Slayer Confirmed for Guilty Gear Xrd – SIGN -, Here’s His Artwork and Command List

Arc System Works has confirmed that yet another familiar fighter will return for the upcoming PS3 and PS4 fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd. This character is the classy Slayer, who returns with more or less unchanged design from the older games in the series.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I predict that Slayer and Faust will be playable at the next location test for this game, which takes place in November.

Check out the goods below.

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  • tilt

    I thought we’d see more new looks for returning characters. Well at least we’re getting a NEW GG game and not a revision. Still though, they should make an extra effort to differentiate this from the others. I’m sure meta game will be over hauled but new character designs help to give it that new feel.

  • PrinceHeir