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Naughty Dog Co-Founder: “Two Years Ago Microsoft Was Going to Win this Generation. That’s Not The Case Now”

by on November 10, 2013 4:38 PM 124

Naughty Dog Co-Founder and former Studio President Jason Rubin (he left the company in 2004) is quite confident in Sony’s possibilities to do well this generation, especially due to the internal change brought to the company by people like Mark Cerny, as he told while interviewed by Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers.

Having worked at Sony and having seen how Sony is, […] we have to give them an incredible amount of credit for this launch. Inside the industry, quietly, hush-hush, two years ago Microsoft was going to win this generation. And that’s not the case now.

They have been very very smart, very very adept at changing their policies to fit what gamers wanted, and they’ve created an incredible hardware.

The creator of that hardware, Mark Cerny, who I know extremely well, could have not done this in the PS3 era, because Ken Kutaragi was there and the entire company had a very different way of looking at things.

I actually know better than most people the history of internal hardware production at Sony, because I went through this with Mark from Crash watching how hardware has gone.

The change from the Kutaragi model to, i will call it, the Cerny model is far larger than anyone realizes. It is looking at the market and adapting to the market, rather than creating the ultimate graphics hardware from a technical standpoint and assuming the market will come.

While I’m not sure on who will “win” between Sony and Microsoft (and to be honest I don’t care all that much, as I prefer them both to compete and to prod each other into giving us as much as possible for our money), I have to agree with Rubin.

Even from the humble standpoint of a video game writer that isn’t as nearly as near to the control room as he was, the change within Sony is evident, and I think most gamers that play on PlayStation consoles and are witnessing the outset of this new generation can easily agree.

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  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    I mean i like sony and ms but i dont get this whole WINNING BS thing going on.I find it to be the dumbest thing .There is not such thing as what system is the best.It’s goes with what person enjoys the best experence.This is not a race to see who sell’s more or who make’s more.This is a race on who make’s the best video game’s.On each system.and if both company’s make good game’s.Then both will be in my house it’s that simple.There is no point in fanboying over pure bullshit.Then enjoy your gameing system’s and stfu about them already .

    • Bradley Lansiquot

      can i afford it? thats the question most people don’t look at. if i get the better system then i won’t have to spend more money to get the other for a few good exclusives. i’ll have the better cross platforms and exclusives tailor to my liking. so ps4 or xbone or both if u can afford it. OH i wish i could but only one for me…

  • Magnumsally

    I really hate that guy, he has doomed every system but tablets, has little understanding of much past generalizations now that he is a personality.

    He is not a guy I listen to for info

    • Dan

      Agreed 100% he’s a talking head who probably is not even close to having any idea what’s going on any more. Every interview I read or see of him he’s say how well he knows one guy or another. Poser.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Instead of personally attacking the dude, might want to judge what he said in this case, which is quite precise.

      • Dan

        Based on? Do you work in the business and have an intimate knowledge of the validity of what he’s saying? Unless the answer is yes, as a mod you just trolled this thread.

      • Magnumsally

        What he said was a backtrack from what he said before. I dont respect him

  • Bankai

    I agree. Microsoft would have been on top going into the next-gen, but they got cocky just like Sony after the PS2 era. Instead of looking at what Sony did wrong and learning from it, Microsoft let themselves be blinded by greed and kept shooting themselves in the foot, while Sony did everything they could to get back on consumers good side and it’s working wonders for them and the PS4.

    • Dan

      In what way did MS get greedy?? They made a box with soooo many features to appeal to all the different kind of gamers out there. Enhanced a co stroller they couldhave left the same and no one would have cared. And then asked you to pay $99 more for a 1080p camera, that does voice control and knows whos in the room and automatically logs them in!! On top of that they have the best launch line up. And what’s hilarious is while they are catching so much hell from resolutiongate, they have the two best looking launch games (Ryse, Forza) according to MANY reviewers. So again how are they greedy??? Maybe they misjudged their core games (I only say maybe as time will tell) but nothing is greedy. In fact they ask for $499 and you out of box get access to everything the console can do. Can Sony say that??

      • angh

        I don’t need another all-in-one machine, I have PC already. I want a gaming console and MS simply don’t deliver.

        • Dan

          Again, in what way? Unless resolution is your only measure of a gaming console, they’ve delivered. Games, innovation, control, interface, and ease of use. The PS4 has upped it’s graphics but have not show much in terms of innovation OR games.

          • gtharby2

            The main problem with resolution is what happened at the end of the PS3/360 era. People aren’t concerned that there is a higher resolution on the PS4 on a couple launch games, but rather what it means for the system power wise and this is a clear display of a power gap. The power gap issue is fresh in the minds of many consumers because of the noticeable difference it made at the end of this current generation, otherwise it would not be as big of a deal in the mind of consumers deciding which system to go with.

            (Quick note, I am not arguing which system is better, I think the Kinetic is better than what many people give it credit for and is a potential game changer once people give it a chance, I am only talking about from the perspective of consumers who are deciding which console to buy now).

          • Dan

            I used to say the same thing ie graphics graphics graphics. But if you’ve ever played Dead Space 3, Or halo 4, you know it’s not all about graphics and resolution. For example The Last of Us, which I would personally give a 10, is not nearly good looking as Halo 4. If the One is 50% hell 30% better. I will continue to be a very happy gamer. And I can make my Xbox do things with my voice!

          • crazyg0od33

            I was GOING to agree with what you were saying, until “The Last of Us, which I would personally give a 10, is not nearly good looking as Halo 4.”

            What were you smoking haha?

            I own both systems and a high-end PC, and I’m getting both next-gen consoles, and resolution doesn’t bother me, but TLOU is the best looking game made on consoles in this generation.

          • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

            Dude, seriously? There’s nothing like The Last of Us on Xbox 360, how can you compare it to Halo 4?! You definitely never played it.

          • Dan

            Graphically it’s very brown, accurate, but brown. Halo 4 is a game full of color and brings imagination to life. The last of us was amazing, but it wasn’t creative in the slightest in terms of art style. I’M NOT BASHING THE GAME SO SETTLE DOWN.

          • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

            That’s called style! You can say that you prefer Halo 4’s style, but seriously, if you’re talking about graphics, it’s not subjective. You can say what you prefer, but from a technical point of view there’s no way of saying that Halo 4 graphics are better than The Last of Us. I’m not trying to bash Halo 4 either, since it looks really good. Sorry if I sounded aggressive.

          • Prime157

            No, you weren’t bashing the game, you were making an uneducated comment based off of color differences?! We’re just calling you out on the fact that you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. SO PLEASE LEARN SOMETHING. LOL

          • Prime157

            WOW. It’s really annoying when someone who knows very little about what features tax the hardware the most makes an opinionated, unobservant graphical comparison.

          • Prime157

            I agree with you, but I disagree on your quick note. Motion gaming is not the future. The Wii shows it with it’s poor software attach rate, and so does the fact that motion gaming has been around in the arcade forever.

            The biggest issue is the issue of latency. The lag between you actually doing said motion and it registering said motion. I’m not saying it won’t stay around or maybe get better, I’m just saying that’s part of the reason it has been rejected since even arcade motion sensor games (Police something or other, and the fighting one are two that come to my head).

            I think we’re all hopeful for the kinect, we just don’t see it being practical yet. I also hate the hype train of associating kinect with voice controls. The only thing you need for voice controls is a mic, and the PS4 does that.

          • mbounce88

            stop talking about GAMES and go look up exclusives last gen. Sony has atleast 50 more.. Wow, you start with Forza, Ryse, and DR3? We get KZ, Knack for platformers and families, Infamous sooner then later, and even more, not including all the F2P games! If you don’t think Sony has innovated games, your crazy and probably never played most of them!

          • Dan

            Ni no Kuni was my most recent completetion on the PS3. And lots more before that. Cheers!

          • Prime157

            See, you don’t know what opinion is, because a lot of people love Ni No Kuni (hence the 85 on metacritic).

            Kid, grow up. Enjoy you’re games, I hope you do. I’ll enjoy mine and to each their own.

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            i’ve played almost all the exclusives and the best ones were uncharted,god of war and the last of us. Stop hyping the Playstation brand i like there games but there interface and online is trash point blank period. Oh yeah Killzone is not a killer app so stop being a hype beast killzone has always been a lackluster franchise with good graphics and from the looks of shadow fall there following the same pattern good graphics weak gameplay lol.

          • punkchobit

            ” i like there games but there interface and online is trash point blank period”

            Can you try that again, in English this time?

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            Ok Playstation is garbage is that better for you.

          • NeoTechni

            Can you try that again, in not-trolling this time?

          • Guest

            Trash belongs with trash like you

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            well i guess your mom loves trash.

          • anon

            One word. Uneducated!

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson


          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            your scum.

          • Clinton Weyand

            When they know little of what to compare it to, they will believe that Killzone is the absolute best thing since sliced bread. There are numerous games, even exclusive to PS, that are phenomenally better.

          • Prime157

            Not if it’s anything like Killzone Mercenary for the vita. That’s actually a fun shooter that fixed a lot of the combat crap that KZ1-3 had (like the heavy controls and headshots that don’t matter).

          • jon

            up this man lol.

          • anon

            Not as weak as you’re english.

          • ocean4alex

            you’re is short for you are. So are you saying that he is english?

          • angh

            resolution isn’t a measure. I don’t mind ever the worse frame ratio.

            Now, Innovation? WHAT innovation do you see in Xbox One related to Gaming? Sorry, but this is a gaming console, it’s play games. Nothing innovative here.

            Controls? What kind of? Because seriously, you cant talk about Kinect. The day I will be to lazy to press remote’s button and start to talk to my tv will be best indication to throw it away. Kinect is not an interface for any serious gaming. Nope.

            Interface? It has to play games. I’m choosing game, I press X, and I play. What kind of interface do I need? surely not any windows 8 squares.

            Ease of use? really? look up.

            And games… It’s funny you used games to show they delivered…

            hmmm… nope. And if you think something will change this gen you are really an optimist.
            Or maybe you think ‘press x to kill’ Ryse is a good game? whet else left? Forza? its nice, admit, but not system seller. DR3? maybe, but not a system seller either. Titanfall? Did I mention I have PC? No JRPG’s, not many games from other genders.
            It’s a gaming console we talking about and in this area Microsoft for years can’t deliver.

          • twinspectre

            you forget dictatorship , Resolutiongate you guys are pathetic
            XBOT FANBOYS , XBONE720p can do 4K Gaming suck it PS fanboys
            and Now your beloved console can do 720p , who cares about Resolution Pathetic , just pathetic<–XBOTFANBOYS are pathetic and funny

        • The Wolf 47

          These last 2-3 years, the games on Xbox 360 were more focused on kinect games while Sony continued to deliver AAA hardcore games.

          • usrev

            2-3? more like 4-5.

            the last first party non-halo/gears/forza/fable/non-kinect exclusive game we got at retail was CRACKDOWN 2… a mediocre title that sold poorly and was considered a bad game.

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            this is a new generation and they already have more new ips than the whole current gen so what does that tell you RYSE,SUNSET OVERDRIVE,QUANTUM BREAK,TITANFALL and the Black Guerrilla title.

          • Chrollo Lucilfer

            Black Tusk not Guerrilla hmmm let me see, Infamous, The Order 1886 , Killzone Shadow Fall, Deep Down, Santa Monica title , media mulecule title, quantum dream title, sony bend title, NAUGHTY DOG Title so yeah I can totally see ur point

          • Gamerrr

            You forgot Polyphony :)

          • neko working

            you forgot evolution studios.

          • Prime157

            2 teams at naughty dog ;)

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            the only ones we have footage for is killzone and deep down so yeah. i’m not going to bank on them being good games sorry.

          • Guest

            big black piece of shite

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            Playstation fans hyped up Beyond Two Souls for three years only to receive a mediocre game with a okay story line and horrible gameplay. So i think i will just wait to see if the proofs in the pudding.

          • Yisa Yussuf

            and still the same resolution as current gen too

          • Dan

            Haha. Ok well the last non Uncharted/last of us/beyond two soals exclusive was a poor selling Ni no Kimi. I don’t normally say this but that a dumb comment. If you take all the games they make out it’s hard to come up with a title.

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson

            the last of us,Uncharted what else?

        • PachterStation

          It doesn’t say in the rules that you have to use all its features. Pop a game in, play it. The same with the PS4. I think the Xbox One will be higher up the ladder with exclusives. Sony just don’t have the capital to do the same.

          • angh

            Sony now has better position than in last 4-5 years. Games comparison for last 3-4 years are totally in contradiction to your words. Surely Microsoft will show a number of nice titles, but as for now Sony have good history and wide offer of games, so I’m quite sure about their approach. Microsoft have yet to prove me that he can deliver. For now it looks rather bad for him. And company’s capital doesn’t really matter, as we seen it already in this gen.

      • gtharby2

        They got greedy in what they tried to pull with stuff like DRM and
        everything else they backtracked on that started the avalanche of bad publicity and gave Sony a foothold to be seen as a viable option and initially tipped the scale away from Microsoft 6 months ahead of launch instead of 2 weeks as the resolution concerns did. Had that not happened, the Xbox One probably would be dominating preorders, as Sony wouldn’t have had an opportunity to knock them down. Had Sony not won at E3 like they were able to do because of the direction Microsoft went, Sony would hardly be a contender in the US in the short term.

        • Dan

          Fair. But I honestly don’t believe DRM was meant in the way many perceived it.

          • Bob

            you couldn’t play your games offline for more then 24 horus. its hard to perceive that in the wrong way.

          • Prime157

            The simple fact is that Games for Windows Live (a Microsoft PC service) is being shut down, and if those devs don’t port the games over to steam or something else, everyone who bought a game on that service is losing the ability to play those SINGLE PLAYER games that they bought.

            24 hour check in.

            And that they were letting us resale our licenses, but only through their market place.

            They had some awesome Ideas, but it was those 3 points that made me go, “WTF?” Also, their PR team couldn’t even explain it well.

          • Yisa Yussuf

            wooooow! microsoft deserve you as a customer.. you fit the bill… naive as hell!!

      • UmIsThisThingOn

        It won’t play 3D Blu Rays out of the box.

        • Dan

          Haha yeah cause 3D is soooo popular, hell it’s everywhere!!!! Oh wait… And didn’t I hear PS4 CAN’T PLAY blu rays out of the box? Or maybe it can just play 3D ones, the ones that matter most haha

          • Alfred

            not sure why you are defending the xbox so much. the xbox one cant play blu ray 3d movies even with the day 1 patch.
            since the system is trying to be the 1 entertainment box in your room you would think they wouldn’t want you to HAVE to keep a 3d blu ray player right?
            you cant be to big of a fanboy to even see the issue with that?
            ps4 can play blu ray 3d movies.

        • Roland Berube

          AWWWW thats why I have a Blu-Ray player

          • John

            cool so the xbox isn’t the all in 1 entertainment box then I guess right?

      • mbounce88

        Launch lineups don’t mean everything dan. People like choices as well, not POTENTIAL spy cameras.. They overlooked customers for their vision, not our vision as gamers..

        • Dan

          First of all don’t assume your visions is everyones. I for one (as many from what I hear) would love the ability to install my games to the hard drive and never pull them out. People bitch and moan about always on. Most people are already always on, at least in NA Xbox’s main market. And even in most European, and south american countries. Do exceptions need to be made for service man, and other 100% but that could have been figured out after launch. Secondly, choices? Which gives you more a pure gaming console or one more hybrid like?

      • Axe99

        Actually, out of the box, the XB1 can do pretty much nothing until it’s had its update over the net ;). MS didn’t get greedy though, they just are trying to convert on the point of the Xbox brand in the first place, which was always, from the very start, to get Windows into the living room. They have actually done it very well – their implementation is incredibly slick and impressive, and if I wanted a voice controlled multimedia box, then I’d go for the XB1.

        However, in designing for multimedia and Kinect, they cut corners in terms of the processing power that could be funnelled into games. Not an issue for the broader-based/casual crowd they’re targetting, but there is a significant performance difference between the two. Further, their lacklustre support of exclusives on XB360, combined with the far more mainstream/casual approach of the XB1, suggests we’ll get fewer ‘core’ exclusives from Microsoft this gen, particularly once they’ve got their critical mass from core gamers. Of course, there’ll be more Halo and Forza, but they haven’t doubled down on games, they’ve doubled-down on Kinect and Multimedia, while taking the gaming side a little for granted.

        • Roland Berube

          PS4 needs update too

          • Axe99

            But not to play games – you can pick up Killzone or what-have-you with your PS4 and be playing that offline while it downloads the patch allowing it to play online. The XB1 is pretty much non-functional without that day one patch. Note, you won’t be able to play DVDs or Blu-rays on PS4 without the patch though.

          • punkchobit

            No it doesnt. It works without it

      • PeJota

        Like many have said, that all-in-one entertainment setup that they’ve tried to accomplish came at the cost of gaming. They had to cut back on the processing power of the system to make way for features of the system I couldn’t care less about. I already have all those non-gaming features in the myriad of other products that I have in my home. I buy a gaming system for gaming, first and foremost. PS4 offers the most powerful means of doing that available in a console. As for the using your voice to turn on your X1 and automatically logging you in when you come into the room which seems to be a big deal to you, the PS4 can also do that with their camera as per OPM’s initial review. Yes it doesn’t come packed in but I can go out and get it, if I so desire, and still save $40 compared to the X1.

        The other things you list are purely subjective. I for one like the PS4’s launch line-up better as many of the games available on the PSN day one interest me far more than DR3 and Ryse (which Game Informer compared to being as much fun as dialing phone numbers). The only game I am interested in is Titanfall and to be honest, if it really is as close to Call of Duty-style multiplayer given those who are making the game, it still won’t get as much playing time for me as BF4 which is the best multiplayer game series of all time (in my opinion). As for Ryse and Forza being the best launch games, I’d disagree there and say that no other game on either console comes close to touching what Killzone is doing graphics-wise. It’s a landslide. Not to mention that Forza achieved all that by cutting out basic features such as day-night cycles and weather effects. Point being, enjoy the system you want to enjoy. It makes no difference to me which system you want. But to say MS didn’t get greedy by implementing “their” vision of DRM, offering nothing that comes close to the value of what PS+ offers, trying to buy out the competition rather than producing their own in-house quality software, and nickel and diming their fanbase with every little peripheral? Yes, they’ve gotten greedy and cocky, much like Sony after the Ps-2 generation and look how much that affected Sony.

        • PeJota

          *best-looking launch games

      • brianc6234

        Most features on the Xbox One don’t appeal to gamers at all. That’s the big problem. The Xbox One isn’t a gaming console, it’s a trojan horse to take over your living room. That’s not what gamers want.

      • poobadee

        Don’t try to convince people that M$ aren’t greedy, it’s been pretty well established since the hell of 360 peripherals everyone had to pay for.

      • twinspectre

        Killzone Shadow Fall > Forza and Ryse

        • Prime157

          Forza looks like a cartoon. I laugh whenever people imply their awed by the graphics.

      • Counterproductive

        Microsoft provided an answer to a question that no one asked. They tried to force change upon a market without providing a context for the strategy, and suffered as a result. Finally, I have never seen an example of message discipline that was worse than what Microsoft showed from February onward. Since SuperDaE leaked the Microsoft documentation in February, they have been knocked back onto their heels and haven’t recovered. Then when Sony announced their system a few weeks later, they were left with the uncomfortable realization that the Xbox One was going to be less powerful than the Playstation 4.

        Without the roster of Sony Worldwide Studios to provide a lineup of exclusive content, they had no leverage to sell their system without taking drastic action, leaving them in a position to lose billions of dollars of research and development. In order to stop the hemorrhaging Microsoft committed to spending a billion dollars to develop or buy outright the exclusives they were lacking. Quantum Break, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct are the results of this tactic. Since most of the exclusives are purchased third party works, they’re a non-renewable revenue stream and Microsoft’s margins are even slimmer than they would be for an internal studio. If they don’t make their money back for whatever reason, Microsoft will be forced to divert additional money into additional exclusives in order to justify sales. Microsoft has the capital, however with more and more Microsoft board members talking about the sale of the Xbox Division, it isn’t a comfortable position to be in.

        The situation is untenable, which is why Microsoft is in the news every day, talking up their system while the facts of the two systems’ performance are based on second hand accounts. If they can get enough of a running start in their launch window, they can stay alive long enough to parlay that into a fighting chance, but only if the customer buys into their PR campaign and doesn’t look at the evidence. They’re relying on the customer to stick with the horse they’re with, and ride it out. It is literally the same hubris that nearly decimated the Playstation 3, except that in this case Microsoft doesn’t have a better console with cumbersome architecture, they just have a performance deficit. They only way they come back from that is by exploiting your goodwill.

      • Yisa Yussuf

        lol! the orginal artice got only 73 upvotes… yet your reply got 550 downvotes!!! you are wrong on so many levels dude whres ya wite flag?

      • Jack Slater

        “In fact they ask for $499 and you out of box get access to everything the console can do. Can Sony say that??”

        Yeah, you just need an app to access all that stuff. It’s called ‘paywall’.
        With that app, even Skype will be free.

    • brianc6234

      That’s because Microsoft always has a master plan. Take over an industry and once they do force their ideas on everyone. That might work in the computer industry but not the gaming industry.

      • Prime157

        Edit as I don’t know why I responded to this thread with saying PC os this and PC os that… sorry all.

    • thebanditking

      in many ways the initial Xbone is very similar to the original PS3, Larger in size then the competition (just like PS3) annoying system architecture that devs were not happy with, having to 180 on key components (no rumble in dualshocks) even right down to the touch activated power button.

  • mathMaticks

    Thanks Mark, for having our back.. A game system, made for Gamers/Devlopers,, what a thought.

    • Guest

      Agreed! Mark Cerny is a really smart guy and level-headed guy. He is lightyears ahead of anyone at MS.


  • foureyes oni

    i’m not gonna count Microsoft out just yet. The consoles haven’t even released yet, halo is due out next year, and i can see Microsoft moneyhatting like crazy for E3 next year. Now my only major worry with Sony is a possible PS4 hardware malfunction.

    • Jeremy Babcock

      That doesn’t make sense. the 360 had a greater than 30% failure rate for at least the first half of its lifetime and you are trying to imply that people should be worried about PS4 hardware malfunction?

      • foureyes oni

        What i’m saying is that the only thing that could destroy the PS4 hype train would be a hardware malfunction (even though a software malfunction is more likely). I hope everything goes smoothly for its launch but rarely do video game products do so like the gta online for example.

    • Woohoo!!

      I don’t think that there will be any hardware issues with either console & I agree that MS is not down for the count, but they are on the ropes which is only fitting. MS needs to be humbled, they came out this time and they really underestimated their customers. Last gen MS had gamers eating out of their hand, could serve them a cold turd on a dirty plate and they would ask for seconds. I think they expected more of the same at the XB1 reveal. You guys surprised them…and honestly, surprised me too

      • foureyes oni

        I think the only thing that would make the PS4 better for me at this point would be to hear of more Japanese video games coming to the PS4 especially jrpgs’ please.

    • Prime157

      I wouldn’t count them out either as they have lots of money lol.

  • TristanPR77

    I have to agree that Sony has changed for the good and the PS4 hardware being creatived by Mark Cerny will give a big hit.

  • mbounce88

    I don’t believe the Microsoft debacle about no used games and always on internet is to blame for PS coming back strong. It’s when you put everything together, and how alot of people got bored of Xbox after years and years, made the switch and never looked back. It is everything about Microsoft that is making them lose control. The start of the xbox one, the numerous broken xbox’s we all have experienced, the weak exclusives on xbox 360, 100 dollar difference, etc

  • Edonus

    The problem I have here is when you talk about winning if you dont outline what a WIN is the goal posts cant always be moved.

    For me when I talk about winning i am looking at the monetary success of the company. Every company is in it to make money, that is the end goal. No one is sitting their making great entertainment at a constant loss because they just love us so much. I say the 360 won this current gen because they made the most money.

    That is the least opinion based way to look at it. Thats the only solid numbers. Nintendo sold the most consoles but the Wii moved no 3rd party software and forced them out of the current generation early (remember the WiiU was one of the last consoles to launch and the first to exit).

    The Ps3 had the most consistent game productions and highest consistent level of quality. Lots of core exclusives that were received well. Thats pretty much it. Sony didnt sell the most console or sell the most software. they didnt expand their market…. it actually shrunk. I dont like picking on the Ps3 but no matter how you cut it you may not be able to pick a winner but Sony definitely aint it.

    And honestly its a big love fest right now for the Ps4 but i really feel it lacks the weapons to dominate.

    • usrev

      the wii made the most money though. but pretty much no gamer claims the wii won this gen.

      • Prime157

        The Wii sold the most consoles. Ps3 had the biggest attach rate.

        Contrary to what this person says, ms makes their money from their pc software sales and losses money in the Xbox division.

        • 3rdworldgamer

          i agree. it was even reported that one of the execs of MS would rather sell the XBox brand because they are actually losing money

          • Edonus

            That is public trick language. It’s something businesses do to trick people and get more money. The xbox as a whole makes tons of money they break up divisions for versatile accounting. The zune didn’t sell and you see what happened to it, xbox has been going on for over 7 years if it truly was losing money they would clone it.

            Fact is companies sell off brands and split them up when they max out in the stock market. See a stock can only go so high before it can no longer gain value. This means mote money for those invested. So they break the company up kind of like dividing the treasure, re brand it everything resets to 0. The investors return and start the process over again. It’s more about making money than Xbox being a strong product.

        • Edonus

          Xbox had the biggest attach rate. MS sold more software. This is what I call the Sony echo chamber. People sit here feeding wrong information back and forth to each. Then use each other as proof of what they have just made up.

          • Prime157

            Says the kid who can’t decipher what a year early release means between the 10:1 (360) and 9:1 (ps3) attach rates actually mean.

            You’re the same person who thought MS would never try to control where you sell your licenses through.

      • Edonus

        No the Wii sold the most consoles. Sony and MS slaughtered the Wii in software revenue. MS sold the most games.

  • mstroll

    PS4 will easily win next gen . PS2 days once again

    • GP

      Hell yeah. Xbox user looking to jump ship and never look back

  • Simon

    Even though I love my PS3, Sony went wrong making the PS3 a revolutionary console, instead of an evolutionary console. Once again Sony are making the same mistake with the PS4, as is Microsoft. The sad part is both the PS3 and XB1 are nowhere near powerful enough to emulate their predecessor this time around.

  • Ahmed Abd El Salam

    Microsoft doesn’t win this generation and you have to go to to see the sells history

  • Raptgamers United

    I love my Xbox 360 and I’m buying both next-gen consoles but I think Sony is going to take the reigns back this generation. Microsoft will always have the best Ui,Live and console control period.Just an opinion don’t kill me.

  • Guest

    Hahaha, Jason Rubin knew this was going to ripped out of context again. Like clockwork. The $0N¥ Paupers never fail.

  • Guest

    Look at new terms of use on $0N¥ PauperStation -> You are forbidden to resell your games. Hypocrites much paupers?


      Forbidden to resale “digital” games, but that goes with almost any and all consoles since the conception of digital management. This has always been a way for them to restrict the resale of a particular game/software by distributing it digitally.

      You people are seriously without a life that post this nonsense on here… Because if a “very poor person” buys a next gen console then I think its safe to say that they’re not poor.

      You little fun boys……girls (don’t want to discriminate) need to get a life a job or just another hobby than just sitting at your puter with nothing but useless time at your fingertips…. I blame your parents and their laziness toward the involvement of themselves in your life at an early age…..

      So sad that we live in such an opinionated “GIMME” world that thinks that at all times the internet is their main source of reliable information….. WOWO



      • Prime157

        Well said. But you really should just ignore the trolls. Any disqus site he rolls out these comments, and who knows why. Hopefully the reputation system on his box of choice teaches him something.

        • YOUDIEMOFO

          I hear you on the ignorance…..I mean ignoring them, but it is so unfortunate that it even has to happen.

          • Prime157

            I agree. It’s people like him that make YouTube change their comments section. People like him who don’t get why these changes (like reputation on XBone) are happening.

            Just keep it up. You’re changing what the average person thinks of free speech, troll. I agree with your right to troll, but much like a sexual harassment victim… it’s in the eyes of the victim, not the harasser.

            That’s just legalities that you fools are walking right into.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Zaire can’t read. It has nothing to do with reselling games. Stop breathing.

  • islan

    Hell, Sony was looking pretty rubbish from their launch, but I’d argue to say that they ended up as the better platform by around 2010. I hope the lessons they learned during those initial years will stick with them for a long time.

  • Russell Gorall

    “Two years ago, I thought THQ wouldn’t go bankrupt. I fixed that, too.”

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Microsoft is dying

    • Guest

      Looking at the stock market….BWAHAHAHA, YOU PATHETIC PAUPER! $0N¥ is the one going down HARD all the time. MS is actually growing YoY.

      • Woohoo!!

        You must really be bored

  • Thomas Crane

    “Win” is subjective here. Are we talking about the best console? The most sales? Or the one that developers prefer to develop for? Considering how many gamers out there just buy Madden and CoD/Battlefield each year, what would be the incentive for them to switch from XBox to Playstation? The only compelling thing would be if all their friends made the switch. It’s unlikely. I can’t wait to see how all this shakes out.

  • jon

    We all know Sony Fan Boys only care about the graphics. Microsoft fans only care about good gameplay. My (OPINION) <— meaning I can care less about everyone's criticism. I truly believe both consoles are powerful. Next-Gen technology is rapidly catching up with PC gaming. Now I have a friend who has lost all faith in consoles. He went out and ordered himself over $2000+ worth of PC Hardware to run games in awesome Ultra HD. Graphics on the PC are not even comparable to Console. But let's look at console gaming this way. Due to the fact my friend doesn't want either of the next gen consoles he won't be able to go sit on a couch or invite a few pals over to play. He's glued to a chair and a monitor. This is why I want console gaming to go in the direction their going now. Console gamers should have access to the latest graphics and hit games. Sony fans, It's not always the graphics that makes a game, we play video games because their an entertainment, an alternate universe, an illusion from reality. That's why most people get hooked right? Because who wants to be bored sitting wanting re runs on television. I think Microsoft fans should agree that the PS4 is the more superior console, it's tech and design (in my opinion) is better. Microsoft fans are getting a great deal to because your getting the kinect, a fine piece of technology. tons of fun apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Skype, Etc.. Why do gamers need that crap? – A Sony fan might say. Well I personally enjoy talking to friends and gaming but it is nice to relax, watch a show, listen to music. It's all right there. I never have to leave and guess what.. I don't even need my controller I just have to talk and use my hand. Microsoft fans need to stop using our exclusives as the sole reason the Xbox One is better… That's a load of crap too because our exclusives suck and our "great deals" from Microsoft are crap too. Microsoft recently released, "World of Keflings" for their temporary promotion "Games with Gold" That arcade title was released in 2010. PS3 and PS4 users will have access to amazing new 2012-2013 games for free as well and only have to pay $50 a year to unlock such features, although they can still play, talk with friends, and use apps for free.. Microsoft charges $60 for a subscription and you only unlock such features as playing, chatting with friends, and using apps. We pay $60 a year for features that should be free.. When the consoles are releasing i'm sure everyone will buy what they want so it won't really matter. We should all be glad the gaming industry is getting so big, so many great games to play regardless of what console or gaming device your using. Have a great day everyone:)

    • Woohoo!!

      you make a huge assumption there, that somehow Sony fans only care about graphics and MS fans are somehow champions of better gameplay (I have yet to see that discussion play out anywhere). Right now, some sony fans are going on about the supposed graphical prowess of the PS4, its just a talking point with many of them but the only reason the MS fans aren’t returning the same is that at the moment, in the absence of any real evidence, they would lose that argument. At least on paper *shrugs*

      But since 90% of the games are multi-plats the whole gameplay argument (if there is one) is moot as well. Each game is will come with it’s own gameplay and saying that every game will have a superior gameplay experience on one platform…I don’t think so. Didn’t work that way in any of the previous generations and it wont happen this time either.

      But in the end nobody is buying a PS4 because of “better graphics”, were in it for the games we’ve been promised and the games that we know are eventually on the way. We’re in it for the experience, which is no different than Xbox fans.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Protip: put paragraphs in your writing or else no one will read it.

  • PachterStation

    It’ll take a while for it all to settle down. Give it 12 months, see which console gets the most games, the most exclusives, the most timed exclusives and the most exclusive DLC to name a few things. But as mentioned in other posts, Microsoft will be forced to release a console only pack for £350 or under if the PS4 just keeps going and going. The Wii kept on going and going at £180 and it had so many crap to average games, it basically sold on just the console. The PS4 will just sell on its own. Most people have gone PS4 mad due to E3 2013. At some point, I’ll have both consoles, but no way would I write Microsoft off. Sony might keep it going for a while, then drop off. And Microsoft have a hell of a lot more money to spend in gaming than Sony.

  • Jack Slater

    We already know how many xbox one will be sold, until 2017, year of the xbox two release.
    The actual 20-30 million x360 users that play halo and cod online, 20-30% will grab a ps4 as well. Microsoft didn’t sell 80 million consoles and has 80 million users, they have like 20-30 million users who got 3-4 consoles replacements, after several repairs, rrod says hi, pigeons. Anyone who wanted an x360 already has it. These 30 millions, there are 15-20 cod fans, those who flood all forums defending every fart microsoft makes.and the remaining 10 million, are just casual buyers, that bought a x360 for no particular reason.
    These cod fans, most are 12-18, and can’t think.they will defend a 480p xbox one version over a 1080p ps4 version, and will insist their 480p are smoother, with better textures, and looks better than native 1080p. These are the guys that are gonna buy the xbox one.

    Right now, microsoft is already designing a new console, and when games will reach such a huge difference in graphics(tools,devs,graphics will evolve on xbox one… as on the ps4), microsoft will simply drop the xbox one, like they did with the first xbox, and will release an xbox 2.if microsoft guys don’t get rid of the xbox ‘hobby’, 2016 , a new xbox with much better specs than the ps4 will be released, compatible with the xbox one games, so people keep buying games on xbox one, knowing they will be upscaled to 4k, on 2017 xbox 2.

    Bookmark my comment, this may well happen.

  • Tyrese Smith

    Somebodies getting cocky… Again.

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