Dead Rising 3 will have Astronauts, Knives, and Kung-fu Dudes

Dead Rising 3 will have its fair share of crazies all trying to kill you in their own special way.

Below you’ll get an idea of the type of colorful characters you’ll run into in this Xbox One exclusive zombie murder simulator. The guy in the spacesuit looks a lot like the Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

As a weekend bonus, I found a gameplay video from the guys over at VG247 killing zombies with a street sweeper.

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  • sazse

    Easily, one of the few games which really shouts ‘NEXT GEN’ in terms of gameplay. This could not be done on previous consoles ! Not with this scale in mind (hundreds of npc simultaneously on the screen, in a no loading, free roaming city? Sorry GTA…). The rest of the games (Killzone and Forza included) sounds to me like ‘cosmetic’ upgrades over current gen games. Well done, Capcom!

    • Daniel Lawson

      For Forza 5 it’s more about adding more real physics to driving then the cosmetic updates… though they did rescan a lot of tracks with newer technology