Interview: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles/Tales of Xilia 2 and the “Tales of” Legacy with Hideo Baba

DualShockers were among legends and idols on the show floor of this year’s New York Comic Con, but few are as legendary as the “Tales of” series producer, Hideo Baba.

Speaking with Baba about some of the upcoming “Tales of” titles for the new year like the remastered Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and the new Tales of Xilia 2, Baba enlightened us on Tales’ present and future in an interview from NYCC. While bringing along a whole bunch of “Tales of” memorabilia and figurines and even the Japanese Collector’s Edition of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Baba talked of Namco-Bandai’s efforts to reach out to new fans while continuing their efforts of making the Tales of series just as appealing to its long-time veterans.

For more on Hideo Baba, the Tales of series, and for a nice introduction to Tales of Xilia 2‘s new cat, Rollo, check out the full interview with the Tales of producer from New York Comic Con 2013 below:

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  • Al_Zamora

    Hideo Baba is a cool dude in my book. Great meeting and speaking with him.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Yes. He seems like a very nice, enthusiastic and professional person. That is one thing I love about watching interviews with Japanese game devs: they always seem to be actively listening, nodding their head or saying yes to confirm that they are still with the person even if they don’t completely understand the language the other is speaking. ((I hope I am not stereotyping anyone))

      And no problem on the feedback.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Great interview. I just have to say: please do not use yellow text for subtitles. You can never go wrong with white text with black outlines.

    • Al_Zamora

      Thank you for the feedback. Glad you liked the interview.

    • Ryan Meitzler

      Thanks and will do – that will be corrected in the future for subtitled interviews =)

  • I’m excited about the Xillia 2’s release date. Hope it’s not mistranslation.

    • Ryan Meitzler

      They didn’t provide an exact release other than 2014 for ToX 2, but they assured us it and ToS: Chronicles will both be out next year =)

  • nostars

    Excellent interview.