Retailers Not Willing to Match PlayStation 4 ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ from Target

It’s happening.

Just over a week ago, a Reddit user leaked a Target advertisement that featured PS4 titles participating in the retailer’s annual “Buy 2 Get 1” promotion. At the time, we had to chalked it up as a rumor since we still weren’t sure if any retailer would be running  promos  for next gen titles right at launch. Apparently the ad was legit; Target’s ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ promotion is live and it in fact includes PlayStation 4 launch titles.

I was wondering if competing retailers would match this deal. I made some calls to Gamestop, Toy”R”Us, Best Buy, and FYE to see if there was a way for those retailers (with their price match policies) to participate in the promo and the answer was ‘no’ across the board.

Three out of the four retailers went into further detail stating that they could match prices — just not a promotion, which is in fact what this is. The Gamestop rep I spoke to insisted that Target was not and would not run such a promotion. Conversation went laughably downhill from there and eventually transitioned to the rep trying to get me to trade in stuff.

In other words, if you want to take advantage of this great deal for the PS4, your only option is Target.

However, you may want to make a few phone calls yourself before you head out the door. At the moment not every Target has every title. I spoke with reps at 3 separate locations. Two in Staten Island, NY, the other in Brooklyn, NY. Out of the two Target stores on the island, only one of them had PS4 titles in stock (Killzone: SF, Knack, and COD: Ghosts). The Target store I called in Brooklyn had a different combination available (NBA 2K14, Battlefield4, Killzone: SF and Knack).

Again, in regards to next gen title selection (for now, as in today) your mileage may vary, and it will likely remain that way until the middle of the week as we get closer to the console’s launch and more inventory becomes available. Just keep in mind, that this is a great deal and there’s a chance that the combination of games you’re looking for will not be available come launch day.

Remember: the early bird gets the worm


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  • islan

    If only there were three next-gen retail titles that I actually wanted.

    • Greg Smith

      Sucks to be you as a gamer

      • islan

        Aye, it sucks to not be in a position where I’d want to take advantage of such an excellent deal.

        (I thought I already posted this, so I guess I’m re-posting?)

    • erod

      OK I’m sure there is at least two you want get those and get the runner up ur not losing money on it. Holy sh*t are people do people like you annoy me

      • erod

        Sorry for the grammar mistakes just get a little worked up by idiots

      • islan

        People who aren’t interesting in enough games from a specific group of games annoys you? That’s oddly specific.

        And the only launch game I’m interested in is Knack. Other than that, the only other launch games I am aware of are Killzone Shadowfall, CoD, and a bunch of sports/racing titles, and I’m not interested in any of those (well, I have some interest in Shadow Fall, but I’ve never owned a Killzone game before, so I can take a “wait and see” approach on that). Was interested in Watch Dogs, but that got pushed back.

        I am interested in some digital titles, but those are digital, not retail.

    • Al_Zamora

      Even if you only liked two games this would give you a free one to sell or just try for free. A great deal any way you look at it.

      Curious if this will also happen for the Xbox One launch?

      • islan

        As far as retail titles go, I’m only really interested in one :
        Pretty impressive deal, though.

  • RovCal

    thanks for the info Joel.

    • Just trying to do my best to help. It sucks when you can’t find the stuff you want at launch, and this is just too awesome of a deal to pass up.

  • shinningserpent

    No retailer in their right mind would match this because the suckstation 4 has no launch titles that people are interested in.

    • Jonathon

      good try troll

      • RandomUser2yr29387

        good job you gave him what he wanted. attention.

  • Justin Battle

    I’m pretty sure that Wal-Mart will price match just by looking at their price match policies posted on their website. They do Buy 1 Get 1 deals so I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t match this. I hope they do since this is where I am getting my PS4 from.

  • KuchikiSentou

    This would save a lot of money for the lucky participants.
    I’m in a tight spot myself at the moment.

  • Al_Zamora

    Just checked and only COD is available today for PS4, the rest will be available on Friday with the system.

  • darkstar1105

    is it possible to get cod kz and bf4 in this deal

    • Al_Zamora

      Definitely. Target actually has COD in stores now in most Targets. Its the other titles that are showing up sporadically.

      • jayflow

        Target near me had COD, BF4, Knack, KZ, and NBA 2k14. Also Amazon just sent me a buy 1 get 1 free for select PS4 games. The five games are AC:BF, Fifa 14, Madden 25, NBA 2k14, and BF4.

        • Al_Zamora

          Good find, some Targets have different games out. Some are even putting them out on Tuesday.

          What is this Amazon deal you speak of? You have interested me.

          • jayflow

            It was a promotional code for preordering KZ. Buy 1 get 1 free PS4 game. The promotional code is good until the 11/16. I guess this is their answer to the Target deal.

          • jayflow

            Yes it is. They just put this out about an hour ago, but they sent me a buy 1 get 1 free code. So I’m still paying the exact same price as the new promotion because I bought 2 games and got 1 free any way. 🙂

  • LorD_EniX

    Thank you Joel! because of your article I was able to narrow down which Brooklyn target had the games in stock and I was able to go down there and purchase a few games!

  • ragingmerifes

    Knack + Killzone + Ass Creed

    I’d prefer some digital, but that’s OK.

  • Sergio Hidalgo

    isnt the promotion from canada thats why they wont match it?