Analyst: If PS4 Misses Sales Target Sony’s Restoration Will Be in Doubt, Will Reflect on Kaz Hirai

Sony’s initial sales target for the PS4 is quite lofty, with a projection of five million units shipped by March the 31st. Analyst  Damian Thong from the Tokyo branch of Macquarie Group feels that hitting that target is critical for the company’s financial restoration, and the result might reflect on President and CEO Kaz Hirai himself, as he told Bloomberg Japan.

Sales of the PS4 will be seen as an indication of the ability of Kaz Hirai as President.

If the PS4 sells below expectations, skepticism will strengthen on whether Sony can really restore (it’s finances) or not.

Considering the level of hype, I’m quite confident that the PS4 will hit the mark, but who knows, I may very well be wrong. What do you think? Will they make it?

As usual, we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • ragingmerifes

    Of course it will.

    • Pauperswilldie

      …and it won’t bwahahaha. So much fun it’s going to be watching your dreams go to hell.

    • dave

      My understanding from talking to people in shops that the PS4 is pretty much sold out around the world – the PS4 is a guaranteed success on pre-orders alone.

  • Eder García

    in other words: buy a PS4 guys

    • Prime157

      Well, we know that MS can spend a lot lot lot lot lot lot more on their console…

      We also know that competition is a good thing….

      So that means if PS4 fails, and MS then owns the Console AND the PC sales area then we are screwed.

      • Pauperswilldie

        YOU are screwed pauper, only YOU!

        • You are flat out wrong

          Go away, Zaire.

        • Prime157

          lol, ok. No matter if you’re just looking for giggles or 100% legit. I feel sorry for you for saying that kiddo.

          Thumbs up because you’re funny ^.^

    • Pauperswilldie

      And be the fool they want you to be? NO THANKS! $0N¥ is already dead and you’re instigating people to throw their money away on a product that won’t receive any support soon enough.

  • Sapulha_himself

    ps4 go home, you are drunk,

    • Abort Mission

      And of course, he has an Xbot comment history Lmao.

      Go home Xbot

  • Solid Snake

    I hope Sony gets back into gear.
    If they drop out, then they’ll be no one to stop Microsoft from destroying the games industry!

    • Jason Boyd

      Same can be said in reversal. The PS3 wasn’t a shinning glory for gamers, and if the 360 wasn’t around I am not sure what state the console industry would be in right now, competition is good for gamers in the long run, we should hope that each company does well enough to remain in and prevent a monopoly.

      • twinspectre

        same can be said in reversal lol
        Look at Microsoft and Sony
        Microsoft released less games than Sony
        Microsoft’s focus is on Casaul Gamers and Multimedia look at Sony Core gamers First

        • Jason Boyd

          Stop with the fanboy nonsense, if MS dropped out Sony would destroy the industry with a monopoly..if you don’t think that then you need to take off the goggles, same thing would happen if Sony dropped’s the nature of monopolies.

          • The MaXiM

            I believe you got it wrong, we WANT competition, we just don’t want Microsoft.
            If MS keep being MS, it will contradict what you state because it would be an icy landslide for Sony until PS5.

          • Jason Boyd

            I find it funny that sony fanboys are so easily forgetful of the sony arrogance of 2006. MS is being arrogant now and they will pay for it and change their ways just like Sony did, but if you think Sony would be the way they are today if the 360 didn’t do well then you are kidding yourself. They had a huge lead going into the gen from the PS2 and acted like they were a pseudo-monopoly.

          • The MaXiM

            One thing is being arrogant and another is try to scam people going against their rights an insulting them as they were a bunch of tools. I think that read between the lines is to much for some people.

            Negation is for idiots and you don’t write like one. Your comparison is just absurd.

            And you were right, thanks 360 for give us the PS4!!!

          • Jason Boyd

            Power of the cell wasn’t trying to scam people? or telling them to get second jobs to afford the PS3 wasn’t insulting? Sony telling people what they could and couldn’t do with their purchased product wasn’t taking their rights away?

            MS had success with the 360 and went in with the X1 with arrogance thinking they had it in the bag…just like Sony did with the PS3..the comparison is not ‘abusrd’, the roles are quite reversed this time around. People complained and MS reversed things which is a good thing in the long run, gamers shouldn’t want any company to fail, as the resulting company would certainly take advantage of the monopoly if no one else entered the market… and Nintendo is not really competition to either of them right now.

          • twinspectre

            but the cell proves why PS3 wasn’t cheaper

          • Prime157

            This is pertinent to now (D3D is the same as XBONE, and OPENGL is PS4):



            I agree, in the 90’s we were brainwashed by advertising and marketing to believe that MS was the best; so much so that MS had a completely asinine market share.

            It’s like when apple and MS butting heads in the mid 90’s about GUI. It’s like D3D(MS) vs OpenGL (although that wasn’t a court case) It’s like Google and MS butting heads now which MS just got 2bill annually for.

            My first few links were the D3D campaign that took over Open GL. Many more OPENGL pictures looked (and acted) better than Microsoft’s D3D – direct x – direct xbox – xbox.

          • twinspectre

            find it funny that M$ fanboys are so easily forgetful of the M$ arrogance , go on google and you will see MS arrogance back in 2006/2007 : XBOX 360 loves you campaign

            Microsoft don’t care about gaming
            Microsoft Killed RARE
            Microsoft was Trying to Kill Gaming with the DRM

            do you remember the DEAL with IT story ?
            Microsoft Fired Adam Orth but they don’t change the policy ,but they already knew the Gamers Reaction ,but why they don’t change the policy ? oh yeah they Listen the Consumer

            they changed the policy because they saw Sony was Dominating with Pre Orders , so take off your goggles poor fanboy with no Sense
            SONY DESERVE a REAL COMPETITOR and it’s called SEGA
            M$ should sell the xbox division and Sega should be the buyer
            p.s im not a fanboy , i’m a GAMER

          • Jason Boyd

            Sega? you mean the company that Sony purposefully forced out of console manufacturing business?

            You certainly are a Sony fanboy, funny that you don’t notice it but your comments are full of fanboyism. FYI I am not arguing against MS being arrogant, yet you seem to think Sony is the best thing since sliced bread, Sony may seem to be about the gamers now, but they weren’t 8 years ago, and if MS ever leaves the industry they certainly won’t be about the gamers then either. Sony, like Microsoft is about making money..any way they can. If you were a gamer and not a fanboy your wouldn’t be advocating a monopoly by your beloved company, and trying to defend it’s honour lol

          • twinspectre

            i smell fanboyism from 10 miles away , dude XBOX force you to buy useless piece of shiat (kinect) , 500bucks for cheaper and weaker Hardware , all the service behind a ridiculous paywall , Microsoft lied and still lying , and also microsoft see the future in the digital so something are telling me that the DRM will be back in the near future , Killer Instinct is a rip off also Forza5 , Ryse a xbox 360 game ported and still can’t run 1080p ??? are you serious , dude be real i’m not a fanboy i own most of Nintendo console and this is my 3rd Playstation Console , call me a fanboy if this makes you happy.
            the fact is that at least Sony understand what a real gamer want so they earn my money , meanwhile ms are dictating people and force the consumer to think that XBONE is worth the 500bucks when in reality isn’t worth.
            Nintendo is way better than MS deal with it

            go on youtube and search BlackBusterShow

          • You are flat out wrong

            You mean the same arrogance that led Microsoft to rush out a console with significant design defects that they knew about just so they could get a year’s lead over Nintendo and Sony? A lead they ended up squandering, funnily enough.

          • MoukkaGamer

          • Prime157

            No, because of coffer sizes.

            It’s like many of you forget that there’s more to it than that. Sony has been struggling in other areas that aren’t Playstation. MS has been so far ahead in the monopolized PC software and OS department that the XBOX (to understand, )

            Seriously, the only reason MS has that much money is the fact that they had DRM before DRM became an argument (95% marketshare until 2005 with windows). That’s why technology is awesome now, because there’s competition.

            I want both to win, ultimately, but I worry for Sony first.

      • Anders

        The PS3 was and is amazing, just look at its best games. The problem is just that its difficult to develop games for it.

    • Pauperswilldie

      They won’t and they won’t.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Videogames are already dead thanks to Microsoft’s cancerous presence.

  • Abort Mission

    No doubt it will. Xbox One on the other hand, I’m more worried about

  • Unemployment Master

    Hopefully they’ll not garner any sales from Brasil but I still wish it goes well beyond the mark.
    Same for the 72One.

  • methedemon .

    they will even surpass their target, the PS4 has a lot of excitement and positivity surrounding it , it feels like PS2 days.

    • Xpacalypse

      only fanboys believe that while youtube comments suggest people think their current machne is good enough

    • MegaRay

      I think the PS3 will be the new ps2, u know developers still support it ^^

  • Webster from diff’rent strokes

    gamefaqs poll of the day today proves sony was rigging the preorders and false hype

    • You are flat out wrong

      Considering a lot of people are getting one next year (including me), not really.

    • Pauperswilldie

      Of course they were. It’s the ultimate desperation of the $0N¥ PauperStation N4Gay NeoFAGs!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Have you seen today’s poll? 90% aren’t getting an Xbone at any point this year. Xbox is FINISHED.

  • Jason Boyd

    such class

    • Pauperswilldie

      The typical $0N¥ PauperStation N4Gay NeoFAG.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    lmfao please miss the target I am so hoping Sony your pathetic

    • Woohoo!!

      You can dream…

    • Anime10121

      The only thing I know of thats pathetic around here are fanboys….

    • You are flat out wrong

      Demetre the hypocrite strikes again!

    • Pauperswilldie

      Don’t worry, $0N¥ PauperStation will be a thing of the past soon enough. You’d be a fool to buy any of their products now anyway.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Microsoft will ditch Xbox next year. Then I can laugh at you while you cry in a Youtube video! Zaire is a loser!

  • twinspectre

    i don’t know why the moderator deleted my message ? where’s freedom of speech

  • Plapons

    What does it matter Fukishima is about to blow… goodbye Japan 🙁

    • Woohoo!!
      • Pauperswilldie

        Two birds with one stone, how awesome.

        • Woohoo!!

          Wow, you are really just a very simple, stupid person aren’t you? I would normally pity someone like you but frankly, I’m just disgusted. What a great argument for birth control…

    • Pauperswilldie

      Goodbye $0N¥, you won’t be missed but by paupers. 😀

  • Robert

    5 million by March 2014? In my opinion that is a very conservative target for the PS4, I think even the XB1 will reach that sales number. The Wii U on the other hand… maybe, and that’ll be because of the 12 month head start… Satoru Iwata is the one that should be worried, not Kaz Hirai.

  • Maurice Wilburn

    I’m pretty certain they’ll reach it, they have a lot of hype going their way. Even though I’m getting an Xbox One I wouldn’t trust MS with a monopoly.

    • Woohoo!!

      yeah, we’ve already seen how they behave when they have complete control of a market

  • Pauperswilldie

    It definitely WON’t hit the mark. $0N¥’s restoration? LOLMAO, that company’s as dead as the pauperbrands it propagates. It isn’t even worth 10% of what it was worth in 2000 and has almost all its assets in liabilities. It’s doomed whether you want it or not paupers and let that be a good word of advice. If you buy a product from a dying company, don’t expect support for it.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Can’t wait to taste your tears when Stephen Elop kills the Xbox brand in a year, Zaire.

  • Shawn

    Something tells me this won’t be an issue, judging by the hype, and numbers of pre-orders for the console, alone.

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 wins

    • Guest

      Only if you’re a pauper, like you.

      • Ana Helušić

        talking about your mom again??

      • Ana Helušić

        so you are talking about your mom again??

  • Guest

    Anybody with a brain knows $0N¥ is going to die. It was already very clear during the last decade that it was going to end that way with all the massive losses and zero innovation coming from that archaic and pauper minded company.

  • Koroma

    IIRC the wii u is only at 4 mil shipped. As much as i like sony i’d be surprised if they hit that goal.

  • Cayal

    Well they just announced they’re at 4.2 million and that was as of Dec 28th (or around then).

    They’re going to make it. Easily.