Upcoming “Blockbuster” JRPG Starring Nobuo Uematsu is Granblue Fantasy, Gets Beautiful Trailer

A few days ago the Japanese developer and publisher Cygames opened a teaser site for an upcoming “blockbuster” JRPG starring Nobuo Uematsu as a composer and Final Fantasy veteran Hideo Minaba as a character designer.

The good news is that the game has been revealed today with the title Granblue Fantasy. A full official site (that looks really, really good) has been opened and a really beautiful anime trailer has been released. You can see the video at the bottom of the post together with a screenshot of the gameplay.

You probably saw the shape of the screenshot already, so you possibly guessed the not-so-good news. It’s for mobile phones, supported by the Japanese portal Mobage.

The game will be released this winter. I leave you with the trailer and with our regrets on what it could have been…


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  • theodor70941

    Mobile…. NOOOOOOOO!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      My reaction exactly. And that trailer is like a hot knife slowly turning inside an open wound.

      • Anime10121


  • islan

    Eh, mobile-shmobile, I love the art style. But I absolutely hate game trailers that fail to show an ounce of gameplay.

  • whizkid

    The trailer makes me go “AWESOME!!!!!”

    The mobile part makes me die inside. Why?

    • Anime10121

      The artwork has me feeling the same 🙁

  • Dollow Rlance

    I was not hyped before and I am not hyped now.

  • FF Agito, The 3rd Birthday, and KH coded were all mobile titles once upon a time. Same with Chaos Rings.

    • Dollow Rlance

      The difference is here is those game became full games, this will never be that and is unlikely to leave Japan.

  • 1Truth

    Hideo Minaba!? Day 1. I loved his character designs for FFIX, FFXII, and Lost Odyssey! 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    should have been on 3DS and PS Vita :