Here’s How the PS4 Looks When a Game Crashes

A couple weeks ago we shown you how the screen of an Xbox One looks when it fails to launch a game, today we can show you something pretty much equivalent on the other side of the next generation competition: how the screen of a PS4 looks when a game (in this case Battlefield 4) crashes.

You can check it out below, courtesy of Twitter user MRCalderon3D. The picture was taken at Madrid Games Week, that opened its gates to Spanish gamers today.

As we always say when we showcase this kind of errors, it should not be taken as a sign that the console has any kind of widespread problems. Demo stations run in rough operational conditions that don’t really reflect what would happen in a normal household, and the crashing software is not the final game. Occasional problems of this kind are pretty normal.

It’s actually interesting to notice that this kind of crash (that seems to be more of a problem with the game itself) doesn’t freeze the console, but you can still operate it without having to reboot the whole machine.


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  • Balalaika

    Incoming Xbone fanboys in 3… 2.. 1.

    • André Rocha

      “Oh Eme Gee the ps4 failzz”

      *grabs popcorns*

    • Diago

      0.. there are non left.


      • raiden

        that was awesomer.i quote
        “there are non left”

        • raiden


          • islan

            No no no, you can’t take back a spelling mistake from a post pointing out a spelling mistake, not allowed.

            We shall just have to all agree how awesomer it is that there are non left.

          • raiden

            but seriously is anoone left from our defeated enemy or sjould i say hobby?

          • raiden

            i did that on purpose


          • Jeremy Mattsen

            I would argue there are actually more after the reversals and launch title announcements. Just glad there are a good number of people getting both so they don’t miss out on what’s important. The games…

          • wXgamer

            My PC version of Battlefield 4 was crashing a lot at launch, has been better since patches. Only idiots would think this crash has anything to do with the PS4 hardware.

    • Kuse

      The circle jerk is strong here…

    • skratchy

      Nah. They showed the Xbone’s last week 😛

      • Guest

        It’s funny how the PS4 error screen is even beautiful to look at compared to the awful spasm of green for the Xbone error screen.

        • Roblox7787

          I guess sony put alot of detail into the error screen than microsoft

    • Unscripted

      Why shouldn’t they be here??? Sony drones made it a national holiday when the xbone crashed

    • DarthDiggler

      PlayStation 4 CRASHES? 🙂 Preorder canceled! LOL 🙂

  • Bobby Owens

    Xbox One Fanboys shouldn’t chime in on this one. My Xbox 360 has frozen completely with BF4, so I would gladly accept an Error that you can back out of and reload instead of having to reset your whole system.

    • David Kropodra

      same thing happens on ps3

  • Balalaika

    The whole debate between the Xbox One fans and the PS4 fans have been interesting with both sides having genuine people who care about their console and will look for any excuse to use so to claim that the system they are buying is superior but no one should really take some of the comments too serious on any article that is obvious bait for debates and just realize that the PS4 is superior and xbone still requires a day one patch to even play your games offline.

    • islan

      While the PS4 requires a day one patch to even play your games ONline. It’s a rather humorous reversal, I find.

      Sometimes I feel bad for bad-mouthing the XB1, but then I remember everything I had to put up with since I decided the PS3 was the better option for me. Constant Xbox-fanboy bashing that was lent legitimacy from the wider gaming media appearing to forget the PS3 even existed. Xbox-fanboys, it’s your turn now.

      • Prime157

        I wish they understood that that is why I stuck with my ps3. 360 is only for exclusives.

        I try to say that they created this mess. I also wish sony fanboys would drop it at times too. The facts are the facts.

  • islan

    It’s awesome that these will no longer lock up my entire console. That was somewhat annoying.

  • MegaRay

    Pre-order cancelled. Atleast they should of make it sexier a little

    • Guest

      Looks infinitely better than that crappy green Xbox One error screen that will no doubt cause some serious eye-strain.

      • MegaRay

        Never saw it b4. I should prepare my pre-order cancellation if its ugly tho

  • Anchorman

    Preorder Cancelled. Glad I preordered both prior to this

    • islan

      …Because it shows an error when a game crashes?

      • Anchorman


        • islan


        • Cause-

          I’m pretty sure that its the game. If its crashing on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and I’m assuming on Xbox one too.

  • /Haro

    my ps3 crashed on bf4 and i lost all my progression in the campaign…alll systems have there moments although i dont have ps3 in basement collecting dust like the 360 😛

  • Gamerrr

    I guess we’ll be seeing this allot with BF4…

  • watcher278

    Fictional Pre-Ordered Confirmed! Modern OS should not require a reboot if a single app crashes.

  • Rocamx


  • Sony

    It can be the game –‘

  • dave

    when i was at gadget show live in the UK, the same error can up but they said it was to time the demos

    • islan

      That’s what they WANT you to believe.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ paupers should be seeing this screen a LOT then. a true BSOD!

  • neogafaggots
  • Faisal Munayam

    an error occurred: status: NOGOODGAMES.

  • Phil

    Dis ish pruf dat de PS4 overheats!!!!!!!! dat 8 GDDDR5 ish 2 mch 4 de PS4 2 hndL!!!!!

    Rd line ov def!!! lolololololol

    Xbone 4eva!!!

  • karlbacha

    ok but if this happens what you do ?

    • NotSoClever

      You take it out of the sealed box you have it sitting in???

    • Eric Louvros

      Ummm…turn your PS4 on? because the red light means it’s turned off or in stand-by mode?

    • neko working

      lol fake, ps4 ain’t that small.

  • karlbacha

    why you delete my post ?

    • neko working

      why post this fake photoshopped image ?

  • thuglove68


  • Greatness Awaits
  • chris

    Yet we see very few Xbox demos because its not confident to show its machine that much.

    • Jessie Bristol

      Xbox One games have been being demoed for months now. They still have the on-going Xbox One Tour as well as the recent media event that let media play tons of Xbox One games (for more then an hour at a time as well as being entirely new sections of the games).

  • Necro

    Man thats really cool that it doesnt lock the system up. Next gen.

  • Dilection

    fanboys T___T

  • Axe99

    “it should not be taken as a sign that the console has any kind of widespread problems.”

    Indeed, a software error and a game crashing to desktop/OS is an issue with the code in 99.999% of problems – a software crash does not imply a hardware issue, full stop. When Civilization V crashes to desktop, my PC hasn’t broken, the game has ;). In this case, it just implies the build of BF4 had some bugs in it.

  • Guest

    In 2006, for every 3 Playstation fanboys, there were 360 Xbox fanboys.
    7 years later, there are 4 Playstation fanboys to every One Xbox fanboy.

    Poetic irony. The roles have reversed and fanboyism is at an all time high. Back to you Tom. I love kicking back and watching the madness lol.

  • PachterStation

    Got a feeling that the One and the PS4 are going to have a lot of hardware and software issues. It takes around 7 years for new consoles to surface, so I suppose the One and PS4 are on time, but still feel like they’ve been rushed out. Launch consoles always come with problems, even after revisions. But no matter which revision or model you have, they’ll come with their faults.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Well, it has an Unix kernel. At least the bad days of the consoles freezing and/or restarting should be over.

  • Franko

    Whats the problem? Games are crashing on every system.

  • GremDude

    They should have done “oo snap” like Google Chrome

  • dirkradke

    First, was this because of a improperly coded video game or was it because of a badly designed operating system? Second, it is unlikely the “brutal conditions” at a trade show are any worse than some of the crap ways I’ve heard and seen people treat there expensive tech like it was a bookend on shelf. In fact I’ve seen it used that way before while running a video game with the predictable result of not obtaining enough airflow and dying a slow, ignominious death. This goes for the PS3 and 360. Obviously the new consoles are prone to such as well. Not a surprise, but certainly embarrassing.

  • MozBlue

    Actually hope that all crashes result in this screen as it’s better then the system just locking up.

  • علي

    ما زال عندي ps4 ممتاز