Video Shows Xbox One’s Startup Setup Screen, a Glimpse on the UI, Endless Connection Loop

With the Xbox One showcased at multiple events, it’s quite inevitable that we’re going to see more and more videos showcasing bits and pieces of the Xbox One UI, and also a bunch of problems here and there. As we already explained multiple times demo units don’t really work in nominal operational conditions, so they’re much more likely to incur in some issues than the console you’ll have in your living room.

It’s normal and it shouldn’t be taken as a signal of a widespread problem, even more so in this case, considering that the connectivity problem could be caused by a large variety of elements independent from the console itself.

This time we get a video from YouTube userĀ Sam Clark, recorded at the Area One event in London. Apparently the unit he filmed could not connect to the network and was stuck in an endless look, also booting up a couple times.

The most interesting part of the video, though is the startup setup screen that lets you choose language and location (at the 0:56 mark) and a small glimpse on the UI on the nearby console at 7:29 when the game pauses to wait for the other player.

Just as a note in passing, the grey screen that says “No Cable Connected” at 3:40 is not part of the Xbox One UI, but it actually belongs to that of the TV.

You can check the full video out, and a few screencaps showing the relevant elements in the gallery just under the clip, if you don’t want to wait through all the loading. If you do watch the video, try not to laugh as the user attempts to speed up the process by giving the console a few “love pats”. If only they really worked like that…

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  • truth

    Look im a PlayStation fan, but i wouldn’t want anyone’s console to loop or not work. Trust me my ps3 broke after 7 years an i was devastated. I just hope they resolve the issue so no xbox or ps4 will break down when it launches.

  • MozBlue

    Yeh that looks more like a network issue then an issue with the console.