Albert Penello Promises Comments on Xbox One and PS4 Resolution Differences “Once the Dust Settles”

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Penello spent quite a lot of time on NeoGaf trying to respond to questions on the Xbox One, and often stating that versions of games on Microsoft’s upcoming console and PS4 that have been revealed having different native resolutions looked the same to him, which is actually fair, as the differences between native and upscaled resolutions can be subtle.

Since the latest reveals on Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts he’s been silent, so people started to wonder if he’d never be back. Turns out that he will: When one of the users asked, not without a bit of sarcasm, “Shocking to see him disappear . What are the chance his mighty will presence us with an apology or concession,” Penello swooped in and kept it classy.

Pretty good, I’d say.

When pressed with “your post didn’t include apology. So I say not good,” he elaborated further:

You asked what the chances were.

I’ll be back. You’re right, I should talk about it. But right now, still lots of info to come out. Once the dust settles, and all the information is out there, I’ll address my comments.

That statement, of course, caused a lot of speculation on what kind of confidential information still to be revealed Penello might have, but he immediately clarified.

Don’t read into that. It wasn’t meant to be a tease. I just mean we’re so close to launch, with reviews, games, etc. there is still a lot of information coming out. I was not intending to lead to anything more that that.

Gotta give it to him: continuing to address the crowds in this kind of situation takes a lot of guts and passion for his work. I know quite a few executives that, facing much easier audiences than NeoGaf’s hardcore user base, chickened out and were never seen again. Personally, I think there’s a lot of overrection to this resolution business, but I can’t say I’m not curious to read what Penello will say.

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  • HalfBlackCanadian

    The picture above fans the flames. The difference isn’t ‘crystal clear’ to ‘super Nintendo’. Will it be noticeable to people within a certain entertainment set-up? Yep. Will the difference be negligible to people in other situations? Yep.
    Xbox One can do 1080p gaming. Period. Some early games won’t show that, whereas PS4 will. Is PS4 more powerful? Yes. This is probably part of the reason the difference exists (bit not entirely).
    Xbox One will be behind PS4 for their lifetimes (unless cloud compute work the way MS envisions and the 300,000+ servers come to use (yes Sony can do cloud compute but they’ll never have that much of an infrastructure to utilize)). If this graphical difference matters as much as everyone says than we need to re-evaluate the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube sales numbers because those made no sense based on this logic.

    • BBX

      Graphical difference doesn’t matter, but Penello was spreading FUD over at GAF, by literally shouting to high heavens about how Xbox would never cede the power advantage to PS4, and that smugly asked if he would get an apology if the difference amounted to a different of a few framerate at best.

      Turns out the difference was the scale of >50% pixel difference, and BF4’s analysis showed that PS4’s version had better framerate on top of it.

      The problem is not whether or not the end-result has a significant difference or not, but rather MS spinning lies to mask the reality that PS4 is indeed more powerful technically… at $100 cheaper.

      • Tim

        picture paints a thousand words:

        • HalfBlackCanadian
          • Synchr0nistic

            That’s how you know judgment is being passed mostly by unreasonable console partisans. It’s not that HalfBlackCanadian said something offensive. He just showed factual statistics that didn’t scream “xbone sux ps4 for life”.

            Fanboys only hear what they want to hear. It’s one thing to have a preference, but it’s another thing to have a blind allegiance. Who says you have to sell your soul to a corporation anyway? It’s called freedom of choice. Get with the times.

      • Android is ButterSmooth

        Xbox’s second gpu unlock code has not been realased yet.
        Makes it a 3.8TF.
        The NDA will last another year. Just you guys wait for the second of games.

        • HalfBlackCanadian

          Out of sheer curiosity (and I want to believe this) where are you getting this info?

          • James

            His anus

    • cell989

      Those numbers you speak off did in fact make sense, the more powerful console was more expensive, its always been like that. The more power the more expensive, this time around however Microsoft fucked up in not even matching the PS4 price. The fact that the xbone should cost less without Kinect than the PS4 is proof just how greedy MS really is

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        I’m still talking of graphical power vs units sold. Nothing more. Also, even if you don’t want it there is no denying that there is serious tech in the Kinect 2.0. that’s what the extra cost is.

    • KuchikiSentou

      You don’t know whether they’ll “ever” have anything. Not for you to say.
      Sony bought GaiKai which is primarily a cloud specialist company which obviously had servers etc.

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Sony spending the resources to supply cloud for a couple of consumer products over the spending for a company who will utilize it for multiple devices and services… its pretty safe to say they will never be on equal terms there.

        • KuchikiSentou

          Well, the cloud remains nebulous at this point. Especially for Xbox.
          It’s pretty safe to say that a specialist cloud service in comparison to servers for Office 365 etc will leave a fair amount of disparity between the two.

          It’s nebulous on either front; especially when the discussion is kept within the bracket of next gen consoles.

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Also, Gaikai involves running games from somewhere. Azure is resources to use for processing. The game doesn’t have to reside somewhere.

    • Russell Gorall

      It took you that many words to state nothing?

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Sorry your interpretive skills are junk. I said a lot.

    • Franggio Hogland

      Azure is mostly used by productivity software. It was created for that.
      XBO getting a part of that not all. Just so you know.

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Used by right now, sure. There are phones, computers, xboxes, various other services. It’ll expand in numbers and then expand is usability.

        • Franggio Hogland

          Don’t see it affecting XBO in anyway. The Xbox brand is chump change compared to other MS products, not counting mobile/tablet fiasco. And I can’t see MS locking down their coming entertainment content to Xbox only so once again its just a fraction and not really worth it for such a company.

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            Not what I mean. I’m saying that because of their other divisions they are more likely to continue to grow it. Sony has less to use such a large number of servers for. I argue that due to this they will not use resources to grow it as fast or as vast.

          • Franggio Hogland

            I see, my bad.

            Yes the ever elusive Gakai. Will be interesting to see what happens to that. Hope the ones living in the US beta tests it well so we in Europe get the best version 😉

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            I think Gaikai is brilliant, especially if a) Sony can get licensing for entire back catalogues (similar to MS deal to republish, as is, old Amiga games) and b) it’s offered in a Netflix fashion (I pay X amount to get access to everything)

    • Rocco

      I am not asking to get attacked here by SONY lovers.. I am asking all of you to understand what I’ve researched with logic, and with an open mind. I am here has a FAN of “GAMING” and to educate myself further then just reading new articles that journalist wish to push their opinions.

      Lets all first off push are FAN BOY ISM aside, and lets all look at something different. We all can’t believe every little thing you read off the internet. A lot of information you read is NOT the truth, and does not explain the bigger picture to you. You have to take the time to educate yourself more, and research by digging more for the truth.

      Trust me, don’t read into it that much because your going to drive yourself insane with misinformation. A lot of these articles are to push False Facts around, and not explain the truth. The Xbox One is MORE then capable of pushing games out at 1080p. Look at the Wii U right now? They have more games at 1080p 60fps then both PS4 and X1 right now, with hardware that is not even close to X1 and PS4. The truth lies with the Game Devs, NOT MICROSOFT. These are the early stages and game devs have a learning curve to understand how to work with the hardware as we go. Don’t make any assumptions at this point.

      1) What people are forgetting:
      Microsoft doesn’t require game devs to run games in native 1080p

      Why you ask? Here is why:

      “A lower resolution generally means that there can be more quality per pixel. With a high quality scaler and anti-aliasing and render resolutions such as 720p or ‘900p’, some games look better with more GPU processing going to each pixel than to the number of pixels; others look better at 1080p with less GPU processing per pixel.”

      Awesome example is the IGN BF4 Graphics Comparison video:

      2) Sony aiming for 1080p and 60 FPS with all PlayStation 4 games

      With good common sense you can understand where this is going, but just incase your having a hard time, this is not leaving the Game Devs the same freedom. This is why BF4 on PS4 is 900p, and not 1080p. When we all know the PS4 is more then capable of running games at 1080p.

      And as far as “THE POWER OF THE CLOUD” which A LOT of people don’t understand or know about. I am hope that my post here will help you understand fully more of what the cloud is up too.

      So in a short explanation:

      The Cloud Service will give Xbox One 3X TIMES the performance. Some of you might find this hard to believe, but the Cloud Service is the equivalent of 3 Xbox One’s at the same time for game devs to use in the “future”, here is a link you should read to understand this further..

      Other than that I Highly recommend everybody here put their differences aside, and enjoy your console of choice. If you are somebody who is going to get both consoles (LIKE ME) then you have nothing to worry about because your going to enjoy next gen 100% more.

      I hope I was able to bring new knowledgeable information to some of you.

      • ISISSecretAgent

        sorry to say this but the differences in GPU are there, it is an undeniable fact. The PS4 will do “quality” pixels just as the X1 but pushing 55% more in BF4 and 120% in COD:Ghost.

      • 3rdworldgamer

        you sound like an MS/Xbox apologists

        • Synchr0nistic

          You sound like a console partisan/illogical fanboy.

  • spideynut71

    Albert is a 100% class act…no idea why he continues to waste time with these pathetic basement dwellers.

    • GregJG

      You must share Albert’s basement. The name calling is unnecessary.

      • spideynut71

        Name calling?? Son, I’m just calling them what they are. PERIOD. Just like I’d call you an obvious Sony fanboy and anti-MS troll, based on your post history alone.

        • Russell Gorall

          You say you aren’t name calling, then call Greg a fanboy and troll.

          Also, stop stalking people’s posts, man.

          • spideynut71

            AGAIN…that’s not “name calling” ; I’m merely telling it like it is. You know, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck? Now, if I used profanity, calling him something vile like f@g, c0cksucker, butt pirate, bukkake queen, knob gobbler, peter puffer, pole smoker, bareback butt bandit, fudge packer, wide receiver, etc….then THAT would be name calling, and indeed unnecessary.

          • Bankai

            Calling someone a “Sony fanboy and anti-MS troll” is indeed name calling and very unnecessary. And I’d like to know how you’re so sure that the people on Neogaf are “basement dwellers” without actually knowing who they are.

          • spideynut71

            Ooooooohhhh… you’re saying if I don’t actually “know” someone, then I have no business labeling them, calling them out, or accusing them of lying, etc? You mean like people do MS execs on N4G and NeoGaf ALL THE DAMN TIME?


  • KuchikiSentou

    I really don’t know why Penello talks to these people.
    I think the Xbox is pretty close to the PS4 in preorders so I don’t think the constant mediating is needed.
    Just sit back and let things play out. You’ve made your bed.

    • GregJG

      These people? There is a reason devs, analyst, executives etc post on GAF. Major Nelson cried everywhere his GAF account would not be accepted and recently it was. Now why did he do that? He could have simply sit back relax and watch things play out.

    • punkchobit

      “I think the Xbox is pretty close to the PS4 in preorders”

      It’s really not.

      • KuchikiSentou

        Well, Microsoft says so.

        • NeoTechni

          Actually ms said they werent, thats why they dropped the drm

          • KuchikiSentou

            Mate, I’m talking after the DRM.
            Microsoft never, EVER said they were behind the PS4 in preorders.

          • Bankai

            Microsoft’s silence on the matter is pretty damning and with PS4 pre-orders selling out at alarming rates, I’d be very surprised if Microsoft close to the overwhelming demand for the PS4.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Well. we’ll have to see Day 1 sales for each.
            Doesn’t help Xbox that they are behind 7 days.
            But whatever.
            I just think Penello-san has better things to do. I feel sorry for him being the direct recipient of trash from forum dweebs.

          • NeoTechni

            So which is? You’ve made a claim they did admit where they are, and now you claim they didnt.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Don’t understand the question
            I made a claim they admitted what exactly..

          • NeoTechni

            Your first post claims ms says so, then you say they didnt
            For ms tonsay so, they must gave the figures, and from the figures we’re aware of, ms is behind
            So for ms to say anything, they must have either lied, or said they’re behind

          • KuchikiSentou

            They didn’t give the figures they said that the numbers are the same as PS4. They are “probably” lying about the numbers, but it doesn’t change the fact that THAT is what THEY said. Which is what I said.

      • spideynut71


      • xxtray90xx

        sony saids they have a Million in pre-orders , i dont believe them.

        • NeoTechni

          Why? It should be blatantly obvious ps4 would be doing a lot better. A lot of people wont forgive the drm issues, dont want kinect or the tv stuff, or worse, a weaker system.

          • xxtray90xx

            that weak system can maintain 60fps though on cod

          • NeoTechni

            at half the resolution…

    • dave

      Both next gen consoles will sell out this Christmas due to the massive pent up demand, but worldwide PS4 will be much higher as PlayStation is massively popular in Europe/Japan/South America.

      Analysts expect worlwide sales by March next year to be 6 million PS4 and 4 million Xbox1. They will achieve these numbers very easily.

  • John Pombrio

    This is exactly why both MS and SONY tries to embargo their consoles before the launch date. There are so many changes by the companies, the developers, and the games at the last minute that making early comparisons with outdated builds and untweaked hardware is just wrong. Let’s see how the consoles match up come January 1st when everyone can get their stuff together.

    • GregJG

      We already know how they match up since earlier this year. Now you have actual footage. Hardware power isn’t going to change come January.

  • RealityCheck2013

    “1080p next-gen games starts when Microsoft say so” LoL:D

    • Tim

      Simple comment he needs to make really COD on PS4 = 1080p/60fps, COD on XB1 = 720p/60fps.

    • Android is ButterSmooth

      He’s going to release the unlock code for the second gpu too developer’s soon!
      We have the more powerful second gpu is hiding under the SOC.
      The codes will stay locked until the second wave of games hit next year.
      The very weak 1.3tf budget class gpu is the “classic misdirection trick” that Sony fell for!!
      We have an extra real gpu this time ready to be unlocked and then we are getting 1080p games.
      Until then we are having the last laugh.
      Xbox has already won now. NDA is very tight about the second gpu.
      but next year you sony fans will be crying.
      Our insider said we have 3.8TF, TAKE THAT

      • Rocco

        Ok, As much as I would love to believe you, that seems a bit far fetched. Hope Misterxmedia turns out correct for your sake.

        • NeoTechni

          Hes kidding

  • Artboy

    That fills me with confidence with a potential $500 that they are asking me for.

    I’ll be honest I’m done with the brand for this gen. It feels like for months we never get a straight answer, or get told this and something else happens. Screw em.

  • OnlyWar

    Xbox fans are jumping ship to PS4 at a record rate.

  • Ryumoau

    i’m so glad i’m getting the ps4 version of Ghosts, so i don’t have to deal with all of Microsoft’s drama.

    • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

      Sorry to brake your hope’s and dream’s but the people who are buying the ps4.ARE MOSTLY FANBOY’ good luck with all the drama there.Little kids bitching about bs and then u deal with the lag and overheating problem’s.that ps4 will for sure have.If u ask me i feel it’s better off waiting for the crazyness to come down a little then buy the ps4.Not saying ps4 is a bad system i got to play it yesterday at my local gamestop And i find it to be a step up from a ps3.But not anything new.Interm’s of NEXT GEN.the game’s will need to show me if it’s worth owning a ps4.And right now i feel that i will wait a very long time.

      • Synchr0nistic

        Don’t kid yourself. 0.4% failure rate. The PS4’s overheating problem isn’t something to really be concerned about. And it’s not like the PlayStation community’s filled to the brim with fanboys.

        Still, I have a lot of friends part of the “PlayStation nation” telling me how sad it’ll be when they look for someone to talk about GAMING to and how rare it’ll be to find an actual gamer that doesn’t believe in this fanboy console war bullshit.


        Truth is, “the actual gamer” is starting to disappear within the crowd of CoD “gamers” that cannot grasp the thought of games being more than graphics. “Half-Life? What perk is that?” “These graphics suck. Minecraft sucks.” “What the hell’s a crouch-jump?” These devolved gamers won’t understand what made the N64 so majestic of an experience.

        On the matter of this so-called “console war”, the truth is, looking at it realistically, choosing the champion console above the rest relies entirely on preference.

        Xbox One focuses mainly on being an overall entertainment system for the modern living room, futuristic gimmicks galore. PlayStation 4’s strong suit is top-notch visual quality when it comes to traditional, classic gaming. Both consoles succeed beautifully in other aspects, but XOne makes for a better entertainment center piece, whereas the PS4 gives better graphics at a cheaper price.

        Of course, there are other factors like Xbox One’s better multiplayer service or PlayStation’s Gaikai streaming services etc., but the real deciding factors should be exclusives, price, and which online social service you’ve established yourself in. Price is debatable, though.

        Funny thing is, and you might find it hard to believe until you’ve fully matured as a gamer, the Xbox One and PS4 are on the same level as the Ouya. “Now you’re just spurting crazy.” Actually, look it like this: The Ouya is $100 and focuses on providing iOS/Android/indie games. If you prefer that, Ouya’s for you. The same thing goes for the Xbox One and PS4.

        Comparing the PS4 and Xbox One is like comparing bikes to cars. Bikes are cheaper and provide exercise. Cars are more luxurious and get you to places faster. If you agree with cars being better, enjoy dancing at gas stations while killing Earth. If you agree bikes are better, have fun being late to work out of breath.

        Welcome to the world of preference.

        I’m getting the Xbox One for a few reasons. I prefer the gimmickry and how it practically future-proofs my entertainment center while delivering next-gen gaming, the resolution thing has been blown out of proportion, I have next-gen money, and all of Xbox’s iconic differences (controller, UI, social service, and Halo) are those I’ve grown accustomed to/prefer.

        Here’s why I’m jealous of the PlayStation 4: I really love the indie gaming scene, so it’s awesome that PS4’s stepping it up, especially at launch, and PlayStation’s exclusives are phenomenal. I’ve never felt so on the verge of tears playing any other games as I did playing The Last Of Us.

        But that’s just MY preference. JUST my preference. Just my PREFERENCE. Everyone has their own preferences, and that’s what decides the winner of our own personal console war. The XOne bests the PS4 at certain aspects I prefer, and the PS4 bests certain aspects others prefer. If the XOne and PS4 switched roles, I’d switch over to PS4.

        But that’s just my preference.

        “What if Xbox and PlayStation combined together into some super-console?”

        Without Sony, Xbox gamers almost had to worry about checking in once every 24 hours to play games. Sony’s not innocent either. They’re CORPORATIONS, and good guys don’t hire Bain & Co., SONY.

        Without anyone to defy MicroSony, we’d be taken advantage of and our preferences would be overlooked. “What about PC gaming?” To get those graphics people jumping to next-gen crave, you have to rack up a lot mulah. We’d be picking the shiniest of two turds: restrictive consoles or inferior/expensive PCs. No sweet spot.

  • jspillen

    Basically we created a console that runs at 66% of the power of the competition.

    And if he swears by the notion that he can’t tell the difference between last-gen resolution and next-gen resolution… Well, he is admitting he’s truly not the right guy for the job.

    I’m not an M$ fan, but I didn’t want them to be this shoddy with the next-gen.

  • Axe99

    While there has definitely been a rather frenzied over-reaction to the whole resolution thing, Penello’s own assertions that the XB1 was as capable as the PS4 didn’t help. He’s pushed the envelope of spin from misleading to outright lying, and I have no doubt his silence at the moment is because “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. The last thing he needs is him being quoted acknowledging the XB1 is under-powered (which it clearly was when we first knew the specs, the impact of which we’re seeing now – noting that it’s also likely to be affected by less well-developed software tools for the XB1).

    I think it’s great that he’s engaging, but I think it’s poor he’s misleading consumers.

  • xxtray90xx

    wow did my comment just get deleted?

  • Maurice Wilburn

    First off I’ll say the resolution issue has been blown out of proportion. Even if the PS4 has more power I think the Xbox One has more than a sufficient amount of power to deliver beautiful games. There are many factors that could be at work as to why there is a gap in resolution just as there are likely many factors as to why BF4 isn’t 1080p on PS4. That said I’m very curious as to what Albert could possibly say in an attempt to quell the noise about this issue. Honestly, I feel like his efforts may be pointless by this point as anyone who intends to get a console at launch have more than likely made their choice at this point and may only serve to draw further attention to the issue.

    • xxtray90xx

      because for launch game for 3rd party games, xbox one didnt have proper working tools for the dev to fully utilize the console. which theyve been working on the ps4 before the xbox one thats what people dont even understand.

      Arthur Gies even explain on his twitter

  • Android is ButterSmooth

    We are the winners here.

  • spideynut71

    LOL….the Sony fagboys are out in FULL FORCE on this one….vote downs out the ying yang. I smell fear….

  • You are flat out wrong

    Spoiler alert: Penello is a liar.