New Screenshots of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Show Photorealistic Environments

Kojima Productions and Konami just released four new screenshots of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showing some beautiful environments from the map included in the Ground Zeroes prologue.

The developer itself defines the screenshots “photorealistic”, and they do get very near to that concept, thank to the beautiful use of lighting that shows different times of day and makes the level of detail of the models stand out nicely.

You can check them out below and try not to be impressed. I can say I am.

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  • Bankai

    Excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

  • raiden

    when kojima show this game on the tgs for a second i really wants to cry
    what happend to this game?why is it so different than previous ones?

    • guest

      I know how that feels bro, i know that feelsl. also I miss hayter

    • Jason Mounce

      Get used to change and adapt. It’s not survival of the fittest in this world in any form.

      It’s survival of those who can adapt the quickest and with least trauma from the conflicts they run into.

      Summary: “It’s still MGS, I hope you’re not implying that this is ‘So different that it’s not MGS” – Cause if you are, Gtfo.

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    HOLY SHIT.i thought that was a real life shot lol .This look’s sick.And if u ask me i know both version’s of this game will look the same on ps4 and xbox one.

    • cozomel

      Man, you ms fanboys just wont give it up will you. Just will not accept reality

  • duplissi

    HUH? these look decent, but nothing earth shattering. BF4 (on PC), Crysis 3 (on PC), and Killzone: SF all look better.

    I think you guys are just easily impressed.

    • Guest

      yea but aside from pc games these are the best graphics yet

      • cozomel

        no they are not, we dont even know if these are they real game shots or some bullshots

    • spideynut71

      LOL @ including KZ:SF with 2 PC graphical juggernauts.

  • Jin

    close but no cigar Kojima

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  • Guest

    These are current gen version pictures. Trust me 😉