PC Gaming Can be Cheaper than PS4 or Xbox One in the Long Run

Let us start with a disclaimer: this article won’t try to convince you that PC gaming is better than enjoying your games on consoles. PC and consoles serve different segments of the gaming market and fit different kinds of gamers. Both have equal dignity, and neither option should take a back seat to the other.

What this article aims to do is bust the myth that PC gaming is some kind of inaccessible Valhalla to which only the wealthy chosen by the gods of gaming can hope to partake. The sweet mead halls of PC gaming are in fact much more accessible than many believe, or would like you to believe.

The main factor contributing to creating the myth is the initial investment, which is indeed considerably higher than that required for a console. A good gaming PC, which is reasonably future-proof, will take about $800 from your bank account. That kind of investment will easily outperform any next generation console under basically every condition.

It will also put you in the driver seat of those choices that console developers have to deal with (and that often are decried by gamers), giving you near-complete control of the trade off between resolution, detail and frame rate.

Of course a higher investment will give you more performance and less necessity to trade off, but an initial expense of $800 will already let you muster considerable power, especially if you’re used to consoles.

I know what you’re thinking: $800 is a lot more than $400 or $500, which are the pricetags of the PS4 and the Xbox One, but the initial purchases are just part of the picture.

First of all, if you want to play online on the next generation consoles, and to enjoy the full features of the games you purchase, you have to pay for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. This means another $50 a year for the PS4, and $60 for the Xbox One. But the real clincher is the price of games.

The largest percentage of full fledged console games (excluding indie games and free to play ones) will cost you $60 at launch. There’s almost no exception. While there are PC games that cost $60 as well, a very large percentage of them costs between $50 and $40. Multiply that difference over time, and you can easily see how the initial investment for the PC starts to get repaid at a pretty steady rate.


But that’s not nearly the end of the story. With consoles you can obviously access the preowned market, and the price of games drops over time. But the truth is that the price of console games doesn’t really drop very fast, and it takes a lot of time after release even for used games to become really cheap, because GameStop and similar retailers apply a quite unfair markup on the price of preowned games.

There are also some sales for console games, mostly on Xbox Live and on the PlayStation Store, but none of them is really groundbreaking. The only relevant one at retail is Black Friday, and good luck in getting what you want with that one.

On the other hand PC gaming doesn’t have any relevant preowned aftermarket. Sales are its bread and butter. Steam is obviously the most visible example, starting with daily deals that drop the price of games by up to a whopping 75%, and moving on its extreme seasonal sales with equivalent price slices on basically the whole catalogue.

But while it’s the most visible, Steam is only the tip of the iceberg. Basically every digital download retailer does some great sales that simply overwhelm those available on the console market in convenience and frequency, and you get the full product, with all the benefits of a new game, which doesn’t happen with the preowned console market.

Another great example are Humble Bundles, and we aren’t talking just about indie games. They also expanded to publishers, letting you pay what you want for full fledged games. Amazon is another great outlet. Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider are two very recent games, and critically acclaimed ones, so we aren’t talking about failures that retailers need to unload on guillible customers.

Yet they both have been on sales for PC on Amazon for $9.99 weeks ago. If you buy them preowned at GameStop right now, they’ll still cost $34.99 and $24.99, 3.5 and 2.5 times as much. Even during the mighty Black Friday sale BioShock Infinite will still cost you twice as much, $19.99, if you even manage to get your hands on a copy amidst the rioting crowds.


Right as I’m writing on Amazon Saints Row IV for PC is available for $24.99, and we’re talking about a game that is three months old. Want to buy it pre-owned on consoles at GameStop? That’ll be $54.99.

PlayStation Plus, with its “free” instant collection, is the only thing that comes close to the amazing game sales you’ll find on PC. It’s a wonderful service, and probably the best bang for your buck on consoles, but you don’t get to choose the games you can have, and they aren’t really yours. If you let your subscription lapse, they’re gone, at least until you pay again.

On the other hand, besides very rare cases, if you play on PC, you can pick your poison. Whatever game you may want, you won’t have to wait too long before being able to purchase it for less than the price of a full course meal at McDonalds.

Thanks to that, the initial investment required by a gaming PC is very quickly overcome by the extensive availability of games at much lower prices: no conditions, no glorified rentals, no second hand. Of course there’s also the risk of compulsive buying triggered by the excessively tempting sales (I have about 350 games on Steam, and I played about 20% of them, shame on me), but that’s an entirely different story.

Truth is that PC gaming is one of the most accessible forms of gaming out there. While it requires a higher initial expense, the gap closes and reverses over time, depending on the ratio at which you purchase new games. Console gamers that think PC gaming is inconvenient because of the cost probably need to review that stance.

On the other hand, lately you often see the most elitist PC gamers calling console gamers “peasants” or “paupers,” because their consoles are cheaper. Well, it’s time for a reality check, because a lot of console gamers end up spending just as much if not more due to the higher price of games in the long run.

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  • ragingmerifes

    It was always cheaper and more reliable, but digital versions are not my stuff, and I usually don’t play AAA blockbuster multiplats often, so it doesn’t matter even if I’m playing a version with worse graphics.

  • Sergio Hidalgo

    pc doesnt have GTA V though and the other exclusives

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It has its own exclusives. Plenty of them.

      • Axe99

        Aye, but they’re very different types of exclusives (the main reason I personally play both PC and console – I’d be console only if I could get the likes of Civ V and EU IV on console with mouse/kb support and an appropriately scaled interface).

      • The Wolf 47

        He meant AAA exclusives.
        If there are AAA PC exclusives, I would like to know.

    • Dakky

      pc exlusives are higher rated and pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined.

  • Axe99

    It’s deffo the case that PC games are on average cheaper, although console sales have been improving. You left out the gaping difference in prices in electricity though – a decent PC gaming rig needs a 600W power supply, more than three times the juice required for consoles. Unless you live with your parents, that’s all money as well ;).

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s difficult to quantify because electricity costs and deals vary massively depending on country, but the math is easy to do if you know how much you pay per kilowatt. With a gaming PC with 600W most people won’t even get close to the price difference of a single game in a month.

      • Axe99

        That depends how long they play them. I’ve got 700 hours up on Civ V – there’s no question it would have been a substantially cheaper experience on console. Lots of players of FPS games clock over a 1000 hours in them. At a 400W difference you only need two and a half hours to hit a KWh. At 250 KWh for a 1000-hour game, you’re looking at $30-$80 difference in price for the game than if you played on console. This is a particular shame as the best PC exclusives tend to be games that you play for a long period of time. There’s no question that if you play a lot of 10-hour games that you buy new then electricity won’t be a substantial part of the game’s cost, but if you’re getting your games on sale, electricity on PC could add up to more than the price of the game for long-play titles.

        It all adds up, and it’s not insignificant – if you’re a fairly intensive gamer, the price of electricity on PC is likely to more than offset the advantage of not having to pay to play online. If you’re listing those schemes as negatives for console, it’s not balanced to leave out electricity for PC.

      • Tim

        At this moment in time, the PS4 is the best value gaming proposition around, as you would have to spend more than double the price of a $400 PS4 on a new PC gaming rig to match the performance of optimised games on PS4.

        In a recent review of Battlefield 4, a major German PC gaming magazine PCGH recommends the PS4 version over PC! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4.

        • MikeRees

          Optimised games on PS4 are years away, at which point PC’s gonna be streets ahead (arguably it already is)

    • tubers

      Wow! This is true. I remember when I lived with my aunt and uncle, their bill doubled when my uncle and I bought a gaming rig and played at least a combined 4-5 hours a day on average.

      50 bucks to 100 lmao.

      Rig was a 4870 512mb (~150 watts) and a Phenom 9950 BE (125watts).

  • Masoud House

    As a longtime console gamer, I love the great deals on not only Steam, but GOG and Desura, among others. Can’t top that.

    • NoResaleValue

      No resale value. Yea, you can initially get games cheaper, but you can’t resell them when you’re done with them like a physical copy on consoles. In the end, games are not cheaper on PC unless you buy console games at full retail and never sell them.

      • NoResaleValue

        @Article writer
        You’re also an idiot if you shop at Gamestop:
        “Want to buy it pre-owned on consoles at GameStop? That’ll be $54.99.”

        Physical copies on both PS3 and 360 sold for about the same price as the PC version mentioned in the article.. and which have resale value:



        That digital PC copy is now worth $0. The physical console copies are still worth ~$30.

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          Gotta love how you call Giuseppe Nelva an idiot just because you disagree with something he said. Stay classy….

          • GarbTradeinValue

            Get ripped off on trade-ins and pay over free-market value for used games.. yes GameStop shoppers are mainly idiots. Unless shopping at Gamestop because you’re too young to have a debit/credit card/ or bank account (for PayPal) and shop online or you’re buying brand new and no sales are available yet, then you’re not a smart shopper.

            And I didn’t say the OP is an idiot, since they apparently buy from Steam sales, etc. on PC then they’re not shopping at Gamestop are they? My comment was directed in response to the OP’s statement in the article that I quoted and the “You” was intended as a Gamestop shopper in general who would buy a Used game for damn near the same price as New when there are alternatives for much cheaper. With as much as they rip people off, why even acknowledge their existence when writing an article instead of doing a little research into the online alternatives that are comparable to your PC pricing as I did?

      • Masoud House

        I honestly don’t care about resale value. I don’t sell my games.

        • Tim

          There are plenty of sales on PSN/XboxLive, and PSN+ gives you a ton of free games every year.

          It is also worth mentioning that you would have to spend more than double the price of a $400 PS4 on a new PC gaming rig to match the performance of optimised games on PS4.

          In a recent review of Battlefield 4, the biggest PC gaming magazine in Germany PCGH (hardly a Sony fanboy) recommends the PS4 version over PC. Essentially, they praise the PS4 version and in their tests they proved you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4. That is pretty amazing coming from PC gaming magazine.

          • MikeRees

            Then they didn’t particularly test their hardware well. BF4 is running perfectly fine for me, 1080p@40fps highest settings, with hardware that’d cost me £650 to build. I’m not even talking about current gen tech either, some of the stuff in my machine is from 2010.

          • Tim

            I really don’t think the biggest PC gaming magazine in Germany would really lie about this, their view was that their 1000€ PC gaming rig had the same quality and performance on BF4 as the 399€ PlayStation 4. I believe them.

            Remember, the PS4 costs only £350! (which we know Sony sells for a loss), and with the performance it offers (check out excellent Killzone graphics @1080p/60fps) no can argue with the fact that the PS4 is an incredible bargain and you would have to spend a lot more on a new PC gaming rig to match it.

        • flashpoint

          and console gamers say we don’t support the devs… Reselling does not help devs at all.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        If you resell games, you don’t own them anymore. Everything is cheaper if you don’t own it lol.

        • GarbTradeinValue

          And when a game doesn’t meet your expectations.. who cares if you still own it if you don’t like it? Your initial buy money is gone the second you press Buy. You buy at $40, that $40 is gone, good or bad. Physical copy console buyer buys at $40, they can keep it, or realize they don’t like it or will never play it again and get most of that money back. Depending how long they hold onto it obviously.

          • fewtcher

            You buy at $9.99, you realize you don’t like it but can’t sell it. Console gamers on the other hand buy at $40, don’t like it, want to sell it – they are offered $20-25 for it. Still greater loss and you DON’T get to keep your game. So which is better?

      • MegaRay

        You make an account just to point this thing?

  • Jax Lester

    I will get into PC in 2 years when consoles really start showing there age. For now the PS4 system will have some real exclusives title coming out for it that you will never get on PC.
    I’m an Xbox 360 player and I’m switching to PS4 just to for that reason. I will switch to PC for all my shooters though down the line. And I will miss the Kinects features and Microsoft amazing User Interface and Live. It’s the sacrifice I will have to make until I get live on PC with my Steam machine.

    • Dylan Michael Ballard

      use windows 8 and u pretty much get the same thing as xbox if thats what you like

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    I hate Gabe. Are there any alternatives to steam out there which stack up to at least half the value? GoG looked nice when I checked it out and I know amazon has deals every now and then. Getting the money for a pc may be a whiles off for me but I like to do my research months before.

    • Axe99

      GoG and Gamersgate would be the place to start. Impulse used to be good, but was sold off and renamed, no idea what it’s like these days. Have heard Greenmangaming is also good, but haven’t used it m’self.

  • Randomness

    The thing is that most people will not invest $1000 for a gaming PC just to play slightly better graphics when basically everyone already owns a decent PC for all the basics like word, internet etc. Going for a console that’s $400 seems more appropriate, regardless of the long-term benefits that usually isn’t on people’s minds anyway when purchasing a system.

    Also, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against PCs and I own a gaming PC as well (which I admittedly don’t use a lot), but these recent influx of PC-favoured threads are honestly getting tiring now. We have elitists master-racing on every single console article and video, and now these slightly biased articles popping up.

    • IDontCareEnoughToLie

      no, not slightly better graphics, we’re talking about significantly better graphics. I’m not trying to talk the consoles down, I have a PS3 and have the PS4 pre-ordered. But if you think that it the PC is only slightly better it is because you haven’t experienced it for yourself. PC gaming is much, much better.

      • Axe99

        Depends what you’re looking for. I’ve got a GTX 660 and an i7 3770, and what I have is a clear step up from the PS3, but looks like it’ll be a step down from the PS4 (in terms of actual results – I’m aware I’ve got much more horsepower). And if you look at the Steam hardware survey, the majority of PC gamers use machines less powerful than mine, not more. There are a sub-group of big-spending PC gamers with uber-rigs, but these are a sub-group, and no-where near the size of the install base of one of the current-gen consoles, let alone two. Question is, if it’s so much better, and always has been (these arguments have been around since the 1990s ;)), then why do many still prefer console, including gamers like me that _have_ a PC with reasonable gaming specs?

        • Stranger On The Road

          I really don’t know, I have a better than average gaming PC, but my primary gaming machine is the PS3. I still buy PC games during Steam sales, but I would still play my games on the PS3. I don’t know if this have something to do with the PC being my work console (I’m a DBA).

          But yes, I got Tomb Rider on the PC to see how the hair animation worked…. after seeing it I went back to the PS3! Strange huh?

          • Axe99

            Yeah, I’m the same, I do a lot of work on PC, which might be part of it. Far less tech hassles on console as well (although brace for next-gen, am sure there’ll be a few bugs early ;)), spent many hours getting games to work on PC, hassles that just aren’t there on console. The most important thing is to have fun – I prefer the ease and accessiblity of console (and standardisation – I know everything works well on the standard gamepad), but there are pros to PC as well that I just don’t personally rate as highly. Horses for courses means everyone can be happy :).

        • IDontCareEnoughToLie

          Question is, if it’s so much better, and always has been, then why do many still prefer console, including gamers like me that _have_ a PC with reasonable gaming specs?

          IMO there are a few reasons for that:
          1) Simplicity. Console gaming is completely plug & play. Just load the disk and game starts. No muss, no fuss. With computers there is the installation and there is a stigma that makes many people think that it is harder than it really is.
          2) the games. With the consoles there are huge corporations that are invested in making sure there are games. Sony and Microsoft make sure that the AAA go to them first. Some get a PC version as well but not that many.

          I don’t agree with you that next gen consoles will look better, they may look as good but they won’t be as consistent. Just like all this controversy about 720p upscaling, 900p downgrades, 30FPS, what have you on this or the other console. On my rig, everything runs at 1080p, Maxed settings, at least 40FPS. I have yet to see a game that makes it even stutter.
          BTW, you and I have similar systems

          • Axe99

            That’s the way – simplicity is why I prefer console. It took 3-4 hours of forum searching and fix attempts just to get Mass Effect to run on PC, and Victoria 2 wouldn’t work at all without a patch. Jade Empire worked, but was a little ‘funny’, World at War wouldn’t save, The Witcher worked fine, other than crashing to desktop every 1-2 hours, Metro 2033 inexplicably needed to be restarted after the first start-up to actually run…. It’s not a matter of perceived reliability or difficulty, there is an actual and substantial gap (which could probably be easily quantified by comparing threads/posts in tech support forums for PC editions of games to those in the tech support forums for the equivalent console edition). You can definitely get results for the extra work that goes into PC gaming, but I find the trade-off on console to suit my personal tastes. It’s just my fave genre is grand strategy, which is almost non-existent on consoles, so I keep a PC handy ;). Was also good for X360 ‘exclusives’ that were also on PC, before I got a 360.

            Solid rig as well – I’m just a straight 660 though, not a Ti, and have half that RAM (32 GB should keep you going for a while ;)). Would bet you’ll need to upgrade the GPU in a year or two to match next-gen consoles as they find their feet, but the rest will stand you in good stead, and in 1-2 years a 770/780 should be the same or less than a PS4 :).

          • Stefano Ecoretti

            400€ on PS4 now will bring to the end of the generation.
            1000€ on PC how long will bring you? 2 years?
            You need 1000 now and let’s say about 500€/2-3 years to keep it kicking like when you bought it
            that’s not so easy difference to milk away with 10€ each time

            Plus in regard of PSN+, it’s true, you need to keep on pay 50€/year to play all the games they give you acces. So what? just in the last 2 months i got far cry 3 need for speed most wanted, remember me and metal gear rising. And those are just the bigger names, i have many others, vita ones as well

            If you truly are spending much less on PC you buy tons games more then me

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            I never said anything about the cost or about PS+ (which I subscribe to), I was talking about the difference in performance.
            I said before, I also have a PS3, Vita, and will have the PS4 in a couple weeks. But, those machines age too, just in a different way. While games continue to look better and better with new effects/techniques, the consoles will have to keep finding new shortcuts as technology progresses

          • Stefano Ecoretti

            performance wise at lunch console can keep up but it’s indeniable that after some years pc will again give dust to consoles, surely on multiplatform games for sure. Maybe some exclusive can make the console give their best, like TLOU or beyond for this generation but still pc will be better. But this article is not about the power, this article is about PC being more cheap than consoles without taking in account pc update cost

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            “But this article is not about the power, this article is about PC being more cheap than consoles without taking in account pc update cost”

            I don’t care what the article was about, I was responding to something that someone said. Why did you respond to me if you don’t wish to discuss what we were talking about?

          • MikeRees

            No, your budgeting’s all wrong. You don’t -need- €1000 now and €500 in a couple of years. Realistically, you have the option of either €700 now and €0 in a couple of years, or €500 now and €200 in a couple of years for a machine that would be more powerful than the €700 one. It just so happens that lots of enthusiasts like spending lots of money on their machines, to get more numbery numbers.

      • Dakky

        agreed crysis 3 on consoles run under the lowest settings, i was not impressed by the last of us graphics, i would even say killzone 3 and god of war ascension looked better. There was a huge gap on pc and console graphics after all those years.

    • DeathlordUSA

      Will you ignorant people please do some research before throwing out seriously overblown numbers ($1000) for PC prices?

      If you don’t want PC gamers to look down on you, do yourself a favor and educate yourself. My PC is more powerful than a PS4 and the parts ran me just $620.

  • PrinceHeir

    tbh despite with all the sales.

    it’s the games that drives me.

    barely no fighting games besides capcom ones, no JRPG games, action games like Killer is Dead, Bayonetta 2.

    heck they barely got Dark Souls at all if it weren’t for all the complaining. Metal Gear Rising was a miracle tbh.

    though i would say if you want a consistent 60FPS PC games are way to go.

    if more console games get ported on PC then i would definitely buy more on PC.

    i haven’t even touched Deus Ex 1 and Sam & Max Collection since 2011 now.

    i do play them once in awhile, but it doesn’t hold on for some reason.

    though i’ll definitely play Sam & Max series once again on PC, though Season 1 is the only Season that is missing on PSN.

    if they put it there, i would have played it here on PS3.

    also dedicated servers and mods. that’s probably one of the huge advantages it has over consoles.

  • Spontaneous_Me

    Don’t get me wrong, I am also a PC gamer and have a great PC rig, but a lot of these recent threads about how much better PC gaming is, is honestly starting to sound a little desperate.

  • PC hands down wins in the game prices department but that “$800” PC will also need upgrades over the years to meet the new requirements of the latest games where as a console games get much better looking over the years with out any upgrades. I’ll take a convenience like that any day over a PC.

  • Stranger On The Road

    The real advantage that the console has over the PC is that the game will look the same on every console, it doesn’t matter if the own the launch fat PS3 or the latest PS3, the game looks the same. With the PC, you get to see wonderful screenshots on the website and review websites, but when you play the game on your PC you get to reduce many of those feature that you might endup with a game that looks worse than the console version despite you having a more powerful machine.

    Don’t get me wrong, games on the PC are really nice, and the amount of memory those machines have make a very wonderful open world gaming experience. But the hypocrisy of gaming sites can’t be ignored, they tell how cheap it is to be a PC gamer, yet they themselves don’t use the machines they build, instead they will use a US$ 1000+ machine and post videos and screenshots from those machines. If they would only review the game running on an average machine and say: it would look even better on a high end gaming rig. I would have respected them for it.

    Any way, for now, I still don’t understand the people who will stick to gaming on a certain platform. If it is a matter of money then that is fine, but if you can afford a high-end gaming PC and play your games on 3 screens, then buying the console won’t be challenging for you. Why miss out on the nice exclusives those consoles have? Gaming on the PC is nice, but I am not missing out on JRPGs just because they are not on the PC. Example, Tales of Xillia (PS3), Tales Of Vesperia (XB360), The Last Story (Wii) and upcoming Wii U’s Monolith game ‘X’; I’d be mad to miss on those just because they didn’t come out on the PC.

    P.S. regarding Steam sales, while I do love them I believe that there repetition might have had some negative effect on new game sales. I’ve seen gamers pirating games and deciding to wait until the game is less than US$ 10 to buy it. They used to buy the game new but now they would wait for the Steam sales, they would still buy the game… but it is no longer worth the retailer price tag.

    • MikeRees

      Personally, because I’m not interested in console exclusives. There have been like 3 games on PS3 that I’ve wanted to play in its lifespan, I can’t justify dropping £300 for that.

      • Stranger On The Road

        When I bought the XB360, I did it for one game only: Tales of Vesperia. After I got the box I started ordering other games for it, end up with Magna Carta 2 plus few games (including Gears of War).

        Mind you, I got the console 2nd hand, so it was cheap 🙂

        P.S. I still don’t know what people like in Halo games, but I guess the multiplayer aspect is different from the campaign.

        • MikeRees

          The specific games I played on PS3 (I bought them for my brother, that I might play them, where they costed money) were Wipeout HD, because I’ve been invested in the franchise for a while; Flower, because I enjoy relaxing games with no competitive element and it seemed like a good use of sixaxis tech; and DUST 514, because I’m an EVE addict and wanted to see what CCP had done. None of these were spontaneous purchases, so I really doubt I would have got any others for the system. Instead, I’ve spent the equivalent money on hardware upgrades for both me and my brother.

  • Stefano Ecoretti

    The real question is, how often do you need to change PC to be able to play the way you want any game you want? And how many games you buy usually?
    On the online market side i’d say that 50 € for yearly PSN+ in just 2 month gave me far cry 3, need for speed most wanted, remember me, last metal gear solid plus many littler games even for vita that i plan on buy. I’d say quite a big deal
    400 for the ps4 will be for many years, a PC is more and for just few years before you need to change. Count in psn+ to “fill the free time” and buy only the top titles you absolutly want, you can come out with much less money out of your bag

  • Zikrayrus

    PC gaming is indeed good. But the issue for me is that the majority of games that i want don’t go there. JRPGs and so on and what not. And then those games that I do want on PC aren’t graphically intensive like VNs and those Doujin games you see from time to time.

    • Stranger On The Road

      VNs, they are the main reason MS Windows is still on my home PC; otherwise it would have been removed along time ago.

      I still believe that EOCS should consider creating their own console, it doesn’t have to be as powerful as the XB1 nor as the PS4, heck not even the Wii U. If anything, the Vita and smartphones has shown us that they could play HD VNs without any difficulty. They should just target a market that is made up of ~500k gamers (otakura) and make the console regional free. This should help fight VNs piracy and move us away from MS Windows.

      They should just make the console’s price to be equal to the price of a single VN. (~8000 yen). And be ready to ship it worldwide. Unless they wish to support 2.5D VNs, then something weaker than the Vita with a built-in DVD drive is all they need.

      But that is just my opinion.

  • ahaha

    I don’t know where anyone gets that A PC is only good for two years for $800 you can build yourself a very decent PC that will last you longer then consoles…nice thing with PC that consoles can’t do is upgrade your video so after paying $800 in four years the most you would have had to do is upgrade videocard… 4 year old gaming rigs can run battlefield 4 perfectly … just a thought anyways its really up to the gamer but don’t bash PC because you guys think every two years you need to spend another 800

  • Keyser Söze

    I’m a console gamer but I will be honest here. I know PC gaming is cheaper and they also get way more titles than consoles and usually at better graphics too.

    My biggest problem with PC is Steam because it requires you to have an Internet connection and even if you buy a retail copy of a game you need to join up or sign in to it for 90% of the games out there. Its DRM and don’t like it. My consoles have never been connected to the Internet until recently and are again currently not connected and likely will never be again. I would want the same option for my gaming PC.

    Another problem I have is I can’t just go buy the part I want and stick it in, I don’t understand the tech stuff all that much, it confuses me to be fair and other than graphic cards, bigger numbers don’t always mean better. Then there is the part that some hardware doesn’t work with other hardware 🙁

    Since I like playing games and when I started gaming it was on PC all those years ago but until those problems are not fixed for me at least, its consoles for me no matter how much more it costs

  • Not A PC Gamer

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, I’ve been gaming for 35 years now and the only time I ever gamed on PC was over at a friend’s house during the mid 90’s during the Doom and Duke Nuke’em days. I don’t care for the generic exclusives that appear on PC, the headache of trying to get things to run, or staring at text so tiny it makes my eyes bleed.

    Consoles have always satisfied my needs since the Atari 2600 and will continue to do so. Not only is there absolutely no need or interest for me ever to get into PC gaming, I don’t even have enough time for more than one platform to game on as it is.

    To each their own.

  • polo

    1) Console is more power efficient 250w PS4 vs gaming PC 500w or 700w & upward. PC is up 2 or 3 times power hungry machine. Save you electric bills.
    2) Second games are also cheap as PC. Around 20$-40$. Certainly not same
    price as the original which is 60$-70$. PC games maybe cheaper but not
    that much.
    3) Simple to use. Insert disc & play. No need to upgrade in the future. And Not worrying if it would play or not when you buy the games.
    4) Smaller in size than PC and Nice in the living room. Lol
    5) Durability. Last longer than PC without breaking or get virus easily. Unless over heating issues. Lol.
    6) Fast to boot the games. No waiting for the long window os to load up.
    7) Exclusive. God of war, uncharted, GT, last of us, infamous, Tekken (many fighting games love fighting games), metal gear
    (some MG tittle), More rpg games such as Final fantasy series or tales
    series. And many more games and unique experience such as heavy rain,
    beyond 2 soul, little big planet or whatever media molecule is coming up
    with. (I hate shooter, online games or social games, dont like angry
    bird, its a great gaming funny and all, but not for me).
    8) PS controller. Hate keyboard and mouse to play games. lol. Hate xbox controller. Not design for fighting games.
    9) Second screen. Maybe PC will do or already doing it right now or not. I dont know.
    10) Games get more optimize on console than PC with the same spec. And get better in the future. So You’ll see there true power in the in the future. Just as you saw in game like the last of us.
    11) PS Plus. Although never paid it. But it look promising.

    Yeah PC is the king. More frames rate and resolution. 60 fps and upward. PC have eye candy graphics. lol. Crysis 3 nice and look awesome on PC. But at what cost? I can see PS4 doing better graphics in two years time due to sony first party In the visual department. Not on frame rate or resolution. Yes PC is more Powerful but you will never see sony first party on PC. Yes PC coming in two years time will destroy PS4 they already now destroying PS4 judging from spec. A PC with PS4 spec IS NOT PS4. For A PC to equivalent a PS4 graphics it’s like almost double the spec of the Ps4 in the the long run When ps4 max out. And that my friend the PC is above 1500$. Take for example my friend take the last of us. With just less than 512mb ram. Do you think a PC could pull it off with 512mb ram? PC developers tend to make game for on an average PC. Yes PC have option to choose depending on your cpu if can handle it. PC come at the cost of your electric bills and repair or upgrade you PC. Driver issues. Loads of bugs. Dont think that you will have the same PC till 7 to 10 years in the future without upgrading to play recent games. Probably 2 to 3 years you’ll have to upgrade or repair your PC. Ps3 i never have problem with frame rate or resolution. But it was good enough to play. PC is more for shooter guys , bottom line. Which i hate Shooter.

    • flashpoint

      1 ) 3 dollars a year for electricity is not going to save anyone anything.
      2 ) These are brand new games, and we support the devs by buying them either way.
      3 ) You don’t need to upgrade for at least 5 – 6 years if you’re gonna spend around 800 bucks.
      4 ) You can make it smaller than a console as well and it will be x500 more powerful.
      5 ) That will only happen to an idiot.
      6 ) fast to boot? Windows – 5 to 6 seconds, a major game like BF4 at most 16 seconds.
      7 ) Boohoo, we have exclusive games as well.
      8 ) Yes, keyboard and mouse takes skill, but you can connect any controller that you please to a PC, even a PS1 controller if you want to.
      9 ) My 20 screens love me.
      10 ) Not really.
      11 ) Steam.

      Your arguments are shit.

  • WTF

    “A good gaming PC, which is reasonably future-proof, will take about $800 from your bank account.” Are you serious? A decent graphics card alone costs more than $800. A PC for $800 most likely won’t run any game other than Solitaire.

  • Davide Peretti

    sorry but u wrong about the price of saint row 4 for console : for both of them (ps3 xbox 360) amazon sell them for almost 30€ (29,98 ) the truth is gamestop is expansive and is not fair at all…Amazon is Amazing for buy games ….and just another thing..games out first on consolle …this is the market..this is the business and u must follow..u can’t decide nothing your choise not our..sad but true. The only power that we have is not to buy something but is almost nothing i think

  • Dylan Michael Ballard

    All right here we go. Heres why i like pc over console.
    #1 most ppl on pc are older. I play alot of CoD on my pc and i have rarely seen a 12 year old telling me how he banged my mom. my reasoning is because no parent will spend the 800 dollars for there kid to play cod when a 400 dollar PS4/Xbox one will play the same game.
    #2 Most gamers on pc that ive seen. (and this is completely opinionated) are older and have been playing games since the 90s and are very elite. given they are also elitest jerks but there rarely have the time to voice this to you like the xbox and playstation players 2.
    #3 with my gaming pc i not only have all my games at my disposal its alot easier to move around given how often i move houses. its just a few plugs and all my games come with me where as xbox and playstation u have to lug around every disk.
    #4 i never lose or have a scratched game disk. Never have to worry about my dog or a roomate scratching a disk making a game unplayable.
    #5 Spending a good 1000 dollars on a pc (excluding a graphics card) gives you one a computer and 2 anytime a new console comes out its about the same price for a graphics card upgrade as a new console.

    This is purely opinion. Not trying to prove anyone wrong or dumb. This is just the 5 reasons why i like my pc better.