Microsoft One-Ups the PS4 Apartment with a Xbox One Hotel

Remember the “Apartment 4” created by Sony France to showcase the PS4? Microsoft France always had the habit to try and one-up the local competition since the times of the Xbox 360 love boat crashing the PS3 launch party, and this time around, since Sony made an apartment, Microsoft created a whole  Xbox One hotel in Paris.

The hotel, that will remain open for the whole month of November, is entirely themed on the Xbox One, from the rooms and their keys, to decorations and even the cocktails menu at the restaurant. Of course there are also plenty demo stations to allow guests to enjoy the games.

You can check quite a few pictures in the gallery below. Looks like the French are getting all the good stuff at the outset of this generation.

separatorThe pictures included in the gallery above are courtesy of Twitter users Adrien Zirka MSebullblainhzissiontourKatie Chironis and Xbox FR

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  • theodor70941

    Xbox leved up… Xbox now at level one, still has three more levels to beat until it can catch up whit Sony and ps4

    • I heard the hotel is 720per night. (Sorry, I can’t help myself)

      • raiden

        they should call it the hotel 720p
        wooooow.the xboner are so desperate

        • Omar Barrera

          Sony ponies living in the bubble still. My PC crushes the POS4.

          • Bankai

            What’s a POS4? Is it something you eat?

          • neko working

            why you hate PS4 when you already got a PC ?
            go enjoy it, no reason to buy X1

      • Chinua Nicolls

        That was genius. I couldn’t have said better myself

        • raiden

          thanks bro.troll is our life

      • Woohoo!!

        heh, good one

      • Jason Mounce

        They also advise that you enter the Hotel and take off your shoes so that you can Flipflop into Microsofts very own slippers.

        Heh heh heh.

        There’s a tradition in the Xbox One Hotel where in order for anything to work or activate, you need to flip a bunch of switches and hope that things sort themselves out.

      • spid3r6

        But I heard that the walkthrough on the PS4 apartment was bit choppy specially when someone would thake a steam bath!

    • Guest

      Yeah, they didn’t even include some dapper riveted leather chairs. Oh wait, XBox need to grind alot more before they can spend points on buying better furniture.

      • theodor70941

        Don’t you mean money!?!

  • Krakn3dfx

    So they upscaled again.

    • theodor70941

      They upscaled one level, can’t resist

    • Guest


    • Zigtek

      Should put the money into new IPs…

  • OtherGuest

    A wife at home and a girlfriend at the hotel…

    Yup, this is France.

  • bigshynepo

    Pay hundreds a night to stay in a hotel so I can play the same demos that will be found on my PSN at launch on the 15th?

    15 minute demos of Ryse or Forza is not spectacular enough to warrant converting a hotel and charging guests to stay in it.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    ps4 sucks and is for poor people kek 399 top kek

    • raiden

      ohhhhhh honey.excuse us for not being rich just like you
      i think you dont know 100 dollars is nothing for gamers
      everyone who buys ps4 i assure you they have that extra 100 dollars.but they dont wanna give it to microsoft and their shitty console or should i say xbox 720?

    • OtherGuest

      The poor people gets next-gen resolution.

    • XBOXer to PSer

      cod 720p
      bf4 y20p
      deadrising3 720p
      ryse 900p

      500 WELL SPEND

  • Zerosion

    “Well we got all this money…what do we wanna do with it?” -Microsoft

    • Omar Barrera

      Better than Sonys lack of money. They sure know how to run a business…not.

  • Al_Zamora

    Does the X over the bed watch you as you sleep and do other things as well?

    • raiden

      in fact microsoft working on that.i think that program perform on 1080p on xbox 720p

  • Kyoto Region

    Or not, nevermind

  • spid3r6

    Its nice to see Xbox filling out the hotel with games…Instead filling up an apartment with smoke and mirrors and empty promises kinda like Sony!

    • Woohoo!!

      Fanboys are so dull

    • Guest

      Yeah, Xbox One are party boxes that need a sterile, high maintenance environment. Those who spend a lot of time in a family home with kitchen smoke and hallway mirrors should just buy a PS4.

    • Bankai

      Except Sony filled their apartment with games. Are you blind or just plain stupid?

      • Woohoo!!

        and how desperate is MS that they think they need to play “one ups” like this?

        • Bankai

          I guess they needed to beat Sony at something, I don’t know. I just wish they’d use some of that money on good exclusives like Sony does, instead of buying exclusives from 3rd parties.

        • KuchikiSentou

          It’s called “competition”. In a free capitalist market, it’s common practice.
          It’s the same reason Sony did not include their camera in the box to get a “one-up” on price.

          • Woohoo!!

            creepy stalker….

          • KuchikiSentou

            And you claim not to be a fan boy yet you call MS “desperate” for engaging in typical free market competition.
            All you do is resort to petty name calling.

            Plus, you’re the one following me on Disqus.

          • Woohoo!!

            you followed me actually, don’t lie. Now leave me the f*ck alone. I’ve had enough of your punk a** for one night

          • KuchikiSentou

            I am not following you, whereas you are following me. I am not stalking anybody, yet I am getting insulted for posting comments.

          • Woohoo!!

            you were saying?

          • KuchikiSentou

            Your statement about Microsoft reeks of fanboyism despite your sanctimonious claims otherwise.
            Competition is common practice.

          • Woohoo!!

            I won’t ask you again, leave me alone

          • KuchikiSentou

            I think the lesson is learnt. Your capitulation after aggression has nourished me.
            So yes, I will heed your pleas.

          • Woohoo!!

            whatever makes you go away

          • KuchikiSentou

            Laters. Although the fact that you are still following me is odd and “creepy” as you like to say.

          • Woohoo!!


      • muhaha

        He’s an Xboner… so the answer to your question is “yes.”

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone has no games.

  • GuestWho

    A ‘Ryse’ bedroom. Kinky…
    Do I have to do QTE to pull out?

    • You are flat out wrong

      Fail it and a large, muscled Roman soldier walks out of the wardrobe and makes love to your face.

      • デブ


  • You are flat out wrong

    Hahaha, the hardware division is gonna make such a loss this year. sogood.gif

  • Merlot

    I heard the PlayStation apartment is heated by one PS4 (except the heat keeps going off after 30 minutes).

    • Stephen Howard Bouck

      lol im loving this lol this is a good one

    • aideMXretsiM

      And here we have the elusive MisterXMedia believer. Watch closely, as he clings for dear life to the flimsiest of unsubstantiated claims posited by the schizophrenic MrX/”insider.” Make no sudden movements! He is skittish; anxiously waiting for the mythical day 1 patch that will make CoD and BF4 render in 1080p native. Pity this poor creature, for only disappointment awaits his misguided loyalty.

  • 三上対糞ニー


    Gears of War Reborn by Platinum games X Epic just announced as PS4 exclusive!

    • Guest

      Fake rumour. Gears of War has run its course. And also, this is off-topic.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nice try.

    • Guest

      Lol no one cares about gears of wars dipstick.

  • Guest

    haha 720 haha 1080 this is so funny writing these numbers

  • peterpansyndrome94

    oh its Kinect once again.
    MS make crappy hardware and spend $500 million on marketing.


  • Mark

    The hate on these comments. Am I the only one to think this was a great idea. I wouldn’t mind playing some COD at my hotel on a business trip. | cazare busteni