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Check Out Wii Fit U’s Fit Meter Peripheral

by on October 31, 2013 7:26 PM 2

Nintendo has unveiled the Fit Meter, a peripheral you’ll be able to use with and independently of the upcoming Wii U game Wii Fit U. You attach it to your clothes and the Fit Meter will monitor your daily activity. You can then transfer this data to Wii Fit U, keep track of your progress and complete challenges.

It would be cool if they added an app like this to the Nintendo 3DS, which already keeps track of your steps. Check out the introductory video below.

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  • NeoTechni

    Itd be nice if they used this to add playcoins to wii u like 3ds

  • Christopher McNair

    This video tries to make the fit meter into a fashion accessory, not a helpful tool in real fitness.

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