Saints Row DLC Brings Pirate Ship Cars and Super Powered Costumes

For a game that gives you superpowers, it’s a surprise that Saints Row IV hasn’t given you old school super costumes yet. And have you ever imagined driving a pirate ship down the road? Today’s DLC, as viewed in the trailer below, gives you both traditional superhero outfits and pirate booty to enjoy, with the Super Saints Pack and Pirate Booty Pack.

The Super Saints Pack brings gamers the capes, masks and tights that their favorite heroes have worn in comics for decades, giving your superpowered president a little more authenticity when saving the day. The Pirate Booty Pack brings players pirate costumes, Flintlock pistols, and the Scallywagon, a pirate ship that you can drive on the road.

For more on the game, check out all of DualShockers’ Saints Row IV news. Check out the new content in both the trailer and screenshots below, and while you’re at it, answer me this: How do you hold and fire a gun with a hook?

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  • VW

    OMG How is SaintsRow:The4th not fun. It’s looks absolutely amazing!!!!!
    I haven’t gotten this because i’ve been too busy but it’s a definite buy & loooooooooongtime play.
    The way they took off & flew into the air, how has this not added Man Of Steel knock off costumes yet.
    Or SaintsRow:The4th knock off Zod. lol.

  • Zai

    Heeloo… I cant find the SCALLYWAGON… HELP..