PlayStation Vita TV Says “Hello!” With New Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today a new trailer showcasing the upcoming PlayStation Vita TV, that will hit the Japanese shelves on the 14th, in just twelve days.

The trailer, in Japanese, showcases basically every feature of the console: from games to video services and PS4 remote play.

Now we only need for Sony to announce a release for the west, because i really, really want that little adorable piece of tech sitting next to my TV.

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  • Joshua Lindsey

    the english captions for the video are so great

  • kawaii!

    • Balalaika

      Whats kawaii about messed up teeth..

      • Koroma

        The japanese think messed up teeth are really sexy(don’t try to understand it <3)

      • Bankai

        Her imperfections are what make her so kawaii.

      • Sanquine90

        What’s not cute about her? I think she is so cute:D Asian girls are cute ..

  • RealityCheck2013

    I would buy 1 DAY 1 if you could play Tearaway & KZ:M & WipeOut & Uncharted PSVita games on it 😛 + She is well CUTE 😛

  • Al_Zamora

    I must have this. If it will let me stream from my basement to another tv then I am on board big time and comes with an extra controller (too bad it isn’t a DS4 controller.)

  • PrinceHeir