Check Out One Hour of Ryse: Son of Rome Single Player Gameplay and 170 Screenshots Including Upgrades

Microsoft Game Studios livestreamed a full hour of Xbox One exclusive and launch title Ryse: Son of Rome finally giving us an extensive glimpse on the single player campaign.

In addition to that, they also shown a glimpse of a new multiplayer level named “Sandstorm” at the end of the livestream.

Below you can see the full recording of the livestream and 170 screencaps from it, showing the most relevant, spectacular and brutal scenes. You can also find quite a few screenshots of the upgrade system that lets you acquire more executions and skills to increase Marius’ killing power.

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  • Me too

    Looks absolutely stunning. Almost too bad it’s a launch game, otherwise it would sell millions.

    • kev82

      boring to me.

  • Alex

    The more i see the more im interested. it looks good so far.

  • You are flat out wrong

    So, pre-rendered cutscenes and crap gameplay? I knew it.

    Never believe Cevat Yerli’s lies.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Despite my reservations stated about the game in the past.(Mostly just technical issues) I am actually looking more forward to this game the more I see about it.

    I may actually buy an XBOne within the next year just for this game. Considering it probably won’t ever come out on PC just because if it did, it would showcase that the XBOne is outclassed easily *graphically and performance wise*

  • Da GeeZ

    Nothing looks this awesome on the ps4…nothing.

    Ryse is just one of the reasons that Xbox Won is the best choice atm. The exclusives completely rule over the lackluster ps4 exclusives.

    Xbox Won for the Win !!!

    • fairus sulaiman

      seriously ? enjoy your xbox720p mate ..

      cod 720p
      bf4 720p
      dead risng 3 720p

      500 well spend

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone is cancer.

    • Guest

      Crimson Dragoon + Killer Instinct are 360 ports with mediocre graphics = Lazy+Lackluster

      Dead Rising 3 + Ryse = same boring and bland gameplay done numerous times over and over. Definition of insanity?

  • Lou1974

    This game looks pretty, but to my eyes, the main character animation seems a bit choppy, especially when he’s turning or stopping. Maybe the developer focus was on variety (there is a lot) rather than smooth transitions? Nonetheless, I think it’s a game that I would like to try.