Halo Franchise Getting More Episodic Storytelling, Will Probably Use the Power of the Cloud

343 Industries has been on a hiring spree lately, with six career opportunities advertised in less than a month for the Halo Franchise, and some include interesting elements that give us a glimpse on the future of the series.

An ad looking for a Producer mentions that “343 is exploring future episodic storytelling endeavors in the Halo universe.”  Another ad for a Software Development Engineer talks about the development of a new CMS (Content Management System) platform “that will deliver Halo content to our various platforms”. The ad requires  “experience with app development across any combination of Xbox console, Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone.”

Another request for a Software Development Engineer includes “The team also takes advantage of the best solutions available with cloud services running on Azure and integration of multiple new technologies including Orleans and Hadoop on Azure.” This could actually be related to a fourth ad for a Character/AI Designer, that will “build awesome enemy characters and encounters.”

Could it be that one or more of the upcoming Halo games will include cloud-powered AI similar to what we’ll soon experience with Forza Motorsport 5’s Drivatar system? At the moment we can only speculate, but the thought is definitely interesting.

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  • You are flat out wrong

    Episodic content? I remember being told that was the future about seven years ago. Future-proofed!

    Looks like MS is doubling down on the fusion of TV and videogames. I, for one, hope they fail.

    • X1ultimateGamer


      • You are flat out wrong

        Hahahaha, get lost Demetre, I can’t wait to taste your tears when Stephen Elop sells the Xbox brand to Samsung!

        • Guest

          Samsung in charge of Xbox brand? That sounds interesting…..

  • Anthropophagic

    You hope they fail? What the hell is wrong with you? MS isn’t trying to murder babies. They are trying to entertain people. If it’s not your thing, I’m sure you wont buy it, at which point it has no effect on you. Why would you hope they fail?

    People are just so negative. I have no real interest in the Halo franchise, but I wouldn’t hope it fails. I have tons of friends that love it, why would I be happy to see them deprived of some great stories?

    • You are flat out wrong

      Just to the point where they get their heads adjusted. Competition is good. The PS4 wouldn’t be as fantastic as it is if the 360 wasn’t good.

      Hopefully it’ll be soon too, if they want to avoid the wrath of potential CEO Stephen Elop who wants to sell off the whole brand.

  • Guest

    LOL episodic content? That is so lame! But who cares, 343 Industries are mediocre devs anyways.