Phil Spencer: Xbox One Will Seem “Relevant Three, Four, Five Years From Now as it Did on Day One”

Microsoft Game Studios honcho Phil Spencer sees the upcoming years as a period of innovation, with great technologies impacting on the gaming market, but he’s not afraid of that, and thinks the Xbox One will stay relevant thanks to its computing power and the ability to connect to the internet, as he told Polygon in an interview.

When I think about having a strong CPU and GPU plugged in to your TV that’s also plugged in to the internet, that allows me to play great games, I think what you’re going to find is that that platform is a great place for those new innovations to build from.

Xbox One is capable of doing so much. We stay invested in continuing to build out new technologies as they come on line into the Xbox One, so this box seems as relevant three, four, five years from now as it did on day one. There are going to be a lot of great technologies that come along in the next decade. You’re going to find that a game console is a great place to build from, because it has such strong computing capabilities right there in the family room.

Of course we’ll have to see if the console will seem relevant, or will actually be relevant, but admittedly Spencer knows better than we do on this. The Xbox One seems to start with a power gap to fill compared to its most direct competition, but I’m actually quite curious to see what kind of aces Microsoft has up its collective sleeve.

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  • Matt

    It’s not relevant to my interests at all so I see this prediction being true.

    • I see what you did there. And i like it.

    • Jason Mounce

      I shall thumb you up for once…hng…gGAHH!! MY THUMBS!!!

      • Matt

        I don’t know what sucks more… that dude lack of actual thumbs much less hands or his lack of junk.

        Funny thing is that you didn’t thumb me up at all…

        • Jason Mounce

          I must’ve forgotten to after having some trouble with other retards simultaneously like that dimwit named ‘Slay’ 😮

          Now who in the hell thumbed me down ;O Was it you.

          • Matt

            Wasn’t me… I don’t bother with thumb downs considering they don’t make for a bit of difference on Disqus.

  • XBOXer to PSer

    “I’d been looking at the name for Xbox One for months, and I wasn’t clever enough to merge them and come up with Xbone.”

    -Phil Spencer

    nuff said

  • cubs223425

    He definitely CAN be right, but it’s going to take a lot of work. You HAVE to free up a good chunk of the GPU reserves that the Kinect and OS are eating up (10%, ellegedly). You have to convince developers to use the eSRAM and prove it, paired with DDR3, can combat the much-faster (over 2.5 times as fast as DDR3 alone) GDDR5. You have to prove that the Kinect is going to get meaningful features across most games (doesn’t have to be all).

    Most-importantly, you have to make the cloud computing work. When I read about Forza’s Drivatar, I was truly impressed (the first time I can say I have been with these consoles). The suggestion by an article that they use the Drivatar concept (which is that your driving habits are recorded and used to cloud-compute and deliver AI for solo races for players all over the world–meaning you races the AI of ACTUAL people) for the NPCs in shooter campaigns (meaning the AI wouldn’t be dumb as a rock, but an emulation of your friends’ talents), I felt like the cloud concept finally had tangible results that were in-reach, and it sounded amazing, like something that could REALLY make the next-gen impressive.

    The bad start, awful PR, and media firestorm/fan backlash are going to be tough to overcome, but Microsoft has AT LEAST done enough to convince me that it has the tools to blow us away. Now, it’s all about if they can be the exact OPPOSITE of their PR, by actually delivering, not making everything a nightmare.

    • oGMo

      During the presentation when Drivatars were introduced, my first thought was “wow, did he just say ‘Drivatar’?” and the second was “woo, a game whose defining feature is you not playing it”.

      Devs are definitely going to be taking advantage of the esram .. no choice .. but as you imply, this doesn’t mean it’ll make that much difference. And you can’t simultaneously free the GPU resources used by Kinect, and also take advantage of it in most games, so basically, can’t win.

      • islan

        “woo, a game whose defining feature is you not playing it”

        I think you are misinterpreting what precisely Drivatar does and is used for.

      • cubs223425

        1. Yes, “Drivatar” is a dumb term and I hate it.
        2. I feel like you’re just dumb or something. The feature isn’t you NOT playing, it’s that you playing offline is still you playing online. You can race your friends’ driving habits, not just a ghost.
        3. You must not understand what it means to optimize code. You can DEFINITELY free up resources through more-efficient developer tools and coding. How do you think current-gen games manage to get better each year, despite unchanging hardware?

    • Stranger On The Road

      Let me simplify it for you, the complexity of the XB1 won’t matter; as long as it sells well then developers will target it. As for, will it sell well when it is underpowered in comparison to the PS4 or the PC?

      The answer (which applies to the PS4 as well): it is better than the XB360 and that is all that matters. If someone is driving a Corolla and then s/he upgrades to a Lexus; that would be impressive from their point of view. Even if the Ferrari is faster than the Lexus, the Lexus is a far cry from a Corolla, and frankly that is all that would matter to the customer.

      • oGMo

        Sure, but this is more like “upgrade from corolla to Lexus – $50,000 … or a ferrari for $40,000 .. also the ferrari gets better gas mileage, is available sooner, and there are more roads being built specifically for it” .. because of course all car metaphors break down at some point.

        • Stranger On The Road

          Sorry that bit was ambiguous, by the Ferrari I was referring to the PC. The Lexus example applies to the XB1 and PS4. Both are far better than the XB360 and PS3. In my opinion, this would be all that matters to gamers of the current generation consoles.

        • Woohoo!!

          yeah, that metaphor is running out of gas *chuckle*

      • cubs223425

        No, just no. It’s not just “is it better than the Xbox 360.” The Wii U is more-powerful than the Xbox 360, but its poor implementation of gaming peripherals hurts it badly.

        It takes actual incentives, especially when you cut the legs off of the library by not offering backwards compatibility. “Better than the 360’s hardware” won’t be enough if people see that they can get a competing product with better parts for less. The optimization for better visuals will have to come, because if this thing is struggling at 720p now and doesn’t improve, it’ll be a disaster in 5 years, when everything on the PS4 is higher-resolution WITH optimization.

        The Car analogy is really bad, by the way. You choose a Lexus over a Ferrari because Ferrari won’t sell you their cars all willy-nilly, and 7 figures isn’t 5 figures. Upgrading a car is much different than picking a console because cars vary much more than consoles (which share a CPU and a LOT of software).

  • islan

    No truer words were spoken. It will be Just As Relevant Then As It Will Be On Day One.

    • You’re setting this one up for trolling aren’t you? 😀

      • islan

        I just honestly feel that nothing else needs to be added. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t.