Sony Prepares for the PS4’s Launch by Decorating its Offices with Giant #4ThePlayers Posters

Sony Computer Entertainment UK is preparing for the launch of the coveted PS4 in the most traditional of ways: by decorating for the party.

The company’s offices have acquired a new blue tint, with some large posters reproducing elements of the #4ThePlayers campaign that is currently going viral basically everywhere.

Below you can see a few full-resolution pictures of the decorations, provided directly by ColorsetΒ that printed them, also giving us a glimpse on Sony’s British HQ.

The next generation is coming, can you feel it?

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  • ISISSecretAgent

    just 7 days man and you dont need to update it day one to play games unless you play MP

    • Woohoo!!

      6d 13h 58m 27s

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Cheapskates big deal posters Ouch no money Sony lmfao

    • theodor70941

      I would be surprised if M$ even decorates for a new console launch since they’re the type of company that only cares about one thing, money!

      • Woohoo!!

        Yep…Nov. 22nd…Just another day at the office

        • Langkasuka

          Oh, I’m really really excited for Nov. 22nd. I’ve been waiting for it for soooo long…
          Tearaway release date, yay~!!

          … damn, this gem is probably going to be overlooked, such timing πŸ˜›

          • Woohoo!!

            I’ve already pre-ordered Tearaway, but it is definitely going to be struggling for my attention just 7 days after I get my shiny new PS4 πŸ™‚
            It didn’t even occur to me that it comes out the same day as the ‘bone

          • Langkasuka

            Hahaha~ Yeah, I think it was back in July or August that Tearaway was noted to be delayed to Nov. 22. They couldn’t have know X1’s launch date then πŸ˜›
            As my PS4 won’t be here until Dec, I’ll be playing with this guy, breaking 4th walls left and right.

    • Bankai

      Did you expect them to turn the building into a giant PS4?

      There’s no point in spending money on such useless endeavors, but I wouldn’t expect a Microsheep to know that.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Kiss goodbye to your hopes and dreams when based Elop sells Xbox!