Sony Explains Five Million PS4 Sales Forecast: Boasts “Much, Much Higher” Preorders, Strong Third Party Support

This Morning Sony held a conference call for investors and analysts, responding to questions about the past financial quarter and the future of the company. During the session for foreign investors, Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato gave an explanation of the elements behind the confidence of the company in the forecast that sees five million PS4 units shipped by March the 31st.

The five million units forecast is on a selling basis. I cannot give you… in terms of numbers… the confidence level we have at the moment, but when we listen to consumers, when we listen to retail partners and third parties, one measure of confidence is on the preorders we have received from the consumers. I can’t give a number, but compared to past platforms, the preorders we have received for this new platform are much, much higher.

People have not just listed their names, but in most cases put down a certain amount of money for these preorders, so that is one piece of information that we have in mind when we look towards the launch of this platform.

The second would be that we have strong support from third parties. Some times when we launch a new platform the software catalog is not sufficient. After the launch some times you don’t have good titles. But this year on a competitive basis I think we have a much stronger line-up of software coming. Those are the things that we’re looking at.

It’s worth mentioning that when he talks about “selling basis” Kato-san means “sales” in financial terms, which equates to shipments, not to sales to customers (once Sony has sold the console to retailers, it’s sold for what they’re concerned, whether it finds a loving home or stays on the shelves makes no difference in financial terms).

What do you think? Will they manage to hit the mark?

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  • Tu Padre

    After the whole fiasco of COD.Theres no doubt they will make it.

    GO SONY 😀

    • Tim

      COD Xbox1 resolution fiasco will give PS4 another 2-3 million sales worldwide easy.

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    i am not buying ps4. u need a membership and when u look at it u need a game and all that jazz. thats 600 bucks or more.

    • Tu Padre

      Lol i;m just buying the PS4 day one.Guess what??I can still play games thanks to PS+

    • Blarp

      Pretty cheap for next gen hardware that lasts 7 or so years. I don’t get where your coming from?

    • Jacob Smith

      Just buy a PS4. You don’t need a PS Plus membership to play any of the F2P titles. Only $400.

      • Guest

        Yes, very yes. Spend $400 and you can play PlanetSide 2 for free, no PS+ required (so far). The other $100 dollars? Use it to buy a VitaTV.

    • twinspectre

      dumbest of the year

      tell me what’s xbox live gold then

    • ISISSecretAgent


    • RandomUser2yr29387

      $400 console, $50 PS plus + $60 game = $510.
      Even if you add tax it doesn’t come close to $600.

      What would your alternative be? Xbox One?
      That comes out to $620 without tax…

    • Goodgrief

      There are millions of people in this world who do not have an internet connection and this is what you used yours to say???

  • XBOXer to PSer

    Sony did not lied with “Strong Third Party Support” its not just about dev want to make game for ps4 .its also about development preference,

    . now that its ‘official’ ps4 is more powerful than xboxone, .. most 3rd party certainly will not use a lame excuse such as

    “oh the cell proseccor in ps3 is pain in the ass that why we use xbox and port it to ps3″.

    ..”we decide to use xbox becoz its easy to develop and want the same experience to all player despite ps3 slightly superior hardware ”

    so yeah the argument about multiplatform is better in xbox is the thing in the past

    • neko working

      also for japanese game devs, playstation is defacto console for them.
      i didn’t include Nintendo platform here, just MS vs Sony.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Sony originally was going to have Cell handle processing and graphics. It originally never had the Nvidia chip in there. The idea was to make the system powerful but hard to develop games for as to deter devs from wanting to port their games to Microsoft. It back fired. They developed for Xbox as it was the easier system to work with. Thats the only reason why Microsoft got their foot in the game market. Sony got the wake up call they needed and are bringing the system gamers want!

    • PrinceHeir

      lol how the hell did this make up to 300.

      we barely have 100 commentators here 😛

      i do agree though, no excuses this time around

  • Franggio Hogland

    Uhm….very offtopic but how did 2 people amass over 300+ votes here?

    • Bob Page

      The voting has intensified to the point where we may not be able to contain it.

  • Jewy McJew

    Things are looking good but pre-sales are not a valid measuring stick. When the PS3 came out, it was a pain to pre-order. Now you can do it on a hundred different websites and is more common in general.

    That being said, I think they will move every unit they can make. A nice clean system with a great price-point. This could be a 200 million generation.