Banned Early Xbox One Owner Reaches Agreement with Microsoft, Will Tell More When Cleared to Do So

Yesterday Twitter user Moonlightswami made the headlines for getting an Xbox One early due to a delivery mishap by Target. He revealed all sorts of details and pictures on the console, but he was temporarily banned after a few hours. Today he had a chat with Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and apparently everything’s gonna be ok.

Alright, I talked to @majornelson and all is being resolved. He has invited me to the launch event. Details on it are classified.

I won’t be tweeting much about the xbox one until I get cleared to do so, but all is resolved thanks to @majornelson.

The console ban also will be lifted prior to launch. I can’t really say much more, but it is all good. Thank you all for the support!!!

Had about a 30 minute conversation with @majornelson everything is going well, and will be resolved. When I get cleared to talk more about the system I will.

Moonlightswami also mentioned that he’s available for interviews even if there isn’t much he can say, that he was not threatened, and that he agreed to some sort of NDA.

He finally explained the reasoning behind the agreement and specified that Microsoft has been very gracious in its effort to remedy the situation.

Reasoning for not being able to disclose more is some things have not been announced/not fully ready. All i can say.

Microsoft has been very gracious in their effort to remedy the situation since they recognize I was not at fault in this.

All’s well that ends well. We got a lot of info to sate our curiosity, Moonlightswami will get his console back soon, and probably quite a bit more than that, and Microsoft got a marketing pitch that was quite a lot better than what most of its executives with decades of experience did so far. Everyone wins.


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  • James Richmond

    Lucky guy

  • dirkradke

    Wait a minute … Can we still hate Microsoft for doing the right thing or do we still get to hate them like we did before? I mean people wanted to believe Sony is so much better or Microsoft is so much worse that I don’t know if people can change. Oh well. Maybe I will have to buy both just to see what all the fuss is about from each companies perspective. Magnanimous of me I know. 🙂

    • wilMaster04

      they only did the right thing because fanboys got on major nelson on twitter…

      • dirkradke

        I doubt it. He also said that Microsoft never threatened him and it was resolved.

        • Averix

          Never threatened, but just banned his console for showing pics of something he legally purchased. Wouldn’t this have all been cleaner if the console had booted to a “Hang tight! We’ll be ready for you on the 22nd!” message?

          • dirkradke

            Except that all Microsoft knew is that he shouldn’t have the console and when they found out the situation it was handled. The dude this happened to even said Microsoft was gracious about the whole thing-a-ma-bob.

          • Averix

            I don’t buy that. If that was true, the console would have been banned when it connected. They tracked who he was through his posts and then decided to ban it. They knew the situation but didn’t want pics or info shown since he isn’t held under embargo like the game sites. I’m not saying Sony would have handled it differently, but this didn’t need to happen.

          • dirkradke

            They have plenty of legitimate people including family members of employees using the next X-Box One. I don’t think it would have been very hard to figure he wasn’t in Microsoft’s opinion a legitimate user regardless of how they found out.

          • Crusina .

            Sony would’ve done the same thing, matter of fact virtually everyone in any industry does the same thing to people who get things early like that.

            They didn’t have to do anything after banning him, they did. It was a good result, let it go.

          • dirkradke

            That would mean he was wrong and I don’t know if he/she/it can accept that? The “it” may be a bot after all. Mr. IT the Robot

          • Except, Sony isn’t doing that.

          • You are flat out wrong

            “Sony would’ve done the same thing,”

            But they wouldn’t, and they don’t. Keep up the “Sony too!” guff, perhaps it will suddenly work.

      • Jeremy Mattsen

        My gosh give it up. They did the right thing because Target messed up and it wasn’t the users fault. Honestly, the live system wasn’t even going to be up until a couple days before the launch so they had to nip it in the butt. Glad they addressed it quickly and appropriately.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Yep. If there hadn’t been a storm kicked up I doubt ol’ Larry would have done anything.

        • Daniel Lawson

          your wrong… Larry is on the road right now with the Xbox One Tour… as soon as he read about it he reached out to the kid… not even 24 hours later if I’m not mistaken… it was fixed as soon as he woke up and talk to Major Nelson

          • You are flat out wrong

            It’s the very least ol’ Larry could have done.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Only after significant pressure from an already aggrieved fanbase at breaking point. The right thing to do would have been not ban him in the first place.

      • dirkradke

        I think you give yourself too much credit.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Not from me, I didn’t give a crap. I was too busy laughing at yet another Microsoft blunder! ^_^

          • dirkradke

            That is great to hear, but you’re still here commenting about it though. Maybe there is more love in your heart than you think?

    • Stranger On The Road

      “Can we still hate Microsoft”

      Depends, are you an IT staff and related to the IT industry? If yes, you hate MS by your very nature, the fact that they produce the XB1 have nothing to do with it 🙂

      • wilMaster04

        lol i have a friend in IT..he hates them with a passion

      • dirkradke

        Good enough for me.

    • Not A PC Gamer

      Oh yes we can still hate Microsoft. We have plenty of fuel for that eternal flame.

  • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

    useless console requires mediocre launch

  • Customers signing NDAs now after legally purchasing a product? Wow… just wow.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Too little, too late, Microsoft. We know what you do when your loyal fanbase dare transposes upon your already botched launch.

  • BearKing

    They only did this because sony straight up said on twitter that they wouldn’t ban someone if they accidentally ended up with a console before launch

  • Un-bias

    It is hilarious to read how dumb fanboys for MS and SONY sound, ever since video games have become quite popular people have begun to forget about what they should really be fans for…the games not the systems. When people try to justify that one console is better than the other they sound like a child trying to prove a fact that has no meaning. The companies in question are loving all this attention though, I am sure they are having a good laugh about how passionate people are for such trivial things.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Never had a console banned on me, so I am not sure how this works. The following statement from the last paragraph is confusing: “Moonlightswami will get his console back soon“. I thought he only lost access to XBL, but the console was still fully functional as a standalone device. Was my understanding wrong?

    If MS is able to brick the console remotely, to me that is a different problem, even after launch.

    • Daniel Lawson

      Microsoft can and has purposely bricked consoles… usually for egregious actions

  • 3rdworldgamer

    none of this drama would have happen if MS just didn’t ban his console. but at least now MS is trying to fix this mess and the guy can actually use the console he paid for

    • Daniel Lawson

      if you’re the guy who sees this and has to make a on the spot decision what would you do… Lawyers likely took down the video and the person who initiated the ban likely did so based on common sense. If it was your job you’d have done the same thing

  • X1 lover

    This was no mistake dudes. Its advertisement. There no luck involvement. Good one Microsoft… You got a happy buyer with no complains before launch… Hope it helps your sales hahaha…

    • You are flat out wrong

      At least they managed to find one!

      • Daniel Lawson

        yes because you’re going to be one of the unhappy purchasers of the Xbox One right? No? That’s right so why don’t you take your sony pony self and go back to N4G with you 1 bubble

  • McLamesauce

    I call bullshit since, as one who has worked in shipping during a new console sale, the warehouses don’t receive them until the week of release. Sometimes, not until 48 hours prior. So what we’re hearing here is that ONE person of the many, many, many pre-orders from the SAME location, happen to slip through the folds and wound up getting the system three weeks early, which then went viral and turned into a massive PR production…? Sure, I’ll buy that. that doesn’t sound at all like a ploy to make Microsoft fans and those on the fence more apt to buy now that we all know about this mysterious batch of new features yet to be announced. it’s a publicity scam,. pure and simple. Microsoft knows damn good and well that Sony is going to take them to the laundry room and this is a last ditch effort to make the system look enticing, mysterious and full of surprises.


      Target admitted to the “mistake” and said a small number of consoles were shipped out. I wonder why there haven’t been a bunch of other people posting stuff about it.