • TravisSlothBearAbram

      He gained over a thousand subscribers from that video FYI and he plans to retaliate against this article.

      • Necro

        And it shows people are morons then. What he said is just wrong. Everything was cool UNTIL he brought up resolution issues because of network problems. Those 2 have NOTHING to do with one another. Only morons would think otherwise. So if he gained subs. Well they are blinding ignoring the facts to fit a narrative.

      • Guest

        Then those 1k people are fools and Rich is just trying to save his ass.

  • david

    wow your point on the resloution and graphics is completely broken… If the multiplayer has nothing to do with the graphics, why do MMO’s have terrible graphics compared to other games???

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because MMOs have to display a much higher number of character models on screen (even hundreds), which is also highly unpredictable for the developer, because all those characters aren’t AI controlled.

      It has nothing to do with bandwidth or networking. It has to do with Keeping the number of models and the polycount rendered by your computer/console locally at a manageable level for the video card.

      Completely different issue.

    • Necro

      OMG, i love when morons want to talk like they know the answers. Dude you just made a fool of yourself.

  • PromKnight

    LOL, Jealous much Dualshock

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Never jealous of spreading FUD and misinformation.

      • Lol

      • PeterPan

        Of course you’re saying that because it’s directly attacking your beloved system, and before you ask I play on PC lol…

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You do know that I’m a PC gamer first and foremost? 😀

          If I have a “beloved system” it’s called Steam.

          • John Smith

            Steam is not a system, it’s vaporised water…..get your facts right.

    • Yaris_Gutierrez

      What is there to be jealous of, exactly?

  • Blak August

    If all of this is not true than why even have an entire page explaining why its not. But I know for a fact that Sony planned on having DRM similar to MS. Regardless. You idiots that keep complaining about the resolutions should just come over here with the big boyz and get a PC. What are you people truly expecting from a console ??

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      “If all of this is not true than why even have an entire page explaining why its not.”

      Because quite obviously there are a lot of people willing to believe it unless they’re explained how it works.

      Unfortunately there are people willing to believe it even after the explanation, but that’s the nature of the internets.

      PS: the PC fanboyism permeating from your post doesn’t make you look to much better you know. And I tell that as a PC gamer.

    • I have both and I prefer playing on console.


  • WTF?

  • Keith

    If you even watched the beginning of the video, he acknowledges that
    some of the information he has could be inaccurate (and, in this case,
    actually was), and that he hopes that the information is wrong. All he’s
    doing is just telling about some information that he found that seemed
    true (at least to him) and didn’t want to risk having his channel taken
    down for telling where he got the sources from. Please pay attention to the video before writing an entire article
    about it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The fact that he *claims* hopes it isn’t true doesn’t excuse him from spreading misinformation and FUD.

      If he hoped it not to be true, he should have checked the information at the very least against the most elementary principles of game development.

      Mind you, someone that makes a living on reviewing games should really know that rendering resolution and network have nothing to do with each other without really needing to check with others. The fact that he doesn’t is quite sad.

      He got what he perceived as a “Hot rumor” and proceeded to irresponsibly vomit it on the internet without verifying it in any way. That’s contemptible to say the least, and defending that behavior is pretty ludicrous.

      • Keith

        You, sir, are the best troll on the internet. I applaud you. 🙂

        • EX+

          How the hell is he trolling? Is it because he has common senses?

    • Keith

      Butthurt. Butthurt everywhere.

  • Cordoba

    I don’t understand why people are so upset about ReviewTechUSA. He disclaimed that the information could be wrong. This whole article does not point that out. If you’re going to bash someone at last don’t make yourselves look like idiots, DualShockers.

    • Guest

      If ReviewTechUSA couldn’t or wouldn’t investigate why or how his info could be wrong, it’s up to the Internet to specify for him the job he didn’t do. Because Internet.

  • Pera

    It’s fun watching how much chaos this video has done to the gaming community.
    It really is. And how everyone is insulting each other, protecting everyone’s favorite console. I am glad I don’t care. Spares me a lot of trouble.
    It’s really sad watching all this. Sad how people are fighting over a so small thing, when there are bigger problems in this world

  • Yoshida: so stupid

    • Guest

      Indeed, Yoshida had the best reply for this vid :/

    • Hello, “SubZero”.

      I have seen you on “HorribleSubs”.

  • Koroma

    wow Nelva, Love you so much for making this article <3

    Some ppl sent me his video this morning, after i saw it i knew it was total BS.

  • Fox Gaming
  • If anything, Shohei’s giving it the light of day seems a bit more like a reason to believe it than it would be a reason to ignore it… If it warranted a response from the president of SCE Worldwide Studios, I’d say there’s probably a reason for that… Not sure what it is, but I’d expect it to float on by unaddressed like all the other rumors were it completely irrelevant.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Shuhei Yoshida responds to a whole lot of things on twitter, and responds to a whole lots of rumors. Always had.

      Anyone that follows him knows that he gives the “light of day” to as many people as he can.

      Having one’s content called “stupid” by someone like Yoshida-san is hardly any evidence of credibility. Quite the opposite.

      • Guest

        Not sure why I expected any different from a comment feed on dualshockers.com… I’ll see myself out of this feed now.

  • WellWisher

    I think Rich is a good guy. I think some of his ‘sources’ fed him some bogus information knowing how anti corporate he is and that he wouldn’t be able to resist a chance to remind people that Microsoft and Sony only want your money. Then when he’s found to be wrong: boom his credibility’s shot. Don’t think he would just make this stuff up.

  • Gibbodaman

    Ye of little faith, new video out, riche has solid proof and this dumbass article turns out to be full of more bullshit than richer could produce in his lifetime.

    • Yaris_Gutierrez

      So… where’s this proof?

  • otetas

    Well battlefield in singleplayer runs flawlessly on my pc with a lot of npcs going around, 30-40fps, but when im on a 64 player match or even 32 it usually runs at 20 fps in the same settings as the sp. I dont wanna defend rich or whatever but Giuseppe you are clearly wrong about that or i misread something. If i misread i apologise.

  • yo
    • #RealTalk2013

      lol rich pwned dualshockers XD

  • wHO

    Its really despicable when the rebuttal to a “______ said this is true” argument is “______ said its not true”. Could his source be wrong? Possibly. But to fall back on “What person X said isn’t true because person Y said-“, as if there’s no possible way that ‘person Y’ (Which in this case is Sony, who not so long ago lied about their online network being hacked resulting in thousands to have their credit info compromised) could be lying to avoid bad press. I can look at a Youtube comment that says “How dare you talk bad about the PS4 you asshole” and it would have the same validity as this article.

  • The Gamers of Gaming

    Oh of course it’s FUD when it’s bad stuff about Xbox One and PS4. Can’t have the precious corporations into which we’ve sunk so much of our lives and livelihoods turn out to have been taking us for suckers this whole time while the Wii U keeps things game focused. In fact, let’s just project all this FUD onto Nintendo and let them deal with it. We’ll defend DRM, paying for dashboard ads and occasional free games which we’ve already bought, and we’ll defend it to the death.

    • Necro

      2+2=4 right? Resolution issues and network problems have nothing to do with one another. You are arguing that 2+2=5 and its absolutely pathetic. No one cares the brand, Nintendo, Sony, MS. If this was said about anyone it would still be wrong. There is no bias. Its fact. What he said about resolution is wrong. Its 110% wrong, and simple knowledge of how game design would show this. I am a PC player, i have no brand, what he said is wrong. Get over it.

  • Do you even game

    How much have you been paid by the console company’s for this damage control article?

  • Phillip Morrison

    There is the NDA involved here. He actually legally can not reveal his sources. I have always trusted this guy, but he even said these are rumors that he hopes are not true. He’s not telling us the gospel! He’s relaying information from people he trusts and I would do the same thing. I think I have an inkling who they might be but an inkling is an inkling. Its a guess. I’m not going to tell you who I think it is in case it IS. But just take it with a grain of salt and stop QQing about this!

    • Yaris_Gutierrez

      I sincerely doubt that ReviewTechUSA signed a non-disclosure agreement to obtain his information considering that this information in itself is not as sensitive as you’re making it seem.

  • carl


    • #RealTalk2013

      lol i know right, it’s pitiful. real talk XD

    • Guest

      Indeed, what a bunch of low IQ paupers. N4Gay and NeoFAG needs to be terminated ASAP!

  • Phillip Morrison

    I’m passed caring about Sony or Microsoft as companies. I wanna get my PS4 and play the games.

  • Shadow

    They said

    “If the network was “totally screwed”, like the video claims, the developers would not cut on resolution”

    Hmm, let’s think about this. If the network that has been claimed to process AI and other processes that were meant to be done on Xbox one servers went screwy, Most likely it would nearly disable all online play. The only reason why I think they would cut down resolution it, I don know Put it on the game itself Rather than some screwed up server across the country so you can atleast play some online.

    Cutting the amount of players still doesn’t help the fact that information needed to be sent is not.

    Spell check for you

    “(he confirmed that COD: Ghosts will run natively in 1080p on PS4)
    Fixed version
    (he confirmed that COD: Ghosts will run natively in 1080p on WIIU)


    “President Shuhei Yoshida just called this video “stupid” on Twitter, because it really is. Even more than stupid, it’s demonstrably inaccurate and a poor attempt to misinformation and FUD. Viewers beware

    He never said the information was true. He actually hoped it wasn’t true. Who the hell cares what that person thinks? If you follow him good, how about the people that don’t? HIs page is full of people ranting about this video, Because their upset that their beloved game is not 1020p on the ps4 and cant brag about it. Who knows it could be false.

    Never said it was true but hay here’s a thought.

    Atleast he goes to real sources and people who work within companies (Check out other video’s every single source is located) and gets information from them whilst you people get your information from raging fanboys and some random ranting people on forums.

    “Yeah totally reliable”

    Achievement Unlocked: Fan boy reporters, from a trustworthy forum
    I wont buy any products from the President you’ve listed, He really shouldn’t be making a bigger rage about this video then a 12 year old getting his tv token away.

    • Necro

      The Wii U isnt going to be 1080p native. LOL. Black Ops2 was sub par 720p. Its just a matter of time before this is confirmed. PS4 version was already confirmed by IGN when they went hands on. The WiiU was never confirmed.

  • Patric Opitz

    Wow, you wanna be professional? This is ridiculous, so laughable. The one without any credibility is you, dear “dualshockers”. First of all, you have no idea of your information is right in the end and thus, no right to hate on ReviewTechUSA. Besides that, the ones without any idea how the networks of the console works, are you. Get your facts straight before you spread such bullshit about others. How much money have you been paid so you post this nonsense, just to make MS and Sony look better than they actually are? This is a serious question, guys.

    • Necro

      2+2=4 right? Resolution issues and network problems have nothing to do with one another. You are arguing that 2+2=5 and its absolutely pathetic. No one cares the brand, Nintendo, Sony, MS. If this was said about anyone it would still be wrong. There is no bias. Its fact. What he said about resolution is wrong. Its 110% wrong, and simple knowledge of how game design would show this. I am a PC player, i have no brand, what he said is wrong. Get over it. Seriously stop sticking up for false info. What ever else he said ok. But the resolution issue is wrong!

  • Steele

    ReviewTechUSA has been highly reliable in all past videos, all he did was let his subscribers know about some info he received! You guys act like he shot the president! Calm the hell down all of this is just rumors and “leaked” information, we well find out for ourselves on launch quit smearing youtubers because of a difference of opinion this article is childish DualShock I expected better from a “professional article”!

  • Duhwolf

    Ok you clearly have a personal problem with ReviewTechUSA. It’s one thing to call someone out, IF they are promoting false information. Where’s the quote from his video that states the information may be false and he hopes it is as well. Also, you have given no proof whatsoever as to the information being false. “The CE said so.” Really? Does no one remember the Bethesda CE saying they had no plans whatsoever for a fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls Series. Even the “proof” you did give, is just a link to another Dualshockers article with no proof in it. Is there a video of the game in 1080p? No? Then I guess it isn’t confirmed. Lastly, I’d have more respect for you and the “News” site you represent if you had worded your article a bit more maturely. You sound like a small child who’s angry another small child stole his cookie. And if anyone calls me out, remember I’m not representing a supposedly legitimate news website. Please people, take these things into consideration. Think for yourself and don’t begin to hate someone for one thing you haven’t even been given all of the information about.

    • #RealTalk2013

      i agree, real talk man. this article is pathetic XD

    • Necro

      The IGN video…… LOL. A little research and you would know that.

  • Xecho


  • Steele

    ReviewTechUSA has been highly reliable in all past videos, all he did was let his subscribers know about some info he received! You guys act like he shot the president! Calm the hell down all of this is just rumors and “leaked” information, we well find out for ourselves on launch quit smearing youtubers because of a difference of opinion this article is childish DualShock I expected better from a “professional” article!

  • Steele

    This whole thing is a bloody mess does anyone have tampons?

  • torrencedavis

    Just like the FUD you post Guiseppe

  • EZ

    He made reply video that he won’t apologize because because he doesn’t have to and other websites like IGN and Gamespot does it too so its okay for him. What the hell Rich…

    • Yaris_Gutierrez

      So his aim in life is to be like IGN and GameSpot? On the contrary, when you’re looking to differentiate yourself and your content from the rest of the world, you try not to mimic the very things people dislike about them. Which, per the author of the video, does not seem to be the case.

    • Kyle Lyons

      He was comparing himself to other News sites. IGN make videos all the time on rumors, many of which end up being false, yet no one really blinks an eye at them. So why all the big fuss over him commenting on a rumor.

      • Yaris_Gutierrez

        Again, so because IGN does he should be okay with it? He shouldn’t be comparing himself to IGN because he isn’t IGN or any other large publication. What I’m asking is this: if you’re striving to be an independent source of information for the gaming community, shouldn’t you aspire to, at the very least, do some research to get accurate information for your viewer base? I mean, for the most part, aside from being entertaining, people go to him because they believe his information is legit.

        All sites do it, sure. Rumors can be the bread and butter for some. But in a case like this, when his “rumor” was technically unsound and ridiculous, he should have made the effort to look into it. Being a technical person and all, the very bits of what he was told should have resonated “BS” at the time he heard it.

  • 100

    We don’t know what his sources are. Not all companys are 100% honest.

  • Latore

    in one of his videos while he was vloging on capcom lack of resources to port SFU4 to the next gen consoles , he went on saying its only needed to upscale the textures and resolution of their existing graphics assets to accomplish that port, coming out from some one calling himself tech reviewer really made me laugh.

    • Raven The Great

      If it had a PC port, it might be relatively easy.. the architecture is so much similar than any previous console generations.

  • Jeremy

    lol his reliable sources

  • lozano

    I never heard of dualshockers until I saw RTU… this site is irrelevant

    • nico

      I never heard of RTU until I saw dualshockers … that dude is irrelevant

      • #RealTalk2013

        i’m with lozano here XD

      • Kyle Lyons

        Well 110,000 people would say other wise.

    • EX+

      This site has common sense, something that a lot of popular gaming journalists do not have.
      RTU’s ‘sources’ are what’s irrelevant.

  • Michael Reed

    Most likely, he was destroyed by design because he was, and I speak in the past tense, gaining some credibility as a rumor/review source. Meaning: he was fed false information to intentionally shame him. It’s a common tactic used against members of the media to maintain control. Someone like RTU is a threat to large corporations. Its not pretty but its the honest truth.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s possible, but honestly when you’re fed that kind of information you should verify it. For your own sake, not just that of your readers/viewers.

      When I see a rumor that talks about something technical that I don’t readily understand, I call people that do and get it explained to me. If the rumor doesn’t check out to a technical explanation, I let it sink.

      The problem is not talking about rumors. It’s talking about rumors that you didn’t verify, and that if you did verify them, it would have spelled some serious doubts on the credibility of the source.

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    When you receive some “Info”, you check it before letting your viewers know. No matter who gives it.

    If the Pope himself calls me and tells me that the sky has suddenly become lime green with yellow polka dots, you can be sure as hell that at least I’ll stick my nose out of the window and check before writing about it.

    It’s really not a matter of opinion.

    • Kyle Lyons

      That analogy is god awful

      This isn’t something you can gather Info on. He can’t call up Sony/Microsoft and check his information, because if it is true they are going to keep that on wraps.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        You don’t need to call Sony and Microsoft for someone to tell you very clearly that Network and Resolution have nothing to do with each other.

        When you receive a rumor on technical concepts, you call someone with solid technical knowledge and ask if the rumor is even possible.

        In this case, he would have been told that no, it’s not possible for COD’s resolution to be downgraded due to network problems. That would have made the alarm bells ring on the credibility of the whole source.

  • EX+

    Now Rich is talking BS about Dualshockers.
    Just wait till the launch of the PS4. Rich is going to get more backlash than Don Mattrick.

  • namesdon’tmatter

    dear Guiseppe Nelva, stfu about an article with “anonymous” sources and don’t take this vid seriously, I can guarantee that If I look on this site long enough I’ll find articles with “anonymous” sources… and not take them seriously at all. these kind of articles are the bane of “game journalism” and you blatantly lie about review tech being “rather popular” with about 100k subs he does not have the 900k subs of markiplier to the 12m subs of pewdiepie.

    I don’t always agree with reviewtech, and I don’t always like what he has to say, in fact he has angered me, but honestly when you don’t like what someone has to say about a console you like then proceed on an overwhelmingly article makes you look entirely unprofessional. P.S. thank for giving this “Fear Monger” extra views when you clearly don’t want that.

  • IRNatman

    To everyone spamming hate about ReviewTechUSA, you have NEVER seen a RTUSA video before that one. He ALWAYS names his sources and ALWAYS links the articles he reports. Shut your retarded mouths and do some research before crying. Now go ahead and vote down this comment because all of you will be in denial.

  • Evil

    If what TRU said is true, I would think it comes down to the fact that a lot of the games on the X1 (if not all, or damn near) can/will use Microsoft’s servers to handle a lot of the work normally done on the console to “give it more power” or at least take some of the work off the console’s hands.Remember they touted that as a feature of their uber network. If that is indeed the case, and is the case for the new COD as well as other games, then the network not being up to snuff WILL have an impact on performance because it would be relying on the servers to actually help actually run the game let alone handle the multiplayer. I think people are forgetting about this little fact. If indeed true, lowering the rez will allow them to use the console to pick up the slack that they intended to offload to the servers to handle especially if the console was barely running the game at 1080p to begin with. There you have the problem. And if the ps4 is going to do this as well you could see how it would effect both console versions..

    • Evil

      RTU not TRU, typo

    • Zak

      All that stuff about using Cloud servers to increase graphical fidelity and performance isn’t exactly true. An online server can never execute graphical processing. I’ll try to find an article regarding this.

  • idoltalk

    meh, rich has been wrong before

  • DualshockersIsGarbage

    This site is retarded, they have no idea what they are even talking about.
    Clearly they are just fanboys damage controlling for Sony. LOL!

    • EX+

      Are you sure about that fool?

      Look at these links that basically debunk everything that Rich said.

      Here are two articles from February (The reveal of the PS4 and before the XBO reveal), consisting of interviews from Shuhei Yoshida, stating that the PS4 will not have any DRM:

      Also, here are articles debunking what Rich said about the Day one patch covering up DRM. Shuhei Yoshida has already confirmed that you don’t need an internet connection or the Day One patch and that the day one patch is not included on games:


      Here’s a VIDEO of Adam Boyes announcing that COD Ghosts is running at 1080p native on the PS4:

      There you go. Every single thing Rich said, debunked by the links I gave.

      • Kyle Lyons

        shh you are making Sony fans, like myself look bad. Stop spending so much time and effort on this .

        And if i’m not wrong rich hit both companies with his video, not just sony .

        • EX+

          I know he did, which I’m going to say this: I knew the video was BS the second Rich said that MS’s network infrastructures were weak.
          I’m NO Xbox fan, but MS would sooner be caught dead than have a weak infrastructure for XBL, the biggest investment they’ve made for the Xbox.
          Also, excuse me for calling out BS and proving Rich wrong. And believe me, I in no effort to get these links.

          • Kyle Lyons

            Like he said both netwoks are rumored to be built around DRM. If this is true, both Microsoft and Sony would have to build their networks from the ground up.

          • to the fanboy…

            really… remember when larry herb said that they cant just flip the switch and turn off drm way back when? im pretty sure he meant it. they had the infrastructure with DRM in mind… so if they take that out then they have to rebuild it to work without drm… sooooo yea im pretty sure it takes TIME and MONEY to do that which means its not gonna happen in two seconds.

    • Seth H.

      you know where the “door” is….


      Yeah, it’s being run by $0N¥ PAUPERS!

  • MrZ

    This is not 100% true. Nowadays graphic cards do more things than just the image, like physics. Maybe some physics were meant to be held by the servers, and if they turned out to be slower than what they thought, maybe now are held by the graphics card, so need to lower the resolution. We don’t know it, so we all must shut up and wait…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Incorrect. GPU compute for physics and the like is something that the PS4 will do in two years, not now. As Mark Cerny stated very clear in his presentation conferences.

      There has been absolutely no information on the XBox One’s GPU doing any GPU compute, so it doesn’t apply.

      • MrZ

        how that can be possible! “PS4 will do in two years, not now” why not now if it can do it in 2 years? That doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t saw the comference, or i don’t remember it, so i can’t say anithing, but… Seriously think about it. It sounds so unreal. And besides, are developers who enable the physics, so what is stoping them?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The tools and tech for it have to be provided by Sony, and using that kind of feature implies knowing the platform a lot mode reely than it’s known now by third parties.

          According to Cerny developed the console with a solid feature set for developers for year one, and more advanced features slated for year three and four, to keep the console up to date and futureproof. GPU compute is between the latter.

          While the hardware is the same, consoles are constantly updates via firmware updates.

          • Seth H.

            Does that mean that those features aren’t available on the earlier tiers or that they just aren’t supported?

  • thedutchterminator

    Every dipshit that agrees with dualshockers is retarded
    ,he says that they are rumors and he hopes that it’s not true

    • dusty_hayes

      This is why I stick with The Esacapist they don’t go round instigating hate towards a youtuber cheap thrills who is discussing rumors which Rich stated thought out his video for Thank God for Jim =)

  • 666


  • EX+

    Rich has dropped the ball on this one. BIG TIME.
    I can’t wait to see the comments when this is proven false come the launch of the PS4/XBO.

  • Wagner

    it doesnt make sense to me that because of connection problems they have to bother to get the frame to 720p i am probably an ignorant about this but to me it doesnt make sense. plus that you have to stay with the ps3 version of the game to work if you upgrade to ps4… i thought to upgrade on disc you will have to trade your copy of the ps3 or xbox 360 to the store trade the game to new version and just pay 10 dollars and thats about it but if you buy it online like on the marketplace or PSN you will keep the game on ps3 and just for 10 dollars you can update to the new version without losing any of the games so i would provably just buy it on PSN or marketplace since there is no taxes on games that you buy on those stores online.

  • Casper Steuperaert

    That and your ‘Network doesn’t dictate the resolution’ explanation is just wrong.
    If your network is screwed, it becomes a recource hog, which means you can display the graphics as well, which means the games will run on a lower resolution.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Incorrect. Even if the netcode was a “resource hog” (which is a bit ludicrous, because the netcode in an FPS has to handle very small packages, that require very little elaboration and bandwidth), That would impact the CPU exclusively, not the GPU.

      Resolution depends on GPU, so it being impacted by the network is simply not realistic.

      • Casper Steuperaert

        If that is so, how do you explain the Xbox One running the game at 720p?
        If your network is slow on an online game, it affects framerate, getting better graphics and better resolution demands more recources, if your OS is flawed, that hogs your console

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          If the Xbox One runs at 720p (which isn’t confirmed yet), it’s because of the problems in using the more complex hardware architecture and a less powerful GPU (1.33 Teraflops vs 1.84), not because of its network. Framerate is not affected in any way by network lag.

          You can be 100% lagged, with people not moving at all on the screen (it happens in MMORPGs for instance when the servers are slammed), and the framerate will be unaffected, nice and crisp at 60fps or more. They’re two entirely different areas of a game’s inner workings.

          If you wanna try, get any online game on PC, fire up FRAPS or any FPS counter, play a game, then unplug your router. You’ll see that framerate will remain unaffected.

          On PS4:

          Battlefield 4 = 64 players online plus two commanders, 900p,
          Killzone: Shadow Fall = 24 Players online, 1080p

          Call of Duty Ghosts is made with a less demanding engine than both, has smaller maps, and has only 18 players online.

          It’s quite ludicrous to expect that they’d need to lower resolution (which has nothing to do with the network) while they didn’t with the two games mentioned above.

          • Casper Steuperaert

            The Xbox One is ‘supposedly’ build like a PC, and even then. An octacore 1,75 Ghz processor console runs a game at 720p, while the Wii U, which has a 1,24 Ghz tricore runs the game at native 1080p?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            One: resolution depends mostly on GPU, not on CPU, and the Xbox One’s GPU is not exactly a powerhouse.
            Two: the Xbox One has a caveat, it’s eSRAM, that seems to be complicating things for third party devs and makes the architecture peculiar compared to PCs.

        • EX+

          Probably because of the ESRAM (Not an MS fan either). If the ESRAM bottleneck was already bypassed, the XBO would at least be running COD Ghosts at 900p native upscaled to 1080p.

  • Richard Masucci

    excellent article. I totally agree!

    • Thenaethryn

      How could you not? Its like being smacked in the face with a ham and truth sandwich written by the modern language association themselves! That Rich guy is just an asshole with just an above average chest.

      • Josh

        Lol you do realize that is the same Rich they are talking about in the article right?

        • EX+

          It’s a parody account bro.

          • Josh

            Really? I mean I watch Rich’s videos alot and he only shows gameplay mostly, very rarely does he actually show his face, but that is an actual picture of him.

            Still after all of that if it really is a parody account fail by me lol

          • EX+

            If I’m wrong, I apologize. It’s just that people like pretending to be someone to be funny.

          • Josh

            I think you’re right, if you google the name that is the first picture that comes up. Would be hilarious if it really was rich though

  • Shirokuro

    Wii U master race


  • PC Elitist

    lol how the console peasants bicker and fuss. Such trivial people.

  • Michael Brough

    While I appreciate you mentioning that running the game at 720p would not improve network play in any way, you performed a logical fallacy by claiming that because only one of several rumors presented was clearly false that all the rumors must also be false. I would like to mention though that to me none of these rumors in any way shape or form seem damning or important. I never expected either system to have a stable network at launch and even if Sony was going to include draconian DRM like Microsoft was they clearly are not going to now and both manufacuterers learned their lesson.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not really a logical fallacy. It’s a pretty standard way to treat a source of rumors.

      When your source tells you something demonstrably false, then doubt is cast over the credibility of the source itself, and of all he/she says. If they feed you bullcrap on something, there’s no reason to believe the rest isn’t bullcrap.

      • Michael Brough

        It is indeed a logical fallacy: hasty generalization. You only refuted the rumor that Call of Duty: Ghosts would
        run at 720p because of network issues. You then said quite clearly that
        because this rumor is false, that all of them must also be false. For
        the most part glossing over the fact that he made more than that one claim. He said that the network infrastructure was in shambles (something which you mentioned but did not address), that the
        Assassins Creed 4 trade in program required you to keep your PS3 disk,
        that Dead Rising 3 would have online features stripped because XBLA for
        the Xbox One is incomplete, that CoD: Ghosts on Wii U will run native at
        1080p, and that Sony planned to include the same draconian DRM that
        Microsoft did. He said that it came from multiple sources; even if he
        lied about having multiple sources for integrity sake you should still
        examine the other rumors. In my first comment I also neglected to bring up your use of the poisoning the well fallacy. You said “If the speaker’s overly dramatic tones aren’t enough to show what little credibility the whole video holds,” this calls into question the credibility of everything he said because he said it with “overly dramatic tones”.

        • Seth H.

          “and that Sony planned to include the same draconian DRM that Microsoft did.”

          It’s possible, but so what? (conjecture) The fact that they saw the way that the public reacted and took steps to not only correct a misguided idea but forced their competition to do the same is a good thing. All they would have to have done was the same thing that MS tried to do at first, force it on us. We would have had no choice in the matter, MS would have stuck to their policy and right now all of that draconian DRM would now be the industry standard.
          If you have to believe that this is true, give them credit for not having to be forced.

          • Michael Brough

            In my original comment I mentioned that I don’t think that the rumor about Sony including draconian DRM is all that important and that even if they did plan on including it they aren’t now and neither is Microsoft because of it.

          • Seth H.

            So you did. I jumped in late to the conversation, had to reload the page to even see it.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The part about requiring the disk for the upgrade program is not a rumor. It’s something that has been confirmed and known since when the upgrade program was announced, several weeks ago.

          And yes, when someone overdramatizes the way he did, it definitely calls into question his ability to look at things from a balanced standpoint.

          The rest is the standard way to gauge a source. When a source tells you something that’s factually false, than that source is burned. There’s no “but” or “if” there.

          A source that doesn’t keep consistent in the truthfulness of its contents, especially within the same group of rumors, is not credible.

        • Seth H.

          Today’s Phrase of the Day is: “Logical Fallacy”

    • sameguy

      to the mod: it clearly is a logical fallacy. grow up and get views by being a good journalism website that trys to report the truth not a fanboy with butthurt

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        A “good journalism website” fights against misinformation, and this is exactly the case.

  • TooLazyToLongIn

    What was the purpose of this article O.o
    Isn’t this a professional website?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      And the duty of a professional website is also to fight misinformation.

      • Agreed. 🙂

      • TooLazyToLongIn

        that is true, but not to attack youtubers like children
        Whether Rich put up mis-information or not, that doesn’t mean a professional website goes and calls him out
        That is not what a professional does, that is what a hater does or that is what a teenage girl does, like spreading false rumors and telling everyone about it

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          We didn’t spread false rumors. That’s exactkly what Rich did.

          Sorry, buy when someone spreads misinformation, it’s entirely acceptable to call him out on it. If one doesn’t want to be called out on spreading misinformation, he simply shouldn’t.

          • TooLazyToLongIn

            What if he thought it was real? How can the messanger be held responsible when even crazier things have happened in this industry, I thought the community of gamers are supposed to show respect? If you call someone out, do it to them to their face
            Not through an article like a coward, message him and call him out on it.

    • guy

      dont worry about it “professional” journalism has been corrupt and funded by big buissness for a while.. i mean look at Geoff and his doritios and halo 4 and mountain dew.

      • TooLazyToLongIn

        Meh, im just saying
        IDC WHAT YOU do and if attacking people like that is journalism, then journalism needs to take a reality check

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Journalism means fighting misinformation with information, which is exactly what this article does.

          You should blame the source of misinformation, not the source that rectifies it to actually inform you.

          • TooLazyToLongIn

            Journalism isn’t about that, do you think this article is a knight of shining armor in this ONE time he didn’t name a source? This one time? I respect the right for this article to exist, but fighting rumored info from a source automatically means OH THIS GUY BE LIEING and yet when he names an article or source, there isn’t a need to attack him
            It saddens me if this is what journalism is, once again I respect you and this site and its articles but… claiming journalism is the reason why this article exists… that sounds more like a scape-goat to me

  • TooLazyToLongIn

    Doing this article just looks sad to me :/
    just my opinion, I know they are rumors but journalists don’t just call out someone if it worked like that IGN would have called out so many haters.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Journalists definitely call people out if they spread misinformation. The fact that some sites are content with just writing about press releases and doing reviews, doesn’t mean that fighting misinformation isn’t part of doing information, hence, a very important part of a journalist’s job.

  • Matt Johnson

    Please stop hating on Rich.
    Most of you have no idea what you’re talking about. In all of his other videos you can find reliable sources. If you watched any of his other videos, he loves PS4 compared to XBONE.
    You guys need to accept the fact that maybe this is true instead of raging. I hate Xbox, but you guys are acting worse than Microsoft fanboys…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      There’s no fact to accept Matt. Resolution and Network have nothing to do with each other, so the concept of lowering resolution due to the bad quality of the network is factually false. That’s the only relevant fact here.

      It’s not a matter of hating. As a matter of fact, I enjoy his other videos a lot. But misinformation has to be rectified.

      • Logan Hollis

        He does NOT state it as fact. He simply says that the information came from sources he trusts. Nothing more. He continually says that he hopes this stuf isn’t true throughout the entire video.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          If he hoped so much that it isn’t true, he should have checked it more thoroughly before disseminating it.

          He would have discovered that elements of it don’t pass the check, and deemed the source unreliable.

          He’s not a newbie. I’m sure he knows very well that if someone with his visibility and fanbase says something like that (and with that level of drama), no matter how much he says that he hopes it isn’t true, many people will take it as God-given truth.

          Which is why this kind of rumor has to be handled responsibily and double/triple checked before you think about spreading it.

          In this case, simply asking someone with a decent technical knowledge (and up to date with the news) would have unveiled the fact that the source is unreliable and misinformative.

          • Logan Hollis

            You yourself said he is not new to this. I can assure that he double and triple checked things: he’s not an idiot. Did it ever occur to you that all of his sources might have been saying the same thing?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Double checking the info would have inevitably resulted in getting to grips with the iron-clad notion that resolution and network infrastructure don’t mix. That’s a very basic fact in game development. Nothing of what contributes to render a game’s resolution passes by the network, so a source that tells you that a developer lowered a game’s resolution because of a problem with the network is easily identifiable as a bullshitter. It simply doesn’t work like that, and there’s no way around it.

            Secondly, Adam Boyes isn’t a newbie as well (a lot less of a newbie actually), and he walked on stage no longer than five days ago stating in a conference livestreamed worldwide that COD: Ghosts will be 1080p native on PS4. Anyone that kept up with the news should know that.

            Do you seriously believe a top sony executive would publicly promise a game in native 1080p less than a month from the release of the console (when everyone will be able to check) if it wasn’t true?

            Come on. Everyone knows that corporations some times lie through they teeth, but not to the level of marketing suicide.

        • EX+

          If he hoped it wasn’t true, he would’ve done some research. Please check this out to understand why he’s wrong:


          • Logan Hollis

            Even the most experienced of journalists makes a mistake from time to time. Based on his track record, which is that of a YouTuber who makes sure that his sources are credible, I choose to trust him. He may be wrong, but the amount of times he has been right (and the credible sources he uses) make me trust him unless I see irrefutable proof that he is wrong.

          • Logan Hollis

            Additionally, there is no way any self-respecting/experienced game journalist is going to trust that site (misterXmedia’s blog; not your source, it’s good as it has actual sources cited) as it is a blog and the english language is full on butchered to no end. I may not much about computer hardware (currently learning) but I can tell when a source is bad.

  • metro

    I dont care what ya say but I believe Rich and I think ps4 was goin to put that DRM on ps4

    • EX+

      You’re riding on Rich. Take off the RTU goggles.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Considering all of your sources are coming Sony itself, it is very clear to me that you do not understand what you are talking about.

    Rich is a very tech oriented guy. I don’t take his word as gospel when the actual quality of games are concerned, but he is very knowledgeable about how the tech in the industry works. Considering he very clearly has several different sources, I think PS4 owners are not going to be happy come launch.

    • EX+

      You can’t tell me that anyone with any sense of how tech works would believe a source that claims resolution gets a downgrade because of networking.

    • Seth

      believe what you like, we will know in 15 days

  • shockle

    Most of you guys hating on rich has only watched this one video, if you were a long time subscriber you would know that rich don’t scaremonger and spread disinformation. after all he has his popular channel and subscribers to lose and he wouldn’t say stuff like this if he didn’t believe his sources has some merit.

    Rather than say thanks rich for the info and LIKE YOU i hope its not true but lets wait and see, instead you go crazy and say all this bull about him, even dualshockers a “respectable” website and the place to go for many for gaming info is encouraging the hate on rich’s reviewtechusa’s channel by saying his “tones” are enough to say his claims have no credibility! so basically they are saying “here is the video its a joke go and hate on it”

    what a bunch of bullshit

    • Yaris_Gutierrez

      What was written as a response to ReviewTechUSA’s video was based on fact that was done by extensive research. To say that his sources had “merit,” when he is labeled a technical person, is quite bewildering when anyone with any technical understanding of networks and GPU manipulation would know immediately that the information given by his “sources” are nothing but fabricated material.

      Additionally, people shouldn’t just be concerned about his reliability as a information hub because of what was written here. When you have a someone like Shuhei Yoshida, who is a well-respected guru in the gaming industry saying that his video was “stupid,” it should raise some eyebrows, no?

  • beachbum111111

    He’s view whored in the past as well with misleading titles. Such as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdydfR1T9mE

  • Jacob Hof
  • Andrew Chambers

    Um, the network can affect graphics. First: M$ plans on utilizing cloud computing, that makes processing and network speed related. However this shouldn’t affect CoD since its not used yet. And second, if the dedicated servers aren’t up then the visuals would definitely be an issue. On a network game, each players data is uploaded to the server first, then to the other machines. If its peer to peer, then the “server” is a host console. Which means it’s running the game and directing traffic.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m afraid your idea of how a network game works is incorrect.

      The only data uploaded to the server and then passed to the other machines is gameplay data (position, where you’re shooting, your score and so forth). Visual data doesn’t pass through the network at all, as it’s already present on every client machine’s hard disk/disk.

      Basically all the network needs to do is to tell every machine that the player X is in position Y doing Z. Then each machine will render player X independently in position Y, performing action Z. No visuals are streamed through the network, as it’s not necessarily. They’re already on the target machine.

      • Andrew Chambers

        I never said visual data is passed through the network. My main point was that if a console is the host, then it’s handling more network traffic then if it was just connected to a server. The extra strain could limit resources. It doesn’t mean it’s the case for CoD, but it is a possibility. And everyone seems to forget that both the X1 and PS4 have constant online processes not dedicated for the games. I believe it was announced that 3 GB of the 8 GB of RAM wasn’t available for gaming on the X1.

        And there is a lot more data transferred then just position. Any individual console in the match has to run and calculate the game code, put any player data into packets for the server, send those packets, receive other players data and record their position, weapon loadout, movement, line of sight, bullet trajectory, and hit detection for all players on the map. Granted, a lot of this is built into the engine for regular play anyway, but there is extra strain on a system when it’s online. Almost all PC games take a hit to FPS when online (unless it’s locked).

        Just because this is possible, it doesn’t mean that it’s the case for CoD. I find it unlikely that it won’t be in 1080p at launch, but it might have been an issue during early development. All I was saying is that it could have been a factor. And I guarantee that if network issues used too many resources then the devs would rather have the game at 60 FPS at 720p rather then 30-45 at 1080p.

        I honestly don’t see why Dualshockers is getting so uptight over a Youtube poster if they don’t see them as a legit source anyway. I think the only reason anyone is upset about the post was because he mentioned that the Wii U version was in 1080p. I would honestly be more surprised if during development that the X1 and PS4 versions ran at a higher resolution seeing as the specs were finally locked down on the those consoles just two months ago.

        • Seth H.

          It seems that you don’t know enough about graphics & networking to even understand how wrong you are here. He proposed a simple test earlier:
          “If you wanna try, get any online game on PC, fire up FRAPS or any FPS counter, play the game, then unplug your router. You’ll see that framerate will remain unaffected even if you’re disconnected.”
          Try it for yourself, network performance and graphics are completely unrelated

          • lolidiots

            Try this for yourself:

            Play an online multiplayer videogame online, and obstruct your [wireless[ router or place it a ways away from your console or computer, and see how the delayed data packets obstruct the framerate.

            Next, stick your head out of your anus and be open minded.

          • Seth

            You don’t want me to have an open mind, you just want me to agree with you. There is a difference. Beside, I play MMO’s all the time, I stand by what I said. I would take you more serious if you would forgo the petty insults. Not that it matters to me what you say

          • Andrew Chambers

            Don’t be insulting, it doesn’t help the argument. Also, putting a strain on the router would be a much better test. You won’t see any noticeable packet delay from moving a router 20 feet unless you’re wireless.

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            Thanks for the respect.

          • Andrew Chambers

            I don’t understand why everyone finds it so hard to get that I’m not saying graphics aren’t processed over the network. Most lag is caused by network bottlenecking. However, what people don’t seem to get is that the current setup on the next gen consoles reserves a rather large chunk of resourses that devs cannot access for gaming. It’s for the online services like chat, streaming, video sharing, etc. I’m sure when the dev kits first went out for the X1 no one knew that almost half the RAM was going to be used exclusively on the OS and online functions.

            Also, you’d be a fool to think that your machine doesn’t have to process those packets it receives. I get that they’re quite small in size, but there’s a constant feed. Your game has to take those packets and translate into the game code. Any form of processing on a computer requires your RAM and CPU. However, new games are requiring the GPU to do a lot of the engine processing now because it’s more efficient. If the network is hogging resources that means there are less available to the game.

          • Seth

            Okay, I’m not going to argue with you. You do not know what you are talking about, but you seem to have totally convinced yourself so there is no point in trying to dissuade you.
            You will find out in 15 more days

          • Andrew Chambers

            Fair enough, although it was confirmed that the PS4 version will at least run at 1080p.

  • nonya

    The video didn’t “Claim” anything

  • Boykinisepic

    Doesn’t Yoshida calling it stupid, instead of a real explanation, raise a flag at all?

    • lolidiots

      His responses are always short no matter what the cause, but that could be up for debate. Maybe they didn’t want to bring attention to the subject because it would just spread rumors, or maybe you’re right and they’re simply trying to hide something, but that’s not really a good enough reason to know that there’s something up with the next generation consoles.

  • Luke Bryant

    review tech has accurate sources on every other one of his videos dualshockers you guys are dumbasses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knh_JlUqj9c

    • EX+

      Who are his sources though? Answer me.
      Because if it’s MisterXmedia like I think it is, the video is completely discredited right there and then.

      • Luke Bryant

        he uses sources like gamestop and ign

  • I’macoprateSonydrone
    • lolidiots

      And all the bumbletwats in the comments sucking up to the sheep herder should be licking your boots right now for proving that the only logic they were employing were logical fallacies.

  • Sgt. Faggot


    • Seth

      and then there are the rest of us who don’t care about this “controversy du jour” and are just waiting for fools like you to go back to youtube. Shouldn’t take too long

      • Sgt. Faggot

        oh really now

  • Matt Richards

    You just posted an article about how a YOUTUBE CHANNEL posted a video in which he talks about rumors from sources HE TRUSTS.
    You attack the whole video, yet the only point you make is about the graphics.
    HOW HARD IS IT TO BELIEVE THAT SONY PLANNED TO HAVE DRM. Perhaps they changed their mind before that article. Is it so hard to wrap your mind around the concept of RUMOR DISCUSSION? He’s not a news network! He’s not a journalist! He makes videos!

  • Iamnotgivingacomputermyname

    Yeah, just go home Dualshockers, your drunk.

  • fatman111

    Why is everyone hating or rich when he has sources but when some journalist site has them we have to put 100% trust in them not saying that he is right or wrong just some people are incredibly ignorant.

  • GORV

    If negative rumors about the Xbox One were to surface, people would laugh and bash on the X1. But god forbid some bad news/rumors surface about the PS4, the beloved white knight console. As soon as Sony fanboys here something negative about their PS3.5, they go up in arms and act like 8 year old kids, which are worse than the 12 year old Xbox fans. Fuckin’, real talk.

    • DelsinRowe

      Where to begin? I guess the most obvious and depressing. You should learn the difference between “here” and “hear”. It’s not very hard. I think if you go back and check some of your first grade school work you’ll be able to find some very useful information to help you learn.

      Second, How are you going to go off on a butthurt tirade about PS3.5 and the great injustice that is the X1 and then in the same breath call others “8 year old kids”. If you’re going to try to insult other people’s intelligence, please do yourself a favor and attempt to do so without looking like an imbecile yourself. Real talk.

      And lastly, the reason people jump all over the Xbox is because bad press is just another day at the office for Microsoft. You hear something negative and that’s just the norm. It’s been one huge failure since the first day it was revealed. THAT’S why people are quick to judge. They brought that on themselves.

      • IDontCareEnoughToLie


    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      You do realize that the vid in question says bad things about the XB1 as well, right? Or does this seem like good news to you because it makes the consoles equal?

    • DelphisFinn

      Did you seriously just end an angry comment with “fuckin’ real talk”? Like, unironically? Oh dear, you are just too precious.

  • John Chorley

    He should have revealed his sources I’m not sure how his channel would get removed because of him citing sources, its not illegal and he’s not under an NDA.

  • John Chorley

    Resolution has nothing to do with the network. The ammount of players do. Does the PS4 day one patch remove DRM? A good possibility. But Rich should have cited his sources.

    He’s under no NDA, and Copyright law allows him to cite those sources.

    So I’d take the information Rich provides with a grain of salt as all we have to go on is his word only.

  • undeadbobop

    Thank you for exposing this guy, he has been spreading misinformation for years, and people consider him reliable when he makes up things and has no idea what he is talking about video after video. Especially when it comes to game development, he changes his information every day practically to try to stretch his views out more and more. Often lieing about what news sources claim to say and even reporting news sources that have no citation and spread misinformation as well. Such as his 900p vs 720p video, the images that news source used graphically manipulated the images they are really at 1080p with anti aliasing applied to the images so they do not give a good representation of the differences. Or his outlandish claims that you can’t tell the difference between 1080p & 720p on anything smaller than 50in resolution. Or his outlandish claim that PC’s are hard to develop games for because drivers, and that you have to update your drivers every 2 weeks and that you have to down grade drivers to play different games. He lies all of the time spreads misinformation just to get views.

  • Giuseppe Nelva

    So, COD: Ghosts confirmed 1080p on PS4 by Infinity ward: http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/10/30/infinity-ward-confirms-call-of-duty-ghosts-is-1080p-on-ps4-720p-on-xbox-one/

    Strike one. Don’t tell me I did not warn you.

  • Rich Hutnik

    Congrats for setting things up now so ReviewTechUSA will mention you each time you get something wrong. Was the goal here to get people to visit your website? I never even heard of you until you decided to call out RewiewTechUSA.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No. My goal here was to fight misinformation, as I always do, anywhere I see it.

      • Lar Le

        He did not state the rumors, as fact and even said that he hopes that the sources he was given is wrong. So why do gaming sites discuss rumors without providing credible sources without getting bashed? Sure the guy could have handled it better when it came to the rumors, but you are in the wrong here for calling him out.

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          If not him then who? Once things like this start to spread, they have a way of mutating into “forum facts” as I call them. I’m sure you’ve seen it for yourself, people quoting this crap as if it were already proven. It’s still going on and this has already been debunked

          If someone doesn’t counter the misinformation, then it will spread and everyone will start to believe it because they keep hearing it everywhere

      • Rich Hutnik

        Said videogame “journalist” sites live and die by hits. That is how things are done. Get people to view your site, and read content and get hit by ads, so you can pay to have things up. Why would you even bother with ReviewTechUSA, unless people are hounding you with “what about this?” and they show you the video? There is so much bull out there on the Internet, why just target them? Of course, to get hits is what primarily comes to mind.

  • DelphisFinn

    What a weird page this is.

    First, we’ve got this “ReviewTechUSA” fella being a blatant attention-whore for views with his incendiary headline and utter lack of factual information.

    Then we’ve got a distressing number of people in this comments section climbing all over each other to defend ReviewTechUSA against Giuseppe’s mean ol’ reality. Dear everyone having spasms over this article – freedom of speech doesn’t mean what you think it means, and defending someone who is doling out blatant misinformation by saying “well, it’s just their opinion” is brain-breakingly stupid. C’mon, be better than that.

    Holy hell, people get bent out of shape over new-gen releases.

    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      I agree to a point but I think that the “ReviewTech” guy has the right to say whatever he wants, true or not. It is on the viewer to seek out the facts and exercise common sense. You can usually tell when they start quoting anonymous sources. Just like a few months ago when we were hearing about how the PS4 was 50% more powerful than the XB1.

      Also when someone like this guy spreads baseless rumors or out-and-out lies, he should EXPECT to be called out on it, if not by his viewers then another site like Dualshockers

      • DelphisFinn

        Of course he has the right to say what he wants. Nobody has stopped him from doing just that.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        I don’t think he means that he doesn’t have the right to say whatever he wants, but that freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you can speak and expect no criticism and not to be called out on misinformation hiding behind the “opinion!” excuse.

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          I thought that was what I just said… Anyway, preaching to the choir here. I just think that it is the responsibility of the viewer to be informed and to know when someone is trying to blow smoke up your a**.
          I think that the only reason that his vid is getting any cred and why people are trying to defend him is because he is telling them what they want to hear

  • T.j. Masters

    The guy who wrote this article is a dumbass who wants to get people to click n his page. Also, it’s quite obvious this writer is a PS4 fanboy. Also, I already knew months ago that the ps4 had the same intentions as the xbox 1 on drm. Thier both coorpartations who both only want the $. Also, just watch the video for those who didn’t. Reviewtechusa is very unbiased and doesn’t fanboy for any of the consoles. He just gives the facts, and his opinion on them.

  • Jesse Krupnick

    LOL Battlefield 4 on 360 IS less players.

  • yourmom

    Dear dualshockers, you guys are idiots, learn to listen and comprehend before attacking someone.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Oh we listened and fully understood. That’s exactly because we listened that we noticed that he was spreading blatant misinformation, and we called him on it. Which was quite evidently the right thing to do.

  • T.j. Masters

    :40 HERP DERP

  • mariopaint

    I’m a moron when it comes to technology, but wouldn’t a higher resolution mean more data being sent to the network and back, meaning lowering the resolution would increase the frame rate? (Please help me out, ‘cuz like I said, I’m a moron.)

    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      That’s not how it works. The graphical data is on your local system, either on the harddrive or the disc. Only thing that gets exchanged over the network is the logistical data, meaning the player positions and what they are doing, etc.

      And don’t call yourself a moron just because you don’t know….

  • handsome


  • namesdon’tmatter

    I like how Giuseppe only brings up the resolution of games as the main problem, them proceeds to bring up nothing else and call rich’s entire video being bogus without addressing other info in the vid. Giuseppe, if something as rather insignificant as resolutions is a problem to you then you really need to re-examine yourself as a gamer.

  • Chris Ware

    Get blown up on your own review! Stay salty!

  • Merrfn

    Bite me.

  • IDontWanna

    Given Nelva’s gift for convincing prose without actually saying anything (read: who rates battlefield 3 lower than warhammer: space marine… seriously? Did you even play the two games?), I trust ReviewTechUSA waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Nelva’s articles are vacuous and untrustworthy. He is the sole reason I stopped reading dualshockers: Between he and his apologist Chad, they are no better than the other review sites that dont give below an 8.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Of course mate, of course.

      Only, I never reviewed Battlefield 3 😀

      Your facts aren’t so straight, and this video has already be proven wrong, while this article has been proven right by facts. I’m sure that makes you mad, but if you want to go the way of the personal attack, at least put some more effort into it 😀

      Better luck next time.

      • Bipod_Hero

        I cant believe the writer is going so “WARGLB!” about people who call him out for being an obvious troll. Bravo on your ability to build off an adversary for clicks… a la Jon Stewart and Bill OReilly.

        Doing a quick search, you did put WH:SM at a 9.5 while this site rated BF3 as a 9.0. Really? Did you play the same games we did?

        I guess if you claim something not to be true, it isnt, right?

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          You do know that this has already been debunked, right? How long do you plan to beat this dead horse?

          • Bipod_Hero

            Hopefully long enough to prevent GN from writing any more rants that some website runs.

          • DualSWonk

            (1) GN is responsible for 90% of the traffic for the site
            (2) The DS founders have given up on their original intent to put out quality material in exchange for eyeballs.

            Good luck in your quest.

      • Bibbity

        Haha, guy who posts a trollish comment under the guise of an ‘article’ is unhappy with people who disagree with him.

        Is your ego that fragile? Judging by the number and type of responses to criticism on this ‘article’ alone… yes.

      • SpeakingWithoutSaying

        Do you spend more time writing ‘articles’ or responding to valid criticism of your yellowish journalism?

  • Hannibal Lector

    All the fanboys of ReviewRechUSA are pathetic going out and abusing people who called his falseness out. They are akin to Beliebers or Twilight fans.

  • tom

      Indeed, this site is a freaking JOKE! PAUPERSTATION supporters need to die!

  • Percy

    http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-ones-cloud-computing-ensures-better-graphics-better-lighting-better-physics Game Set Match! Your article is terrible and lacks research. I remember a Microsoft employee saying this publicly to defend their lower specs.

  • DualShockersarelaughable

    The tremendous butt pain of Mr. Nelva is extremely obvious.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m not the one that has been proven wrong 😀

      • Woohoo!!

        That’s how these guys are, they never acknowledge when something has been debunked. You watch, a month from now, when all the dust settles, there will still be a few fools quoting this crap.

  • SaintBalor

    Whether or not the video he posted had true information, he made a judgement call to trust a new source. It may have bit him in the butt, but what he did was not wrong. He had his reasons and they were his. ReviewTechUSA is one of the (if not the) most rational and credible game commentators out there. If the sources seem credible enough, ANYONE (including you), working in video game press would take the chance to be the first to mention it, even if they had to be very vague on the source of the information. So… you created drama where none needed to be. Congrats! You appear to be whoring for views just as much as you accused him to be.

  • Ford Fiesta XR4

    Funny how when someone said that the Xbox One would play Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p native, no Microsoft fan-boys bitched about it, they simply moved on. But when someone mistakenly says that the PS4 will also play Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p native, all Sony fan-boys start bitching and whining and retaliate with hate videos. That’s pathetic, get over yourselves.


    PC Gamer

  • The Lich King

    Well, I’m glad this section of comments isn’t full of biased faggots. (ReviewTechUSA) (DualShockers)

  • Lawren Downing

    Arguing over which plastic box is better. That’s awesome

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  • Kreator


  • Kreator