Check Out The PS4 UI In Action in Extensive Two Minutes Long Video with Settings, Trophies and More

With the launch of the PS4 drawing near, looks like booth personnel on the show floor at industry events is starting to relax, allowing people to take better and longer videos of the PS4 UI in action.

Below you can see an extensive video by YouTube userΒ TomyPlayTivi, as he navigates the UI (In Spanish) of a PS4 unit at Madrid Games Week. It includes the trophies menu, a nice look at the settings and more.

Can you taste the next generation yet?

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  • Boerewors

    Tonight I’m flying back home from Madrid where I visited a befriend developer at this expo. The PS4 personnel is a bit too lenient I guess. Last night we convinced this guy to take a PS4 along and join us for a game session and some beers. He actually asked his boss who said it was okay and he gave us a ps4 which is used for showing games at journalists. I brought a copy of Killzone SF with me, which we played all through the night. The fun part was, we weren’t the only ones online! I don’t know if the whole of Madrid was playing, or that developers are playing at home on there kits…but we played match after match. I even think I played against some IGN guys at a certain point, some Collin guy who everyone was really fond of.
    I saw or played every launch title in one form or another and I can honestly say that only Killzone SF really stands out. I did like the other titles, but the differences between both “generations” are marginal in my opinion. And one more thing: buy a headset… The earbud thingy Sony provides is crap.

  • Giongy

    Seriously sony? This is pretty pathetic.

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    Not really a fan of the interface.I really like xbox one interface a hell of alot more.Not saying ps4 is crap.Just saying that sony will never top it off has good as xbox one interm’s of software and dashbord or even online gameing.when it come’s to exclusive’s sony know’s there stuff.But that’s really all.

    • UncleBob

      I also enjoy Windows 8… I mean XBox One. All of it’s colorful boxes littered with always-on, up to date information, like product placement. God knows I can’t start my gaming sessions without a word from our friends at Mountain Dew. It’s light years beyond Sony’s lame, ‘turn on and play because you already know where everything is’ format.

      • zangetsukakashi

        u kidding? seriously? wth man? and what about the Doritos? people these days πŸ™‚

    • TheeGAYmer

      That’s all subjective. You can’t honestly think Xbone’s UI is better because you prefer it lol.

      • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

        I played ps4 .it’s not anything special.Infact if u ask me about the game’s i played like killzone and knack i would say there just not for me.Knack is cool and fun but it’s get’s boreing really fast.And killzone was a been there dont that kind of shooter.I played xbox one and right then and there the controller just felt right FOR ME.Now yes million’s will think different .I just dont understand how what i say should get your way’s in a bunch.By the way nice name lol

        • TheeGAYmer

          The way you worded your post made it sound like you were saying like it was a fact rather than an opinion. Of course I have no say in what you prefer, but when you go around saying things like, “Just saying that sony will never top it off has good as xbox one interm’s of software and dashbord or even online gameing” it sounds really… misleading.
          Nice name indeed.

        • X1ultimateGamer

          PS4 sucks and it’s called Failstation 4

          • You are flat out wrong

            Xbone is garbage and Stephen Elop will kill it soon, Demetre. ^_^

      • X1ultimateGamer

        Says the stupid username you have Sony sucks and so does that laggy UI please don’t make me laugh

  • RealityCheck2013

    I like it πŸ˜‰ Looks nice & neat & fresh πŸ˜› & it looks better than that Xbox ONE/Windows looking sh*t to LoL:D

    • X1ultimateGamer

      The Only thing that looks like crap is Sony crappy outdated UI laggy crap nothing beats XboxOne UI so seriously get your eyes checked Pony

    • asscrack

      well the xbox UI is just too much for new comer to adapt because it look so busy. Hey i’m surprised that the xbox fanboy has increased in vocabulary and became a bit more creative now. first time heard them use pony

  • Adrian Torres Mora

    There’s one thing that called my attention. Why did it have the *Debug Settings* option in settings? As far as I know that option is available for JailBroken PS3 consoles and any command that had the star next to it had something to do with custom firmware. Are PS4s being modded before they even launch?

    • Adrian Torres Mora

      at 0:58 you can see the option in the settings tab

    • James Richmond

      Maybe because it’s a Display model and not a retail version? How would it be modded if very few people have a ps4 yet? Think logically.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because it’s a debug unit or a test unit used at an event. So yeah, of course it’d have the debug options in the setup.

  • TristanPR77

    I like the transition effects, how fluid, beautiful and simple is. Nice job Sony.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Simple, fast, easy to use. I like it.

    Someone should show it to the morons at Microsoft to show them that less is more.

    • Guest

      Agreed! The xmb is a simple, elegant and functional design.

      That metro UI on Xbone is trash! Am I doing office work or gaming?

      • Slumdog

        none of them your doing TV and Sports

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Look at that piece of crap seriously take that vid this is boring the hell out of me

  • NachoKingP

    Are you freaking kidding me? HOW is this “next gen”? No wonder they didn’t show it at all leading up to launch, it’s basically a reorganized XMB. That’s horribly disappointing.

  • rileycarey

    I’m not a huge fan of the XMB, I was actually expecting there to be a big overhaul of the UI that threw out XMB, but it makes sense why Sony hasn’t demoed it in detail, there doesn’t seem to be much different except a coat of polish. Now the XMB at least works so I’m glad to see that they decided to improve upon it instead of trying to invent another, worse UI.

  • Don

    What I don’t get is xbox has been showing their UI for a month or more. They even came out with a new video a couple of days ago. Sony can’t even make a official video showing how to use the UI…….. Come on, really? That is one of the reasons I bought a xbox one. Sony isn’t forth coming with info. The commercials they make are boring and so is the PS4 UI.