New Killer Instinct Screenshots Showcase the Beautiful and Lethal Orchid

Everyone’s favorite sexy panther lady is going to come back with Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct, and Microsoft Game Studios released a new batch of screenshots showing that she still has claws.

The screenies, that you can see in the gallery below, aren’t full resolution unfortunately, but they still look definitely good. Can’t wait to see her drop those Ultra Combos.

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  • …dat ass…

  • Edsword

    I used to love the original Killer Instinct on SNES. However, I just can’t get excited about this game. The character design was better on SNES. The art design here just looks like crap. I’m sorry, I’m not saying this to offend, its just my opinion. Also, why even put blood in a game if it is going to look so fake. It looks more like he has some kind of weird red gas coming out of the back of his neck. The characters are completely out of proportion as well.

    • Yards

      The shit’s pouring out of your ears.

      • Edsword

        Wow, I can see your a real conversationalist. Someone doesn’t see things the way you do and it’s straight to insults.

        • Texazzpete

          Well, it’s just his opinion, he probably isn’t saying this to offend, too 🙂

    • Maurice Wilburn

      In my opinion the old Killer Instinct never really looked good, the art style was the main thing I had to look pass to get any enjoyment. Blood was never realistic and it’s there because people want blood.

      • Edsword

        Thank you for a better response than the guy above. As I said, I wasn’t trying to offend, it’s just my opinion. If you like it, good for you.

    • GameonAll

      You should actually go and pop in the original – the new one is light years better looking in terms of the models. To each its own but Ill take the new designs over the old any day. Add to that, this new fighting engine is also a mark improvement. It s like comparing street Fighter, To Street fighter 2 Champions Edition. But again to each his own.

  • Guest

    720p, 720p everywhere.

  • They ruined Orchid’s breasts. No buy.

    • Krysanthia

      Showing cleavage ruins them for you?

  • 3rdworldgamer

    the character is doing a spinning kick, isn’t she? like chun li, i’m guessing the gameplay will be like SF

  • Galen Nycroft

    I liked her tight bodysuit and pointy boobs better. She looks a bit too normal, like some mechanic chick from an RPG…maybe lose the goggles and tool belts? She still looks okay I guess.