PS4’s Alleged Overheating Problems: Developers Say they Don’t Exist

In the last few days a couple of media outlets spread rumors abut the PS4 possibly suffering from overheating problems, and that was presented as the alleged reason why many journalists aren’t receiving review units in advance.

The rumor seemed quite farfetched, and mostly born out of the malcontent of some that felt entitled to a free console before launch and saw that request denied, so I set out to ask those that have the best chance to actually know about possible problems: developers that have been working on the console for quite a while now.

The development environment puts consoles in quite brutal operational conditions, especially due to the long working hours, so if there indeed are problems, developers should have been the first to notice.

Of course not everyone was willing to answer, and not everyone was willing to let us disclose his name and position, but here are the results of our research.

Meridith Braun of Digital Extremes (Warframe) let us know that the PS4 devkits the studio has used “worked as intended.” When I asked for a more specific answer, precisely if the devkits never overheated while working on them, her answer was “Correct.”

Switchblade Monkeys Creative Director Yousuf Mapara working on Secret Ponchos, had the following to say:

We’ve been using a bunch of dev kits. They’ve been on almost all the time, sometimes even over night. They’ve always stayed cool, never even gotten warm so It has never suggested the threat of a problem. We have had no problems with any of the dev kits throughout development.

In addition to that, seven different developers that opted to have their name not published responded that they never experienced any heat-related problems with the development consoles.

Of those one, working on a title that will be both on PS4 and PC answered:

As far as I know, the specs and cooling of the current dev kits are the same as the final retail consoles, and I never saw one getting any hotter than a PS3 or a Xbox 360. Our consoles never had problems of that sort, and if you’re talking about that picture with the red line, I never saw something like that.

Another, currently at work on an AAA multiplatform game that will be on both PS4 and Xbox One, reported pretty much the same thing, including Microsoft’s new console into the picture.

None of our devkits, either PS4 or Xbox One, had any overheating problems. We have so many and we use them so much that if there was any big issue we’d have probably noticed something, but no, they all worked and still work like a charm.

One of the developers we asked was quite clear cut on the issue, with a bit of irony:

We don’t really like getting in the middle of console war stuff /rumors so we’d rather not be credited for a quote, but this makes me giggle. We’ve been using test and dev kits for a while. No over heating issues. We run them for full business hours and beyond. Granted, they aren’t identical to what will be released, so really anyone claiming to have an issue is either fabricating it, or it would be something I’d expect resolved in the final model. No issues on our end that I’ve seen.

A fourth was a bit more philosophical, but still reported no issue:

There’s no such thing as a new console launch without a number of faulty units, but none of the development kits we have suffered from any problem related to heat.

None of the developers wiling to give their insight on the issue reported any overheating problem witnessed directly or heard about.

In addition to developers, I also contacted a few people that worked at the Sony booths at recent trade shows, Milan’s Games Week and the event in Paris that goes by the same name (both booths had a very high number of working consoles). I also managed to get in contact with someone that worked at the Battlefield 4 booth at the Paris Games Week, where 32 PS4 and 32 Xbox One units worked over time for almost a week.

They all were very clear in explaining that no console had any kind of overheating issue during the events, and trade show conditions are just as brutal than the development environment.

There you have it, straight from the mouths of quite a few lions. Of course the PS4 is not a perfect machine. Absolute perfection in electronics manufacturing doesn’t exist, so like one of the developers above said, we can definitely expect a number of faulty units, but there’s no real reason to expect a widespread problem due to overheating.

All in all, alleging that Sony might be withholding delivery of the console to journalists due to overheating issues (that would still surface afterwards, even more disastrously, if they really existed) seems to definitely hold little credibility.

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  • Guest

    Sorry but NO developer involved in making games for a console is going to talk crap about it. You think DICE would come out and say PS4/XB1 overheats and shuts down? No. Only way to know the truth is when you take it home and start playing.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Of course. They called from work. They said you left your tinfoil hat there 😀

  • Bozo Sapien

    The issue isn’t overheating, it’s connectivity. You should have asked your developer sources about Error CE-34878-0.

  • Indiecrap

    lol, some crappy indie game designer whos making some cheap 8 bit graphics will not overheat the system.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Only, not all the devs that responded were indie. And not all the games running flawlessly at conventions every day for a week long were indie games.

      • Indiecrap

        lol, the AAA developer doesnt even exist as the quote has no name behind it. complete fabrication.

        • cozomel


          • Jason Mounce

            You know that someone has issues when a clown calls someone else a clown, who isn’t even a real clown nor dressed as one.

            He indeed, is a Clown.

          • Truth

            And you’re both paupers.

          • Jason Mounce

            A new account, Pauperkiller2013?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Of course mate, of course. Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.

        • Prime157

          Isn’t Minecraft in the top 5 games on XBL? Yes. Isn’t Minecraft Indie? Yes. Wasn’t Naughty Dog started as a 2 man team? Yes. isn’t that Indie? Yes.

          Kid, use some common sense… that’s where all AAA studios start. You know that, to be considered a AAA title you have to spend 11mill on your project. That’s it. It has nothing to do with quality. in fact, here’s a ONE PERSON PROJECT (AKA INDIE TO THE MAX) that looks better than a lot of AAAs:

          • Jason Mounce

            Team size doesn’t equate to a developer/studio being ‘Indie’. (As per saying Naughty Dog used to be a 2-man team)

          • Prime157

            Fair enough, but it doesn’t null my point that that’s where the studios start. Whether it’s the first game they make like the above link, or respawn entertainment’s TitanFall, or the 10th game… AAA just means a projection (hence the 11mil) or a surprise of going big (minecraft).

            I’m just tired of people saying, “indie sucks” or in this case, “indie is discredited.” When a lot of indie games have more replay ability than “born into” AAA games, and most devs start as Indie.

          • Jason Mounce

            Yea, I know. I didn’t dispute any other bit of your comment. Just that 😛

    • ThatGuy

      I didn’t know warframe was an indie title.

  • XFistsClenchedX

    Maybe the PS4 needs to be connected to the internet before it overheats. Har har.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Self-entitled internet blogger/streamer wants Sony to send him a free PS4. Doesn’t get one.

    You can take it from here.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They aren’t sending me one as well. Maybe I should start making up rumors instead of squashing them.

      On a second thought, maybe not.

      • Mitchell Jenkins

        Well if you spread your own rumors, it will make it easier to find rumors to squash lol.

    • TVippy

      But why do you want to believe in this, so vigorously? THAT is the question.

  • HesOnFire

    Great article. Glad to see there are no issues. Normally these type of issues surface after launch though. Millions of consoles, compared with 10,000 or so devkits.. The public will sure speak up if there is a problem. I always buy the insurance on my consoles. Well worth it, as it’s saved me a bundle on new 360s.

  • Sariddu

    People really think that if there had been a problem someone who sell games for it would speak? Sorry for my english’s skills but i’m italian. I’m not a fanboy of any console, and i’m buying a PS4, but i’m not so stupid to believe them. Maybe is true, maybe not, only time can tell. This statements are useless, even if developers name is hidden.

  • André Rocha

    Great article. And this is how’s done, based on fact voicing those that work with the device day after day for a few years. You can’t argue against facts.

    Those who have been crying out loud to the stars this BS are nothing but pissed because sony haven’t got ’em a ps4 for them to review.

    I saw a video “piece” other day on a “famous” website where the say was saying “I don’t want a free ps4, I pre-ordered one and I’m happy with it” but he kept crying, why? Because he wanted to receive his pre-ordered ps4 BEFORE everyone else just to review it. So what makes him so special that he has to receive is ps4 before anyone else? F#ck that guy, cry baby.

    Anyway, again, great article like what I always look for based on facts and voiced by those experienced who are in field dealing with the product itself.

  • Ty

    I wish this article would put the overheat rumors to rest finally. Developers have confirmed neither console has overheating issue, so everyone should quit worrying about it. Despite PS4’s small size, I doubt it would overheat anyway. I give Sony credit for this constantly, they know how to build their products to last a long time. This is why I prefer buying Sony electronics compared to others, despite usually being more expensive. It’s worth it though, in my opinion.

  • Mitchell Jenkins

    Wait, so were the journalists spreading these rumors to try to force Sony to let them have a PS4 early? Thats called blackmail. People need to think twice before they throw their credibility away.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      It’s called journalists trying to get a PS4 early so they can let you know whether it’s going to be good or not.

      • leeeeroyyyyy jenkins

        I don’t need some bitchy journalist telling me his opinion, I’d rather trust myself or a professional who can act like an adult.

      • Mark

        It’s called whiners, they wanted attention and hits so they can get a lot of money before the console gets out.

  • Metoo

    8 developers vs 1000’s of retailers….hmm wonder which ones I will believe.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      And where are those 1000s of retailers saying that the 8 developers are wrong?

    • Mark

      Believe your 1000 retailers then! LOL

      and on launch day, those 1000 retailers will run out of PS4 stocks.

    • Prime157

      If my retailer opened the box to test that theory, I’d never buy from them again.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    it’s kinda funny how everyone now has “sources”, some dude i watch bitched about this and that was the first time ever i heard about it so i didnt pay much attention

    but is still nice that this just clears out any doubt left and they are just salty that they dont have PS4’s before us “mortals”

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Can I ask what I feel is an obvious question? Did developers complain about Xbox 360 developer kits overheating during development?
    Serious inquiry. None of these quotes seemed to come from someone using a retail unit extensively.

    Also, the rumour didn’t start from Adam Sessler or Marcus Beer, it came from a alleged retail unit shutting down at a demo event. The plexiglass is encasing the console which definitely doesn’t help…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No idea. The internet was a very different place back then, and no one thought to ask. “Rumors” were held in much lower esteem, and they didn’t turn into instant money as they do now.

      We weren’t into a world in which everyone is scrambling as hard as they can to find faults in the next generation consoles to bank on the reaction.

      That picture, by the way, has never been proven authentic.

  • RealityCheck2013

    It’s just the SCUM on the internet trying to find something wrong with the PS4, just like they did with the PS3, YAWN :-/ After reading things like this i hope all the Xbox ONE’s DIE in their millions due to overheating LoL:D

  • KG.

    i knew it wasn’t true. Greatness awaits 11/15/13

    • Truth

      only for the lamest people, like you, that fall for the overhype and the tyical $0N¥ lies.

      • daywaster

        Truth both systems are great your just close minded that you just can’t like both. Although I must say I will be getting PS4 first this year. Tired of Halo…

        • KG.

          i like the xbox one i pre-ordered it and im trying to get a ps4 because i missed the pre-order.

  • Bozo Sapien

    Notice how these “developer” sources are all making indie games that wouldn’t tax the hardware of a mobile phone much less the PS4?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually no. Not all of them. Sorry to burst a bubble.

      • Bozo Sapien

        No bubbles burst. Neither console is having overheating problems. The PS4 is, however, experiencing issues that have lead to the delay of two major launch titles and is causing them to force gaming journalists to review the games only under the strict supervision of Sony two days before the console’s launch. Why isn’t anybody covering that story?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Two major launch titles? It’d be interesting to know why you’d believe that the delay of watch dogs on ALL platforms (including last gen and PC) has anything to do with the PS4’s hardware.

          And the fact that Driveclub wasn’t ready for launch was evident to anyone that tried it. Again, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that it has anything to do with the hardware.

          I cover what I can find some reasonably solid confirmation for, not FUD.

          • Bozo Sapien

            These issues were mentioned in the Battlefield 4 reviews on Polygon, Joystiq and The Examiner as well as by various gaming journalists on Twitter. Unfortunately, everyone is apparently willing to just brush it under the table or dismiss it as nothing serious. If it weren’t serious, why was everyone at the event forced to sign an NDA? Why have no reviewers been sent PS4 debug consoles for reviews and are instead being forced into closed events with limited access to the games and hardware? I guess no one wants to know the answers to those questions.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You seem not to be aware that signing NDAs to attend industry events is a very common practice (in every industry, when dealing with every major brand showing any pre-release stuff). If I put all the NDAs i signed on fire, someone’d call the fire dept.

            The answer to most questions is normally the simplest one. Not the most insinuating, FUD/agenda driven one.

          • Bozo Sapien

            I’m well aware of NDA practices. That still doesn’t explain why no one in the media seems interested in investigating or informing consumers why they are being herded into “review events” just days before the console’s launch.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Because most of “the media” (besides those that are whoring for hits of have an agenda to spread FUD) know very well that alleging that Sony’s hiding who knows what terrible secret until launch (only to have it explode even worse afterwards lol) doesn’t make the slightest logical sense and sounds like a silly conspiracy theory.

            If you’re very aware of NDA practices, why did you ask?

          • Bozo Sapien

            You and I both know that “whoring for hits” and spreading “FUD” is the only way for a media outlet to survive right now. That’s not limited to gaming. My point is that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to accuse the mainstream gaming journalists of “protecting” Microsoft, but let’s get down to brass tacks. They are protecting both companies and, in doing so, their own jobs. That’s the way the real game works.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I sure don’t accuse mainstream gaming journalists of protecting microsoft. I believe you’re referring to people downplaying the “resolutiongate”.

            What I see is that many journalists don’t believe that the numbers game is as important as many think, and in many ways I agree.

            And I’m sorry, you don’t seem to know much about how the “real game works.” Jobs wouldn’t be influenced in the least if problems were to arise with either consoles, exactly like no journalist lost his job over the RROD.

            The rest is just conspiracy theories based upon nothing. And media outlets can easily survive with a bit of integrity and without pushing on the FUD. It all depends on what kind of readership you want.

            Ultimately, for what we’re concerned, since we can’t speak for others, if you want conspiracy theories, you won’t find em here. There’s plenty people crafting those, and it’s simply not our trade.

            If that’s what float your boat, I’m sure you’ll find plenty floating elsewhere.

          • Bozo Sapien

            Typical. Can’t handle the argument so you tell me to leave.
            Jobs ARE being influenced when Sony isn’t allowing media outlets early access to debug units for review purposes like has been commonplace in every other generation. Maybe you just haven’t been in the industry long enough to know that.
            You may not be interested in “conspiracy theories” but you obviously went out of your way to debunk this one and “protect” Sony, now didn’t you? Interesting.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Sorry to burst just another bubble, but I protect my readers from misinformation, not Sony, nor any other corporation. I’m not interested in crafting conspiracy theories, but I sure am in squashing them when they’re false. Fighting misinformation is the duty of any journalist.

            When I see something that is really farfetched, there isn’t much “out of my way” to go. All it takes is a few mails and phone calls.

            I also noticed that this seems to make some really mad, because they seem to really WANT to believe to misinformation, FUD and conspiracy theories.

            I get nothing from Sony, not even a retail console after launch, let alone a debug unit before.

            And differently from others, I don’t believe I’m entitled to either. my “livelihood” is generated by hard work, not by handouts.

            And about “not being in the industry long enough”, I’m quite sure that almost 17 years is long enough.

            As for the “Can’t handle the argument so you tell me to leave.” I’m just telling you that here you won’t find the kind of content you seem to be interested in. We write because we love games, not because we want to spread negativity about them without any real evidence like others do.

            I’m perfectly aware that baseless negativity sells, but that’s not the kind of merchandise we care to sell here. Maybe looking in another shop will satisfy you better.

          • Rey619

            Being a videogame journalist is “hard work?” Dude, try getting a real job!

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Try writing for up to 16 hours a day.

          • Rey619

            do you respond to trolls 16 hours a day?

          • Ohki Kaze

            “We write because we love games, not because we want to spread negativity about them without any real evidence like others do.”

            Well said and the main reason this site became my go to place for gaming information.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Getting desperate now, Bozo. ^_^

            Ask your industry friends about just how great ESRAM is.

          • Bozo Sapien

            The PS4 can’t even maintain 60fps in Call of Duty: Ghosts and they don’t have ESRAM. Where’s that 50% more power? lol

          • You are flat out wrong

            It’ll be on show when the Xbone version has the same frame rate issues at 720p. What a crap console.

          • Prime157

            The same NDA that m$ has?

        • Prime157

          Wow… Just wow… I don’t think you’re trolling. PS4’s launch is going so well that KillZone:Shadow fall is and has been availible to buy for a week or 2 now. DS4’s, Cameras… Even recieved shipments of COD.

          Did you get your info from misterx?

          • Bozo Sapien

            Yes, everything is going well for them except the console itself.

          • Woohoo!!

            Keep repeating that crap, I’m sure that you will eventually convince yourself

          • Prime157

            Really? I’ve heard the same about the other too.

            and just so you know, COD PS4 reviews are everywhere, but not until the 12th for XBone. So why aren’t YOU talking about that as it sounds right up the ass of the point you are trying to make, troll?

        • Woohoo!!

          Sorry, only one launch title, Driveclub…or are you going to insinuate that it’s Sony’s fault that Watchdogs was delayed on BOTH CONSOLES?

          • Bozo Sapien

            I’m not insinuating it. I’m flat out saying it. Watch Dogs was delayed because of issues with the PS4 version, which is the lead development platform for the title.

          • Woohoo!!

            uh huh, prove it then talk about it. Let’s see your links…

          • You are flat out wrong

            Cite your source. Or is it another industry “insider?”

    • Atrocity

      Just FYI Warframe is an AAA PC game that happens to be free to play, nothing indie about it.

      Also if the PS4 was having overheating problems EA wouldn’t of pushed the PS4 version of BF4 harder the. The shitbox and made it 720p as well, but as everyone now knows that just isn’t the case.

      But yeah man keep clinching onto them straws you got there.

  • thuglove68

    this is great news

  • Socerny

    We’ll see Mr. Nelva! Funny how Sony still hides away the actual console. Funny how these devs can only vouch for dev kit and not retail. Funny how you’ve claimed that hiding demo’s is an “industry standard” yet every where I go to demo a device the ACTUAL device is accessible… I would say that is the industry standard.

    Look, I don’t wish for these rumors to be true because my son has a PS4 preordered, but we’ve been burned by the Sony “propaganda” before! So like I said, we’ll see once the world finally gets to touch a retail version given all the control Sony has initiated surrounding its release! We’ll see how forthcoming you’ll be if issues show up.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The “actual console” has been running smoothly for the last two weeks at both Milan’s Games Week and Paris’ Games Week in front of thousands of players, both a Sony’s booths and at third party booths.

      So yeah, your skepticism is misplaced.

      • Socerny

        But why hide the console? Someone posted a picture from Paris Game Week and the PS4’s were hidden… again. Like people have said, if you have nothing to hide, why hide it? I don’t necessarily expect you to have an answer, but as a journalist I would expect you to press the question.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You’re mistaken. Many of the consoles at PGW were just covered in transparent plastic. It’s in no shape or “hidden”, and there’s no room anywhere in that kind of demo station to “hide” anything, as it’s too thin.

          Also, at the Battlefield booth they were out in the open, while bolted to the table (which was completely empty and open below).

          As for the instances in which consoles are “hidden” in cabinets, simple logic would answer your question. It’s the very best way to keep them safe.

          But honestly, considering your tone, your question doesn’t seem very sincere.

          • Socerny

            That’s fine, you can question my sincerity because of my “tone”, but as a father whose son has saved his money to pre-order a PS4 I have concerns. I don’t know if you’re a parent so maybe you don’t understand the concern in my “tone” because so many journalist seemed scared of Sony so we’ll see what happens once November 15 passes. You have a great day sir!

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You’re entitled to have concerns, but you also need to understand that those that put 400 bucks machines on show in front of thousands of people have concerns as well.

            And those concerns aren’t about those machines overheating. They’re about them being stolen/damaged/tampered with and so forth.

          • Socerny

            Yea I know, you keep reverting back to the “company line”. Yet Apple puts $400, $500, $600+ demo devices in front of millions in their stores around the globe. I’ve yet to see any Apple demos devices hidden despite the possibility of them being stolen/damaged or tampered with.

            Best Buy in America has a multitude of demo devices from a myriad of manufacturers viewed by millions and I’ve yet to see a demo hidden. Matter of fact the PS3 is view-able as well as playable… not hidden, despite the possibility of these device being stolen/damaged or tampered with.

            MS has figured out how to make the X1 demos accessible in plain view despite the possibility of them being stolen/damaged or tampered with so forgive me as a consumer for being a little skeptical about your explanation for Sony hiding the PS4.

            They (Sony) have every right to handle it as they please, but that doesn’t exclude them from being questioned about their choice to hide them.


          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Only. They have been running in the open at several events now, so the “questioning” doesn’t make any sense.

          • angh

            Has Apple shown these demo devices BEFORE they released them and start sales or after? Number of both consoles available for test are limited, so they trying to protect them more than usually.

          • Woohoo!!

            Your sincerity is questionable. I realize you probably don’t care what I think, why would you? But this is how you are presenting yourself, not a father with a few concerns, but as someone who is certain of wrongdoing

  • 高田真也

    even japan media was more impressed with vita tv than ps4. vita tv won best hardware at the tokyo game show. ps4 is not even impressing in sony’s backyard. sony fanboys raged when popular mechanics called xbox innovative and said ps4 deserves more praise. but ps4 is nothing more than an overheating, poorly ventilated compact mid range pc that plays indie games.
    not even a ps4 game impressed japan media at TGS. titanfall and forza impressed the japan press and took awards. titanfall was game of the show. sony ps4 not even impressing in a land that looks at xbox as a joke.
    playstation brand hasnt innovated anything after they removed their founder and innovator ken kutaragi. they copied wii with move, copy wii u with their expensive vita plus ps4 combo, copy various wii and xbox software, and now copy xbox’s business model. kutaragi was given lifetime achievement award in japan recently. and nobody care about ps4.

    • Bankai

      1. Japan must be pretty impressed if pre-orders sold out almost instantly.

      2.The PS4 has yet to overheat and is very well ventilated. Not to mention that the Xbone is an entry level PC and the PS4 can play far more than Indies.

      3. The Playroom, which started as a tech demo, impressed far more than both Forza and Titanfall.

      4. Nintendo and Microsoft ripped off the EyeToy, The Wii U is just a ripoff of Remote Play, Your only argument would be PlayStation All-Stars and you must have missed when Microsoft just recently ripped off PS Plus. Oh and Microsoft stole all of the PS4’s social features, so try harder.

      5. The pre-orders and waves of praise show that people do indeed care about the PS4.

      • 高田真也

        ps4, like failed vita both have something in common with xbox, all western engineered, all destined for failure.
        lol, playroom and sony ps4 hardware failed on live tv in japanese coverage of tgs. waves of praise, lol? everyone still focused on ps3. nagoshi and inafune said they just saw much of the same when they toured e3. praise was mostly for titanfall at tgs, how pathetic was that? wii is nothing like eyetoy but was more inspired by dreamcast fishing rod used with soul calibur. samba de amigo also inspired wii. lol, preorders are only for rabid fanboys, not mass adoption just like vita. ps ripoffs include little big planet karting, sports champions, the vita dog game, and too many to type.

  • OnlyWar

    Xbox gamers are leaving 360 for PS4

    • juventud guerrera
      • Guest

        720people LOL! He means 720p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        720p, 720p everywhere!

    • neogafaggots
    • neogafaggots
      • Bankai

        Stock portfolio from 2008, really?

        • neogafaggots

          the stock is even lower today and sony cannot keep making failure after failure like the past 5 years. so this talk of all these studios that they have is worthless, they will fail if they release the same number of failed games as the ps3 era. vita is not helping. puppeteer, knack, tearaway, driveclub are guaranteed failures.

          • Pixelsword

            I laughed my ass off when I saw the videos for Puppeteer, Knack, and Tearaway… A small niche of prepubescent gamers are the only ones who will be buying these games.

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            Yeah, just like nobody liked LittleBigPlanet…

          • Prime157

            Well said for an immature kid.

      • Truth

        Brilliant. $0N¥ PauperStation = going down the tube, taking all their pauperlemmings with them hopefully. NOW THAT’s a DUAL SHOCKER!

        • You are flat out wrong

          Please leave, Zaire.

          • Truth

            Please DIE PAUPER!

          • You are flat out wrong

            Shut up, Zaire.

      • You are flat out wrong

        You sound upset.

    • Judge Dredd
      • Woohoo!!

        Yeah, the PSVita has a lot of haters, but I promise you, not a single one of those downvotes comes from someone who actually owns one.

        I’m playing Rayman Legends on my Vita right now and I’m worried that I wont be finished when my PS4 pre-order arrives. I won’t want to stop playing to give the PS4 the attention that it deserves.

    • Truth

      Sure they do redneck pauper. In your racist dreamworld perhaps.

    • john

      you know there`s gonna be 1080people over at the ps4 qeue 😉

  • MrZweistein

    I have understand that all in public playable PS4s so far were Test-kits which are not the same as the retail version of the console. In addition to that those statements in your article referring to development kits which are also different to test-kits and retail-SKUs.

    As I understood the rumor it is referred to the test-kits or retail-kits. But your sources only mentioning dev-kits. I am confused!

    Another question: Many game journalists claiming that they have not seen a retail kit in action. Can you confirm that at the milan event retail kits were used or as usual test-kits?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Retail consoles and recent devkits have exactly the same hardware specs, the same cooling solution and the same ventilation patterns, so the question is irrelevant.

      If one doesn’t overheat, the other doesn’t as well. Devkits don’t have a magical liquid nitrogen cooling solution that saves them from overheating where retail consoles would.

      They’re not even distinguishable at a superficial observation.

      At recent events, including Milan, PS4 units ran in the open without problems. There’s no way to know which one is which unless you go read the labels on the back. And at this stage they’re PS4 consoles, no more, no less. Same hardware, Same cooling. Attempting to distinguish between different kinds is disingenuous.

  • Josiah Grey

    Glad to see this rumor is wrong, I thought it was strange since dev kits ran cooler than a PS3. No idea how it could even overheat unless they kept the thing with no proper air ventilation or the decided it’d be fun to duct tape the vents lol

  • Flambo

    I don’t trust developers or even Sony themselves over this. Sure developers & MS said the same exact thing about the Xbox 360 & RROD.

    So another point to my scoreboard of reasons not to buy a PS4 for at least a few months..

  • neogafaggots

    —-Shinji Mikami, producer of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, strongly criticized Sony and Square in a recent radio interview in Japan. Mikami accused Sony of purposely designing their consoles to break easily so that gamers will have to buy a replacement. He also said that Sony’s high sales figures are helped by the fact that many gamers, himself included, have had to buy a second PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

    From there, Mikami went on to accuse Sony of doing the same thing with their line of PCs, Walkmans, and cell phones. He asked why no one has complained about this and said that it was almost like cheating and committing a crime. The radio DJ tried to interrupt Mikami and shift the conversation to another topic, but when Mikami was asked if he thought Sony’s customers are foolish, he replied, “Yes.”

  • You are flat out wrong

    I’m assuming that’s why the likes of Sessler have moved on and are now saying that 1080p “isn’t that much different” to 720p. Bias at best or corruption at worst.

  • Welshie

    All of these Fanboy responses are so bizzare. Literally on any article on N4G that has Playstation related ‘news’ or content is harrassed 100% of the time by Fanchildren/Trolls. It’s my fault for evening visiting N4G but really kids, what is the deal?!
    I’m glad some people want an XBone, and I’m glad more people want a PS4. But c’mon people! Is happy gaming impossible? Both consoles have their faults. There is just no way I could buy a console from a Corp. that supported complete DRM in every way possible, but later shifted their message after thousands of fans said, “Screw you guys! I’m getting a PS4!” Make up all of the crazy stories about Sony and the PS4 you want. Just have fun arguing which one is better. Just keep wasting time. Sony has shown they respect their Fans and Audience.

    • MuchoOishiiBishamonGroup

      ーrecord breaking 1.5 billion ps2 discs sold but no backwards compatibility support on ps4, forget your discs we’ll make you pay again with gaikai
      ーonline paywall
      ーyou requested custom soundtracks, we’re proud to announce support through music unlimited, forget your already bought cds and mpsl
      ーin japan charged $5-$10 per game to play your already bought psp games on vita
      ーcrappy imitations of nintendo software and hardware
      ーcrappy first party interactive movies rather than games
      ーdrm was introduced on ps3 final fight, could not be played offline

      ーbillions of ds software sold is supported with backwards compatible 3ds and 2ds
      ーwii software sold supported with backwards compatible wii u
      ーonline gaming is free on wii u, 3ds
      ーbest and most experienced 1st party developer, focused on pure gaming

      I ask you ridiculous playstation fanboys, who are the real good guys in gaming?

      • You are flat out wrong

        Not Microsoft.

  • Truth

    Too bad the dev kits are big boxes and completely unlike the small stuffed retail boxes.
    $0N¥ PauperStation Foul = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Please leave, Zaire.

    • pswhorefanboy

      this article is complete bull$hit like sonys preorder numbers. why would the developers cited need to remain anonymous for saying something positive about sony? you remain anonymous when you say something negative! lol, nice journalism. maybe he just knows how gullible his audience is.

      • Truth

        Yup, the typical retarded $0N¥ N4Gay NeoFAG paupers.

        • Indiecrap

          famous mortiqueer cited this article on neofag

          • Woohoo!!

            It’s funny how much more desperate you guys sound the closer to launch we get. Have fun with it, kids, 10 more days till you’re silenced 🙂

          • 三上対糞ニー


        • You are flat out wrong

          Kindly leave, Zaire.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No. They aren’t. Current kits have nearly identical hardware, shape and cooling to retail consoles. You seem to be a bit mad about this silly rumor being debunked. I wonder why?

      • davis

        Giuseppe, as a serious website journalist, are you really going to allow these trolls fill the comments with this ridiculous hateful trolling, like this “Truth”. Really, please just ban him and delete his comments.

  • PachterStation

    After launch, it’ll be fault after fault. At £350, Sony will have taken a few shortcuts (a bit of cost cutting here and there). You only get a 1 year warranty which is poor. And if you’re a heavy gamer, more so playing online, you’re at high risk.

    • Truth

      They always have, but it’s only the low IQ paupers that fall for the $0N¥ trap anyway.

  • Dan Kaz

    I played the PS4 3 times at the Gadget show live this weekend. It worked fine for AC4 but overheated twice on Killzone Shadowfall. I played the demo twice but never got to finish it… However, the PS4 was surrounded by a plastic security case, meaning the ventilation was poor. Even with this experience, I’m extremely confident no issues will exist providing the console is used under normal conditions.

  • Travis Touchdown

    The PS4 is not going to be a success. Therefore, it will be a failure.

    Sony’s entire future in the console market is riding on the PS4 to be as successful as the PS2. A foolish dream.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You forgot “because I say so” 😀

      • Rey619

        which company is foolish enough to own 21 studios today? you know, in addition to those 21 there are hundreds more also in competition. the economy sucks and most of those studios keep on producing guaranteed flops.
        you say videogame journalism is hard work but i dont see you ever questioning sony’s poor decisions. dont kiss corporate a$$ and get to the bottom of their problems!

  • Danny DeMent

    I see the MS fanboys have arrived to cry about yet another debunked rumor.

    lol that’s cute

  • MattS71

    internet = all about rumors; good to know ‘no issues’

  • Allathorne

    I’m a diehard gamer not a fanboy while ps4 fanboys argue uh the ps4 is better and the xbox fanboys say the xbox one is better, I will have both and get to play the exclusives that each release knowing that I don’t give a crap about the up coming console war. I already am a winner because the only side I took was my own.

  • Aiddon

    uh, of course devs are going to deny any sort of issues with the hardware. What would they gain otherwise?

    • B_Boss

      Imbecile logic. You of course fail to apply said logic to the one/s who started the rumor in the 1st place though? Be gone.

  • Martin Elisha

    if u guys pay attention to ign news they confirmed the first shipment ps4 runs at a lower temperature then ps3 slim , witch is amazing.

    • smolioski

      Idle temperatures

  • MuchoOishiiBishamonGroup

    why buy a playstation game at $60 when it is $20 in 5 months or $10 in 8 months? knack and driveclub have bargain bin written all over them.
    sony first party games are generally overprinted and fall in value the fastest.
    nintendo games are the only ones that hold their value over time, says something about the quality of the product.

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  • 三上対糞ニー
    • Guest

      LOL, $0N¥’s full of sh*t.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ PauperStation Foul is losing it, so funny!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Go away, Zaire.

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  • Kyoto Region

    You guys still pulling the indie card? Guess Minecraft started as triple-A huh? What was that game available to? Xbox, and it’s probably one of your favorite all-time games. Typical fanboys.

  • Bill E Weaver

    funny tokyo game show showed other wise, as well as the france expo show.

  • Matt Dickinson

    that pic at the top… would make a good Valentine’s Day edition box

  • Gabrielsp85

    Because Retail and Devkits use the same enclosure… Genius!

  • Wanderlei

    Basically have lied through their teeth again and are doing a bait and switch with the ps4, promising so many features and not following through, show everyone games running on PC dev kits and shipping a overheating mess to people.

  • Nick lass

    I bought two ps4 both overheated an crashed after 2day…… It’s a joke how they even let them release the system..thank god I’m a avid gamer an the store I buy from refunded all my money … Loved the speed an the simpleness but overall the case design an cooling system is a total failure……..this .04 percent failure rate is a lie. I’d estimate after a year over half will be d.o.a……. I’d return your system ASAP

  • Nick lass

    Sony needs to recall, massive scandal…… I foresee a lawsuit………. Who did they pay off to approve the release….. Even in the convention the system overheated an shut down…… An if both of mine crashed , plus a friend of mine son saved his money all summer an his wouldn’t even come on….. Seriously……… Plus there firmware update issue, hdmi , power supplies alI the blog I’ve read …… I couldn’t believe all the complaints……. .04 my a!!

  • Nick lass

    Ps4 sucks I bought 2 and both overheated an crashed ,,,,, there saying .04 percent, I’d say more like 40 percent failure rate……. Total scam I’ll stick with my ps3 till they get there crap straight!!!!!

  • Michael H

    I purchased my PS4 a month after launch, they were completely sold out where I left. My initial reaction was great. I think most of it was just having my hands on the latest, greatest Sony had to offer. Out of my friends, I was the only one resolved to purchasing the console at full retail. They usually wait to purchase systems a few years after release citing they allow the manufacturer to sort out the bugs and defects. If I had only listened I wouldn’t be here typing right now.

    I first noticed an issue within two weeks of my purchase. My game sounded like it was straining to remain cool. When I say loud I mean loud. The fan was similar to the fan over your kitchen stove on low setting which is loud compared to say, my PC or even my PS3. I assumed the issue was software related, Sony simply had the fan tweaked to high. So no problem.

    Then the rubber grips on my controller busted and eventually broke off. Still chalked it up to vigorous playing.

    Next, I would feel an occasional shock in my ear. I was using a standard headphone set with a mic similar to the one you would receive with your cell phone. I switched headsets back to the uncomfortable one Sony furnished. The problem persisted.

    Then the freezing started. When looking online Other users were reporting similar problems. they were attributed mostly to software problems with the game itself. I followed instructions on deleting and reinstalling the game, the software and checking for hard drive defects. Nothing helped to resolve the issue. Worked picked up so I somewhat forgot about the problem.

    Then I bought destiny. Only to be reminded that my system keeps overheating and shutting down. This issue is very real.

  • Foxdie

    Apparently I got one of those rare faulty launch models (EU). All worked fine at first, then after a week my ps4 just shut itself off inexplicably while playing. That’s when the issues started appearing. I had to unplug the power to get it working again and then started experiencing the auto eject issue and my ps4 being louder than before (it was almost silent that first week). Up to the point of sounding like a jet engine, all.the.time. I’ve played with this faulty console for 2 years now and it’s been my worst gaming experience in almost 30 years. I didn’t want to return it either since I might get a refurbished one so I stuck with it. Horrible choice in hindsight. Lately it’s also been overheating a lot on top of the jet engine 24-7. Specifically during certain games (Rocket League and Ether one overheat my ps4 within minutes, and those are just the latest cases) I get the blue screen warning me to shut off the ps4 due to overheating. If you don’t do so within a minute, it’ll shut down completely.Worth noting that it has plenty of room and ventilation on all sides and I don’t live in a warm country, although I do smoke. Pretty much most of my Playstations had some issues down the line (ps1 broken lid, ps2 launchmodel didn’t recognize and play the newest games -GTA:SA at the time, ps3 launchmodel YLOD, third ps3(slim) extremely loud too), but this ps4 takes the win of my most issue-ridden Playstation console to date.

  • X1 KILLA (John D)

    This is utter dev bullshit. My ps4 gets burning hot. There’s thermal images you can google of theps4 getting over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.